Vaccination: Censorship & Medical Tyranny

Vaccination: Censorship & Medical Tyranny

Thank you to our vibrant community for your wonderful feedback/discussion on our series of Vaccination articles.  In mid-December I will be posting a series of articles on each of the COVID-19 vaccines, discussing their contents, how they are intended to work within the body, and the potential health risks.   If you would like to receive these articles, please sign up to our free community newsletter at the bottom of this page.

May I once again confirm, I am an advocate of Pro-Choice Health Freedom.  I do believe there can be a place within our world for Vacs that are both ethically & morally produced should people CHOOSE to embark on vaccination as part of their personal health care.   However, vaccinations should never be made mandatory, for where ever there is risk, their must be choice.   In light of the contradictory vacc evidence within the science/medicine fields, faulty science used to shame or coerce people to vaccinate and the known harmful effects of toxic vacc excipients, I believe that informed consent for vaccination is both a moral & ethical imperative for health care.

And finally, it is not my intention in writing my series of vacs articles to influence people to not get jabbed.   My intention is to share information that supports people’s research & personal decision making when it comes to their Health Care.  I believe if Governments, Health Agencies, Pharmaceutical companies & even Philanthropists were completely transparent in sharing the risks of vaccines, financial incentives etc, then in an ideal world everything that I am writing about would be made easily available to the general public.  AND this information collated as part of informed consent

Instead information, research, science that challenges the one-story is CENSORED.  Media shames those that are pro-choice in a class called anti-vax, as as way to demonise those that vie for bodily autonomy as being uneducated or selfish for putting their interests first.   When in fact when we look at the financial incentives within the medico-complex, it’s the medical tyrannists that are the selfish ones.

Ironically, over the last 30+ years I have found pro-choice advocates to be some of the most well researched & enlightened critically thinkers on our planet when it comes to vaccination & health freedom.  After extensive research & analysis, they have empowered themselves to know what is best for their health care.  They care implicitly for the regenerative & restorative health of their bodies.  And most endearingly, they empathetically care about the greater health of ALL humanity in reverence to the natural world, and as ancestors of future generations.


Loss of Health Freedom

What a HUGE topic, goodness, it is hard to know where to start!  

In feeling into the intention of this post I am guided to focus on the work of Judy Wilyman PhD.  Her publications are VERY well referenced from a multitude of resources, making it a great companion for your personal research. By way of background, Judy completed a PhD here in Australia, with her thesis titled ‘A critical analysis of the Australian Government’s rationale for its vaccination policy.’   In particular, Chapter 7 of the thesis discussed the claims made by the government about the safety and efficacy of vaccines that are not supported by scientific evidence.

Judy’s thesis then lead to the publication of her book ‘Vaccination: Australia’s Loss of Health Freedom‘.   The book documents the historical control of infectious diseases in Australia and it investigates the rigour of the science underpinning government vaccination programs. The historical evidence demonstrates that there is no scientific justification to mandate any vaccine in the community and that coercive or mandatory vaccination programs are unethical.

In the words of Judy herself:  ‘I have been studying the vaccination topic both formally and informally since 1993 when I vaccinated my first child. Like most people questioning vaccines, I have not come from an anti-vaccination position and the debate is not about pro- or anti-vaccination. It is about the safety, efficacy and necessity for each vaccine on the schedule. Are they all safe? And are they all effective and necessary?

From Judy’s extensive research, her findings conclude:

Vaccines carry a serious risk for many people and this makes it a crime against the population for governments to enforce a medication with coercive measures.


Medical Tyranny

In the economic model of health that Australia has adopted, profit shapes the ‘science’ for medications, not the public interest. This system allows funding provided by the medical-industry complex to influence the education and beliefs of medical/health practitioners, the community and politicians. They are also influenced by fear campaigns about infectious diseases in the corporate-sponsored media.

Profit is the underlying principle of this model of health and the scientific knowledge is being regulated by the Medical Board of Australia (MBA). Hence, ‘health’ is now a very profitable industry.  The government has based vaccination programs on unsupported claims about vaccines: risks of vaccines are being downplayed and the benefits overstated. This is leading to the removal of our fundamental human right to decide what we put into our own bodies – bodily autonomy.

Our quality of life depends upon what we put into our own bodies. Here is a 7 min video describing how this global medical tyranny has occurred.

The current program of vaccines is an experiment on the population because the long-term (5-10 years) risk of combining these 16+ vaccines has never been actively monitored. This is termed ‘undone science’ and it means that the claims of safety and efficacy are being made without empirical science being performed. Therefore, coercing or mandating vaccines, without fully informed consent, is a breach of the Nuremberg Code and also the ethical code of conduct for medical practitioners.


How to plan a Pandemic

It seems incredulous doesn’t it.  Why on Earth would ANYONE want to do such a immoral act?   Surely can’t be true ?  Isn’t this the stuff of science fiction movies ? Unfortunately, this is EXACTLY what happened regarding the ‘Swine Flu’ Pandemic in 2009‘, and sets the scene for COVID too.

In 2009 the WHO declared a ‘pandemic’ of a new strain of influenza – Swine Flu 2009. However, in order to create a ‘pandemic’ the WHO/GAVI alliance had to implement political structures that would give them the power to control the populations of 193 member countries when the pandemic was called. These political structures are described in detail in Ch.10 of Judy’s book or her PhD thesis.

Here is a very short dot-point summary of how to plan a pandemic. However I do recommend reading Judy’s article How the World Health Organisation (WHO) Created a ‘Pandemic’ of a Disease for a more detailed understanding of the major events needed for an elite group to use medical knowledge to protect their own vested interests in the development of global health policies:

  1. WHO changed the definition of a Pandemic in May 2009
  2. Case is defined as the presence of a virus, even without any symptoms of disease
  3. No accountability or transparency to the public for the classification of death by medical practitioners (eg cause of death can be subjective due to comorbidities).
  4. Media simplifies the science & creates fear (what you DON’T say makes a difference)
  5. Mass testing, publicise MASS case number, that may may never have symptoms and would otherwise have gone undetected.

The WHO has sleeping contracts in place with its 193 member countries and when these contracts, that have emergency powers, are triggered by the declaration of a severe international public health incident, the countries are required to follow a set of actions that have been designed by the GAVI alliance: a body that includes industry-government partnerships and economic institutions with vested interests in health policies.

The ethical code of medical conduct set by the World Medical Association (WMA) states that doctors must not use their knowledge to remove human rights yet western governments and medical practitioners are now violating this conduct with pandemic policies that allow them to protect their vested interests in these policies and to control human behaviour.  This is called a medical tyranny and every country needs legislation in their constitution that prevents any profession from using the control of scientific knowledge to remove human rights and control human behaviour (Benjamin Rush stated this in the US in 1788).


Censorship plays an integral role in quelling the noise made by people who critically think and challenge medical tyranny.   And in fact it is very easy to implement.   Main Stream Media (MSM) derive their income from ‘fear reporting’.   Humans have a tendency for negativity bias, and this ultimate drives up reader/viewership.   Reporting of ALL cases in over-exaggerated sensationalised emotional emphasis is the exact ‘hit’ that drives people into compliance for fear of their safety.   Solution:  Turn off the TV!

In 2016, when the University of Wollongong (UOW) published Judy’s PhD thesis on its website, prior to publication they requested Judy to remove 3 Appendix’s citing ‘copyright’   However Judy challenged the University decision and the thesis was published in full – as the material in question was in fact publically available.

The information that UOW sought to remove is detailed below.  And you can read more about this on Judy’s website

Appendix 1: The Ingredients of Vaccines (Reference: The Australian Immunisation Handbook (Ed 9 and 10)

Appendix 2: Case Study on Thimerosal (Mercury compound) in Vaccines 

Appendix 3: The Australian Government NIP (Reference: Australian Government’s Immunise Australia Program (IAP) website (2013)

Conflicts of Interest (COI) were also removed from my thesis even though the government is required to publicise these interests on their website. Many government representatives on vaccine policy advisory boards have COI with pharmaceutical companies.

Where ever there is cause for concern in ANY medical procedure, be it financial incentives, health risks, efficacy & ethics, then critical analysis and public debate must NEVER be censored in a free society.  In the words of Judy:

During the last decade I have attempted to debate my academic research but the media will not report the other side of the vaccination debate. Whilst attempting to debate my research in public forums since 2010 I have been attacked by consumer lobby groups, in particular the Australian Skeptics Inc and the Stop the Australian Vaccination Network (SAVN). Another lobby group is the Friends of Science in Medicine. 

Many of these lobby groups are not scientific organisations, e.g. the Australian Skepitics Inc and SAVN, and they promote industry interests in vaccination policies by misrepresenting academic research to the public. This has been documented in many articles by my supervisor, Brian Martin. Here is a link to one of his articles summarising these attacks: ‘Judy Wilyman, PhD: how to understand attacks on a research student.’ Media censorship on this issue is also preventing proper debate of this health issue in Australia. Here is a letter that I sent to the president of the Human Rights Commission (Gillian Trigg), in September 2015, before  the government implemented mandatory vaccination policies in its Social Welfare Bill. The Human Rights Commission did not answer this letter.

There is so so much more to write on censorship (maybe the topic of a future post).  Lobby groups are using social media websites and the mainstream media to present disinformation. Many of lobby groups are funded by industry and promote industry interests. Judy has a great article on Lobby Group interests here., including erroneous media reporting of facts on vaccination.


Where to from here ?

We cannot rely on Governments or Medical Groups to act in our best interests.  The power is in the hands of the people to demand transparency, full disclosure & accountability.  It is up to us to demand public debate.  To push against laws or coercive tactics that ‘enforce’ vaccinations.  And to challenge any form of medical tyranny.

Humans are not living in a free society if they cannot control what is injected into their own bodies. It is time for the public on whom these policies are being enforced to make the governments and medical profession accountable for the public interest in these policies and not the vested interests of corporations, powerful media moguls and entrepeneurs.
Judy Wilyman PhD


Whilst the information presented on this page may seem a tad bleak, I do believe in my heart that we are setting within a pivotal moment of reLOVEutionary change.  Where the shadows within the world are being exposed, and people are moving out of there slumber to challenge what has been inflicted upon their health freedoms.

This is a time to follow your intuition.  What does your heart tell you?  It is time to proclaim your stance on what it means to live freely in loving reverence with nature, and choose what you wish to embody that fuels health.  It is going to take a lot of courage, kindness with yourself (& others), and above all a fierce LOVE fuelled by Divine Grace.  

My vision is to launch a new MEMBERSHIP Ports in 2021 to support this next Earthly adventure of being the architects of change.   But in the meantime, please see the HEALTH FREEDOM page where I recommend organisations / advocacy groups that are proponents of Health Freedom, and will help guided you in taking action within your local community/country

Here’s to a world more beautiful for all.  I recommend watching this short video from the World Health Alliance… these people feel like Soul Family, they warm my heart ♡  


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