Full Moon + Capricorn Lunar Eclipse – July 2020


Full Moon + Capricorn Lunar Eclipse – July 2020

Endings & new beginnings theme this weeks Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn.  Not only are we coming to the end of our June/July Eclipse trilogy portal, but also this eclipse is the LAST eclipse in a 2 year window of Capricorn-Cancer Eclipses (July 2018 to July 2020).

As I wrote back in July 2018 just days out from the FIRST of our two year series of Cap-Cancer Eclipses, NEVER abandon your Heartfelt Dreams.   Hold the flame of desire in your Heart.  Be willing to be vulnerable & courageously never lose faith.  You are ALL-powerful beyond measure & were born to live a joyfully abundant life.

I really feel this expresses where we now find ourselves in this moment in Earth’s Herstory.  A most wondrous GIFT of this eclipse series, to discover these TRUTHS within our Hearts. 

In the face of adversity, this is THE MOMENT.  This is THE MOMENT for You,  Me,  We,  Us,  to hold strong the light, the power, the immeasurable capacity of our Dreams to be divine catalysts of eLOVEutionary change.  It can be seen within our Cosmic skies.  It’s felt within the flaming passions of your Heart.  It’s deeply known with your Soul.  

You came here to do this. 
WE came here to do this. 
Believe, and so it is done!

Full Moon in Capricorn

Moon CAPRICORN (13.380)  &  Sun in CANCER (13.380)
Sunday, 5 July, 2020 – 2:44 pm AEST (Australia)
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Maximum Lunar Eclipse
2:29 pm AEST (Australia)
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Moon – past, intuition, unconscious, emotions, feelings
Sun – now, identity, consciousness, self-esteem, expression

Capricorn (Earth) – Practical, realist, reliable, hard worker
Cancer (water) – nurturing, family, sensitive, emotional, psychic

Capricorn Full Moon

The Moon (our inner-world) at 13.380 CAPRICORN is hardworking and gets things done.  Capricorn has a vision, rolls it’s sleaves up and is prepared to do the hard-yards to reach its goal.   Capricorn can however get a little too caught in process at times, or even maybe a little bit too rigid in executing the ‘plan’. 

Bringing a tender softer edge to the Moon, is her reflection of the light of the Sun (our outer-world) at 13.380 Cancer. Cancer is the sign of the Sacred Feminine, the creative Mother energy and the nurturer.  Tenderness, lightness… and offers an intuitive/creatively playful edge to the more rigid Capricorn Moon.

Together, this polarity of energy guides us in releasing control.  Moving into a softer space of imagination, dreaming, intuition & nurturing.   Softness doesn’t mean weakness, but rather a profoundly luminous Grace being exuded from the Heart, rather than a harsh egoic control of the mind.

And to make this finale Capricorn-Cancer two year eclipse window even more resplendent is the positing of Vesta & Sirius conjuncting the Sun during this eclipse.

Vesta & Sirius

As seen in the astrology chart above,  Vesta & Sirius are conjuncting the Sun in Cancer during this eclipse.  

VESTA is the brightest asteroid (minor planet) visible from Earth. She is the archetypal High Priestess who fans the eternal flame of our Hearts, our Homes and hence our global home – crystalline Earth.

Vesta the virginal Priestess (virginal not meaning celibate, but rather not married or belonging to anyone) – guides us towards devotion, to commit to our highest aspirations, our greatest desires and helps us to keep the flames of our passions alight.   The lower octave of Vesta is presented by Earth’s Moon (Feminine) and the higher octave of Vesta is represented by the Alcyone, the brightest star within the Pleiades (Silver Feminine Ray of Creation).  

Vesta represents the Sacred Feminine Flame in all of us… so when VESTA is conjunct our SUN, our  I AM Presence in the world, we are inspired to arise from the ashes of our human limitations & recreate our lives a new. 

SIRIUS is the Greater Sun of our Sun, at a distance of 8.6 Light years from Earth (approx 81,362,000,000,000 km).  It is a Binary Star System A & B – with the white dwarf Sirius B orbiting Sirius A every 50 years (creating a DNA spiral rotation).

The Sirius portal (inside the DNA Spiral created by A&B) weaves 7th Dimensional frequencies through the Gold Ray of Creation.  It is our integration of the higher possibility of the sacred flame of the Divine Masculine and how we use our Energy (yang) – as a Soul having a Human experience here on Earth. 

As our Sun conjuncts Sirius, the Archetypal strength of the Masculine rises up within us. We feel courageous and warrior like as we connect to a higher wisdom and embrace universal intelligence through the Aetheric Field.    As the firey passions within our bellies are being stoked, we are guided to take that step into the unknown and discover for ourselves the only boundaries we experience within our lives are the boundaries that we create for ourselves.


Lunar Eclipse

And finally, what really takes this POWERFUL Full Moon & her aspects to an even higher octave of experiences, is the Moon is a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse.

A Penumbral Lunar Eclispe is whereby the moon moves through the penumbral part of the Earth’s shadow hence this eclipse is feint.  Here is a map of who will be able to see the eclipse – visible from South/West Europe, Much of Africa, Much of North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica – though it will be very feint and barely visible.  And here on the East Coast of Australia, the Eclipse is well below Horizon, with Maximum taking place at 2.29pm in the afternoon.

Lunar Eclipses open a window into yourself, the part that you don’t show to the world, the emotional and deepest part of your psyche.  

The word ECLIPSE comes from the Greek word “ekleipsis” meaning “to abandon, to leave, to vanish” – and that’s exactly what we may experience during this weeks Lunar Eclipse – the desire to surrender and let go of parts of our self that limit our greater potential.

With the Moon in Capricorn & the Sun in Cancer this Full Moon Eclipse, expect many HEARTFUL REALISATIONS about your life.  We will be drawn to look at the structures in our life, the architecture or framework of lives such as our work, our family life, our relationships & our community. 

A time of BIG HEARTFUL REALISATIONS that anything that is too rigid, controlled, or inflexible may not actually serve you in the longer term.   Is you life contributing in nourishing ways to something greater than you ?  Or is your life stuck in a ground-hog day of routine & survival ?  

This Capricorn-Cancer Lunar Eclipse is calling you to let go of anything that inhibits your creativity, your individual soul song, anything/anyone that dims the luminosity & intensity of your light. 
The world stage is waiting for YOU/US to step up & serve… by simply being the grandest version of YOU/US.

In Summary

Rather than words, thought I would share my two posts below from yesterday & today, that for me really bring to LIGHT that greater potential of this moment.  

My heartfelt advice would be to honour your energy in the days and weeks to come.   Let go of the need to expend your energy on stress, anxiety, worry or fretting over the future of our planet.  Instead, direct your energy, your Heart, your LOVE into the DREAM.

In Module 5 of my Lightrition your Life online course, we dive deep into the Imaginal Realm, and how your body is wired to tap into the greater DREAM.   And in my upcoming Module 6 later this month, we engage in a sacred meditative dance with the DREAM of life, and become ripples of divinity toward a world more beautiful.  Would LOVE for you to join us!

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✚NATURES WISDOM✚ I experienced a few heartful happenings this morning… a reminder of the beauty of the LIFE and the mystically evolution of consciousness. Walking along the beach, there were hundreds & hundreds of jellyfish washed up… all were transparent with these dark brown dots that looked like ‘eyes’. I thought to myself… hmmm… wonder what is being made transparent? What will be seen? What will we witness and become conscious of as we come into this weekends Lunar Eclipse? Back home, I was listening to the ABC News, and a quote from our PM “… our Country needs to prepare for a post-Covid world that is poorer, more dangerous and more disorderly. Hmmm….. Rather than react, I simply looked within me to ‘see’ these words for what they are. They could be a truth after-all on some level. Many people live this reality day-by-day. But what if there was another way ? As I decided that that was enough news for the day, I reached for the remote off button, when up on the screen was a message from the ABC’s new mental health initiative: ‘Small changes can make a BIG Difference’. Good on the ABC (even in the face of budget cuts) contributing toward goodness within the world. I believe in my heart that we live within (not just on) a thriving, abundant, & dynamic Earth. Earth is like one giant living organism, and us humans are ‘cells’ that make up her living breathing body. When the Earth’s expansive biome changes it’s expression, it is up to us to do our part in ‘cleaning up our cells’ (our bodies). To change what we put into our cells (food, thoughts, emotions, chemicals etc) and change what we excrete out of our cells into the world… in order to come back into harmonic alignment with OUR MOTHER, the organism of Earth. Lets BE the ripples of an new model of entirely new ways of living in harmonic resonance with MOTHER EARTH. No person goes hungry. No person is without shelter. Every person is held & feels save. Leadership through LOVE not fear. Every person has the capacity to share their creativity/gifts with the world and contribute towards a world more beautiful. Thank you nature. Thank you beautiful jelly fish for your message today 🌊

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The Gift of this Moment

Earth is currently sitting at the dawn of a New Earth Era, on the brink of a epic shift toward a Universal HumanityMany paths of possible futures are both converging & being birthed.  The choices we make now, what we bring to the world in this moment becomes the creative force that materialises our NEW collective story for Humanity.

My sharings directly address the deeper experience of this moment, what it means for each of us individually and the greater inSpirit experience of CO-VID.  How we can use the gift of this moment to transform ourselves both personally, planetarily & cosmically as we awaken to our inherent 5D divinity.

There is a deep rising of a World more Beautiful, lets together BE the CHANGE.

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Lightrition your Life

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Lightrition White Med Exp

Lightrition your Life

Alchemy of Wellness

Lightrition guides you in stepping into your power.  Reclaiming self-agency of your life.  Discovering that healing is possible & that you were born to thrive.


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