Day out of Time – 25 July 2022 – Space between Worlds

Day out of Time – 25 July 2022 – Space between Worlds

Each year on 25 July, we celebrate our Day out of Time, the last day of the 13 Moon Mayan Galactic Calendar.  July 25th marks the end of a cycle past, and July 26th is a celebration of new beginnings, a new 13 Moon Galactic Solar year.

Hunab Ku Galactic Calendar Centre of Galaxy Galactic Butterfly

Gregorian Calendar

There are many Calendar Systems in use around the world, but the Gregorian Calendar is the most common calendar system.   As an interesting side note, the name Calendar comes from latin calendarium, the name of books used to track financial debts/payments.   And in ancient Rome, the first day of the month was referred to as calends— the day when debts were due!

The Gregorian Calendar is a Solar Calendar— the length of time it takes for Earth to transit the Sun.    This 365.2425 day Solar Calendar is broken up into 12 months, each containing an artificially allocated number of days— 28 to 31 days, with an additional day in February every 4th year (leap year), to total 365 days or 366 days each leap year.

Whilst the Gregorian Calendar has a function, it does not serve the grander flow of nature, her cycles, and the real meaning of time— cycles of growth, wisdom & evolutionary consciousness.

13 Moon Calendar

The 13 Moon Mayan Galactic Calendar is based on 13 Moons (months) each of 28 days, creating a full year cycle of 364 days (28 x 13 = 364).   As it takes 365 days for the Earth to orbit the Sun, the 365th day of the 13 Moon Calendar represents the Day out of Time.

It takes 28 days for the Moon to orbit Earth, which is an average of the synodic cycle of 29.5 days (from new moon to new moon), and the sidereal cycle of 27.1 days (the time it takes for the moon to reappear in the same position in the sky).  

When you divide our 365 Solar year by 28 day lunar cycles, you get 13 Moons per year + 1 day — the Day out of Time.

This Day out of Time is celebrated on the 25th July each year, with July 26 representing New Years day, a day were we emerge with an awakened sense of clarity, sacred presence & a renewed inner-purpose.⁠


Why 25th/26th July ?

Historically in ancient Egypt the 26 July related to Sirius (the ‘Dog Star’) rising with the Sun. ⁠

Sirius is the 7th Dimensional Portal of Earth, our Universal Gateway , our Solar Gold Ray of Creation. The 26th July ushers in 7th Dimensional LIGHT to Earth, intense vibrational light intelligence that catapults our consciousness into a new Solar Cycle of evolutionary growth & awakening.

The 25th July on the other hand, is a day ‘spare day’, a day of ‘no-time’ or ‘no-thing’,  a day of nothing.   The 25th July does not belong to the past or the future, it is a day in-between, a day of just being in the space between ‘time’.


Day out of Time – 25th July

Day out of Time or ‘no time’ is a day for stillness, connection with Eternal Time, honouring ‘Time as Art’. A letting go of a linear passage of HIStory… and be nourished by HERstory, presence, and the eternal NOW.⁠  This day represents a space between worlds, a rainbow bridge that connects the past with the potential future in the present moment.

July 25th is thus a day for
letting the hardness of life fall away.  Sitting in awe & wonderment of the miracle of life.  Surrendering to natures eternal beauty.  For me Day out of time is a day of watching the Sun rise, dirt under the nails, swimming in the ocean, spending time in Lightrition alchemy… a few of my favourite things that to me ignite my inner-joy and cherish my ‘time’ her(e) on Earth.⁠

Day out of Time is a day to express your radiance – to not be dimmed by the opinions or limitations of others. Its a day of ritual, of reflecting upon the past, bringing the year to a close, and with wisdom & reverence for all you have learnt, stepping into a tomorrow of fresh new beginnings.⁠ 
Day out of Time is THE most wondrous day to make SHIFTS in your life.  Shifts in mindset.  Shifts in beliefs.  Shifts in who & what you may have thought yourself to be.  A day to sit in PRAYER in the present moment for who you wish to be in the world.


Join me LIVE on 25th July

Join me LIVE within my Flourish Membership Portal on July 25, where I will be talking more about our Day out of Time, and sharing the vibrancy & joy of this day of NO TIME.   I will also be talking more about the significance of my Lightritional Lacto-Fermentation Recipe below… be prepared to take your heart/mind truly COSMIC.

If you cannot make my LIVE event in the Flourish Portal, the Replay will be available to all Flourish Members.  Become a Flourish Member today !

Celebrating July 25th

Sharing with you a simple Lacto-Fermenation Recipe,  a Lightritional Recipe to connect your gut/brain/body to eternal time on this Day out Time.   

But first a little background…

Did you know that your gut-brain-body is actually a starmap and tuning fork to the Cosmos?   Sounds crazy I know, but here goes a simple explanation from the perspective of a Holographic Universe— that is, what ever happens on a micro scale is mirror imaged on a macro scale.

The Human Brain has approximately 100 Billion Neurons (a micro scale).   Conversely, there are 100 Billion Stars within our Milky Way Galaxy (a macro scale).  Plus, there are an estimated 100 Billion Galaxies within our observable universe (a macro macro scale!).   Hence within a Holographic Universe it can be seen that our Human Brain is a ‘star map’ of not only our Milky Way Galaxy, but also our greater Cosmos.

But there is more…

Our human body is comprised of approximately 100 Trillion cells.   Each cell is made up of 100 Trillion atoms,  and there are approximately 100 Trillion neural synapses in our human brain (a synapse enables the neurons of the brain to pass electrical/chemical messages to other neurons).  AND interestingly there are also approximately 100 Trillion bacteria within a healthy gut microbiome.  

Which means, if we feed our Gut everything it needs to have a healthy, diverse & thriving microbiome, it means that our entire body acts like a tuning fork of Cosmic Wisdom… each cell becomes a ‘brain’ that vibrates to universal intelligence.  We enter a space of eternal time, the zero point, the place of all-knowing.

With that said… here is my Day out of Time Recipe for you to LOVE over this coming 25th July— all hands, heart & Soul. Oooh, and you can find my Golden Quantum Esssence here.


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