2019: Universal ‘3’ Year in Numerology

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2019: Universal ‘3’ Year in Numerology

We are in for a deeply creative, sensual & wildly transformational year as we enter a Universal 3 Year in Numerology in 2019.  

If you have felt a deep rumbling in your life over the past couple of years, a call to change your work/relationships/home, a call to step into something bigger & more wildly beautiful… then 2019 is set to be THE YEAR where your inner-most heartfelt desires are set to take form.   Get ready to open your wings & FLY !

With all this ‘3’ Vibration Energy I have so much to say on this page about whats in store for 2019.   So maybe make a cup of tea, reserve a little space in your day and DIVE DEEP into the the Meaning of the Number 3 and the Energy of our 2019 Universal 3 Year.

If you are short for time, then I highly recommend that you scan down the page to the heading ‘The Empress – Tarot Card #3‘.  This section is a deep & meaningful exploration of our 2019 Universal 3 Year & a MUST READ for everyone.

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Numerology of  Universal Year

Year:   2019
Universal Energy for 2019:   2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12,  1 + 2 = 3

Calculating the number of the Universal Year in numerology is found by adding together the digits of the current Calendar Year (eg 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 ) and reducing to a single digit.    The final number is the unique energy or Universal Vibration of that year.   

The Universal Year number for 2019 is the Number 3.

The Universal Year number gives insight into the vibrations that are felt globally throughout the year, the energetic landscape that colours the canvas of the world throughout the year.  How you then work with the energy of the Universal Year will be dependent on your own Personal Year.  Please see my article on how to calculate your own Personal Year for 2019 and discover your potential opportunities & challenges during 2019.

The last time we experienced a Universal 3 Year was 9 years ago in 2010, then 9 years before that in 2001, then 9 years before that in 1992, 1983, 1974, 1965 etc…  You may wish to look back on those years in your life, and see if you can see any patterns that relate to a Universal 3 Year vibration for you!

The number ‘3’ in numerology is all about joy, creativity, communication, emotional sensitivity, expression, socialising… and I will say it again… JOY!!!    So 2019 will be a year of fun, allowing our passionate hearts drive our endeavours, being lighter, more free-spirited, creatively expressive and putting PLAY into our work, our relationships, our finances & our health & wellbeing.

For many of you, 2018 – Universal 11/2 Year  was quite challenging on many levels, as you confronted within your life those areas that were preventing you from truly shining, being yourself, and experiencing your very own Shambhala here on Earth.   You may have recognised relationships that you had outgrown, work/career paths that no longer held your interest, or felt the strong desire to break free from friendships that were draining or suffocating your spirit.   If you have been holding on during 2018 (it can be hard to accept the inevitable and let go & let love)…  as we now enter 2019 a huge shift is on the horizon for you.   It is time to FREE YOURSELF, and ignite the torch of your Soul to greater heights of illumination.

2019 will be a pivotal year for many, as we reflect on the chaos that was 2018 (think politics, corporate greed, the environment to name but a few)… and work with the 3 Vibration during 2019 to communicate with clarity, heartfelt purpose & soulfull intent a higher vision for our lives & the world.   Communication is a key expression of the 3 Vibration as it activates the Throat Chakra, so I anticipate a groundswell of even more people speaking up, global movements growing stronger by the day & re-love-ution gaining momentum.   If you felt the 11/2 vibration of last year gifted you illumination into the source of your problems (yet you still settled for second best & didn’t instigate change)… well get ready, you are going to be on fire in 2019. Honesty, integrity, & authentic communication will drive you to stand up, speak up & be a HEARTFULL advocate for change. 

Through the Vibration of the Number 3 and her creative/expressive qualities, this will be a great year to really challenge your ‘inner-dialogue’ and find ways to nurture & care for yourself/others in more gentle, caring & life affirming ways.   It will be a year where we maybe become a little more warrior like, and through fierce grace we can joyfully replace irrational and limiting thoughts/belieda, with healthy, constructive & radiant ways of communication.   I think the book by Don Miguel Ruiz ‘The Four Agreements’  will be a brilliant handbook to help guide our Universal 3 Vibration year…

Be Impeccable with your Word
Don’t Take Anything Personally
Don’t Make Assumptions
Always do your Best

The driving force behind a Universal 3 Vibration year is the Trinity – Mother, Father & Spirit;   Sun, Moon & Earth;   Life, Death & Re-birth;   Past, Present & Future;   Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva;   Hope, Charity & Faith;   Past, Present & Future.

Thus a Universal 3 Year is a conscious reminder to be aware of the 3 aspects of your being and align your ‘Mind, Body & Soul’ in the direction of LOVE… to become a source of POSSIBILITY in your life.   Moving away from the linear physical imprinting of IMPOSSIBLE to the multi-dimensional state of I’M POSSIBLE

To get an even  deeper,  fuller & more radiant potential of our 2019 Universal 3 Year in Numerology, please keep reading down the page where I have reflected on the:

  • Number 3 in Everyday Life
  • Tarot Cards #3, #12 & #21  (this is a MUST read)
  • Challenges of a Universal 3 Year
  • SUMMARY: What a Universal 3 Year will mean for YOU


The Number 3 in Everyday Life

This may seem like a bit of a tangent, but to get a true picture of what 2019 a Universal 3 Year means for us, I thought it best to touch on how deeply entrenched the Number 3 is through every aspect of our lives

We see the number three in movies, literature, biology, science, sport, religion and in our every day vernacular. For instance, to name just a few off the top of my head, we have the:

  • ‘three Wise Men’
  • ‘three strikes and your out’
  • ‘the three wise monkeys’
  • ‘father, son & holy ghost’
  • ‘the lion, the witch and the wardrobe’
  • ‘the three little pigs’
  • ‘hat-trick’
  • ‘rain, hail or shine’
  • ‘three coins in a fountain’
  • ‘three blind mice’
  • ‘three trimesters in pregnancy’
  • ‘three parts of an atom’
  • ‘The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth’
  • ‘ready, aim, fire’
  • ‘Paper, Rock, Scissors’
  • ‘On Your mark, Get Set, Go’
  • ‘plant, animal or mineral’
  • ‘three great pyramids of Giza’

Even our physical body’s are made up of the number three: 

  • ‘three parts of an arm – hand, forearm, upper arm’
  • ‘three parts of a leg – foot, ‘three layers of skin’
  • ‘three parts of a finger or toe’
  • ‘lower-body, torso and head’
  • ‘3 layers of the eye’
  • ‘3 ear bones’
  • ‘three parts of the spine’
  • ‘three layers of teeth’
  • ‘three base pairs in a codon (DNA)’, and the list goes into the thousands

This reflection of the number three is also seen throughout nature:

  • plants have a ‘trunk, branches and leaves’
  • there are ‘oceans, land and sky’
  • ‘waxing, full and waning moon’
  • ‘Earth, Sun and Moon’
  • ‘Galactic Centre, Sirius & Alcyone’ (refer Aetheric Healing™)

From a Metaphysical / Spiritual viewpoint, we are Created in the vision of the number three:

  • As Above, So Below, So Within
  • Intention, Light (Energy), Matter
  • Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Three Hearts of Creation – Earth Heart, Humanities Heart, Galactic Heart
  • OmAhOm

In Crystal Light Healing® Level III, I share our Creation Story through Sacred Geometry – in particular the Creation of Light through the Vesica Pisces – two spheres that overlap to create a third geometry ‘The Eye of Horus’ – the source of LIGHT – via the Number 3.  Or another way of expressing this holy trinity is – Gods ‘Word’ (Sacred Intentions), created ‘Light’, which created multi-dimensional creation & hence ‘Matter’.

And Wo-Man came into form in the mirror image of God through our Galactic Evolutionary Triangle – a Tetrahedron (trilogy, or 3 parts of energy via the Vesica Pisces) formed by ‘Galactic Centre (unity), Sirius (archetypal masculine) & Alcyone (archetypal feminine)’.  

In Aetheric Healing™, I share how this Sacred Trinity is present within us (not separate to us).   Through the Power of the Sacred Number 3 & the Divine within us, we can access God/Universal Intelligence in order to understand ourselves deeply,  transform subconscious beliefs surrounding success, health, relationships and self-worth/love and ultimately supports our flourishing through balance our Masculine/Feminine selves through the Unified Field of LOVE.  WOW… that is me, you… that is US !

But now lets take things really really deep… as the 3rd Card of the Tarot – The Empress  holds the key to understanding the greater potential of a Universal 3 Year within our lives.


Tarot Card #3 – The Empress

The Empress is the 3rd Major Arcana Card of the Tarot – and being Tarot Card #3 means that it’s archetypal theme supports our navigation of a Universal ‘3’ Year in Numerology.

Two other Major Arcana Cards will also come into play during 2019:  Card #12 (1+2=3) The Hanged Man  as well as Card #21 (2+1=3) The World  … but let me first focus on Tarot Card #3 The Empress.

The energetic symbolism behind The Empress awakens our consciousness to both the energy & potential to be birthed during 2019.   There is so much for us to awaken to through The Empress archetype vibration during 2019… this is a must read for everyone who is ready, willing & passionate about being a voice of change this year.

The Empress is dressed in a flowing white dress adorned with pomegranates,  crown of 12 stars on her head, pearl necklace, sceptre topped with a sphere in her right hand & heart shield of Venus by her side.   She sits outdoors on a throne embellished with Venus symbols, luxurious red cushions, in a field of golden wheat, surrounding by trees, a stream & a waterfall.

The Empress represents the Divine Mother, the Earth Goddess, the creative power of the Feminine, a power that embody’s natures abundance & sensual pleasures.   She is the personification of Isis (Egyptian Feminine Goddess of Wisdom), Venus (Roman Goddess of beauty, desire & sensuality), Demeter (Greek Goddess of Harvest & Fertility), Aphrodite (Greek Goddess of love, pleasure & procreation) & Persephone (Greek Goddess of Nature – birth, death, rebirth).

The Empress also is an embodiment of the first two cards, cards 1 & 2 of the Tarot (1 + 2 = 3).   Card 1 being The Magician (Conscious Mind) & Card 2 being The Priestess (Unconscious Mind), hence Card 3 The Empress represents two opposites coming together to create a unified whole – heaven here on Earth, the Garden of Eden.

So what does The Empress have to do with our Universal ‘3’ Year ?   To explain this, let me first reflect on how/what we are feeling as we come to the end of 2018.   People from all  walks of life (in particular Women, or those with a strong archetypal Feminine Energy) have a sense of feeling lost, at a loose end, unsure of what direction to take next.  

What we once LOVED and felt to be so fulfilling in our lives (eg a great career) no longer holds the same passion.   Or where we THOUGHT we were headed in our lives no longer feels like the right path… yet no other new path is holding our interest to any great extent.   Yikes, this ‘lack of control’ can feel scary for many people.

I spoke of this in my New Paradigm New Moon article, a collective feeling among so my people:

‘Never in my life have I felt so directionless…’
‘I feel at a loss with purpose…’
‘I have loved my work, but now feel there is something more…’
‘Why do I feel dis-satisfied with what once brought me joy?’
‘I have always known my purpose, yet now I feel the need to change…. but I have no idea of the how/what/why?’

I believe so many people are experiencing this sense of loss/confusion… as we are currently BETWEEN stories… and there is an en-mass resetting or rewiring of consciousness taking place.

Women (the collective Feminine) are rising-up and liberating themselves to fully flourish the most sacred & authentic resonance of the Feminine – that of collaboration, intuition, flow, nurturing, compassion, creativity, mystery & fierce Grace.

With the veil of the suppressive shadow of the Masculine disintegrating as the Feminine Rises – Women/Feminine & Men/Mascuine are together having to write a new story for their lives.   There is no HANDBOOK for how this is to take place, hence the feeling of loss/confusion being experienced by so many.   In fact, we have NEVER experienced such a suspended state of being in recent his-story of Earth.

In my heart I don’t believe our feelings of loss/confusion are necessarily a bad thing (as disconcerting as it may feel at times), they are merely ‘symptoms’ of a most sacred ’cause’.  They are providing a ‘space’ for us to gain clarity on how we wish to live our lives in co-creation of this new era on Earth.    And YES at times this experience can/is totally discombobulating!!!

For instance, what will our day-to-day service work look like where our work is no longer considered as a monetisation of our time?   Where our sensuality/sexuality is free to fully flourish in its unique & vibrant richness that it lovingly enables us to fall back in love with the Earth, with each other.   Where creativity, joy, what turns us on at the deepest levels of beingness is what considered a Nations greatest asset.  And where educators, governments & corporations seek to build community & the regeneration of capital – body, mind & spirit.

Each of us are ‘feeling’ the above scenario in our hearts… but as I said there is no handbook on HOW this can/will happen… but this is where THE EMPRESS Tarot Card comes into play.

Now back to The Empress & our Universal 3 Year… During a Universal 3 Year, the resonant energy of The Empress guides us into a place of stillness within, a source of infinite love, joy & bliss.   Where ALL that we do/be/are comes to life from this infinite well from within. Life no longer resonates with the old story about ‘what do I want’, but expands & flourishes through the new story of ‘what can we create together’. 

The Empress exudes abundance, prosperity, she is naturally creative and at ease with herself.  She is sensual, passionate, an eternal well of fertility and she feels confident, secure & happy in the comfort of her own skin.  YES… this is what The Empress through a Universal ‘3’ year is here to gift us.

The Empress’s flowing white dress adorned with pomegranates indicates our current state of ‘pregnancy’, our incubation of new life, new story of Earth.    Pomegranite is a symbol of life, fertility, abundance, unencumbered sexual expression & flowing with the seeds of creativity.  She personifies the enjoyment of life through connection with nature & pleasuring herself.   She sees beauty in everything, and reminds us to be still and experience this beauty in all that we do.   The Empress will guide us during 2019 to follow our bliss, birth our creativity (doing what turns you on), and engage with the world using all your senses.   She will encourage us to not stay small & hide away from the world,  but rather errogenously engage in every facet of birthing a new world – a ménage à trois of joy, radiance & light.

The Empress has a Crown of 12 stars on her head a symbol of the 13 Sacred Keys of Creation (the stars are the 12 Keys & the Crown embodies the holder of all Keys, the 13th Law of LOVE).   As I discuss in my book Shealla-Dreaming, the 13 Sacred Keys (also referred to as the 13 Divine Emanations) provide a map that supports our journey of awakening, transformation & spiritual enlightenment.   The Empress, is the embodiment of these 13 Sacred Keys, and is here to help us birth/crown these Keys within our own life.   Whilst we don’t have a handbook of HOW to Birth a new story of Earth, the Sacred Keys provide a framework that will help us navigate a new story during 2019.  On a side note, each of the 13 Stars are 6 pointed – Merkabahs representing our Lightbody – we are awakening to our true natures!

The Empress’s Pearl Necklace that falls over her Heart/Higher Heart represents the Heart of all things… and when we Heartfully engage with the world, each of us are incubators of miracles through the Law of Love.   As I teach in my Shealla-Dreaming eCourse, as well as my Crystal Light Healing® Sacred Ancient Wisdom eCourse – the Pearls of Wisdom are always found within the Heart of all things.    On my Divine Emanations Sacred Keys of Creation Poster, you can see the 13th Divine Emanation – The Law of Love – is represented by a Pearl.   In our ‘3’ Vibration year we are rekindling our Hearts through the Law of Love to the 3 Hearts of Creation and returning our lives to a more natural harmonic rhythm with nature.   We are stepping off the treadmill of linear time, freeing ourselves to let our creative juices flow in resonance with Cosmic time.

The Empress holds a Sceptre topped with a Sphere in her right hand & a heart shield of Venus by her side.   The scepter is a phallic Masculine symbol, whilst the sphere is a symbol of the Feminine.  Holding the union of the Masculine & Feminine in her right hand, indicates the rising of Women that empowers the rising of Men.   Movements that we see today such as #timesup & #metoo aren’t about emasculating men, but rather are about tearing down the veils that divide us in order to move forward stronger, united, together.   If I could add to the depiction of The Empress, I would place her left hand over her genitals signifying her comfort with her own defined sexuality and being at ease with her cliteracy – afterall the internal clitorus does take on a triangular formation – more power to the number 3!    As the number 3 rules communication & creative expression… I believe the phenomenon of both these global movements will gain even more ground during 2019.

The Empress sits outdoors on a red cushioned throne embellished with Venus symbols.  Venus represents the Feminine, the Mother, the Lover & our connection with beauty.   2019 is about getting in touch with feeling, sensations, what turns us on.. the art of radical self-care & tuning into the sacred loins of our desires.   In 2019 we will be fertile with ideas, ripe for action & engaged to creatively thrive in the world from our source of pleasure.   

The Empress sits in a field of golden wheat, surrounding by trees, a stream & a waterfall.   The Empress reminds us that when we derive our pleasure from the Natural world, from the Earth… our knowledge, strength & power jump into the higher octave of wisdom.  The flourishing bounty of wheat (food), the trees (wisdom of nature) symbolises that abundance, mystical healing & our connection with a higher knowing are NOT derived from the mind, but from our sensual, feeling & passionate hearts.    Abundance will flow forth into our lives in 2019 when we let go of the masculine shadow quality of ‘time is money’, and embrace the feminine principle of creative manifestation in alignment with the 13 Divine Laws of Creation.


Tarot Card #12 – The Hanged Man
Tarot Card #21 – The World

Whilst Tarot Card #3 – The Empress is our primary archetypal force driving our Universal 3 Year, Card #12The Hanged Man  as well as Card #21The World are both complimentary supportive archetypal forces.  Note that card numbers 12 & 21 both add to the number 3… PLUS… just like Card #3 – The Empress, they both embody Card #1 being The Magician (Conscious Mind) & Card #2 being The Priestess –  two opposites coming together to create a unified whole – heaven here on Earth, the Garden of Eden.

Firstly, lets see how Card #12The Hanged Man helps us to engage holistically with our Universal 3 Year.   This card does seem a little ominous, I know, but as The Empress teaches us – everything in nature flourishes through cycles – birth, death & rebirth.  So this card reminds us that in order for us to give birth to the greatest heights of our creativity during 2019 – we must rewild ourselves – we must let go of the constraints that feel like a noose around our necks – keeping us tied down, locked up, keeping us small.    And those that continue to follow old patriarchal methods of power, greed & control will find then themselves hanged by their own ignorant actions.

Whilst birthing can be an erotic & alchemical delight, it can also be a messy, chaotic & painful.   The words by German philospher Nietszche highlight this so eloquently…

You need chaos in your Soul to give birth to a dancing Star.
Friedrich Nietszche

The key meaning of this card is to let go of control.  To stop focussing on everything that is wrong in your life or that is wrong with the world… and instead during 2019 draw your heart, your thoughts, your communications to what is LIGHT, what is LOVE, what is BEAUTY in the world.  Don’t get hung up on how dismal & hopeless a situation maybe, instead surrender to what you know in your Heart this is more beautiful… and it will be so!   Birth your dancing Star in 2019, and together lets create a symphony of Stars in the Heavens here on Earth!

And finally, through Card #21The World – we can understand cycles, flow, surrender & birthing our unique dancing Stars in 2019This card is about revealing our true selves to the world – the naked & revealing dance of the feminine – during 2019. Remember in Greek Mythology there was a time when the Goddess Demeter was so stricken with loss & grief that the world was becoming a barron place as she withdrew her light.  But then a Goddess Baubo lifted her skirt & flashed her pussy at Demeter, returning joy, light, laughter, fertility & abundance back to the world again.  And so is the power of the Feminine.

The World card invites us into newly envisioned Cosmic Citizenship as we flourish in our unique creative freedom.   She invites us to dance, sing, celebrate life during 2019 – for you literally have the world at your feet – endless opportunities at your disposal.

New worlds are opening up for us individually & collectively during 2019.  The World card reminds us that the adversity of the past doesn’t have to dictate your/our experience of the present. 2019 is a year to express your fresh new insights, creative urges, visionary dreams… for this will be the source of our individual & collective new beginnings.


Challenges of a Universal 3 Year

Every number in numerology has both a light & shadow vibration.   I don’t necessarily deem shadow as being ‘bad’, but rather a polarity that offers opportunities for growth.

Here are the few of the shadows, or challenges that maybe experienced in a Universal ‘3’ Year:

The Glamour – with so much frivolity in a Universal 3 Year, we may at times swing the pendulum too far and engage in an excess of hedonistic, gluttonous & narcissistic behaviours.  Excessive spending, all night partying, consumerism – all these glamours may at the time feel like we are expressing our new found freedom through the number 3, but in fact the effects serve only to cage us more deeply in debt, health issues & mental/emotional turmoil.   2019 maybe the year where you truly the learn the power of the world NO.  Remember, our truest natures are sovereign beings of LIGHT…. let this be the source of your freedom during 2019.

Scattered – with so many creative opportunities availing themselves to be birthed & expressed during 2019, putting your finger in too many pies, starting too many projects, spreading your time & energy thinly will not only scatter your energy but also may mean nothing actually gets off the ground or even completed during 2019.   Be ‘The Empress’ and spend time during 2019 on your throne (The Earth)… and be guided by nature & the wisdom of intuitition for the right time of action & the right time of rest.

Vulnerability – the creative, expressive & deliciously vibrant energy of 3 comes into full force when we let go of control & surrender to the luscious desire of our Hearts.  That means opening ourselves up and being seen in 2019… getting really naked with ourselves & the world just like the Tarot Card #21 – The World.    All that revealing may bring up feelings of vulnerability, worry about what others may think of us, and the sensitive emotional nature of the number 3 may seem to spin out of control.   If you feel a little over-exposed during 2019… then watch this video by Brene Brown… & congratulate yourself for having the courage to live life with WHOLEHEART.


SUMMARY: What a Universal 3 Year will mean for YOU

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, 2019 is calling us to step into something bigger & more wildly beautiful…   Get ready to open your wings & FLY !

This is a playful, visionary, joyful, creative & expressive year.   2019 is a year of getting back in touch with our Heartfelt values, the beauty in life, the joyful experiences of life that seek to connect us.   There is no hiding in a Universal 3 year, the spotlight is illuminating the dark shadows that exist, but also offers creative solutions

If there was only one word to explain the meaning of 2019 a Universal 3 Year – to me it would be the Japanese word  ‘ikigai’ (pronounced ick-ee-guy).    Ikigai is your reason for being, your true nature,  your unique passions, your calling, your purpose – what drives you to do the things that you do in the world & why you do them.   2019 will herald a major shake up within people, a freedom to seek & shine their own personal ‘ikigai’ so collectively we can create a world more beautiful through our Hearts.

And finally, I leave you with the words of a famous playwright.   May they help you embrace your own ‘ikigai’ & discover the immense luminosity of your Soul.   Remember, the world is vibrantly more beautiful because you are in it !

This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.

I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community, and as long as I live it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can.

I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work the more I live. I rejoice in life for its own sake. Life is no “brief candle” for me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations.

George Bernard Shaw


ENERGETIC Insights for 2019

For a more detailed understanding of the Energy of 2019 – Please also visit our other posts:


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