Informed Consent – This is what it means

I really appreciated this discussion of INFORMED CONSENT.    This was testimony before the Ohio Congress regarding the ‘Vaccine Choice and Anti-Discrimination Act’ [Ohio House Bill 248]. I also wrote this article last year on why Informed Consent must be gold standard of ANY medical intervention.  

What’s Real? What’s Illusion?

I love the mystery of life.  The unknown.  The sheer delight of experiencing each and every moment with curiosity & wonderment.  It is a deeply vulnerable way to live, but also a most rewarding tenure of Soul having a Human experience.   I was reminded of this great quote this week by American Poet Walt […]

Action4Canda – Protecting Children from Medical Coercion

Part of my intention of creating my Health Freedom Resources is to enable ‘informed consent’, giving people the ability to deeply research that which is being censored in order to make informed decisions about their health.   Whilst I have been very clear about my personal stance on the COVID jab, I do believe the choices […]

Quiet Moments – TRUTH – Censorship – DELTA Variant

Since the tragic COVID turn of events began to unfold in 2020, I have endeavored to approach this time with an open Heart, a keen sense of Critical Thinking, all doused in Soulful Intuition.   This course of action has helped keep me grounded when the whirl of lies, violence & immoral behaviours have been storming […]

My REASON is between God & I

This week over 11 Million people have been in lockdown in Australia, which represents close to 50% of the Australian population.   With less than 35 active ‘cases’ of COVID Australia Wide, & the majority of these ‘cases’ in Quarantine, Australians have been ‘mandated’ to maskup and stay home.   Since January 1, 2021, there has […]

Mind Games, Main Stream Media & CHOOSING to follow your Heart

Back in September 2020 (which seems a life-time ago now!), I wrote an article on The dangers of the Single Story…. Never have I found myself so engulfed in living a ‘Single Story’. The ONE story that explains this COVID moment. Deviate from the Single Story narrative and you will rapidly find yourself shamed, ridiculed, […]

Violations of the Nuremberg Code

If EVER there was a time to critically think & intuitively feel into your Heart then NOW is that time.   When the ABC publishes an article that declares the ‘Nuremberg Code from WWII has nothing to do with coronavirus…‘, then if you haven’t already begun to question, then NOW is the time to be alert, […]

This is what we do about Anti-Vaxxers: No job. No entry. No NHS [Health Care] access

This article was published last week in  Think about this title for a moment.  How does it make you feel ?  Have we really strayed so far from being compassionate, kind, intelligent & empathetic Human Beings ?  Here are a couple of choice quotes from the article, in case you think the heading was […]

Vaccine Passports – WHY we must be concerned – Censorship, Persuasion & Propaganda

I have written many posts on Vaccines Passports to date, but this is of such major concern, I feel there is so much more to say!  With the Green Pass in Israel creating a two-tiered society, and Vaccine Passports being rolled out in many Countries/States around the world, the deep concern & threat for our […]

Take Action: Stop the EU Green Pass

Children’s Health Defense is asking people in the United States & European Union to call Members of the European Parliament and ask them to reject the digital certificate requiring travelers to show proof of vaccination or negative COVID test. Doctors for COVID Ethics this week issued notices of liability for vaccine harms and deaths – […]

Australia – Violation of the Nuremberg Code – Medical Coercion

I am a proponent of ethical Health Care.   When Australian Politicians make outrageous statements such as ‘She got vaccinated with me to show that for people with underlying health conditions (such as Cancer), vaccines are safe.‘… this is foremost a complete MIS-USE of office and political power, an unethical statement that has NO SCIENTIFIC […]

Rise UP & take a Stand – Vera Sharav

Vera Sharav was recently interviewed by Attorney Leah Wilson, the Executive Director of Stand for Health Freedom Vera Sharav is a Holocaust survivor and her personal story every individual needs to hear as it is not only relevant for TODAY, but what we collectively must rise up & take a stand for,  in the creation […]

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