Wisdom of HoneyBees – Their Song & Prayer

Wisdom of HoneyBees – Their Song & Prayer

With integrity & sacred reverence toward a world more beautiful, where we place our attention of body, mind & soul has the power to unleash a healing force within the world that impregnates a kind, generous & unified future for generations to come.

It has been interesting to observe our world over the last 12 months, and where the ‘attentions’ of people’s minds have been placed.   In has been sobering to witness the self-grandiose pushing of ‘right views’, the shaming of views that contradict MSM, or the constant sharing of  ‘proof’ that supports people’s narrative of their convictions.   In a dualized world, I believe when you look for evidence to corroborate your belief, you will most certainly find it, no matter what side of the coin you hold true.

You may believe that the COVID death toll is at a record high or you may have analysed the numbers to discover that overall the numbers are the same, they have just been reclassified.   You may believe that Mask Mandates are essential for public health, or you may have more of a holistic understanding of the Biome/Virome of this Earth.   And you may consider that a Vaccine is of vital importance for human survival, or your heart maybe breaking with grief that infertility, adverse reactions or even death will cast a dark eugenic shadow as we enter an era of transhumanism.

Now flavour all the above with individual political views, government propaganda & media reporting;  is it any wonder that our world is divided?  That we feel a need to find a place of self-preserving comfort by taking the ‘right’ side for fear of what may happen if we don’t?  How do we move beyond the left/right, right/wrong, yes/no & truth/fakenews experience of our world ?   How will any of this end ?   Do you really believe that we will ever find  ‘truth’ that will be universally believed by all ?

Personally, I feel with all my BEEingness, that this moment is a call for us to move out of our Minds, and resolutely walk the Grace of our New Earth. 

This is a call to step-up.  Yes to critically think/observe/learn from each other through a great diversity of views, but ultimately to follow your intuitive guidance & gut-instincts.    To not let your energy be drained by the divisive banter of proving your feelings.  And to rise above the energy-depleting acts of shaming, name-calling or making fun of those that don’t experience the world the same way you do.   Instead choose to flourish your energy in the direction of what you wish to heal, evolve & thrive within the world.   Become infectious with a joy that takes peoples sense of purpose & possibility higher.  Inspire peoples hearts into solution orientated practices that help embrace a UNITY within our diversity.   Or put simply, ‘Bee the Change’.

Bees of a New Earth

I believe that the template of what we yearn to experience & blossom in our lives can be found in nature, which ultimately is the source of our truest natures.   And we are called to move beyond the soul-destroying practice of separation, and instead move in intimate flow toward a template of unified source.  To heal the orphaned parts of ourselves that denies the sacred holism of the human experience, and to reunite with a grace that braids our strands into a unified field.

Over the last month, I have found so much love, wisdom & holiness through Bee’s.  If you attended my The Great Awakening online event last year, you may recall I shared pictures of a Queen Bee that flew into my office.   And I also shared videos of the resultant swarm of bees that had made a hive through a hole in the front of our house and into the floor cavity of my bedroom in the days leading up to the Galactic Evolutionary Alignment followed by our Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction.

I have come to feel deep within my Heart that Bees are an integral part of the fabric of nature that guide our spiritual evolution.   And how observing the song, daily prayer & communion of the Lightritional Anima Realm of Bees, takes us into the field of possibility, an all knowing of source from the inside-out.   A sacred Song of a New Earth.

Sharing with you some of my sacred experiences of Bee wisdom over these past weeks.  Through Bee’s I believe we can learn to trust ourselves once again, follow our inherent intuition, and release the need to ‘prove’ our one story point of view.   To live a life of joyful devotion toward a comm-immunity that is both greater than the sum of the individual parts, and overflowing in the song of light nourishment- Lightrition.

I haven’t yet had a chance to really anchor the feeling of this radiant Bee Wisdom deep within my bones, or to eloquently translate all that I feel into words.  As time/space collide, I hope to do the Bee Wisdom a greater service in future posts… sharing my insights on pollen, bee medicine, nectar, royal jelly, & bee sacrament.

Until then, I highly recommend a book by Jacqueline Freeman Song of Increase, that exquisitely flourishes the Wisdom of Honeybees toward a better world.  I will reference Jacqueline’s work below, and also include quotes direct from the Bees themselves.  And you may also like to listen to this podcast with Jacqueline on UNITY & the Wisdom of Bees…. certainly a little bit of soul food for this time.


Bee’s in our Bedroom

On discovery of Bee’s entering our home in mid-December last year, we contacted a local Apiculturist to assess the situation, and help us move the Bee’s to a new hive in our backyard, away from the interior of home.   If you live locally (Sunshine Coast, East Coast of Australia), we highly recommend the service of Holistic HIves.  Much gratitude to Andy for helping guide & educate us on Bee Wisdom.

Andy used a thermal reader to ascertain that the Bee’s were making a hive within the floor of my beloved & I’s bedroom.  If you follow the art of Feng Shui, the Bee’s set up home in the diagonal right-hand corner of the room (as viewed from the doorway), which is the ‘relationship’ corner of the room.   I have a meditation chair in that corner of the room… hmmm, were the Bee’s here to impart wisdom about relationship, our relationship, or my/our relationship with life during my meditations ?

Standing in the corner of the room,  the floor felt warm to the soles of the feet as I connected with the Bee radiance, and when I put my ear to the floor you could tune into the song of the Hive.   Here are a few pics of my meditation chair sitting directly over the Bees, the thermal reading showing their radiance within the floor, and our room just before we extracted the Bees.

The plan was to delicately cut open our bedroom floor, collect & attach the combs to our Top Bar Beehive frames, and then place the framed combs & bees into a new Hive in our backyard.    Here are a few photos & videos during the extraction & transfer just a few days ago.  I must admit it was a little nerve-wracking at first, being up so close to around 100,000 Bee’s.  What if we get stung?  What if the Bees swarm at us?   But five members of our family sat within our bedroom, and in prayer of the moment connected our Heart’s with the Bees… asking for their assistance, and letting them know of our intentions.  

Whilst we were surround by thousands of Bees for many hours (and without being suited up), not one of us were stung during the transfer.   By keeping calm, staying in harmony with the Hive, and engaging in ceremony with the collective, I believe the Bee’s engaged with us, and were grateful for all our efforts.

The picture at the top of the page is a Heart shaped piece of very soft freshly created honeycomb that was too delicate to insert in the new Hive.  We plan on framing & hanging this comb in our home in loving memory of the glory these Bees have brought to our lives.


The Hive Community – The Bien

Hives are holy places, they are shrines of possibility.   Bee’s don’t experience themselves as separate, but rather as part of a group soul, a greater collective.    And their song & daily prayer enlivens the world with a light, a joy, a love that expresses itself for eternity.

Bee’s commence the day in loving service to the Song of the Hive, the expansion of a living song that generates light-filled nourishment of healing & creative energy within the world.

Jacqueline Freeman & many other holistic apiculturists refer to the hive community using the German word Bien.   Whilst Bee’s within the hive live only a short life, the Bien of the Hive lives in evolving perpetuity.

The Bien includes the spiritual center and life force of the hive. Collectively, the Bien is conscious and alive, like a living brain, operating as a unified thought. The Bien is not just the hive; it is this hive in this particular and sacred place. The Bien also encompasses a relationship to place, light, seasons, and plants. Within this holy landscape of the Bien, bees work with flowers, trees, minerals, water, light — the full spectrum of Creation (refer Lightrition) — to bring about the highest good for our earthly environment.

And I love how Jacqueline has brought through wisdom direct from the Bee’s themselves…

We come to the hive, and we are the hive.  We sing our unity and then each take our song out into the world.  We touch each flower & deliver the signature of creation.  After our touch, each plant has a rising helix, a chromatic cord, that joins earth, matter, and ether. The fecundity of the atmosphere is thus enhanced and enlivened… Each bee aligns itself with cosmic forces that direct its role in the colony. The hive’s daily functioning is precise and rhythmic, with each bee’s task divinely orchestrated to fulfill the role of the hive. 

What if we were to see our World as one giant hive, and each of us as Bee’s, or a cell of the ONE living organism of the world.   How would this change the way we live, think, feel, action & do ?  Would we waste our time in petty fighting over viewpoints, or would we rise ourselves to a higher place and work/play in service of our collective song? 

If we viewed the Earth as a Bien, how would this change how you live your life, the work you do, how you are experience this moment and what you aspire to flourish more of within the world ?   In fact, Bee’s thrive on diversity, the more diverse the crops/fields/pollens that Bee’s engage with, the more LIGHT the Bee the consumes, and a greater LIGHT/Consciousness is experienced within the collective HIVE.  Diversity doesn’t have to separate us, it can in fact engage us in a more kind, resilient & thriving Bien of life!




Relationship & Bees

I love how the Bees that came to us just weeks ago, set up their hive within the ‘relationship corner’ of our bedroom, with is also the Wisdom & Spiritual corner of our home in Feng Shui (refer to postscript at the bottom of this post).   When Jacqueline spoke to her Bees about the devastation of colony collapse, the Bee’s spoke of relationship & wisdom. 

Everything the bees do is about relationship with one another. The story of colony collapse is a story of how these relationships have been broken, contaminated, or subverted. It is a story of ignorance, thoughtlessness, and selfishness — qualities we humans bring to far too many of our relationships, from the most personal and intimate to the most global and institutional. Right relationship truly is at the center of Unity consciousness, which is the heart and soul of the [wisdom] of the Bien.

Connecting with our own Bee’s this last week, their wisdom has provided much warm solace within the fractured fields of our world.   The Bee’s have guided my awareness to fly to a higher place, to serve a future that yearns to be born through the Spirit of the World. 

As relationships around the world are fracturing, and many are caught within the murky swamp of betrayal, grief, anger, loss & hate, may we look & feel into the wisdom of Bees to both heal our wounds, & help mend the fractured parts of ourselves.    When we feel complete on the inside, and then radiate this wholeness to the world, our light, our joy, our spirit inspires others to do the same.  We move into a place of not only right relationship with self, but also a loving reciprocity of right relationship every other ‘Bee’ of this world, and the Hive of Creation becomes a symphony of life.



Unity & our Awakening 5th Heart Chamber

After much research, we decided upon a Top Bar Hive to re-home our new found Bee community.   Unlike the Langstroth Hives that include man-made hexagonal wax templates of comb, Top Bar Hives enable Bee’s to create their own Hexagon Honeycombs, to the exact size and shape that truly sings the song of the collective community.

Here is a picture of our Hive (from Holistic Hives) that we placed in our yard over the weekend.   The wooden feet of the Hive, and the wooden roof will be installed next weekend.   Wood provides a more natural Hive in keeping with nature, and we chose to limit metal that would become a conductor or even amplifier of future EMRs & 5G (refer Lightrition).   I will share a few more photos next week of the front face of the Hive where you can see through a perspex pane into the Hive.


Top Bar Hives mimic a hollow log, and hand back to Bee’s their creative intelligence to weave combs from each Horizontal Bar that brings the lifeforce of creation into form through the song of the collective community.  I love how Bees are free to make & shape their own wax comb in a Top Bar Hive, and the Queen is free to roam, and the Broods (nursury) is not separate).  You can read more about the Top Bar Beehive here, in comparison to the Langstroth Hive.

To quote the words of Bee’s through Jacqueline,

The Unity communicates through the comb.  Each bee movement is telegraphed throughout the hive by comb vibration…  Movement within the hive conveys a harmonic vibration based on the speed and regularity of a movement. Tasks are known by their distinct movement “sounds.” Thus, we are aware of births, pollen storage, nectar preparation, the queen’s location, temperature within and around the nursery, moisture levels, the efficiency of propolis sealing, and the comb’s structural integrity. This ongoing kinesthetic noise is part of our song, and we sense it as a continuous communication. The sound and feel are embodied within the hive as a language…. Simultaneously, each of us is individually present, contributing our place within the hive’s Unity, and each of us is also the whole of the hive. All of us together communicate to the Unity the hive’s full, combined presence.

I feel that the resonate sound chamber of honeycomb that comes to life through the collective community of Bee Song/Vibration, creates ripples within the fabric of creation that fertilises a higher consciousness within Human Hearts.   As I shared in detail in Lightrition your Life,  and reflected upon in The Great Awakening, I feel that Bee’s play an important role in the opening & activation of Humanity’s 5th Aetheric Human Heart Chamber

The 5th Aetheric Human Heart Chamber will transform humanity into beings of Sun-LIGHT, and change the way we engage with Cosmos as we stream higher vibrational fields of 5th Dimensional Cosmic Light through our Hearts.    Honey Bee’s have 5 Heart chambers, and are guiding this process of both cellular & aetheric transformation.

“In our time there are certain changes taking place in the heart, by which gradually a fifth chamber will develop. In this fifth chamber man will have a new organ which will allow him to control life forces in a different way than is possible at the moment.” “All that happens in the moral life, and all that happens physically in the world…the moral and the physical….are found in their real union when we learn to understand all the configurations of the human heart.” 
Rudolf Steiner

On Saturday evening just passed, we set up our bed in our loungeroom, with our sliding doors wide open for an unobstructed view over our Bees.    Firstly,  our bedroom was still in disarray after a long day of relocating Bee’s (yes, Bee diarrohea is really a thing!), and secondly we really felt guided to be closer to the new Bee Hive in our background.   

That evening, I had the most profound Imaginal Realm dreams through the Wisdom of Bee’s.    In one of my dreams, I was surrounded by our Bee’s, with their fanning noises gradually becoming higher & higher in both sound & pitch.   The harmonic resonance of sounds became so great, that I became weightless in my dream and began to meditate.  In my LIGHTness of Being, the Bee’s spoke to me, and shared with me their Wisdoms.   The experience was both profound & truly humbling.  When I awoke, I had a tear trickling down my face, and as I put my hands over my chest/heart, I could feel the buzzing humm of their vibrations still impregnated deep within me.    Whilst my ‘mind’ is yet to formulate words of all that the Bee’s shared, by Heart is overflowing with their enLIGHTened Love.


The Global Prayer of Honey

The life of a Bee is a living ceremony with nature, and there is so much we can learn from Bee’s that imbue within us a desire to expand upon our own living ceremonies with life.

Bee’s dedicate their existence to the collective and everything day do is with purpose, and on purpose.  The ceremony of their existence infuses every that they feel, touch & create with living prayer.  And this prayer becomes a medicine that heals & seeks to flourish the evolution of our world.

Honey, the food of Bee’s, is a living medicinal prayer.  Honey contains liquid-light, natures mana, and is so pure in its structured liquid form it is the only food that can truly last forever.  In the words of the Bee’s by Jacqueline…

Each drop of honey contains the rising helix, which invigorates humankind through its spiritual forces. Honey filled with spiritual forces kindles the heart of fellowship. Through this bond, humans develop respect and love of all beings. The bond of respect for all beings is the core of the growing heart. Through respect, appreciation, and all actions based on an honorable relation, you step into your evolution. The taste of honey on the tongue is a lightness, a quickening, a deep emanation of the sun’s light as all of creation bears witness and answers. One’s heart is warmed. We bring this gift and ask that you absorb it into your being with awareness of the generosity with which we offer the fruit of a constantly creating and interrelating world. In this, bee and human become co-creative forces and light workers in the world and in love.

When relocating our Bee’s into their new hive, a number of combs were unable to be saved.   We blessed these over flowing combs for their gift of honey, then gently crushed the combs to enable the honey to drain through a sieve and into a collecting bowl    The result was jar full of honey, plus five very small jars that we are gifting to family & friends.   We reverently receive the blessed Prayer infused within the Honey, and gratefully aspire to engage with this prayer in service to a world more beautiful.

We saved the Bees on the comb in the first image and returned them to the hive 🙂    Also, I view honey as a gift and not something that we take from the Bees.   Our vision of being a steward of Bees is to share in their Wisdoms, and support their evolutionary Earth purpose.   Honey then becomes a sacred by-product of the bigger purpose of why we steward Bees. 

Evolutionary Medicine of Bees

I have spent this week truly humbled by my experience of both the last month, but also the last few days of being touched by our Bee’s both physically, and spiritually.  I feel deep within my BEEingness that Bee’s are truly a medicine for Humanity, through their Ceremony & Prayer.    Whilst I am still integrating my experience, I would like to leave you with words straight from the Bees through Jacqueline…

We are an evolution unto ourselves. We emerged into the earth sphere as a template of unity, harmony, community. Bees are an evolutionary progression… The scent and sound of a hive contain compressed information. Scent and sound can rewire our deep inner perception — the matrix of what we operate from, our belief system. This is no small task.

Each hive’s great hall is the portal that allows each hive to be present in the consciousness of all hives. Bathed in a sacred illumination, our communal presence kindles the evolutionary intelligence nascent in each being. And thus we begin….  Air is a canvas. Like water, it has memory. As we breathe, work, and imagine, we imprint the air within our hives with industry, unity, solace, and love. The Unity of the hive is expressed in our sound, which permeates the air…

When humans begin participating in (our) medicine, they will strengthen their systems and increase their sensitivity, vitality, and perceptual abilities, which sets up the conditions through which evolutionary progression occurs.


As we begin our transit through 2021, may we have the courage to stand in the magnificence of our LIGHT.   Choose to lead from our Hearts.  And with benevolent presence create NEW structures within the world that reflect the cherished Divinity of who we truly are, and just like Bees, support the legacy of what we wish to weave into the world for future generations. 

All LOVE as we BEElieve a great shift is possible, and rise together through ceremony, prayer & presence.   Together may we support the Bees of our World to live in harmony with their purpose, and may in turn this purpose support our global humanity to awaken, evolve & thrive.

xx Simone


PostScript…  I was meditating with Bee Wisdom last night, when I came to another realisation.  Not only did our Bee’s make their home in the Relationship corner of our Bedroom, but that corner from the perspective of our House is the Wisdom, Spirituality & Self-Knowledge corner of our Home per Feng Shui.   Feel waves of gratitude & humbled presence to our new Bee family.  Thank you for your Grace.

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