Australia – Violation of the Nuremberg Code – Medical Coercion

Australia – Violation of the Nuremberg Code – Medical Coercion

I am a proponent of ethical Health Care.
When Australian Politicians make outrageous statements such as ‘She got vaccinated with me to show that for people with underlying health conditions (such as Cancer), vaccines are safe.‘… this is foremost a complete MIS-USE of office and political power, an unethical statement that has NO SCIENTIFIC SUPPORT and at worst a potential death sentence to those with underlying health issues.
Anthony Albanese (leader of the Australian Labor Party), has out right LIED to the Australian public by making this statement.   The statement he made is a NOT an exaggeration, or can be deemed a teeny-white-lie for the good of humanity.   His statement is a BLATANT LIE that potentially will seriously impact the Health of Vulnerable Australians.
The Phase I & II trials have been carried out on HEALTHY people only. And they have not yet been tested for long-term effects & efficacy, let alone been studied on those with underlying health conditions. They have ONLY been approved for emergency use and that approval is only temporary as the stabs are still in trials.
This current global Phase III trial on Humanity has already uncovered large numbers of Adverse Events from this never before used mRNA Vaccination – including Bells P., Blindness, Miscarriage and Death.
See the links at the bottom of this post to view the US Govt and UK Govt reported Adverse Events from the stab



Could it be the reason that some people experience Adverse Events or even Death after the COVID Vax, as they have ‘underlying medical conditions?”.  
When you look at the numbers of Adverse Events & Deaths from COVID Vax reported on Govt Websites to-date, why isn’t this being reported in the media?   
As at the 12 February 2021 on the US Govt VAERS Adverse Events website – 929 people have died, 316 Permanent Disability, 616 Life Threatening, 98 bells palsy,  with a total of 20,766 Adverse Events after the COVID Vax.  Keeping in mind that VAERs has been shown to represent fewer than 1% of actual vaccine injuries.
As at the 7 February 2021, on the UK Govt YellowCard Website– 323 people have died,  8 Miscarriages and a total of 144,197 Adverse Events after the COVID Vax. 

Why aren’t there investigations to determine WHY people are experiencing the side-effects?  
Why would Govts coerce people with underlying medical conditions to get the Vax even though it has been untested?   And then LIE to the public to reassure them the Vax is perfectly fine even though it has only been tested on healthy people?


Violation of Nuremberg Code 1947

I am posting this not to instill more fear, but rather to bear witness at how Doctors, Govts & BigPharma are in direct violation of The Nuremberg Code of 1947  by trying to sign up Humanity to a Global Clinical Trial.  In the future, when we look back on this dark time in history, my hope is that we learn from our mistakes of the past and choose a future of Medicine that treats individuals with Love, Sanctity of Life, and Grace of Spirit.

Personally, during this Global Phase III trial on Humanity, I have chosen to be in the Control Group of this Global Clinical Trial and not have the Vorc. Considering Pharma trials on COVID Vaxs don’t have a control group that get an inert placebo (they are given another type of Vax instead, such at the Meningitis Vax), just doing my part to support ethical SCIENCE. And considering COVID has a 99.97% survival rate, I feel comfortable with my decision.

Don’t believe this is a Global Clinical Trial?  Here is a video of our Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt confirming just that!   And regarding his comment on Safety,  view our Reported Adverse Events Data Pages for the range of Health Adverse Events including DEATH from the COVID Vaccine.


And whilst some people may shame those who choose to be in the Global Control group for not supporting this thing called ‘herd immunity’, may I remind you that Phase I & II trials unequivocally have shown that the Vax does NOT grant herd immunity. Instead the stab reportedly reduces the severity of the CVoros in those who may contract it.  And even don’t get me started on pathogenic priming!
Interesting to note John Hopkins Dr Marty Makary said this week, he believes that CVoros will be mostly gone my April due to natural herd immunity.
I urge Anthony Albanese to ensure that Australian’s are fully updated on Peta Murphy’s health over the coming days, months & years. Since you have publicly enlisted Peta as a test subject in promoting the stab as SAFE for ANYONE with underlying health health conditions, then under FOI Australian’s must be kept fully informed. Safety is more than being ok within 5 mins of the stab… which is WHY Clinical Trials are conducted over many many years.
If this information isn’t shared by Anthony Albanese of the ALP, then knowingly spreading of Mis-Information & Medical Coercion through advertising propaganda must be a criminal offence in someone of his position ?

COVID Vax Adverse Events Reporting

In Australia, it takes 3 months for Reported Adverse Events to be loaded onto our Australian DAEN Government reporting site. I will update this page with info once it is available (prob late May 2021):
View the US Govts Reported Adverse Events here:
View the UK Govts Reported Adverse Events here:

Your Legal Rights

This video was shared to my after I posted this blog post, and I appreciated the wisdoms so much I am attaching the video here.  In this video, Sue Grey LLB(Hons), BSc, RSHDipPHI and specialist in emerging issues shares her thoughts and perspectives on the experimental Co-vax, body sovereignty, informed consent and your legal rights.

Hope this helps you in making an INFORMED CHOICE free from Medical Coercion.



People for Safe Vaccines

If you are an advocate of Freedom of Health Choice, I recommend the Australian Website People for Safe Vaccines.

People for Safe Vaccines are a not-for-profit company that promote and encourage safe development, supply and use of human vaccines, educate and raise public awareness in relation to vaccine safety and efficacy and take legal action to promote positive vaccine safety outcomes.




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