Manifesto for a Post-Masterialistic Science

Manifesto for a Post-Masterialistic Science

I shared this discussion within my Lightrition your Life Course, and in fact I was a signatory to the Manifesto for a Post Materialist Science last year.  Let me share more about this dogmatism in science, and reflect on HOW materialism is leading us down the path of Transhumanism.  But it doesn’t have to be that way!


Philosophy of Materialism

There are a growing number of Scientists, Professors, MDs & thought leaders that believe that science has trapped itself within a dogma that limits its greater potential.

As discussed on the Manifesto for a Post Materialist Science –

We believe that the sciences are being constricted by dogmatism, and in particular by a subservience to the philosophy of materialism, the doctrine that matter is the only reality and that the mind is nothing but the physical activity of the brain.

We believe that the sciences would be more scientific if they were free to investigate the natural world in a truly open way – without the constraints of materialism and the prejudice of dogma – while adhering to the scientific methods of data collecting, hypothesis testing and critical discussion.

At the end of the nineteenth century, physicists discovered empirical phenomena that could not be explained by classical physics. This led to the development, during the 1920s and early 1930s, of a revolutionary new branch of physics called Quantum Mechanics (QM).  If you have studied my Crystal Light Healing® courses, or even my Soul Evolution… you know so much of my passion & references to the Quantum field!

QM has questioned the material foundations of the world by showing that atoms and subatomic particles are not really solid objects—they do not exist with certainty at definite spatial locations and definite times. Most importantly, QM explicitly introduced the mind into its basic conceptual structure since it was found that particles being observed and the observer—the physicist and the method used for observation—are linked.  I discussed this in Crystal Light Healing® – Wave / Particle theory.

According to one interpretation of QM, this phenomenon implies that the consciousness of the observer is vital to the existence of the physical events being observed, and that mental events can affect the physical world. The results of recent experiments support this interpretation.

These results suggest that the physical world is no longer the primary or sole component of reality, and that it cannot be fully understood without making reference to the mind.


TED “Bans” the Science Delusion

In 2013, Rupert Sheldrake gave a talk entitled The Science Delusion at TEDx Whitechapel, Jan 12, 2013. The theme for the night was Visions for Transition: Challenging existing paradigms and redefining values (for a more beautiful world).  His talk was based on the findings in his book The Science Delusion.   His book was in fact a powerful and compelling response to Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion and materialist reductionist thinking in general. 

In response to protests from two hardcore materialists in the US, the talk was taken out of circulation by TED, relegated to a corner of their website and stamped with a warning label. Ultimately it was deleted.

Sheldrake’s work often explores what he refers to as ‘the extended mind’, the idea that the mind is more than just the brain and that it has the power to affect both the body, and by extension, the external environment. There is also evidence to suggest that one mind can affect another and that all minds are somehow linked. Our individual minds may even be individuated, seemingly-isolated nodes of a much greater mind, or overmind. We are the rain and the overmind is the sea.

Here is the banned TED Video, where Rupert explores the 10 dogmas of Materialism.




Materialism is Scientific Humanism

Consider the term “scientific humanism.” The Oxford Dictionary offers this definition:  “A form of humanist theory and practice that is based on the principles and methods of science; specifically the doctrine that human beings should employ scientific methods in studying human life and behaviour, in order to direct the welfare and future of mankind in a rational and beneficial manner…Origin mid-19th century.”

Two items jump out from the page: “…in order to direct the welfare and future of mankind,” and “Origin mid-19th century.”

The first phrase obviously refers to a plan. And the plan emerges from being able to study, at a great height, populations and nations—in order to direct their behavior, in order to place them and move them on a chessboard. “Scientifically.” Free will? Not important. Free exchange of goods and services? Not important. The unique vision and desire of the individual? Not important. Only science is important—whatever that means.

The second phrase refers to mid-19th century.  Well, Darwin published his hypothesis about evolution in 1859. Marx and Engels published The Communist Manifesto in 1848.

Prior to Marx, Engels, and Darwin, the word “humanism” referred to a tradition of philosophy, knowledge, culture, education, and art birthed by the ancient Greeks—coming forward through Rome to the European Renaissance. It elevated human beings. It tended toward greater freedom, less Church repression.

But then, in the mid-19th century, humanism took a sharp turn. It became identified with “the march of science,” the triumph of philosophic materialism (Darwin), and the complete restructuring of nations and societies according to a social, economic, and political plan that would “benefit all” (Marx, Engels).

Humanism was stripped down to “Scientific Humanism.”  Whilst previously ‘Humanism’ elevated the evolution of Human Beings, ‘Scientific Humanism’ elevates science of materialism as ALL-KNOWING of how/what/where of the future of Humanity.  

Why is this of concern?   It essentially removes ‘the divine intelligence in all living things‘, and replaces it with Brain Intelligence.   That is, the body is of limited consequence as it is a soul-less collection of cells.  Whereas through Scientific Humanism, or reductionistic Materialistic Science, when we hack the brain & merge with machines we can ultimately evolve out of the need for a body all-together.  And better still, create ONE MERGED GIANT BRAIN.


The case against Scientism

More than a half century ago, famed writer C.S. Lewis warned about how Science could be twisted in order to attack religion, undermine ethics, and limit human freedom.

In the below documentary “The Magician’s Twin: C.S. Lewis and the Case Against Scientism,” leading scholars explore Lewis’s prophetic warnings about the abuse of science and how Lewis’s concerns are increasingly relevant for us today.





But it DOESN’T have to be this way

Whilst the Technocrats believe that Scientific Humanism is the way of the future, what they are failing to recognise is the miraculous power of the Heart & Soul.     

Humans, Nature and our evolving Universe are far more than just the bricks & mortar building blocks that science can quantify, we are are living vessels of Divine Intelligence expressing its self through us.   It is up to us to become ‘observers’ of the field through our awakened consciousness, and co-create a more beautiful, awakened & evolved life experience in morphic resonance with life.

Interested in finding out more?    Inviting you to study my ONLINE Lightrition your Life Course,  and together lets architect a more awakened possibility for Humanity. 


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