Life is a Miracle


Life is a Miracle

I was lying in bed this morning, rain pit-pattering on our roof, birds chirping exuberantly, grateful for my warm cozy bed… and reflecting on the MIRACLE of Life as we come into our 25 July 2020 – Day out of Time.

I just looked up the definition of MIRACLE ‘an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention’.

Oh my. YES. That is certainly what life is.
Life is a most extraordinary event indeed.

Here we are on Earth, our Souls breathed into life through the divine, and our bodies brought into form through intelligent design.  Our bodies inherently know how to heal. How to adapt to an ever changing environment. All we need to is listen and be guided by the signposts she provides us regenerative healing.

We have close to 100 Trillion cells within our body. Each cell knows itself. In fact each cell contains your complete genome… so your entire body can be replicated from just that one cell.  However, each cell also knows that it is part of a community of 100 Trillion cells. Each cell knows that whilst it experiences individuality, it is also part of a greater matrix of the body, the whole.

The cell also knows that the tighter its cohesions with surrounding cells – referred to as Tight Junctions in biology – the healthier the tissue/organism will be in totality.  AND this cohesive cellular community strengthens the Gap Junctions between cells which literally is the fibre-optic communication network within the body. How EVERY cells chats to every other cell for restoration & regeneration.

Gap Junctions invite 2 way flow of energy between surrounding cells – flow of LIGHT, information, intelligence. Essentially the DIVINE is assimilated through a cells Gap Junctions.


Connection & Evolution

So with these two words ‘SOCIAL DISTANCING’ now taking up a huge bandwidth in our collective consciousness… what impact is this energy having on the psyche of us HUMANS as cells of a bigger organism of Earth ?

What if we instead came together. Supported one another with LOVE, LIGHT, Intelligence, Wisdom… and believed we are capable of thriving ?

What if we educated ourselves on what the ROLE of pathogens are in the greater evolutionary process of Earth… and discovered that it is Earths microbes that ENABLE us to actually flourish ?   And then fell back in love with Bacteria, Fungi & even Viruses as we expanded our understanding of biological inter-connection as an integral part of evolution.

What if we look to nature to understand how we can support a cell (person) that is vulnerable to disease – due maybe to toxic load, co-morbidities, psycho-emotional imprints. Rather than community wide social distancing and segregation… how about we follow the lead of nature and band together to LOVE, nourish and radically support all those that need us more than ever at this time.

How about we pour our resources & our hearts toward the vulnerable and hold a LIGHT for them when maybe they are unable to see this LIGHT for themselves.

Providing those cells (humans) with Sunshine.  Clean filtered Water.  Seasonal organic unadulterated food.  Re-Mineralised the body.  UV Light.  Full Spectrum Infrared light.  Quality sleep.  Earthing & breathing the biome of Nature.  And most of all holding a torch of BELIEF that they are so very loved by community… and that we believe they have the capacity to thrive.

What if we cohesively come together, us 99% of healthy cells (humans) letting those who are vulnerable feel within their hearts we are THERE for them, and that resilience and radical healing is possible.

Doesn’t this change the narrative of our world.

Isn’t this really what our hearts want, but the structures of our world & fear based paradigms don’t support this type of holism ?    In fact they are trying to extinguish this uprising of connection & community for it tips the scales away from our power-hungry-consumptive-earth-depleting-structures and ignites a New World based on collaboration, giving & restoration.

What if we take the lead and change the narrative ? There is power in the 99%. After all, each and every one of us are miracles 🦋


Miracle of our Cells

I talk about this in detail in my Lightrition your Life Online Course (in particular Module 6) – that is the miraculous function of the Gap Junctions of our Cells.    The fibre-optic communication network within the body that enables EVERY cell chats to every other cell for healing, restoration & regeneration.

I highly recommend the video below to learn more about the Miracle of our Bodies AND the impact of toxicity on Cellular Health.   

If you are a little short for time, fast forward to 32.04 whereby Dr Zach Bush talks about Gap Junctions, cellular health and miracles of our bodies.

Lightrition Course

Join me ONLINE for my Lightrition your Life Course.

Discover the miracle of your cells and how to maximise the flow the LIGHT Intelligence through your Gap Junctions – to accelerate intuition, cosmic communication & precognition.

Discover the divinity within the Pathogen Realm of Nature and how you can build cellular resilience & immunity – leading to regenerative Health & Vitality.

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