Segregating the Unvaccinated – Questioning Morality

Segregating the Unvaccinated – Questioning Morality

History has never looked kindly on politically motivated segregation or discrimination, even (and especially) under the guise of ‘health emergencies.  Within this crucial moment of Human history, our future depends on THE PEOPLE choosing morality over compliance.

This is NOT about being anti-or-pro-jab.  And this is NOT about being left-or-right in politics.  This is about standing for equality, dignity, and a future world more beautiful for our children. 

As I discuss in Is there a Future worth Living?,  what you bring to this moment in Earths His-Her-Story, determines our collective future.   What do you CHOOSE to do with the time given to you?

Is it ETHICAL to Mandate ANY Medical Procedure ?

Choice is a wondrous thing.  The freedom to choose where we live, the job we do, the food we eat, and how we care for our individual health & well-being.   YET, under the canopy of ‘keeping us healthy’, choice is becoming a thing of the past.  Conform or remove yourself from society is the flavour of the moment.

I know many will jump to the defence and state “but the science dictates what we must do?” as if this proclaims their right to trample human rights and mandate a one-size-fits-all agenda.   Yet, science is not written in stone.  Science is evolving.  For every scientific paper that is ‘for the jab’, there will be an alternate paper that proclaims ‘known/unknown adverse events’ for the jab.   

The thing is, no one really ‘knows’. 
Only GOD knows.

To mandate ANY medical procedure in the name of science is one of the most infectious cases of scientism that ultimately blinds the discovery of a higher truth.   It is a complete abuse of science,

Sharing a video below where Dr Julie Ponesse – Canadian Professor of Ethics, talks about the Ethics of Medical Mandates, and the predicament that she has been placed in.    And in the second video, a discussion about Science & Scientism in the age of COVID19.



A new LOWpoint for Australia

Once again, another ‘interesting’ week here in Australia.  Vaccine Passports are being rolled out, and our Government/State Governments are rolling out mandates that ‘lock-out’ Australians who are unjabbed.

Medical Apartheid here in Australia is a REAL thing.  Whilst we have spent decades & decades pushing for equality in human rights, women’s rights, racial rights & anti-discrimination laws, LGBTQI rights, same-sex marriage and so on… it has only taken less than 18 months for health rights to be utterly demolished in our once free country.  ‘All in the name of Scietism’ of course.  

Last week we had the emotionally charged slogan ‘Pandemic of the Unvaccinated‘ to contend with, and now this week Australians are being told that we are moving into an ‘Economy of the Vaccinated‘.  Essentially this means, there is no place in society for those that ‘choose’ to not get the jab.

Where does this all end?  It wasn’t that long ago that IBM aided the Third Reich by supporting the data for ‘identification, expulsion from society, confiscation, ghettoization, deportation, and even extermination.‘   Sound familiar?  Vaccine Passports linked to Digitial ID/Health Records anyone?   Maybe a public traffic light system like that proposed for Chapel St in Victoria, Australia.

As VIC State Premier deems that the Unvaccinated should be locked out of health care system, and NSW State Premier says that the unvaccinated will have limited freedoms, how far will ALL AUSTRALIANS allow these immoral mandates to go before EVERYONE says STOP, we are better than this.  This is NOT how we envision a future & united Australia!   We are so much more than Human QR Codes.

This of course is not just a phenomenon happening in Australia.  This is happening around the world. 

For example, just this week it was announced in the US that all Federal Workers will be forced to take Vaccines, and businesses with over 100 employees must mandate the jab.

Referring back to Dr Julie Ponesse’s story above, she is certainly NOT alone!  Forinstance, UK Therapists for Medical Freedom is a collective of Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Psychologists and associated therapeutic professionals.   As a group of mental health and well-being professionals, we have grave concerns about government proposals for ‘Vaccine Passports’, which have also been referred to as “COVID-Status Certificates” and “Covid Passes”. We ask that you immediately halt their implementation for domestic use in the United Kingdom.  Our professional concerns are based on the following 6 points:



No Jab, No Job.

Whilst MSM states that there is a rise in Australian job advertisements demanding fully jabbed people,  there is also a growing contingent of businesses that do not discriminate and welcome the Jabbed or Non-Jabbed.

People are resilient.  People find solutions to problems being thrust upon them.  In fact, people are discovering an incredible power within them to completely walk away from the OLD STRUCTURES and create new structures that aren’t cloaked in evil, but rather born of an innate freedom that enables people to thrive.

Take for instance Teachers in NSW, not only is legal action taking place regarding mandatory jabs, but also Teachers are breaking away from a soul-destroying system and creating new & vibrant education platforms of the future.

In the video below, this amazingly courageous Man, a Pilot with Qantas speaks a deep truth that I feel will awaken many from their slumber.  There is a love, light and radiance arising from within humans…. can you feel it?  I certainly can.

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