The 9th Wave – Last Year of the Mayan Calendar

The 9th Wave – Last Year of the Mayan Calendar

As discussed in my recent article ‘2011 to 2040 – The Birthing of the Golden Age’:

‘On the 9th March 2011 we entered the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar, the final year in a 16.4 billion evolutionary period of cosmic consciousness.   This final year – 9th March 2011 to 28 October 2011 marks a period of ‘Unity Consciousness’ on the planet, the collapsing of time/space as we know it, and the beginnings of a new cycle of being.’

The article below seeks to give some understanding of what is in store for us throughout 2011 as we transverse the 13 Heavens of the 9th Wave …..

Also my new book ‘Shealla-Dreaming‘ discusses what is happening now as we lead up to 2040.

The 9 Waves (Cycles) of the Mayan Calendar

The Mayan Calendar is a chart of evolutionary consciousness, rather than a calendar that measures physical time like our Gregorian Calendar.     The calendar is represented as 9 Waves (Waves of Love), or 9 Cycles of ‘time’ each starting after the other,  running concurrently, and then all 9 Waves end on the 28 October 2011.  The 9 Waves are often represented in Mayan temples, with the 9 steps of a pyramid representing the 9 Waves. (refer Diagram 1 below).

Diagram 1 – 9 Levels of a Mayan Temple

The Calendar commences with the origins of this universe some 16.4 billion years ago referred to as the Cellular 1st Wave.  This was a ‘seeding moment’ in the evolution of creation, and the foundations for all 8 subsequent Waves.

The Mammalian 2nd Wave started 820 million years ago, the Familial 3rd Wave 41 Million years ago… etc… until the Universal 9th Wave started on the 9 March 2011.    (refer to Diagram 2 below)

Diagram 2 – The 9 Waves


Each of these 9 Waves are thus running concurrently, but all 9 Waves end on the 28 October 2011.   At the end of the 9th Wave, a full ‘Tree of Life’ has been formed from the Seed through to the Fruit.   This Fruit will sprout seeds, and give life to the next set of 9 Waves of the evolutionary cycle of all Creation.

The Universal 9th Wave

As mentioned above, we commenced the 9th Wave on the 9 March 2011.  As you can see from the diagram above, each step on the Pyramid (ie each Wave), moves 20 times faster than the previous Wave.    Thus now that we are in the 9th Wave, we are growing in conscious awareness 20 times faster than we did in the 8th Wave.   Or put another way, every 18 days of the 9th Wave we shift in conscious what previously took 360 days during the 8th Wave.

As we enter the 9th Wave, we reflect on our journey of growth in embracing each of the wisdoms of Waves 1 to 8.  This reflection then provides a solid foundation to synergistically bring all these wisdoms together in Unity Consciousness, Universal Truth, ONENESS during the 9th Wave.

Each Wave of the Mayan Calendar is further broken down into 13 periods (of 7 days and 6 nights), which are also referred to as ‘Heavens’ .    Each Heaven gives insight into the octave of growth or energetics that humanity and the collective consciousness experience during the transition through each of the 9 Waves.

In Crystal Light Healing we review the Creation Story through Sacred Geometry.  We discuss how God’s word created the first Light, and the Light created the ‘Genesis Pattern’  (seed of life) within 7 days.   Thus the Genesis Pattern for the expansion of all creation was created within 7 days & 6 nights.    From the Genesis pattern is birthed the  ‘Egg of Life’, the ‘Flower of Life’, the ‘Fruit of Life’ and finally ‘Metatron’s Cube’ – the final pattern to create the infinite expansion of creation through a holographic field.   Metatron’s Cube is made up of 13 Spheres, representing the 13 Heavens of conscious expansion through infinite cycles.

Thus as we move through the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calender through 2011, through the 7 days and 6 nights we are connecting with our origins through the Genesis Pattern, but also embracing the end of one cycle through the 13 Heavens of Metatron’s Cube.  We are embracing an ending, and preparing to give birth to a new beginning.

As represented in the table below, as we transition through the 234 days of the 9th Wave, we are moving through 13 periods (Heavens) of consciousness of 18 days each.


Diagram 3 – The 13 Days/Nights  (Heavens) of the 9th Wave.


The 9th Wave – Activation & Attunement of our DNA

As we move through the 13 Heavens (7 days & 6 nights), the wave frequency’s being emitted from our Milky Way Galactic Core, moving through our Sun and into the Core of Earth are working to transform or activate our DNA and attune (raise the frequency) of our DNA up to it’s higher level of resonance.   Attuning to a level of vibration that can comfortably be held within our physical and energetic bodies (this will vary from person to person).

How we receive these ‘Waves of Love’ from our Galactic core is up to us individually… we each have free will to work with the energy consciously, or we may choose to stay asleep and block our personal growth and awakening.   Working consciously means moving with the flow of the Waves, allowing the energy to move through you and raise your vibration to new heights. It means allowing change to occur, and not holding on to the old, but rather releasing and making way for the new.

Just like a flowing river, it is much easier to go with the stream and allow yourself be carried in the current to your destination.   Fighting against the current causes struggle, pain and unnecessary hardship.

As we flow with the current of the 9th Wave, we may find it challenging at times to hold our heads above the water, we may encounter turbulence as we are tossed around a little, and at times we may be discouraged as we hit another rock or snag on a log.  But what keeps us going in each and every moment is the inner-knowing that the river leads to the Ocean, where ultimately we will have ascended to holding fifth dimensional light within a third dimensional body.   (For more information please refer to my article on Ancient Lemuria

To help you navigate the stream and flow with the 9th Wave throughout 2011, below I have outlined tools you may like to use to bring bouyancing to your journey and to consciously assist your passage into fifth dimensional light frequency’s.   For each of the 13 Heavens I have detailed the DNA Light Codes (and hence energy centres) that are being activated and attuned within the Heaven, the Archangel associated with that Heaven, and hence the particular Archangel Essence to raise your vibration up to its highest potential.

The following Diagram 4 represents some of this information pictorially, to support your understanding and connection with the energy of each Heaven:

Diagram 4 – The 9th Wave / 13 Heavens through our Milky Way Galaxy

The 13 Heavens of the 9th Wave

Detailed below is a summary of the energetics of each Heaven.

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Heaven 1:  1st Day – 9 March 2011 to 26 March 2011

9th Wave Energetics: Seeding (sowing)

Energy Centre: Earth Star

DNA Light Code: Activation of Core of DNA

Sacred Symbol:  Cube

Crystals: Black Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Rainbow Hematite

Archangel/Essence: Archangel Azrael

Wave of Love Affirmation: I Choose to Awaken

This is the ‘Seeding’ phase of the 9th Wave.   We take our knowledge and wisdom from the last 16.4 billion years and embark on the journey through the last year of the Mayan Calendar.   This period represents a new beginning, a new vision for Earth, a new vision for Creation… a vision based in LOVE, Truth and Divine ONENESS of the Soul.

For some people you maybe feeling apprehensive, a little unsure, but have this overwhelming sense that things are changing around you, and fast !!!   You may find that your priorities have changed, or what was important in your life just doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

You may find that you will have this inner-drive to remove any obstacles or old beliefs that no longer serve you and literally taking a leap of faith into unchartered waters following the yearnings of the soul.

This is the time to set your intent for your life, for Mother Earth, and for the highest good of All of Creation.

Heaven 2:  1st Night  – 27 March 2011 to 13 April 2011

9th Wave Energetics: Seeding (inward reflection)

Energy Centre: Base Chakra

DNA Light Codes: 1 & 2

Sacred Symbol: Cube

Crystals: Smokey Quartz, Ruby in Fuchsite, Black Tourmaline, Pyrite

Archangel/Essence: Archangel Jophiel

Wave of Love Affirmation: I am Awakening

As we embark on the 1st night, this is an inward time of the ‘seeding’ and an opportunity to mirror the light and dark, or polarity.

For some people this may bring about confusion or doubt, as the fire of the Day 1 intent cools and you are left to reflect on what is Truth.

This inward time is to be embraced not feared, as it gives opportunity to re-examine your intents, honour the virtue of patience and emerge stronger, and more Heart Centred to begin the journey of ‘Germination’ in Day 2.

You may experience during this time fatigue, thirst and the need for more sleep.   Finances maybe tighter, socialising maybe less and you may find your appetite has decreased also.    Think of a seed within the ground at night swelling and building on the inside in order to begin the process of germination.  This is a beautiful inner-process, to be held in reverence and awe for the life that is about to germinate.

As the soul is drawn to go within and build the energy from the inside, take the time to nurture and honour your inner-calling, as there is much work to be done on Day 2 !.

Heaven 3: 2nd Day – 14 April 2011 to 1 May 2011

9th Wave Energetics: Germination

Energy Centre: Sacral Chakra

DNA Light Codes: 3 & 4

Sacred Symbol: Cube

Crystals: Golden Tourmaline, Mangano Calcite, Peridot, Amber, White opal, Aventurine, Moonstone

Archangel/Essence: Archangel Haniel

Wave of Love Affirmation: I am Creative

As we embark on the 2nd day of Germination, energy is abundant and flowing, and the intents that you seeded on Day 1 are now beginning to take off exponentially.

There is movement, plans are taking form, opportunities are opening and there is much enthusiasm and excitement as so many paths are opening up to you.   You are germinating, and you have the choice of the direction that you will germinate in.   There is no right or wrong, just follow your Heart and hence the Light.

Over this period you may find that so much is happening ALL the time, which is exciting but also maybe a little over-whelming at times.  Try not to over do it and burn up all your energy reserves otherwise there may not be much physical energy left for ‘sprouting’ on Day 3.

Heaven 4: 2nd Night – 2 May 2011 to 19 May 2011

9th Wave Energetics: Germination (inward reflection)

Energy Centre: Solar Plexus

DNA Light Code: 5

Sacred Symbol: Tetrahedron

Crystals: Citrine, Amethyst, Herkimer Diamond, Calcite, Double terminated quartz, Faden Quartz

Archangel/Essence: Archangel Michael

Wave of Love Affirmation: I am Divine Will

As we embark on the 2nd Night (the 4th Heaven), we are being called to move within and reflect on what we have grown or germinated during Day 2.

During the 2nd Night we may experience tension within our lives… the ambiguity of what we thought was real versus the reality of our experiences.  This is not a negative occurrence but rather an opportunity to re-evaluate and differentiate the polarity between following the will of ego, or following the Divine Will of Creation.

The 4th Heaven relates to death or destruction.  The inward releasing/cutting away of our pain of unworthiness and relentless fear of the ego… and an opening to receive and enact upon the Light of Source within us.    When we follow Divine Will, we embrace Divine Truth and experience infinite freedom.  As the saying goes ‘the truth will set you free’.

As we come to the end of the 4th Heaven, we prepare to enact upon the inner visions received during this time, in order to ‘sprout’ during 5th Heaven.

Heaven 5: 3rd Day – 20 May 2011 to 6 June 2011

9th Wave Energetics: Sprouting

Energy Centre: Heart/Higher Heart

DNA Light Code: DNA Light Codes 6 & 7

Sacred Symbol: Octahedron

Crystals: Rose & Lavender Quartz, Peridot, Mangano Calcite, Rhodocrosite, Malachite, Watermelon Tourmaline, natural Fluorite Octahedron

Archangel/Essence: Archangel Chamuel

Wave of Love Affirmation: I am Divine Love

After all that inward tension, re-evaluation, and friction associated with the 2nd Night, we are awakening to the dawn of the 3rd Day.  As we found from the 2nd Night polarity (think of the positive & negative charge on a magnetic) we were given the opportunity to grow, to transform, to choose from infinite possibilities.   The polarities that we experienced and the tensions they created during the 2nd night as uncomfortable (or downright horrid) as they may have been, orchestrated for you the perfect foundation for you to choose how you wish to sprout, and blossom your energy into the world.

Interesting that during the 2nd Night we experienced two high profile global events – the Royal Wedding and then the death of Osama bin Laden – giving us an opportunity to look within and experience our own polarities of Love or Fear (listen to my audio on Love or Fear: )

Now in this 3rd Day we are opening to a vision of ourselves in the world, a higher vision of purpose, conscious choice and blissful authenticity from the Heart.   This ‘heaven’ is going to be a major turning point in many peoples lives, as you face  your truth with compassion, integrity and divine honour.     You are dancing with Mother Nature this 3rd Day, awakening to 4th Dimensional Nature Spirits and elementals as they feel your pain of the 3rd Dimension, and are assisting you to a higher conscious vision of 5th Dimensional consciousness.

This 3rd Day is a time to deeply anchor your ‘roots’ into the Earth, honouring your connection with Gaia, and your consciousness connection with the Heart of the Earth.  As you become aware of your anchoring to the Crystalline Heart Core of Mother Earth, you are aligning your Heart with the Heart of Earth and beating together as one.  In this ‘one beat’ the energy of the Earth is expanding your conscious awareness of the field of  ONENESS and unfolding your ‘leaves’ (expanding your energy) on the Tree of Life in service to the ALL.   Here is my Heart of the Earth Meditation that you may feel aligned to connect with this month:

Whilst this sounds blissful, it is going to be quite a journey…. as we commence this 3rd Day just after Wesak full moon, and then head into the eclipse period following by the Solstice & Grand Alignment as we head into the 3rd Night.  Talk about intense acceleration !!!!

My suggestion is to let go of the need to control, BREATHE at all times and allow the galactic Waves of Love to flow through you as you  BREATHE / BEAT your Heart in tune with the Earth.   Resistance will only foster pain, surrender will embody infinite LOVE as your ‘leaves’ open to the solar energy of creation.

Please watch our Wave of Love Movie on YouTube to foster an opening of your Heart during the 3rd Day:


Heaven 6:  3rd Night – 7 June 2011 to 24 June 2011

9th Wave Energetics: Sprouting (inward reflection)

Energy Centre: Throat

DNA Light Code: DNA Light Codes 8 & 9

Sacred Symbol: Icosahedron

Crystals: Aquamarine, Turquoise, Larimar, Blue Topaz, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Sugilite

Archangel/Essence: Archangel Zadkiel

Wave of Love Affirmation: I am Divine Voice

As we embark on the 3rd  Night (of the 6th Heaven), we are being called to move within and reflect on what we have sprouted during Day 3.

During Day 3 powerful shifts  ‘sprouted’ in our lives… many of us faced deeper aspects of the illusionary world that we have individually and collectively created for ourselves…. and many of us litterally shed these old vibrations like an old coat that had been outgrown.   Now that you have allowed the sprouting of the divine you to emerge in the world… it is time to reflect, settle into this joyous feeling of Heart and allow yourself to flow in this new vibration.

As you sit within the flow of your new vibration, during this night you may find that other elements of your life may begin to also be shed and washed away or transformed into higher states of being.   Now that you have shed the coat, you may also need to shed the hat, the shoes, the gloves, the socks, the scarf….. what ever it is that is containing you from being the full vibration of your divine magnificence.

For a seedling to move from sprouting info fully leafing into a plant, energy must be directed into those aspects which will serve the plant in its maturation process.   Thus the releasing of old aspects of self allows your energy to be directed into the blossoming of the divine aspect of self, and supports the awakening of your full potential.

During this third night we will experience a Lunar Eclipse with the full moon on the 16 June  (mid-point of the third night).  A Lunar Eclipse is where the Earth blocks the suns rays from partially/fully reaching the moon.  Thus in a sense the ‘past’ can be dissolved during the Eclipse as one moves forward in the now  (as the moon is no longer shadowed by Earth).

The lunar eclipse aspect is about working on your inner self, and  illuminating ourselves from within.  We will be inspired this full moon/eclipse to open our gifts to higher degrees of frequency and anchor these on the Earthly plane.  It is time to take ownership and acknowledge your divine magnificence… and shine brightly from within…it is time to eclipse anything that maybe holding you back.

In summary, what this third night is offering us is the opportunity to really speak our divine truth, to reflect and honour the beauty that was glimpsed during the third day, and just flow with the feeling of this love.   Do not resist the flow… otherwise you may find the lingering remnants of old energy forcibly being removed from you.


Heaven 7:  4th Day – 25 June 2011 to 12 July 2011

9th Wave Energetics: Leafing

Energy Centre: Third Eye

DNA Light Code: DNA Light Code 10

Sacred Symbol: Dodecahedron

Crystals: Cavansite, Lapis Lazuli, Azurite, Green Tourmaline, Apophyllite, Malachite

Archangel/Essence: Archangel Raphael

Wave of Love Affirmation: I am Divine Sight

As we embark on the 4th Day (of the 7th Heaven), we are developing our root systems, expanding our branches and proliferating our leaves all supported by the process of photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis is akin to the spiritual seeker receiving higher wisdoms from source and assimilating these higher truths in order to grow and learn.   As we embrace the divine wisdoms of creation our energetic field  (crystalline matrix of our auric field) expands just like the leafy canopy of a tree, and hence we open our field to receive more and more light / enlightenment.

Photosynthesis in a leaf is whereby the leaf receives light from the Sun, the solar rays are then transformed through a number of reactions into energy to support growth of the plant.

We are also ‘photosynthesising’ during the 4th Day.   Through our awakening of the Third Eye, the activation of our Pineal Gland, and our conscious connection with the Dodecahedron, we are receiving ‘Light’ (energy, higher wisdoms, knowledge, ) from our Solar Heart (the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy).     Throughout the 4th Day our consciousness is being opened to the higher wisdoms of creation, and we are given the opportunity of assimilating/understanding/ making sense of this knowledge and how we can apply these revelations in our day to day life living as a spiritual being within an physical body here on Earth.

In numerology we are given a few clues as to what the energetics of the 4th day is all about.  The Number 7 (7th Heaven) relates to the Mystic, Alchemist or Lightworker in modern day terms. The Mystic is the seeker of wisdoms, knowledge and understanding Universal Laws.  The number 7 is a deeply spiritual number, a number of self-responsibility, transformation and growth.  Thus during the 4th Day we are the Mystic moving outside of our own comfort zones, and opening up to the mystical wisdoms of creation, the inward journey of embracing truth and then the outward journey applying these truths within your day to day life.

The number 4 (4th Day) is the number of foundations, of setting plans and structures in order to build upon a stable platform.   The number 4 is also a karmic number, the opportunity to learn from the past from a place of LOVE in order to act with conscious awareness in the now for the future.

Interestingly in the 7 days of creation, or in sacred geometry the formation of the genesis pattern, on the 4th Day of Creation exactly half of Creation is fully complete on the 4th Day.   This is the same for us during the 4th Day.   We recognize that although as a physical being we appear separate (like we are only ½ complete) in actual fact we are a mirror reflection of all that is around us…. thus from a higher wisdom we are a divine spark of all Creation, we are whole.  The 4th Day is all about connecting deeply with this knowledge and eternal truth.

During this 4th Day we will experience an opening of our gifts, a heightened awareness of energy beyond 3D physical reality into the 4th and 5th Dimensional realms.   Anticipate syncronisity to appear in each and every moment, heightened clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant experiences and much revelation to occur through the dream state…. so be prepared for many dream filled days/nights and daily ‘light-bulb’ moments !

In summary, over the next 18 days as we are receiving these higher wisdoms we are being shown the light of Creation that is within us, and are being called to embrace Universal Truth.  The following words by Marianne Williamson in A Return to Love with regards to the Light of Source within us, really sums up beautifully the meaning of the 4th Day:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate,
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small does not serve the world.
There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other
people won’t feel insecure around you.
We were born to make manifest the glory of
God that is within us.
It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people
permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.


Heaven 8:  4th Night – 13 July 2011 to 30 July 2011

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9th Wave Energetics: Leafing (inward reflection)

Energy Centre: Crown Chakra

DNA Light Code: DNA Light Codes 11 & 12

Sacred Symbol: Dodecahedron

Crystals: Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Celestite, Fluorite, Opal Aura and Tektites

Archangel/Essence: Archangel Gabriel

Wave of Love Affirmation: I am Divine Wisdom

As we embark on the 4th Night (of the 8th Heaven), we are being called to move within and reflect on what has been revealed to us during Day 4.

During Day 4 we opened our Third Eye/Pineal Gland to ever increasing light frequencies, and with those vibrations we assimilated higher wisdoms and cosmic truths.   Just like a tree we spread our canopy (crystalline matrix/auric field) and developed our root system (anchored our crystalline matrix into Mother Earth) in order to consciously embrace and wake up to our own divine gifts.

Now as we enter the 4th Night, we are processing all that was revealed to us during Day 4, and taking this wisdom to a higher level of consciousness.  During the 4th Night we are activating the DNA through our Crown Chakra level.. thus this activation enables us to not only receive the wisdoms from our higher-self, but  also to comprehend this higher wisdom within a physical existence.

What this means is, all that was received during Day 4, we are given an opportunity during night 4 to process within our lives.   In other words.. we are called to find ways of embracing this spiritual wisdom within our day to day lives.   Being a spiritual being on Earth is not about meditating and being spiritual for 1 hour a day, and then getting caught up in the mayhem of life… but rather being a spiritual being is about embracing cosmic conscious throughout your body, in the thoughts, in the expression of your emotions, in your spiritual practices throughout every breath, throughout every moment of your beingness here on Earth.  Thus during this 4th Night we are reflecting on how we can do just that… how we can be our divine spiritual selves within a physical body in each and every moment with grace and ease.

In embracing these wisdoms during the 4th night, we are also reflecting on compassion and love for self.  Thus in being a spiritual being in each and every moment… each and every moment is divine and perfect unto itself.   Thus there is no wrong and right, there are no ‘if onlys’ or ‘regrets’… there are only pathways of learning and pearls of wisdoms to be learnt.   Thus during the 4th night, we must have compassion for ourselves and our journey of awakening.   Through our enlightenment of the 4th Day, as we now become aware of aspects of our life we wish to change, aspects of our relationships we wish to alter, aspects of our communication and expressions that no longer fit our awakened states… then as a spiritual being we choose to make these changes with grace and ease.  We choose not to berate ourselves for doing things ‘wrong’ we choose not to hold grudges with others for ‘wronging us’ and we choose not to stay with the place of ‘victim’ for all we have experienced within our lives.   But rather we CHOOSE to give ourselves love, joy and freedom to be all we know ourselves to be.. and to remember that in each and every moment we have the CHOICE to do this.   AND we have the choice to do this with GRACE & EASE.

The number ‘8’ of this heaven assists us in doing just this…’as above, so below’.   Thus we choose to live in each and every moment with compassion, joy and reverence for our divine gifts here on Earth.. and hence embrace a Heaven here on Earth.   This is what the 4th Night is all about, understanding what it is to be a spiritual being within a physical body here on Earth.


Heaven 9:  5th Day – 31 July 2011 to 17 Aug 2011

9th Wave Energetics:   Budding

Energy Centre:   Soul Star

DNA Light Code:   DNA Light Codes 13 to 24

Sacred Symbol:   Dodecahedron

Crystals:   Selenite, Fluorite Octahedron, Black Quartz, Aegerine, Scolecite, Carrolite

Archangel/Essence:   Archangel Raziel

Wave of Love Affirmation:   I am Divine Soul

As we embark on the 5th Day (of the 9th Heaven), we are commencing a period of immense light, an illumination of our beauty and divine Soul wisdom.

Up to the 8th Heaven, we activated and attuned our DNA Light Codes 1 through to 12, now in this 5th Day of the 9th Heaven, we are activating and attuning another full octave of DNA Light Codes 13 through to 24.

This next octave of DNA Light Codes is the quintessential integration point between the Universe and our Body of Light.   It is at this point that a holographic ‘negative’ like picture is taken of our first 12 DNA Light Codes hence giving 24 DNA Light Codes in total.

With this mirror reflection of ourselves we KNOW at the depth of our awareness that duality is but an illusion.   Our physical, emotional, mental & spiritual aspects of beingness are simply all expressions of the one spark of divine light, the spark of Source that is us.

With this empowering sense of Oneness, we are preparing our ‘buds’ (our gifts, talents & soul evolutionary wisdoms), such that we are ready to spread our energy out into the world at large when it comes time to ‘flower’.

The energy in the ‘bud’ is building in intensity with every new day of this 9th Heaven.   At times it may seem too intense, may seem like we are about to burst, may feel as if we need to break out and share everything we know with the world NOW.   We may feel overwhelmed, experience an over powering urge to break out and be free… but this will all pass in divine timing.

The lessons of this 9th Heaven is patience, grace & ease.  The ‘bud’ must fully develop first within the enclosure of the sepals, and reach a level of cosmic maturity before it is ready to blossom into flower and consciously share its beauty with all.   An analogy of this time is early puberty.  It is as if during the 5th day humanity is reflecting on the early days of puberty.  The development of sexual organs, feeling comfortable within our own skin, finding out who we are and where we fit into the world, and preparing to take that leap into early adulthood.

Once we have developed a strong sense of presence, self-esteem, self-love and consciously know we are worthy to receive all of the Love of creation through us..… it is at this time we reach a level of maturity to bloom our flowers into adulthood, and share our gifts with all of humanity.

Interestingly the number 5 in numerology represents change and the need for freedom, which is exactly how we are feeling within our ‘buds’..and then the number 9 represents the ending of a cycle, which is happening as we prepare to blossom in full bloom.


Heaven 10:  5th Night – 18 Aug 2011 to 4 Sept 2011

9th Wave Energetics: Budding (inward reflection)

Energy Centre: Stellar Gateway

DNA Light Code: DNA Light Codes 25 to 36

Sacred Symbol: Stellar Gateway Sacred 6th Dimensional Symbol

Crystals: Crystalline Liquid Silver Master Crystal energies

Archangel/Essence: Archangel Jeremiel

Wave of Love Affirmation: I am Lunar

As we embark on the 5th Night (of the 10th Heaven), we are being called to move within and reflect on what has been revealed to us during Day 5.

Up to the 5th Day, we activated and attuned our DNA Light Codes 1 through to 24, now in this 5th Night, we are activating and attuning another full octave of DNA Light Codes 25 through to 36.

This next octave of DNA Light Codes is our connection to the Lunar silver feminine creative ray of creation.  It is our 5th Dimensional Souls Connection to 6th Dimensional vibrations through Alcyone (the brightest star in the Pleiades).   At this level we are awakening to ‘why’ we chose to come to Earth at this time, our role in the Grand Cycle of our Milky Way Galaxy, and we are seeking visionary answers through the 6th Dimensional Akashic records (light records) of Creation, through the divine feminine from which we were birthed.

The energy throughout the 5th Day was intense as we developed/affirmed/took ownership of a strong sense of self-esteem, self-love and consciously embraced being worthy to receive all of the Love of creation through us.. as we are all co-creators.

Now during this 5th Night, it has the potential to be even more intense as we consciously release the shackles that we have created around ourselves and the barriers that prevent us loving ourselves and others unconditionally.

Just like a teenage in mid-puberty some of us may rebel, not want to face our darkest self, and feel an urge to want to break free.  This tension, inner-friction, conflict of the personality with the Soul will be soothed by simply embracing this time for exactly what it is… the grey clouds that precipitate the most magnificent rainbow you have ever seen.

You are on the edge of spiritual adulthood in this cycle, as you prepare to bloom your ‘flowers’ ie share your gifts with all of humanity in the 6th Day.


Heaven 11:  6th Day – 5 Sept 2011 to 22 Sept 2011

9th Wave Energetics: Flowering

Energy Centre: Universal Gateway

DNA Light Code: DNA Light Codes 37 to 48

Sacred Symbol: Universal Gateway Sacred 7th Dimensional Symbol

Crystals: Crystalline Liquid Gold Master Crystal energies

Archangel/Essence: Archangel Uriel

Wave of Love Affirmation: I am Solar

As we embark on the 6th Day (of the 11th Heaven), we are commencing a period of immense light, an illumination of our beauty and divine Soul wisdom.

Up to the 5th night, we activated and attuned our DNA Light Codes 25 through to 36, now in this 6th Day, we are activating and attuning another full octave of DNA Light Codes 37 through to 48.

This next octave of DNA Light Codes is our connection to the Solar Gold masculine ray of creation.  It is our 5th Dimensional Souls Connection to 7th Dimensional vibrations through Sirius.  During the 10th Heaven we embraced ‘why’ we chose to come to Earth at this time and our role in the Grand Cycle of our Milky Way Galaxy, NOW during the 11th Heaven we are ‘being’ that wisdom here on Earth.  We choose, honour and in humble gratitude choose to be of service for the greater good of all.

During the 11 Heaven we are FLOWERING… opening our field of energy, honouring our gifts and sharing our wisdoms with all of humanity in the 6th Day.

This is a time of enlightenment, a time of joy, a time of beauty, a time to simply be our divine infinite self with Grace & Ease.

Spend some time gazing up at all the stars (solar energy) in the sky and try connecting with their wisdoms. it is time that to share our inter-galactic community.


Heaven 12:  6th Night – 23 Sept 2011 to 10 Oct 2011

9th Wave Energetics: Flowering (inward)

Energy Centre: Cosmic Gateway

DNA Light Code: DNA Light Codes 48 to 60

Sacred Symbol: Cosmic Gateway Sacred 8th Dimensional Symbol

Crystals: Cosmic White Light Master Crystal energies

Archangel/Essence: Archangel Metatron

Wave of Love Affirmation: I am God, Goddess, Spirit

As we embark on the 6th Night (of the 12th Heaven), we are being called to move within and reflect on what has been revealed to us during Day 6.

Up to the 6th day, we activated and attuned our DNA Light Codes 37 through to 48, now in this 6th night, we are activating and attuning another full octave of DNA Light Codes 49 through to 60.

This next octave of DNA Light Codes is our connection to the Cosmic White Light Birthing centre of our Milky Way Galaxy.  It is our 5th Dimensional Souls Connection to 8th Dimensional vibrations through the Galactic centre of our Galaxy.  During the 10th Heaven we embraced ‘why’ we chose to come to Earth at this time and our role in the Grand Cycle of our Milky Way Galaxy, and then during the 11th Heaven we embraced ‘being’ that wisdom here on Earth in service to self and the greater good of all… now in the 12th Heaven we are embracing our full mulit-dimensional selves and our role in the evolutionary cycle of our Universe and greater cosmos.

During the 12 Heaven we are expanding our conscious perceptions through and beyond our Galactic centre.  We are acknowledging our full cosmic origins and that all of creation is within us.. not just in some of us but in everyone… we are all God, Goddess, Spirit !!!!

This 12 Heaven is a deeply reflective time to go within and feel, smell, taste, touch, see and simply be the full beauty and depth of your Soul.  Cry, belly laugh, scream, hug, kiss… experience all facets of feeling LIFE pulsating through you… you are about to birth into a new evolved state of beingness in the 13th Heaven… take this time in the 12 Heaven to reflect and LOVE yourself unconditionally.

Comet Elenin is also approaching new Earth at this time of the 12 Heaven.. read all about the impact Elenin re Unity Consciousness >>>

Heaven 13:  7th Day – 11 Oct 2011 to 28 Oct 2011

9th Wave Energetics: Fruiting

Energy Centre: Earth Gateway

DNA Light Code: DNA Light Codes 61 to 64

Sacred Symbol: Earth Gateway Sacred 1st Dimensional Symbol

Crystals: Cosmic White Light Master Crystal energies

Archangel/Essence: Archangel Sandalphon

Wave of Love Affirmation: We are all ONE

As we embark on the 7th Day (of the 13th Heaven), we are embarking on a transition into ‘Unity Consciousness’ on the planet, the collapsing of time/space as we know it, and the beginnings of a new cycle of being.

Up to the 6th night, we activated and attuned our DNA Light Codes 49 through to 60 now in this 7th day, we are activating and attuning four light codes,  DNA Light Codes 61 through to 64.

These four DNA Light Codes relate to the anchoring of the highest vibrational templates of the four elements of creation (Earth, Fire, Air and Water) into the core of Mother Earth.  We are anchoring these elemental templates down from the 8th Dimensional Galactic centre of our Milky Way Galaxy down into the 1st Dimensional Centre of our Mother Earth.

During the 10th Heaven we embraced ‘why’ we chose to come to Earth at this time and our role in the Grand Cycle of our Milky Way Galaxy, and then during the 11th Heaven we embraced ‘being’ that wisdom here on Earth in service to self and the greater good of all and then in the 12th Heaven we embraced our full multi-dimensional selves and our role in the evolutionary cycle of our Universe and greater cosmos.  Now in the 13th Heaven we are fruiting into our full potential, and simply being fifth dimensional beings of light within a phsyical body here on Earth… lets take a deeper look at what this means.

Fruiting is about joy.  Joy in being a conscious expression of the full cycle of the last 16.4 billion years of the Mayan Calendar expressed over the last 13 Heavens (7 days and 6 nights) – 9th March 2011 through to the 28 October 2011.  During the 13th Heaven we are fruiting, or rather overflowing with Joy, Abundance, Creativity as we embrace the ‘fruition’ of a full cycle of our evolutionary consciousness.

In the beginning, some 16.4 billion years ago according to the Mayan’s,  God Said ‘Let there be Light, and there was Light’.  In order to birth and then expand this Light, God created sacred templates of creation through which the holographic field of the collective consciousness would infinitely expand.  First there was the sphere, then the Vesica Piscis, then the Genesis Pattern, the Egg of Life, the Flower of Life, the Fruit of Light and then Metatrons Cube.  From Metatron’s Cube, the sacred templates of the elements of Creation were birthed the ‘Earth, Fire, Air & Water’ all held together via ‘Spirit’ the holographic field/ collective consciousness.

These four elements of creation are 8th Dimensional templates, and together they represent the birthing centre (Metatrons Cube) of every Galaxy, in all directions of time and space with our Universe (and multi-Universes).

During this 13th Heaven, or 7th day of the Mayan Calendar we are conduits through us of anchoring these 8th Dimensional templates through our Hearts into the 1st Dimensional Heart of Mother Earth (Earth Gateway) – acknowledging ‘what is above is also below, and what is below is also above’.

When we look at an octave, the 8th note of an Octave becomes the first note of the next Octave – thus, we are awakening during the 13th Heaven to a unified field of consciousness, a breaking down of the structure of separation, and a deeper understanding that ‘WE ARE ALL ONE’.

Over this 13th Heaven we are transmuting from our collective consciousness the fear associated with knowledge and wisdom and the fear associated with eating what has been deemed for century’s as forbidden fruit.    We are ripening to the full truth of who we are, divine sparks of the all, hence the all of creation exists in all of us.    We are all luscious, juicy, succulent apples, born of the original seed – God’s intention’ and we have come to fruition via the Tree of Life.

Tasting of the apple is not about committing the original sin,  but rather coming to knowledge of self, and hence knowledge of the collective all.  It is above releasing yourself from the entrapment of the ego, and the self-condemnation of being ‘good or bad’, and simply being the divine spark of LIFE, the divine Fruitfulness of who you are, a spark of the LOVE of the ALL.  In this knowledge you become ripe with wisdom to birth a new seed, birth a whole new cycle of evolution.. from a place of awakened consciousness via the alignment of the Heart of the Earth, with your Heart and the Heart of our Galaxy (and hence all Galaxy’s /  Universes).

Interestingly that in the 7 days leading up to 13th Heaven, the founder of  ‘Apple’ Mac  Steve Jobs died.  Steve was an amazing visionary and took his ‘knowledge’ out to the world.   The symbol for his business was an Apple with a bite out of it.. rather befitting of this time here on Earth… and interesting that his death is bringing conscious awareness to ‘Apple’.

For me his death at this time provides an opportunity for each and everyone of us to allow the death of the old aspects of ourselves and the death of the perceived separateness of this world.   Through death of the old we are being born to own the ‘knowledge of Truth’ and surrender to being the wisdom embodied within ripened fruit.

So where to from here ?    Throughout the 13th Heaven our ‘fruitfulness’ is developing, and our consciousness awakening to Universal wisdoms and eternal truths.   By the end of the 13th Heaven we are ripe with knowledge and moving into a transitionary cycle up to December 2012.   On the 21 December 2012 our Sun crosses the Galactic Equator (the plane of our Milky Way Galaxy) and we have the opportunity to shift our planetary consciousness into an ‘awakened’ state of being over the next 2000 years as we enter the early years of the Golden Age here on Earth.

Please refer to my article ‘2011 to 2040 – The Birthing of the Golden Age’’ which outlines some of the changes that we can anticipate.  I will be updating the article on a regular basis as we move beyond 28th October 2011.

I recorded a ‘Heart of the Earth Meditation’ a few years back, and would like to gift this to you all in connecting to the three ‘Hearts’ of Creation over this 13th Heaven.. enjoy !

Beyond the 9th Wave

As mentioned in my article ‘2011 to 2040 – The Birthing of the Golden Age’’, ‘this generation holds the key  ‘the power of choice’ as we come to the close of an era on this planet.  Individually and collectively we have the power to envision and transform the planet in heart based global onsciousness in unity and enduring peace.   As we take our first step beyond 2011 & 2012 and enter our next cosmic evolutionary cycle, we enter a new era as co-creators guiding our own evolution in conscious awareness of the ALL’.

It is up to each and everyone of us NOW to determine the level of planetary and cosmic awakening achieved as we draw to the end of an era, and hence just where our next evolutionary cycle of consciousness begins.

If you would like to learn more about how you can consciously embrace your Soul Purpose here on Earth and work with the energetics of the last year of the Mayan Calendar through 2011 and beyond please visit our Universal LIfe Tools events schedule to find a weekend workshop, Practitioner Course or Teacher program in your area:

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OmAhOm, Simone

Please feel free to share this article with others in its entirety, and author acknowledgement fully preserved, including a link to our website    Thank you.

© Simone M. Matthews 2011


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Lightrition guides you in stepping into your power.  Reclaiming self-agency of your life.  Discovering that healing is possible & that you were born to thrive.


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