Pallas-Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction – June 2020

Pallas-Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction – June 2020

“Planting the seeds into the Dream, the Soul of life itself”.  I wrote these words back in April 2020, and now more than ever they are beginning to put down tap roots into this exquisitely beautiful planet that we are all privileged to inhabit.

As we witness the collapse of systems that have been broken for a long long time, it is up to us to seed, fertilise and cultivate a thriving ecosystem of life – that is both diverse in culture, but also unified through the Heart. 

This sacred opportunity is our call to action.  To have the courage to envision the dream of what is possible, and use our art, our dance, our voices to bring this dream alive here on Earth.

The astrology & numerology of this year, as challenging as it may seem at times, is also the profoundly sacred ‘push’ that we all needed.    A fierce yet supremely guiding hand that asks us to re-evaluate every aspect of our lives.   Who am I in the world?   What am I serving?  Am I living my truth?   Am I contributing to a regenerative future?  Am I being a catalyst of LOVE, or am I choosing to limit myself through fear?

As I reflect on the first six months of this year, whilst it may feel like one of the most challenging years in recent history, it is through adversity that we have an opportunity to reach deep and discover a strength, a grace, a love that we may never knew was possible.  Not just about ourselves, but also about each other.

And I feel in my heart this is also exactly what this years Pallas-Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions are about.  Change.  Getting real.  No more excuses as to ‘why’.  But rather a reLOVEutionary opportunity to break-free from the systems that never served you to begin with, and singing up the songlines that bring life to your heart & soul.


Pallas-Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction

As we move into the tail end of our current eclipse portal, we come into the second of three powerful Pallas-Jupiter-Pluto Conjunctions during 2020:

  •  1st – April 5, 2020 – Conjunction in Capricorn
  •  2nd – June 30, 2020 – Conjunction in Capricorn
  •  3rd – November 13, 2020 – Conjunction in Capricorn

Jupiter takes us into the expansive wisdom of the Cosmos, Pluto calls for our transformation through the dark underworld, and Pallas rises us up to a higher-place. 

There is much inherent beauty, potential & soulful discovery during this trilogy of conjunctions during 2020.   A New Earth is certainly being discovered within our Hearts.


The bigger Theme

As I shared back in April 2020…  What I feel is the BIGGER PICTURE or theme of this years trilogy of Pallas-Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions, is that we are being shown a choice point.  A mirror of potential.  An insight into possibility.

Are we prepared to plant seeds into the fertile ground of this moment that will flourish a New Earth Story ?    By prepared I mean, not planting seeds into the putrid decay of the ‘old system, structure & rules’.   

Being prepared means rising up to being a fierce warrior of enlightened vision.  Having the courage to stand up and challenge the systems that are day-by-day chaining us to the past.  And planting our seeds into the Dream, the Soul of life itself... sprouting New LIFE born of our collective Hearts.

And now reflecting on the past few months, I can unequivocally say that the words I shared mean more now than ever before.   As we have been discussing & directly experiencing in both my New Earth Era and my Lightrition your Life Online Programs, we are at this PIVOTAL juncture in our Earth’s future.   The choice point is ours… THIS is what Pallas-Jupiter-Pluto are here to awaken within us!  


Our June & November Conjunctions

To understand the deeper message within this weeks June 30 conjunction, I thought I would look ahead to our 3rd and final conjunction on November 30.   I have shared both charts below for comparison.

As you can see, our final conjunction for our once in 248 year conjunction of Jupiter & Pluto in Capricorn takes place at 22.520 Capricorn… AND Pallas is at exact 22.520 Capricorn too! 

Oh the numerology of this I think says it all.  Whether you add the numbers of each degree 11:11:11  (2+2+5+2=11)  or just take the whole degrees 22:22:22  these conjunctions are drawing us into our own personal Mastership with Creation.

30 June 2020

13 November 2020

Numbers 11 & 22 in Numerology

Numbers 11 or 11:11 or 11:11:11 is our Genetic Code of remembering LOVE.  No matter what is happening in the world, the chaos, the fear, the hurt, the vibration of the number 11 speaks to the truth of who you are and reminds you… LOVE will always find a way.

In numerology the Number 11 is a Master Number.  Through the Number 11 we have the opportunity to flourish in our Human Potential, embrace Spiritual Evolution and open our Hearts to Remember LOVE.   Here are some of my favourite words that vibrate to the number 11:


In my book Shealla-Dreaming, the Number 22 in numerology gives rise to the Master Builder, the capacity to lay solid foundations for the Creation of a new consciousness on Earth.

The frequency of 22 has the foresight to make the impossible possible through cooperation, harmony, discipline and unlimited self belief. The number 22 has the capacity to create immense change on a global scale that affects the lives of many through the power of LOVE. In addition, the vibration of 22 has the capacity to create abundant wealth, but in so doing, shares it with others for the greater good of all.

And as I shared in my Numerology of 2020 post, the word ANGELS vibrate to the Master Number 22, which further reduces to the Number 4.  For me this symbolises that even through the turmoil that may lay ahead in 2020 (ie Saturn, Pluto & Jupiter), there is a force greater than us offering a guiding hand toward a cosmic destiny.  ANGELS are ever present from the inside out… 2020 is the year to ‘see the 22  within everything‘ and through 20/20 vision discover Angelic guidance toward a world more beautiful.

So my reading of this numerology is that this years Pallas-Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions is our push into Mastership.  We are the cocreative builders of our Earthly experience.  We are the dream-weavers of Shambhala.  And we are ones that LIGHT up this world with our LOVE.


June 30 – Pallas-Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction

So how does this grander vision/potential of our Pallas-Jupiter-Pluto conjunction trilogy, relate to this weeks 2nd of three Pallas-Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions?   Well as they say, it is always darkset before the storm.  But as I always remind myself too, what comes after the storm is a blessed rainbow!

During this weeks Pallas-Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction at 240 Capricorn, all three astral bodies are moving Retrograde (appearance of moving backwards).  

Uncomfortable – YES!  
Liberating- a big big YES!

When planets are moving retrograde they take us inwards.  Help us to bring the shadow of our deepest selves to light.  In order to fully flourish & bring the DREAM of the New Earth to light, we must be prepared to unravel and let go of the ‘old’.    Sometimes things need to be destroyed in order to be transformed.  No more quickfixes, bandaids or medication of symptoms.  This is about identifying ‘the cause’ and choosing to make HUGE changes to facilitate enduring healing.

Sure this feels uncomfortable, maybe even down right scary.  But at the same time, deep within you, there is also a spark of exhilaration of what is possible when you take that leap of faith.  This may mean that a significant relationship in your life draws to a close.  Maybe it is time to start that new business/job that you have always dreamt of.   Or even enroll in a course of study that ignites your heart in bountiful ways.  Something BIG, life-changing, transformative is underway.  

It’s happening. 
I know you can feel it in your bones.
Lets together run wild & free with this next new adventure (oh how I love you Jupiter), rising up to the challenge (and oh how I love you too Pallas)…  and make the choice to let go & tranform through Pluto’s vision of what is possible when we follow our dreams.

As we move into the second half of this year, and dive deep into many uncomfortable yet also liberating astrological transits ahead, may we all sink our ‘tap roots’ down deep into the Heart of Earth. 

Listen to Earth’s dance.
Her wisdom.
Her sacred flow. 
And as we fall back into love with our Earthly Mother,  may we find the courage to rise-up, sprout-up, and unfurl our leaves to the world.  

Remember, we are nature.  It’s in our natures.  We aren’t separate from it.  Together lets reforest the planet through our loving natures and regenerate a world that thrives & nourishes the ecology of life.  Our kindred Souls.


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