Numerology 2022 – Universal 6 Year


Numerology 2022 – Universal 6 Year

2022 is our year of coming Home through the Heart.   A year of healing, restoration, regeneration, and renewal.   A year to feel into and anchor the soulful qualities of your life that yearn to be expressed, woven & integrated.    It is a year of simplicity, focussing on community & connection & joy, and re-remembering your grander purpose through Heart.   And through the higher realms, 2022 is set to be one of most Visionary & Transformational years in recent her-story.

Reflecting back on the numerology of the last two years,  Numerology of 2020 Universal 4 Year  & the Numerology of 2021 Universal 5 Year,  these years were about shattering the foundations of society that had been built upon lies, decrepit deceit & fear-based control.  From this place, we were then catapulted into painstakingly deliberating on all the shattered pieces of our lives, and determining whether the jigsaw-like-shards were to be kept, mended, or completely discarded.   And as 2021 came to a close, then having the courage, tenacity & freedom to even envision an entirely NEW set of jigsaw pieces for your life, our communities, our families.

2022 is now the year of deep reconnective healing.   A re-weaving of the strands of our lives into a new HOME, a new experience of EARTH, born of qualities of Heart, Connection & Love.    The fabric of lives during 2022 will be woven from strands mended and made even more beautiful just like the Japanese art of Kitsugi,  intermingled with entirely new strands that represent a higher love & possibility for our lives.   Whilst many strands/shards have already been discarded over the last couple of years, this will continue into 2022.  However the pain of letting go won’t be felt so acutely, instead replaced with a gleeful bon voyage.


Whilst we confronted and challenged many fear-based experiences during 2020-21 such as control, manipulation, shame & humiliation, these experiences gifted us clarity and contrast of what we don’t want in our lives.   It is with this wisdom that we engage with 2022, a year to rebuild our lives through values of the Heart and to serve something greater than ourselves in reciprocity for the miracle of life.

Watch my LIVE Numerology of 2022 – Event Replay.  Learn more about the energy of 2022, how to work with the flow of each month, and experience a year of Grace & Ease during these changing times.  



2022 – Universal 6 Year in Numerology

Our global Universal Year number in numerology is calculated by adding all the digits of the Year together to create one single digit.   This Universal Year Number colours the canvas of our world, and flavours our collective experiences.

The Universal Year number for 2022 is the Number 6    [2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6]

How we experience our 2022 Universal 6 Year will be filtered through the lenses of our own Personal Year in Numerology.  Calculate & read more about your 2022 Personal Year in Numerology here.

The last time we experienced a Universal 6 Year in Numerology was 9 years ago in 2013… then 9 years before that in 2004, then 9 years before that in 1995, 1986, 1977, 1968 etc…  You may wish to look back on those years in your life, and see if you can see any patterns that relate to a Universal 6 Year vibration for you!  

The Number 6 in numerology is the number of Love, Heart, Family, Healing, Nourishment, Empathy, Maternal Instincts, Self-Care & Nourishment.   The number 6 returns us HOME.   Engages us with values that money cannot buy, qualities that emerge from something greater than us, the sweet nectar of the unseen, an eternal love.   A truth not born of the mind, but felt deeply in every fibre of our beingness.   

When you draw the number 6 it looks like a pregnant belly, rich and fertile with creativity, possibility & intuitive wisdom.   When you draw the number 6 the spiral moves inward, reminding you of the importance of Self-Care, Self-Love and nourishment of the inner-child.  I reminder that you cannot serve and give to others when your own cup is empty!  When inverted to the Number 9, notice that he spiral moves from the inside out as you draw the number 9, sharing your Heart LOVE (number 6) with the world (number 9).   Our Universal 9 year will be in 2025.

In Genesis, creation was created within 6 days, with the 7th being the day of rest.  Through the Genesis Pattern (Seed of Life) in Sacred Geometry, emerges the fibonacci Golden Spiral of Life, the spiral that weaves the toric field of our Hearts, the Earth, our Galaxy.   Notice how the Fibonacci spiral (see graphic below) very much looks like the number 6, the infinite expansion of LOVE through every facet of our lives.  This ‘6’ spiral forms the basis of how life expresses itself, from the spiral of our DNA, to how plants grow, our human body’s divine proportion, and our sacred connection with the greater cosmos.   

I love how the number 6 in mathematics is deemed a Perfect Number... YES quite perfect indeed!   And even the word GOLDEN SPIRAL vibrates to the Number 6 in numerology !

Every number in numerology has a lower octave of vibration, an opportunity to learn, grow and expand our experiences of life within the world.  Rather than view lower octaves of energy as negative, consider them a contrast or signpost that keeps you on-purpose in your life.

The lower octave of the Number 6 has the possibility of engaging people through martyrdom, over-caring, smothering, trying to ‘heal’ everyone & everything.  Worry, anxiety and paranoia maybe present when things aren’t going ‘right’.  Or even the urge to control, be critical, self-righteously judge others and believe that only YOU have the answers and the right to interfere with others personal Soul-journey-choices.

Remember LOVE through the Number 6 is patient, it’s kind, it’s empathetic, and it deeply respects the paths others take.   Love heals through being present, not through judgement of other peoples personal life choices, that is between ‘them & God’.  


2022 – And the Number 22

Whilst the Universal Vibration of 2022 is the Number 6, the last 2 digits of our 2022 year are worth considering also, for 22 is a Master Number in Numerology.

The Number 22 is the number of the Master Builder, energy that is visionary, inventive, creative, intuitive, focussed and channeled from forward-thinking & quantum potential.    This means that whilst we are restoring & rebuilding our lives during 2022 from the Heart (the Number 6), we have the capacity to feel outside of the box, and create something entirely different if we so choose.   What we build together is only limited by our imaginations (the Number 22).

The lower octave vibration of the Number 22 could have people pulled in so many different directions that nothing much is accomplished during 2022.   Putting out fires, engaging with the ‘opposition’, people pleasing, or trying to achieve too many things will not only dilute the full power-potential of 22, but will also extinguish the full Heart Vibrancy of the Number.   Think burn-out!!!

However when working with the Number 22 to its highest potential, we have the capacity to not only DREAM BIG, but also create & build INFRASTRUCTURE that supports the manifestation of our dreams.   This takes work, dedication, vision & robust character to ride the waves of the hard-knocks.   Having a daily practice that engages your Heart will help you to approach this Master Builder year with Love, patience, kindness, compassion & sincerity.   


The Number 6 – Vibrational Words

Words ripple vibrations through the way we use words with language, their etymology, and through the numerological energy vibration of the letters that collectively make up words.   To help you connect with the greater potential of a Universal 6 Year in Numerology, sharing with you words that vibrate to the Number 6 Vibration in Pythagorean Numerology.    I have also included a few 22 Vibration words for good measure, as well as words that vibrate at the Master 33 Vibration (and hence the Number 6).    Master 33 number is the Master Teacher/Healer Vibration, which is very relevant too within our Universal 6 Year.

  • Female (6)
  • Self (6)
  • Self-Love (6)
  • Self-Care (6)
  • Golden Spiral (6)
  • Inner Child (6)
  • Sin (6)
  • Gun (6)
  • Teacher (6)
  • Gratitude (6)
  • Truth (6)
  • Visionary (6)
  • Creativity (6)
  • Believer (6)
  • Integration (6)
  • Atlantis (6)
  • Blessing (33/6)
  • Eclipse (33/6)
  • People (33/6)
  • Michael (33/6)
  • Angelic (33/6)
  • Archangel Azrael (6)
  • Archangel Chamuel (6)
  • Archangel Gabriel (6)
  • Angels (22)
  • Water (22)
  • Trees (22)
  • Food (22)
  • Humans (22)
  • Master (22)
  • Work (22)
  • Fears (22)
  • Sing (22)

The Number 6 – The 6th Dimension

In a Universal 6 Year, our consciousness expands to embody the wisdom of the 6th Dimensional Portal – the Portal of the Divine Feminine, Feminine Wisdom.

Life on Earth is experienced through 8 Dimensions of Consciousness and the 13 Sacred Keys of Creation.    The 1st Dimension is our Earth Heart (Earths Crystalline Grid), and the 8th Dimension is our Cosmic Heart (Milky Way Galactic Centre).    

Our Soul resonates at 5th Dimensional vibrational frequency, the inner-knowing that whilst you are a Soul having a human experience, you are part of something much greater than yourself.   Hence 5th Dimensional living is about living in service to something greater than yourself.  Every thought, word, action, deep changes the field, and holographically we can make huge leaps in collective conscious by changing ourselves.

Our 5th Dimensional Soul Stars on Earth are guided by the holy trinity of Mother-Father-Spirit, referred to as the Galactic Evolutionary Triangle.   A trinity made up of 3 Portals of Consciousness:

  • 6th Dimension Divine Feminine – Alcyone (Pleiades) Stellar Gateway Portal
  • 7th Dimension Divine Masculine – Sirius Universal Gateway Portal
  • 8th Dimension Unity/Spirit – Galactic Centre Cosmic Gateway Portal




In a Universal 6 Year, our consciousness expands to embody the wisdom of the 6th Dimensional Portal – the Portal of the Divine Feminine, Feminine Wisdom, and teachings of the Pleiades, including the Inner-Earth Pleiadian Beings.   I love how the word FEMALE vibrates to the Number 6, including the worlds SELF, SELF-LOVE, SELF-CARE, VISIONARY, CREATIVE, all these words embody the mystical vibration of the Number 6 through Alcyone in the Pleiades.

2022 is the year of awakening the Feminine.   Letting go of the need to ‘fight’ the ravages of the Masculinity vibrating in its shadow form, and instead igniting the LIGHT of Feminine Spirit in all things.   As the Feminine comes into her own, the Masculine is guided back into harmonic balance once again, in preparation for 2023, our Universal 7 Year of 7th Dimensional Consciousness.

When cultivating the 6th Dimension within our lives, our 6th Sense or ESP gifts will be heightened during our Universal 6 Year..  Think about female intuition taken to an even higher octave of potential!    6th Dimension is all about feeling, feeling through all our senses, the Moon, the Stars, the Earth, and being guided by a force of LOVE greater than us.  Get out of the Head during 2022 and follow the feelings of Heart – that is where the magick happens!


The Number 6 – Heart, Water & Angels

We experience 13 Levels of Consciousness here on Earth that weave our experience of Soul.  You maybe familiar with the 7 Primary Chakra Levels of Consciousness, the Base Chakra through to Crown Chakra.   However there are 2 levels below these Primary 7 and a further 4 Levels above.   

The Earth Star & Earth Gateway sit below the Primary 7, and they anchor our Crystalline Matrixes into Earth’s Crystalline Field.   The Soul Star (5th Dimension), Stellar Gateway (6th Dimension), Universal Gateway (7th Dimension), Cosmic Gateway (8th Dimension) sit above the Primary 7, and expand our consciousness – both individually & collectively. 

The 6th Level of Consciousness is the Heart Chakra brought into form through Archangel Chamuel.  Notice the synchronicity here, 6th Level and the number 6, plus the words ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL vibrate at the Number 6.   YES our 2022 Universal 6 Year is all about the Heart and connecting with HOME (see Archangel Azrael discussion below).


The Heart Chakra is all about feeling, and what we choose to feel and focus upon with our thoughts, words, actions changes the structure of water in our bodies.   Just like you become what you eat, we also energetically create ourselves by what we think/feel.     Numerologically, water vibrates at the number 22, reminding us during our Universal 6 Year that we are only ever one thought/feeling away from changing our reality.   And if we need help, call upon the ANGELS (another vibratory 22 word) to take your thoughts/feelings to a higher dimensionally place.

Archangel Azrael (that I mentioned above) connects us with Earth’s Grid via our Earth Star, connecting our Crystalline Matrix Body of Light with the wisdom of Mother Nature & her inherent intelligence- our Earth HOME.   ARCHANGEL AZRAEL incidentally vibrates to the Number 6 too!     The Earth element is the Cube or Hexahedron in Sacred Geometry.  The Cube is made up of 6 sides, and when folded flat forms the cross-bar of the 8 Pointed Lemurian-Pleiadian Star Feminine Wisdom [Star of Bethlehem, Christ Consciousness].    Once again the number 6 connects us with the Love of the Divinity through us.

Through the Vibration of ‘6’ Feminine Wisdom we are being asked to hold within our Hearts a deep & reverent LOVE for Mother Earth as we envision a world more BEAUTIFUL, our Earthly HOME.

The Number 6 – I Ching, Merkabah &  OmAhOm

The I Ching is an ancient Chinese Divination Book which contains 64 Hexagrams (64 DNA Light Codes) that provide life guidance & insights, including the Yin & Yang (positive & negatives) or all life’s choices.  Each Hexagram is comprised of 6 lines, hence each Hexagram forms a Merkabah of energetic potential through the Heart.


During our 2022 Universal 6 Year, our Heart Merkaba’s are being activated.  We moving from a space of limitation & feeling trapped in a lower vibrational consciousness that seeks to control us, and instead we activating our LIGHT Body Merkaba’s to access Higher Levels of Consciousness through the 13 Sacred Keys of Metatron’s Cube.   Awakening out consciousness to the field of OmAhOm.


Our 2021 Universal 5 Year helped us open the 5th Aetheric Chambers of our Hearts, to embody a grander flow of 5th Dimensional Light into our Physical Bodies – for healing, awaken consciousness, and support our individual grander evolutionary purposes in service to something greater than us.  As I shared in Lightrition your LIfe, whilst our Heart has 4 physical chambers, it also has a 5th Aetheric Heart Chamber.  This 5th Chamber is our direct link to embracing our Meta-Human or Soulful-Human experience.  The 5th Aetheric Human Heart Chamber transforms humanity into beings of Sun-LIGHT, and changes the way we engage with Cosmos as we stream higher vibrational fields of 5th Dimensional Cosmic Light through our Hearts.    Honey Bee’s have 5 Heart chambers, and are guiding this process of both cellular & aetheric transformation.

Now in 2022 we are guided to SING (6 vibrational word) the mystical song of the bees, the songs of wisdom from the natural world.  A Universal 6 year is time to step into Feminine Wisdom and let nature, Mother Earth, our Earthly HOME sing (vibrate) your Heart into this next phase of Human Evolution.    Spend as much time in nature as possible this year and let the Songs of Nature guide your days.   

2022 is a year to express the tenderness of Feminine Wisdom through the 6 Vibration Merkabah of the Heart.    It is a year to flow, SURRENDER (a 6 vibration word), be gentle and tender with yourself, gift yourself space to both nourish yourself, restore & regenerate, enable Graceful Wisdom to be your guiding light.


The Number 6 – The Tarot

Turning to the wisdom of the Tarot, we can embrace an even deeper side of the potential of our Universal 6 Year.   The energetic archetypal symbolism held with the Tarot, awakens our consciousness to both the energy & potential to be birthed during 2022.

Reflecting back over the last few years…

  • 2019 Universal 3 Year was ruled by The Empress (3rd Tarot Card) representing the Divine Mother, the Earth Goddess, the creative power of the Feminine.     
  • 2020 Universal 4 Year was ruled by The Emperor (4th Tarot Card), representing the  Divine Masculine, sitting upon the throne of wisdom & fierce grace.   
  • 2021 Universal 5 year is ruled by The Hierophant, (5th Tarot Card) representing Crowning (Corona) Wisdom.  


And now in 2022, our Universal 6 Year, the Tarot cards which help us engage with the energy of this year are The Lovers & The Devil.   I talked about these cards in depth in my Numerology of 2022 – Replay Event,  including how to work these energies into grander spaces of possibility. Would LOVE for you to join me!



The Number 6 – Planet Venus

The Number 6 is ruled by the Planet Venus – the planet of LOVE & Beauty!   Venus mirrors our Heart, and our propensity to both love ourselves, and let others love us.  

I will be talking about this & the 8 Year Flower of Venus & Earth in much more depth in my LIVE Numerology of 2022 – Replay Event, but for now Venus (along with our Moon) is the lower-octave of Alcyone (6th Dimension), and helps us to integrate 6th Dimensional Consciousness into our Earthly experience.

Whilst Venus starts the year in retrograde motion (appearance of moving backwards),  Venus conjuncts with the Sun on 8th January ahead of her rising into the Morning Star.  Venus will set the stage of what is possible during 2022, if we choose to let go of the meanderings of mind and follow the Wisdom of our Hearts.


Challenges of a Universal 6 Year

As I mentioned earlier in this article, every number in numerology has a lower & higher octave,  a light & dark vibration.   I don’t necessarily deem dark as being a ‘bad’ vibration, but rather a sacred polarity that offers a contrast to your present moment, and extends a hand of awareness, growth & awakening.   

Here are the few of the shadows, or challenges that a Universal 6 Year may help you to bridge, in your journey to experience wholeness.

The need to please anyone and everyone, often over the needs and neglect of self. Over-caring, smothering, trying to ‘heal’ planet Earth yesterday.   Moving beyond your own heartfelt needs, and instead directing that energy toward others.   This leads to exhaustion & burnout.   The Number 6 is a year of self-love, and from the fullness of your cup you serve a greater LOVE.  If you find yourself saying YES to to many things (as caring & as helpful as those things maybe), the question to stop and ask yourself is ‘why am I unable to say NO’.   Where in my life am I unable to hold a boundary, or give myself time/space to really love, nourish and nurture me FIRST !!!

Judgement & Self-Righteousness.
When others are not following the ‘right’ path, the tendency to criticise, cast judgement and thrust shame upon people may arise out of frustration.  You can ‘see’ how to change/heal the world, and only if people followed the ‘right’ way of doing things then we could all get along, love one another, and be happy.   YET… the Number 6 at its highest vibration does not seek to control, manipulate or interfere with the choices of others.   The Number 6 simply LOVES.     If you find yourself in circumstances of control & judgement during 2022, turn this inward and ask yourself ‘where in my life do I not feel good enough?’,  or even ‘where did I learn the belief that my way is the right way or the only way?’.     When you simply LOVE someone for their choices (even when you don’t agree with them), watch how the space between you and the other person softens.   There is no separation, no segregation, but rather a bridge is built that fosters learning & understanding.    Remember the choices people make are between ‘them & God’.

Wanting to please, the lower 6 vibration forgets its voice, and speaking up and asserting its own needs.  It’s great to see the love & beauty within everything, but without critically evaluating situations or the actions of others, this can lead to both being taken advantage off, or simply going along with the agenda of others in order to keep the peace and the ‘illusion’ of love, peace, happiness & beauty.    If this lower 6 vibration experience happens to you, take time to move inward and read your ‘self-worth’ meter.  Consider why you would act like a church mouse in the presence of other asserting undue influence over you.   Where did you learn the story to not speak up in order to not make waves ?

Summary – Universal 6 Year Forecast

2022 is a year of Visionary Heart.   Discovering what it means to truly live from your Heart, being true to your Heart, and engaging with life with ALL Heart.

This year will take us deep into our Hearts where we guided to value and reverently honour our self-worth.   To discover WHY we are here on Earth at this time, and HOW we are to be a bridge of Visionary change through our Hearts.   This is a year of great choice in all matters of the Heart – everything from our Work, Finances, Relationships & our footprint upon the planet.   It is a year of engaging your Heart with the Cosmic Heart, and stepping up to the call of Spirit.   There is no shrinking this year, it is a year of TRUTH for all.

Let beauty, nature, harmony & peaceful flow guide your days throughout 2022.   Let go of the mechanical push & shove up that hill of ‘have-to’s’, and instead discover a much more loving and generous rhythm to your day guided by your intuition in union with a field of intelligence much greater than you.

Looking forward to joining with you on my 2022 Numerology Livestream, where I will share more indepth wisdom on the Numerology of 2022 & how to make the most of this Visionary & Transformational year!

2022 Numerology with Simone

Inviting you to join me LIVE for my 2022 Numerology ONLINE Course (Replay now available).

During my 2.5 hour LIVE Stream Event, I will guide you through the energy of 2022 and how to make the most of this Universal 6 Vibrational year!    

  • Energy of 2020-21 and how this relates to 2022
  • Universal 6 Year and what this means for LOVE, Finances, & your Work
  • HOW to access the 22 Master Builder Energy to create NEW Visions for your life
  • Working with the 6th Dimension during 2022 & changing your reality
  • HOW to use Water during 2022 to shift consciousness & release fears
  • A deeper insight into the Tarot for 2022
  • Month-by-Month insight into the Numerology of 2022
  • Insight into KEY Astrological Transits of 2022 in relationship to Numerology
  • Venus the planet of LOVE and what it means for you in 2022
  • How to consciously work with the challenging aspects of a Universal 6 Year
  • How 2022 creates a template that guides us into 2023-2025
  • Downloadable Resources to help make 2022 a year of soulful expansion.
  • Lifetime Access to LIVE Event Video Replay


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