Numerology 2023 – Universal 7 Year


Numerology 2023 – Universal 7 Year

2023 is a Universal 7 Year in Numerology— the year of ‘The Rainbow Bridge‘.  2023 will guide us to move inward, explore our inner-worlds, fall back in love with ourselves and emerge emboldened to share our unique gifts & qualities with the world.   Innovation, exploration, study, inner-growth and questioning EVERYTHING will see 2023 emerge as the year where we bridge science with the spiritual— transforming our lives from the inside out.  

Reflecting back on the numerology of the last few years, our 2020 Universal 4 Year  & our 2021 Universal 5 Year was about shattering the foundations of society that had been built upon lies, deceit & fear-based control. And 2022 Universal 6 Year was a year of coming home through the Heart— a year of simplicity, focussing on community & connection & joy, and re-remembering your grander purpose through heart based values.

Now 2023 is a year of personal evolution—to challenge yourself, try wildly new things on for size, and see things in a different light by viewing our beliefs through the lens of different colours.  If we keep thinking the same way, doing the same things, or never challenge/question our beliefs then we remain stagnant. 

A Universal 7 year inspires us to voraciously explore new models, new opportunities, and trust our intuition or sixth sense to take take the leap and walk the bridge into new life experiences.   We try new things, we challenge the very foundations of lives, and we walk the bridge into new spheres of consciousness.  Through solitude and inner-reflection we discover new directions and transform how we live, work, love and commune with life.   Our 7 year is a deeply spiritual year of trusting our intuition, having faith in the process, and emerging with a deeper sense of the truth of who we are.

The Hermetic Axiom  ‘As Above, So Below, As Within ‘ vibrates to the number 7 in numerology, and THIS is the wisdom of Universal 7 Year.  We discover that WE are fractals of something greater than us, we are both the Student AND the Teacher, we are the church, we are spiritual royalty, we are the Queen of our own lives— all 7 vibrational words by the way!  A 7 Year is about evolving ourself in service to something greater than ourselves.

Keep reading below for a brief snapshot of the Numerology of 2023. How we experience our 2023 Universal 7 Year will be filtered through the lenses of our own Personal Year in Numerology.  Calculate & read more about your 2023 Personal Year in Numerology here.

Interested in learning more?   Numerology of 2023 Course is included as part of our PREMIUM Flourish Membership or you can purchase the course for a one-off payment.



2023 – Universal 7 Year in Numerology

Our global Universal Year number in numerology is calculated by adding all the digits of the Year together to create one single digit.   This Universal Year Number colours the canvas of our world, and flavours our collective experiences.

The Universal Year number for 2023 is the Number 7    [2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 7]

How we experience our 2023 Universal 7 Year will be filtered through the lenses of our own Personal Year in Numerology.  Calculate & read more about your 2023 Personal Year in Numerology here.

The last time we experienced a Universal 7 Year in Numerology was 9 years ago in 2014… then 9 years before that in 2005, then 9 years before that in 1996, 1987, 1978, 1969 etc…  You may wish to look back on those years in your life, and see if you can see any patterns that relate to a Universal 7 Year vibration for you!  

When you draw the number 7 it looks like a cliff.  And that is EXACTLY what a Universal 7 year can be felt like— it may feel like you are jumping off the cliff of your old-life into a chasm of deep Soul Searching.  It can be a dark & lonely journey from knowledge to wisdom, yet a journey that is well and truly worth the effort!

How you navigate the chasm is up to you!   You can fight taking the leap by never venturing out of your comfort zone OR you can choose to take a deep breath and see where the leap of faith takes you.  Remember courage, discernment, innovation, miracle and evolution are all 7 vibration words— use them wisely!   Give yourself loving permission to experiment, fail, learn & grow.  

Spiritual Number 7 

In Genesis, creation was created within 7 days, with the 7th day being the day of rest or Divinity.  Hence the number 7 vibration is a deeply spiritual number that brings Spirit into form, or how energy unfolds into matter.

The SEVEN vibration represents our 7 Chakras, Crown Charka vibrates at the Number 7, the 7 Colours of the Rainbow, the 7 Rays in Esoteric Astrology, 7 original planets of Solar System, 7 year age cycles in anthroposophy, 7 Oceans, 7 Continents, 7 = Neutral PH balance, 7 Notes in a musical octave (8th note is the 1st note of the next octave), and the 7 Sisters of the Pleiades to name but a few!

Seven represents the mystic, the wise one, the willingness to learn, grow & evolve through trial and error.  Bridging physicality (scientific materialism) with spiritual awareness and multi-dimensional experience.

Seven vibration is often mis-understood, its eccentric, it doesn’t conform, it challenges the status quo.  Seven is an inner-journey and leads to transformation, innovation & enlightenment. 

The Number 7 – Vibrational Words

Words ripple vibrations through sound, their etymology, and through the numerological energy vibration of the letters that collectively make up words.   To help connect with the greater potential of a Universal 7 Year in Numerology, sharing with you words that vibrate to the Number 7 Vibration in Pythagorean Numerology.  

  • The Rainbow Bridge (7)
  • Rabbit (7) – 2023 is the year of the Yin Water Rabbit
  • Earth (7)
  • Heart (7)
  • Mother (7)
  • Divine Masculine (7)
  • Seventh Dimension Portal (7)
  • Spiritual Reflection (7)
  • Queen (7)
  • Church (7)
  • Spiritual Royalty (7)
  • As Above, So Below, As Within (7)
  • Lemuria (7)
  • Lemurian Star (7)
  • Remember (7)
  • Pleasure (7)
  • Grace (7)
  • Courage (7)
  • Evolution (7)
  • Miracle (7)
  • Nature (7)
  • Flower (7)
  • Grounded (7)
  • Nurturing (7)
  • Essence (7)
  • Empathy (7)
  • Attunement (7)
  • Compassion (7)
  • Invitation (7)
  • New Beginnings (7)
  • Balance and Harmony (7)
  • Harmonious (7)
  • Community (7)
  • Humble (7)
  • Sanity (7)
  • Innovation (7)
  • New Normal (7)
  • Soul Searching (7)
  • Sixth Sense (7)
  • Choice (7)
  • Discernment (7)
  • Control (7)
  • Struggle (7)
  • Loneliness (7)
  • Stripping Away (7)
  • Vaccine Reaction (7)
  • Volcanoes (7)
  • You (7)
  • Intelligence (7)
  • Fibonacci Sequence (7)
  • Fractal (7)
  • Reiki (7)
  • Present (7)
  • Soulmate (7)
  • Mortal (7)
  • Archangels (7)
  • Archangel Raziel (77)
  • Raphael (7)
  • Metatron (7)
  • Higher Self (7)
  • Purple (7)
  • Crown Chakra (7)
  • Pallas (7)
  • Coronation (7)
  • Brisbane (7)


The Number 7 – Crystals & Minerals

I will be exploring crystals in much more depth in my Numerology 2023 Course, but for now here are a list of 7 Vibration Crystals to work with during 2023:

  • Charoite (7)
  • Rose Quartz (7)
  • Purple Fluorite (77)
  • Chevron Amethyst (7)
  • Fluorite (7)
  • Kunzite (7)
  • Green Aventurine (7)
  • Agate (7)
  • Pearl (7)
  • Petrified Wood (77)
  • Alabaster (7)
  • Andalusite (7)
  • Chlorocalcite (77)
  • Flint (7)
  • Lazulite (7)
  • Manganese (7)
  • Okenite (7)
  • Petalite (7)
  • Platinum (7)
  • Rhodolite
  • Spinel Green (7)
  • Spinel Blue (7)
  • Sulphur (7)
  • Tin (7)
  • Variscite (7)
  • Wulfenite (7)

The Number 7 – Chestahedron

The Chestahedron is a 7 faced geometric and is quite possibly the 6th Platonic Solid— the 5 Platonics are the Cube (Earth), Tetrahedron (Fire), Octahedron (Air), Icosahedron (Water), Dodecahedron (Spirit).   The Chestahedron creates VORTEXES enabling FLOW— the flow of water/blood in our bodies, spiritual flow of universal intelligence through our Higher Heart, and the Flow of the breath of life or Cosmic Flow through the Torus.

The Chestahedron was discovered by Frank Chester in 2000 and weaves together the sacred geometry of the platonic solids, phi, golden ratio into a sacred geometry that brings the Flow of the Heart into beingness.  This heptahedron ‘Chestahedron’ consists of four equilateral triangles and three quadrilateral “kite” shapes (elongated Octahedron faces). All seven sides are equal to each other in surface area.

I explore in-depth the inner-workings of the Chestahedron in my Numerology 2023 Course,  including HOW to work with the Chestehedron during 2023 to help steer your life through Cosmic Flow.   

The Number 7 & Astrology of 2023

During our Universal 7 year, we also have some BIG shifts happening in 2023 in the astral heavens.  

  • Saturn moves into Pisces
  • Pluto into Aquarius (for 3 months, then 20 years from 2024)
  • Jupiter into Taurus

Our Universal 7 Year PLUS these BIG Shifts are prep work for the MASSIVE shifts happening in 2024/25 with Pluto into Aquarius, Neptune into Aries, Uranus into Gemini & Saturn into Aries…. whoa!!!   2023 will certainly be a year of deep inward gazing and heartfully making MONUMENTAL shifts/pivots in our lives in preparation for what lies ahead— 2023 is a very important bridging year indeed.

During my Numerology 2023 Course I discuss the Astrology in context with our Universal 7 Year and HOW to be the bridge of transformational change!

The Number 7 – The 7th Dimension

In a Universal 7 Year, our consciousness expands to embody the wisdom of the 7th Dimensional Portal – the Portal of the Divine Masculine (7 vibration word) through Sirius.

Life on Earth is experienced through 8 Dimensions of Consciousness and the 13 Sacred Keys of Creation.    The 1st Dimension is our Earth Heart (Earths Crystalline Grid), and the 8th Dimension is our Cosmic Heart (Milky Way Galactic Centre).    

Our Soul resonates at 5th Dimensional vibrational frequency, the inner-knowing that whilst you are a Soul having a human experience, you are part of something much greater than yourself.   Hence 5th Dimensional living is about living in service to something greater than yourself.  Every thought, word, action, deep changes the field, and holographically we can make huge leaps in collective conscious by changing ourselves.

Our 5th Dimensional Soul Stars on Earth are guided by the holy trinity of Mother-Father-Spirit, referred to as the Galactic Evolutionary Triangle— a trinity made up of 3 Portals of Consciousness:

  • 6th Dimension Divine Feminine – Alcyone (Pleiades) Stellar Gateway Portal
  • 7th Dimension Divine Masculine – Sirius Universal Gateway Portal
  • 8th Dimension Unity/Spirit – Galactic Centre Cosmic Gateway Portal

In a Universal 7 Year, our consciousness expands to embody the wisdom of the 7th Dimensional Portal – the Portal of the Divine Masculine.  During my Numerology 2023 Course I discuss in depth the bridge that happens during a Universal 7 Year with Sirius and the 7 Sisters of the Pleiades.



The Number 7 – The Tarot

Turning to the wisdom of the Tarot, we can embrace an even deeper side of the potential of our Universal 7 Year.   The energetic archetypal symbolism held with the Tarot, awakens our consciousness to both the energy & potential to be birthed during 2023.

Reflecting back over the last few years…

  • 2019 Universal 3 Year was ruled by The Empress (3rd Tarot Card).    
  • 2020 Universal 4 Year was ruled by The Emperor (4th Tarot Card). 
  • 2021 Universal 5 Year is ruled by The Hierophant, (5th Tarot Card).
  • 2022 Universal 6 Year is ruled by The Lovers (6th Tarot Card).
  • 2023 Universal 7 Year is ruled by The Chariot (7th Tarot Card) & The Tower (16th Tarot Card).

And now in 2023 Universal 7 Year, the Tarot cards which help us engage with the energy of this year are The Chariot (7th Tarot Card) & The Tower (16th Tarot Card).

Join my Numerology 2023 Course and learn more about the Chariot & Tarot symbologies, the opportunities and challenges they usher in, plus HOW to work with the energy consciously during 2023.

Challenges of a Universal 7 Year

Every number in numerology has a lower & higher octave,  a light & dark vibration.   I don’t necessarily deem dark as being a bad vibration, but rather a sacred polarity that offers a contrast to your present moment, and extends a hand of awareness, growth & awakening.   

Here are the few of the shadows, or challenges that a Universal 7 Year may help you to bridge within your journey to experience wholeness.  

Loneliness is a 7 vibration word and also embodies a potential challenge that maybe experienced during 2023.   A 7 Vibrational year is a deep inward journey, a time to reflect, challenge, recognise the shadows within, and discover ways to heal, bridge, restore & rejuvenate your life.   This is a journey of self-responsibility, maybe even battling with inner-demons, and this deep descent into psyche can be a path fraught with anxiety & struggle.  Solace, privacy & quietness can be a healing balm.

Struggle is also a 7 vibration word.  Where you have out-sourced responsibility for an area/areas of your life to an outside authority, then during a 7 vibrational year you maybe challenged to confront these areas and make amends.  You maybe pushed to question, discover the source of the shadow within you that doesn’t believe you are enough, and find ways to ground your two feet to stand on your own.  Emotional confusion, facing truths, discovering things about the world that you thought to be true but were lies— these can throw you off balance and feel like your life has been thrown of course.  Others may mis-understand you this year as you struggle to makes sense of it all.

Frustrations may arise during 2023 due to impatience, wanting change to happen over night, or trying to fast-track change by skipping steps and hurriedly jumping to the end goal.  Remember you aren’t sailing on anyone else’s timetable during 2023, so slow down, do the work and let your soul guide you through turbulent waters.  If you try to hurry things along this year cause you are frustrated that things aren’t moving fast enough, you will find that you will make mistakes, suffer set-backs, or when you reach your goal/s you will feel empty or dis-satisfied as if something is missing.   SLOW down, feel it all, embrace every nook & cranny of ‘stuff’ as it comes to the surface.  You will thank yourself later for taking the time.

Whether you like it or not, the dark recesses of the psyche will come to LIGHT in 2023.  Those areas of your life that you may keep hidden, suppress, or pretend don’t exist— a Universal 7 Year will reveal what is ready to be healed.  On a global level, false prophets & the like will have their day of reckoning as they will be seen for who they truly are.  Those who control, wield power or make their fortunes off the adversities of others will be unmasked.  If you have given authority of your body/life to such people, 2023 maybe a year of great turmoil and you seek to make sense of it all.

New Normal.
New Normal also vibrates to the number 7. 
If you have been clinging to the past, wanting things to get back to normal or the ways things have been in the past, then our Universal 7 Year will feel most dark, uncomfortable and deeply challenging on every level.   Paradigms are challenged during a Universal 7 year, and where you maybe yearning for normality— a Universal 7 Year calls you to let go of control and move/co-create a NEW Normal based on innovative ways & regenerative practices.   Burying your head in the sand or avoiding those uncomfortable feelings will only exacerbate a year of loneliness & struggle during 2023.


During my Numerology 2023 Course I will embody HOW to work with these potential challenges to transform them into your greatest strengths and emerge into 2024 ready, willing & able to embrace a Universal 8 Year with ease! 

2024 is a Universal 8 Year in Numerology— a year of personal power and duality, with the focus on challenging concepts around money, property, success materialism versus spiritual evolution.   The work you do in 2023 will hold you in great stead for the polarity of experience in 2024.


2023 Numerology with Simone

My Numerology of 2023 is a 7+ hour Video Course guiding you through the energy of 2023 and how to make the most of this Universal 7 Vibrational year!    

  • Energy of 2020-22 and how this relates to the Vibration of 2023
  • Universal 7 Year and what this means for LOVE, Finances, & your Work
  • HOW to access the 7 Wise One / Mystic Energy for personal healing
  • Working with the Higher Heart, Astral Field, Crown Chakra & Pleiades in a 7 Vibrational Year
  • How to embody the wisdom of the 7th Dimension Portal—Sirius
  • Why 2023 is an IMPORTANT year in being The Rainbow Bridge
  • HOW to use Earth + Water during 2023 to shift consciousness & release fears
  • A deeper insight into the Tarot for 2023
  • A deeper insight into working with Crystals for 2023
  • Insight into KEY Astrological Transits of 2023 in relationship to Numerology
  • Seven Sided Chestahedron (Sacred Geometric ‘Platonic’) and what it means for you in 2023
  • How to consciously work with the challenging aspects of a Universal 7 Year
  • How 2022 & 2023 creates a template that guides us into 2024-2040 (glimpse of future transits)
  • Additional Resources to help make 2023 a year of soulful expansion.


Interested in learning more?   Numerology of 2023 Course is included as part of our PREMIUM Flourish Membership or you can purchase the course for a one-off payment.

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