Lightbrary {Journal}

Follow the Stars.  Delve into the mystical realms of the Cosmos. Nourish yourself through Natures Intelligence.

Lightbrary {Journal}

Follow the Stars. Delve into the mystical realms of the Cosmos.  Nourish yourself through Natures Intelligence.

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Crystal Healing: Rhodizite

Christmas Special... 'Make me an offer' crystal sale.... please see bottom of this article: Rhodizite puts creedance to the phrase ‘good things come in small...

Crystal Healing: Vanadinite

Please take a look at the piece of Vanadinite in the photo to your right...... what is the first word that comes to mind ?...

The Birthing of a New Earth

‘The times they are a changin’ … this song was made famous by Bob Dylan in the sixties during the hippie movement.. but is as...

Crystal Healing: Zambian Lasers

‘Heart Healing’ are the words that come to mind when I connect with the energy of Zambian Lasers, a deep healing of wounds/pain that exist...
thumb_nurture soul

Loving Yourself

Last month I was absolutely exhausted after our move, and a few family events that happened unexpectedly... so I put it out there to our...

Crystal Healing: Cavansite

Cavansite only came into my life in recent years, but my treasured little ball of blue hasn’t left my beside table since. Once you have...

2009: The Magic of a Universal ’11’ Year

Welcome to 2009, a Universal year of 11 vibrational energy (2+0+0+9 = 11). There has not been a Universal 11 year since 1910, thus well...
Global transformation

Global Transformation – Welcoming in 2009

  I just love this time of year... a time to consciously open to the Spirit of Christmas within... the spirit of Love, Joy, Peace...

Crystal Healing: Angel Wings Selenite

Over 15 years ago now, I remember holding my first piece of Selenite and literally being in awe of the energy contained within the crystal....

888 – Gateway into a New Consciousness

What an exquisite day to experience here on Earth at this time in our conscious evolutionary cycle. Today, 8 August 2008, marks a gateway of...

Crystal Healing: Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz are simply magic, and once you have experienced this crystals energy, you will never be without one in your home. If you are...

Crystal Healing: Fuchsite

As you gaze into a natural piece of Fuchsite, the sparkles say it all, pure & blissful magic ! Fuchsite is a healers’ stone, used...

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