The 8th Day Therapy for COVID-19

The 8th Day Therapy for COVID-19

“8th Day Therapy” has been developed by Dr Shankara Chetty from South Africa.  He has treated some 4,000 COVID-19 patients and has studied at the same time the pathogenesis of the disease and fine-tuned his treatments.   Dr Chetty holds a degree in medicine and surgery and also has advanced education in genetics, advanced biology, biochemistry and microbiology.  

Below is a Video of many prominent Doctors talking about Home Protocols to treat COVID-19.  I highly recommend my other Protocol articles too:



About treating at the 8th Day

Before corona came to South Africa, I had the feeling that there were some parts of the pathophysiology of that disease that we were not understanding correctly, leading patients to hospitalizations. My focus was to understand the pathogenesis of coronavirus. I endeavoured to see every positive patient from the first day, so I could understand the evolution of this disease before the patient got to hospital. I had particular interest on the dyspnea (shortness of breath) that was sudden in onset and leading patients to hospitalization.

Very early on, I understood that the dyspnea that sets in seems to have a specific time in the disease. It was very quick in onset, there was differences in speed and severity, but it always seemed to present on the 8th day.  Some of the patients recovered by the 7th day and had none of the symptoms that occurred from the 8th day onwards.

From very early on, I was of the opinion we were dealing with some kind of hyper-sensitivity reaction. … Quite early on, I started steroids and patients improved … and then I attempted antihistamines.  I tried, on a patient who was critically ill, a dose of promethazine [anti-histamine] and … oxygen saturation returned to 95% within 24 hours. There was a remarkable improvement. This got me to understand that we were dealing with an hypersensitivity reaction.

Remarkably, the majority of patients that I saw, excluding those with bacterial infections or co-infections, reported symptomatic improvements and recovery by the 6th or 7th day. There were also those patients who recovered within a day or two. A majority reporting feeling better by the 6th or 7th day.   So my entire focus became the eighth day, because those who presented with a reaction on the 8th day presented with far more severe hypersensitivity reactions.

When patients came into my practice, I would Interrogate them about the onset of the symptoms, the exact day they started feeling unwell. I educated patients about these [concerning 8th day] symptoms, and that they should not discount these symptoms, even if it was a solitary symptom and mild. Any change from the 7th to the 8th day should be reported.  At the first sign of 8th day symptoms I would commence my protocol [treated immediately with a mix of anti-histamines, aspirin/ecotrin, & inhaled corticosteroids].

In all, I have seen close to 4,000 patients, excluding those I have treated over the telephone. None of my patients have had Long COVID symptoms. None of my patients have been hospitalized so far, they were always treated at home and managed at home.  To this day, I have no oxygen in my practice. I never found the need for it. Patients recovered relatively quickly, even those with low, or even very low saturations. … Within a day or two, they were comfortable on room air.

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