Sun conjunct Alcyone {Pleiades} – 21 May 2021 – Inherent Feminine Wisdom

Sun conjunct Alcyone {Pleiades} – 21 May 2021 – Inherent Feminine Wisdom

You may recall in April 2020, Venus transited directly across Alcyone, the brightest star in the Pleaides.  This transit takes place every 8 years and represents a surrender to the Divine Feminine through us.   This pass of Venus weaves threads of softness, gentleness, compassion, caring & healing in our world. 

And then in May of every year, our Sun [our LIGHT] transits over the Alcyone/Pleiades [Divine Feminine], opening our consciousness to the mystery of the natural world, and a grander possibility for our lives.   Our Sun exactly conjuncts Alcyone on the 21 May 2021, however this transit will be felt over a period of around 9 days.   What a beautiful lead up to our TOTAL Lunar Eclipse on 26 May !


Sun transit Pleiades & Conjunct Alcyone

The Pleiades star cluster is positioned between Taurus & Gemini on the Zodiac, and spans a width of over 7 Light Years in diameter (1 Light Year = 9.5 trillion km).   Every year our Sun passes over the Pleiades, taking around 9 days to do a full transit.   This year the transit takes place from the 17th to 25th May 2021.   This transit opens a portal of conscious access to Pleiadian wisdom, which ‘themes’ our year ahead.

On May 21, our Sun conjuncts with the star Alcyone within the Pleiades at 0.170 Gemini.  A conjunction means that hte Sun & Alcyone are at the same degree, and the energies of this annual transit are the most pronounced & potent.

And what I dearly LOVE about this years transit of the Pleiades is that it leads into our spectacularly high energy Goodwill FULL MOON ECLIPSE on May 26, 2021  {Moon & Sun at 5.260 Gemini).


Energy of Alcyone, Pleiades & our May 2021 Transit

To understand more about the greater potential of this years transit, let me start by reflecting on the energy of Alcyone, as her energy really drives the potency of this transit.

Alcyone is the brightest star in the Pleiades constellation.  As shared in Crystal Light Healing® and Essence of Angels®, the Pleiades represents the Feminine, Silver, Creative Lunar Ray of Creation.   Alcyone is the 6th Dimensional Stellar Gateway Portal that we birth through when we come to Earth, where we make a choice of the evolutionary journey we are to take, our Soul’s Cosmic Blueprint.   It is also the portal that we move into when we die where we undertake a Soul Review within the Akashics.   Alcyone is also the ‘seeding portal’ of Ancient Lemuria.

Something quite spectacular happens when our Sun conjuncts Alcyone, we meld with divine in all things & experience the greater potential of who we are.  Through the Sun, our LIGHT, our I AM Presence, our Consciousness awakens to the inherent Wisdom of the Feminine.   Awakening our imaginations, sparking the embers of our dreams & igniting our Hearts to a grander, more beautiful possibility for our lives.

You are here to rebirth into the collective consciousness the timeless presence of The Divine Feminine. 

You are here to ‘dream the dream of the Goddess’, the mystical and magickal aspects of both men and  women that open the doors of self-discovery, transformation and inner peace. 

You are here to reweave The Divine Feminine into the psyche of humanity, so that people may receive her nourishment through joy, laughter, playfulness, dance, song and eternal grace.  Shealla-Dreaming


During this 9 day transit, and especially as our Sun conjuncts Alcyone, you may find yourself experiencing life, the beauty of this planet, the intelligence of nature in new found ways.     And with Jupiter [expansion] at a strong square to this years transit, there is an added expansive & enLIGHTened experience of Pleaidian LIGHT to be felt.

Your dreams may become more intense, insightful dreams about your creative presence in the world. You may also find yourself more emotional, feeling more deeply that usual.  A deep connection & empathy with fellow humans, but also the plant, mineral & crystal realms.   You may ‘see’ the world differently, experiencing it as alive, electric, intelligence and bursting with love.

Where you may have been feeling stuck, stifled, frustrated, or at a cross-roads, when the Sun conjuncts Alcyone there maybe a HUGE shift in how you see yourself in the world.    You may experience clear & insightful visions of solutions to your current predicament and feel empowered to forge ahead new paths via Feminine Wisdom.


How to work with the Energy

As we transit over the Pleiades, the most reverent & sacred practice to embody during this time is a deeply enriching connection with nature.

Rather than get trapped in the ‘mind game’ of needing to ‘know stuff’, instead surrender yourself to the inherent intelligence of nature and the wisdom of your Heart.   Collectively we have the power to move beyond this old system that is fast crumbling around us, and dream into being a future that reveres nature & the miracle of the human body to heal.   And from that grander dream, be guided to walk the steps of grace-filled action that rebuilds a New Earth from the ground up.

Here are 5 suggestions to help you navigate this time with fierce Grace, and embody waves of blessed ease.

1. Wake up each day in GRATITUDE for the gift of this life.  YOU are a miracle.  YOU a Soul that chose to be here during this time to be part of this reLOVEutionary ascension of humanity.

2. Spend time EVERY day with your bare feet on the Earth.  Or is that is not possible then hug a tree, or at the very least lovingly stroke a pot plant or pot of herbs.   This will help keep you centered in the Divinity of the natural world and the grander story that is unfolding… rather than getting swept away in the mental fear & anguish that is being spun by those seeking to control.

3. Let yourself feel.  FEEL everything.  And let the feelings move through you.  This is not a time to hide from your feelings, but also not a time to be controlled by your feelings.   If you are feeling overwhelmed, angry, scared, uncertain, anxious etc… then do something LOVING to help let the molecules of these emotions move through you, rather than attach to you.    Sit in a quiet space with your favourite cup of tea.  Have a salt bath with your favourite essential oils & let the water wash away your tears.  Spend time in nourishing conversation with a loved one… hugs heal!   Feelings speak the language of the field, so give yourself permission to feel, and also permission to transmute lower vibratory e-motions with LOVE.

4. Dream.  Align your mind, thoughts, words, actions, prayers, meditations… basically every moment of your day… in the direction of what is it you wish to birth with this world.  Feeling these dreams in the affirmative (ie don’t focus on what you don’t want), and attune your body, mind & soul with the source of all that you know is possible to truly be.

And a little Bee Wisdom

Yesterday was World Bee Day, and I LOVE how this annual day falls within Suns transit over the Pleiades.   Bee Wisdom is one of the most sacred pathways of directly experiencing Pleiadian vibrations.    Last year I wrote an indepth article of my experience with Bee’s, their intelligence, and what they weave within our consciousness.  

We come to the hive, and we are the hive.

We sing our unity and then each take our song out into the world. We touch each flower & deliver the signature of creation. After our touch, each plant has a rising helix, a chromatic cord, that joins earth, matter, and ether. The fecundity of the atmosphere is thus enhanced and enlivened… Each bee aligns itself with cosmic forces that direct its role in the colony. The hive’s daily functioning is precise and rhythmic, with each bee’s task divinely orchestrated to fulfill the role of the hive.

As I wrote last year, which I feel dearly reflects the energy of the Pleiadian Wisdom – “What if we were to see our World as one giant hive, and each of us as Bee’s, or a cell of the ONE living organism of the world/Life. How would this change the way we live, think, feel, action & do ? Would we waste our time in petty fighting over viewpoints, or would we rise ourselves to a higher place and work/play in service of our collective song? 

Please do check out my article on Bee’s, and may it awaken glimmers of Pleiadian LIGHT within your Soul.


Freedom Fest – 29th May, 2021

And Finally, for those within our Community that live locally, I would LOVE for you to join me at next weekends FREEDOM Fest, May 29, 2021.   I will be speaking on the stage on the day, along with some visionary people who have the HEART of a New World that we are creating.  This is a FAMILY FRIENDLY event, so come alone to be both inspired & uplifted.



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