2018: Universal ’11’ Year in Numerology

2018: Universal ’11’ Year in Numerology

Numerology is a most ancient and mystical art form for understanding our own personal cycles of growth & evolution AND becoming conscious of ourselves in the greater context of planetary & cosmic evolution.

If you have ever attended a course with me you will know how much I LOVE numerology (I am a triple ‘777’ in numerology, what can I say, it is in my genes)…  and I just LOVE how the cosmos communicates with us with such clarity & ease through numbers.

When we become conscious of the meaning and energetic significance of the vibration of numbers within our lives, we are empowered to know ourselves, consciously align our inner-cycles with our outer cosmic-cycles and awaken to the grandest version of the greatest vision we have ever held for ourselves.

Whether you work consciously with Universal Years, the Soul Numerology of your name (refer Shealla-Dreaming), the numerology of your date of birth, your current personal year… or just work with the sacred messages of numbers (eg car number plates, clocks, car oedometers etc)… numerology is a mystical guide, sacred tool and divine messenger to help you navigate the journey of the Soul.

Sharing with you below my insights on the energy of 2018 from a UNIVERSAL YEAR perspective and the opportunities/challenges that lie ahead for the forthcoming 12 months. .

I have detailed below how to calculate and discover the meaning of your own PERSONAL YEAR during 2018 – such that you can make the most of the opportunities that will present to you in 2018.

Numerology of Universal Year – 2018

Year:   2018
Universal Energy for 2018:   2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11

In numerology, the energy of the Universal Year (the calendar year) weaves a universal theme of potential through our lives.  How you then work with the energy of the Universal Year will be dependent on your own Personal Year – hence keep reading down the page to understand more about YOU in 2018.

The last time we experienced a Universal 11 Year was in 2009, and then before that the last Universal 11 year was in 1910… thus well over 99% of the worlds population have only ever experienced one or two Universal Year 11 vibrations in their lifetime… so this is a biggy for our entire planet !

In numerology the number 11 is a Master Number – ‘Master’ meaning it is of intense/high vibrational frequency and works within the aetherial, magical and transcendental realms of creation. Master numbers possess great potential for learning and growth, and can bring major transformations in your life.

The number 11 is the most intuitive number and is a clear channel to the subconscious. It is the number of leadership, personal power and spiritual truths. The number 1 by itself represents leadership, initiative and new beginnings (2017 was a Universal ‘1’ Year in Numerology)… thus two number 1’s together opens a gateway of potential far greater than the sum of its parts.   It like taking the Universal Year ‘1’ energy of 2017 and amping it up to the max in 2018 as a double ‘1’ = 11 energy.

11 = Shambhala

The word ‘Shambhala’ resonates to the Master Number 11 in numerology… and is the perfect word to help us embrace the greater potential of our Universal 11 Year.

Shambhala is a sanskrit word that roughly translates to a place of peace, tranquility & happiness.  Each of us has the FREEDOM in our hearts/minds to choose to experience Heaven here on Earth, a place of Shambhala.   We have the choice to live our lives being kind to one another, to live in harmony with the Earth and in service to something greater than us. 

Our Universal 11 Year is our wakeup call to remember Shambhala, to remember how beautiful the world feels when we experience our lives through our hearts and how when we choose to create Shambhala in everything we do we awaken the best in ourselves and inspire others to do the same.

Our experience of Shambhala is a choice and each of us has the free will and the freedom to choose. We have the freedom to choose a path of truth, authenticity & Love… or conversely the freedom to choose fear, struggle with self-confidence or create suffering through self-doubt.  The choice is yours!

Forinstance, look at the image at the top of this page – by way of background, my son took this photo of himself, a long exposure of him looking up at the Galactic Plane of our Milky Way Galaxy with his reflection in the water.   I have purposely chosen this photo & presented it this way for a number of reasons.

Firstly… in a Universal 11 Year we have the FREEDOM to really SEE ourselves from a greater level of awareness or consciousness.  Just like looking at our reflection in the water, we are drawn during 2018 to take a good hard look at areas in our life where we have held ourselves back, stayed small for fear of rejection, or limited our growth for fear of failure.  What do you ‘see’ when you take a deep introspective look at your life in this  moment, what is the universe reflecting back to you in this Universal 11 Year.

Secondly… I have turned the photo sideways as a reminder that the highest potential of a Universal 11 Year will flourish to new heights when you choose to let go of what you ‘think’ you need to do/be in 2018 and tap into a much greater resource of energy within you… how you ‘feel’.   Our brain perceives our world/environment to be a certain way, hence our lives may follow a course based on these perceptions.  However, just like shown in the photo… there really is no correct ‘up’ or no correct direction to represent reality… we only perceive a situation from the place we are viewing the situation from.  If you were to take your awareness outside of Earth, into outer space and view the Earth from every angle you would would discover is that there really is no true North South East & West per se…as these directions change from the position you are viewing the Earth from.  Interesting!!!

When you ‘feel’, you are letting go of limiting beliefs, unconscious imprints, the way your brain analyses and perceives a situation and instead you become a conduit of infinite solutions & potentialities through the filed of infinite intelligence.  This is what a Universal 11 Year holds in store for us, the ability to move outside of ourselves and ‘feel into’ a higher consciousness, a world more beautiful through our Hearts.  This is a place where miracles really do happen, deepest hurts are healed and forgiveness comes with ease as there is no limitation to how brightly you can shine.

Thirdly… I am writing this Universal 11 Year article on the eve of the Summer Winter Solstice as we align on the Galactic Plane of the Milky Way Galaxy.  This GALACTIC ALIGNMENT COSMIC BLUEPRINT supports us in stepping into our greater Evolutionary Purpose and helps us to surrender to the grandest version of the greatest vision that we have ever held for ourselves… now that is a PERFECT booster of energy taking us into the grander potential of our Universal 11 Year.

And finally, as we come into 2018, the 1 January 2018 opens an 11:11 Gateway (1st day, of the 1st Month of an 11 Universal Year) and the FULL MOON SuperMoon of the 1/2 January 2018 has the Moon is positioned at 11038 (11:11) Cancer and the SUN is positioned at 11038 (11:11) Capricorn.  WOW of WOW… YES the energy of 11 is certainly the theme of 2018 !

Other energetic influences – 11 Universal Year

There are a number of celestial transits during 2018 that are taking our Universal 11 Year energy to an even higher level of potential.

Pluto (the planet of transformation & empowerment) is transiting through Capricorn (practical, realist, reliable, hard worker) until 2024.  Pluto in Capricorn is about death and rebirth or endings and beginnings.  It is a time of breaking down all old outdated structures… structures that embody power & control such as governments, corporations & religion.  This dismantling then creates opportunities to rebuild solid foundations from the ground up and inside-out… structures that support communities, humanity and the sustainable life of this planet…. SHAMBHALA ♡

Chiron (wounded healer) is transiting through Pisces (Sensitive, psychic, dreamy, creative, charitable) until 2023.  As Chiron transits Pisces it opens a potential to ‘heal our wounds’ beyond just structure & the physical, to a more conscious state of healing of the body, mind & spirit . A real opportunity to ‘heal’ areas of your life and facilitate deep transformation.  It is an opportunity to repattern the hologram, or transcend deep cellular or DNA imprints and attune to higher states of consciousness… SHAMBHALA ♡

Saturn (life lessons, wisdom, karma, responsibility) is transiting through Capricorn (practical, realist, reliable, hard worker) until 2020. During this Saturn transit, it is a great time to get real and be truly honest with yourself re your work/career, financial plan and every other facet of your life including relationships.  There are no short-cuts with this transit, no quick fixes or easy way outs… this is a transit that compels us to create a plan, ensure EVERY area of our life is brought into balance (that includes self-care) and then to use this solid and harmonised foundation to truly flourish.  Saturn is here is a teacher and Capricorn is ready and willing to learn and gain clarity of how to move beyond challenges and show up for life from a place of self-responsibility… and self-love… SHAMBHALA ♡

Jupiter (abundance, luck & expansion) is transiting through Scorpio (passionate, emotional, willpower, psychic, determined, secretive) until November 2018.  As Jupiter transits Scorpio we are re-envisioning our relationship with power & control (in every area of our lives – work, relationships, sex, finances) and finding our own ‘truths’ beyond what we have been told / or what has been imprinted. 

The 11 Vibration will amplify the energy of the Jupiter transit through Scorpio compelling people to wake people up from their deep sleep or hypnotic trance of illusion.  To speak up (eg #metoo) and bring light to the shaddow by seeking truth from those in positions of power. … SHAMBHALA ♡

There is so much much more happening Celestially during 2018 that is exponentiating the energy of our Universal 11 Year… but I will write about this throughout 2018 in my Monthly Celestial blog post.

Thriving in a Universal 11 Year

The choices we make during a Universal 11 Year have the potential to springboard great leaps in the collective consciousness of our planet.

In numerology the word ‘VIBRATION’ resonates to the number 11, so what ‘VIBRATION’ are you choosing to emit/share with the world during 2018? Are your thoughts, actions, emotions going to be representative of your greater personal and hence collective vision, or is your VIBRATION working the 11 energy from a place of fear ?

You have the choice to align your 11 VIBRATION during 2018 in Love, Compassion & Unity… what do you choose ?

As we venture into 2018, take a moment to reflect on the following list of ‘11’ words in numerology that you may like to consciously work with during 2018 to experience your own Shambhala here on Earth… and truly thrive in 2018!

  • ENERGY = 11 in Numerology.  From a place of free will, how will you direct your ENERGY in 2018 to be a source of LOVE ?
  • LIGHT & ENLIGHTENMENT = 11 in Numerology.  The LIGHT of Creation resides within you.  You have the freedom to live your life from this place of infinite power within and be change from the inside out during 2018. 
  • WISDOM = 11 in Numerology.  All the Universal Laws and WISDOM of Creation resides within you.
  • PURITY = 11 in Numerology.  Align your ENERGY(11), LIGHT(11), WISDOM(11) in the PURITY of the LOVE of Creation. It is from this place of least resistence that all healing begins.
  • DIVINE EMANATION = 11 in Numerology. There are thirteen DIVINE EMANATIONs / Sacred Keys /Universal Laws that underpin the workings of Creative Evolution.  Be this wisdom of creation through you, be the LIGHT.
  • PURPOSE = 11 in Numerology.  What is your PURPOSE here on Earth, and how may you work to the highest level of this purpose in this lifetime. An 11 vibration year is the perfect year to reconnect with ‘how may I serve’ ?
  • HEALING = 11 in Numerology.  Take the time during 2018 to be a source of HEALING. Heal the pain of duality within, give compassion, understanding and forgiveness to self. Heal the Healer.
  • ANGELS & JESUS = 22 in Numerology (11:11).  The wakeup key embedded within our DNA reminding us that the LIGHT of Creation resides within.
  • OmAhOm = 11 in Numerology.  OmAhOm was the light-language used by our ancient ancestors.  The Om is pronounced as ‘om’ as in the word ‘from’ and Ah is pronounced as ‘ah’ as in the word ‘father’. OmAhOm translates to:  I honour the Divine Love that exists within YOU, within ME and within ALL of CREATION, we are all ONE OmAhOm


Numerology of your Personal Year

Everything in creation ebbs and flows in cycles – Night & Day, the Seasons, our yearly Solar Cycle and our greater 225 million year Galactic Cycle…. and all of these cycles fall within the Great Cosmic Breath of life.

When you understand the natural flow of our own Personal Cycles (in relationship to the current Universal Year), you release the need to force EVERY year to be about dynamic growth and material gain.  Instead, you open yourself to wholistic growth and abundance… a growth and highest expression of your emotional, mental & spiritual states of beingness.

It doesn’t mean that you are enslaved to your Personal Years any more than you are enslaved to Universal Years. But rather, when you read the energy of your Personal Year in alignment with the Universal Year for 2018, you can work with the Rhythm and Flow of your life’s cycles, rather than get ‘burn-out’ by swimming against the tide. You are empowered to make decisions that flow with the rhythm of the universe through the BluePrint of your Soul and the greater divine plan of the unfoldment of Creation through you.

To calculate the energy of your Personal Year, simply take your day of birth, add it to your month of birth and add it to the current year – adding all the individual digits together. If the sum of these digits comes to a double digit (eg 34), then add these digits together to reduce the number to a single digit (eg 3 + 4 = 7).

For example, I am born on the 27 November (11th month), thus in numerological terms in 2018, I am in a personal ‘22’ year (Master Number), which I may also experience at a lower vibration as a ‘4’ year.
2 + 7 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 22   Master Number Personal Year

However, when reducing the digits down to a single digit, I also have the potential (particularly if I don’t receive the gifts inherent within a 22 Master Number Personal Year) to experience 2018 at a vibrational ‘4’ Personal Year.
2 + 7 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 22   and  2 + 2= 4  Personal Year

Once you have calculated your Personal Year number, then please read the applicable Personal Year write up below to understand more about this current cycle within your life and how you can work with this energy consciously throughout 2018.

Keywords: New Beginnings, Rebirth, Start of a New Cycle
This year represents new beginnings as you step into a whole new 9 year cycle of growth and evolution. You feel vital, enthusiastic and motivated as you set new goals and visions for this new cycle of your life. You have gained much wisdom from the previous cycle and you now have the choice to put this wisdom into practice in this next cycle. A Personal 1 year is not just about setting the foundations for this whole new cycle but it is also about taking action and physically planting the seeds in order to birth opportunities over the next 9 years.

Keywords: Patience, Decisions, Rhythm
A Personal 2 year is about relationships, alliances and making choices. After all that enthusiasm of your Personal 1 year, you may find a Personal 2 year frustrating as it can appear from the outside to be fraught with delays, obstacles and much waiting ! After ‘planting the seed’ in Year 1 it started to bear roots and create foundations, then in Year 2 the ‘seed starts to grow’ with the shoot breaking into ‘2’ and sprouting leaves. Suddenly you are in a position to begin to see the physical expression of your Personal Year 1 choices – and hence is a year of reflection and understanding ‘what will it take to make this 9 year plant grow’. You may have to adjust your visions, meet new people to aid you in your goals, network with like minded souls or even make changes in yourself… this is a year of choice and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Keywords: Fun, Joy, Celebrating Wins
As the saying goes ‘all good things come in 3’s’… thus in a Personal 3 year you will begin to see some ‘wins’ in your life as all that envisioning in Year 1 and then choices you made in Year 2 will begin to pay off in Year 3. In a Personal 3 year you will have that air of confidence that can make you alluring to others, thus things may tend to fall into your lap this year – be it in business, relationships or your finances. However, be aware not to say ‘YES’ to everything, as you may end the year on burnout or overload. Use your charm this year to delegate and free up time to play and celebrate the wins… and if you can ‘bank’ all of that ‘gold finger’ energy, as you may need it in the next year.

Responsibility, Karma, Hard Work
How you choose to align with this year will determine whether you will experience a year of Grace & Ease or find a Personal 4 year to be the year from hell !!! A personal 4 year is your time to make good on all your commitments from your Personal 3 year and take responsibility by walking your talk. It is an opportunity to reflect on your patterns and how these maybe molded from old beliefs, opinions of others or possibly even playing out stories of past lives. This is a year of ‘growing up’, being prepared to break the cycles of old and all that is not working and make fresh decisions from a place of higher purpose and highest soul potential. This is a ‘roll your sleeves up’ type of year and getting down to work… how committed are you really to your goals that you made in Personal Year 1 ?

Keywords: Freedom, Travel, Adventure… and did I mention FREEDOM !
After all that introverted self-analysis and hard work within your Personal 4 year, you will find that all that dedicated nose to the grindstone stuff has paid off… and in actual fact you may have discovered that the only person waving that big stick is you ! What a discovery to make, that you are actually FREE to make CHOICES about your own life and you are not bound by the thoughts, opinions or beliefs of others. This is a year to put this new found freedom to work and go travelling, make new friends, seek out new adventures and ditch the routine.

Keywords: Lovers, Family, Home, Heart
After expressing all that freedom in your Personal 5 year, you may come to release that there is no place like home… and that home is where the heart is. A Personal 6 year is about blossoming all of your Heart connections… committing to an existing relationship, or ending a stagnant relationship to open the golden door of opportunity for a new relationship to blossom. You may feel guided to spend much more time with family and friends, forgiveness may be a big lesson for you this year. This is a great year to get engaged, married or start a family.. and new friendships made this year will often be for life. You may also be guided to build the heart of your home or business, nesting and being of service to others.

Keywords: Introverted, Mystic, Self-Awareness & Improvement
A Personal 7 year is the opportunity to really self-reflect on yourself as a ‘Soul having a Physical experience’ and to psycho-analyse (ouch, that sounds ominous)… just what that means to you. Who are you on planet Earth ? Does your life add value to the world ? Do you make a difference ? This is a big year of facing some truths, going within and seeking answers to some of the big questions. This is a year to find out how you can be the ‘alchemist’ and manifest your dreams for not only your highest purpose but for the highest good of all. You may be guided this year to spend more time by yourself, travel outside of your local area or even take up a new course of study.

Keywords: ‘As Above, So Below’ & Polarity
In an 8 Personal year everything appears to be magnified… thus what you focus your attention on this year you will receive more of. In an 8 Personal Year you will tend to have that certain je ne sais quoi, that intangible quality that makes you desirable and attractive to others… it is up to you whether you flaunt it or stick you head in the sand and hide it ! When you focus positively on abundance in finances, career & wealth this year… expect returns to flow much more easily this year. But of course, if you go into the poverty stricken ‘woe is me’, well you will truly manifest that reality and have a most woeful year on record. You have the potential of the ‘midas touch’ this year, the world is your oyster should you choose believe in yourself.

Keywords: Completion, Service, End of a Cycle
I personally LOVE a Personal Year 9, as it is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on your 9 year journey, review all of your experiences and wisdoms gained and make decisions on how you will choose to commencing the next year in a new cycle. It is a great year to also share your experiences with others in service, offering pearls of wisdom from your journey. For some, a Personal 9 year can be a little irritating as if the ‘shoes do not fit’ anymore and you just want to make a leap into the next Personal Year 1, as you feel a disconnection with the last 9 year cycle and just want to pursue new aspirations and visions for your life. Breathe, be and rest and recuperate this year… enjoy the fruits of all you efforts from your ‘seed planting’ in the past Year 1, and then take the seeds from your fruits and use these to start your Personal 1 year in the next cycle.  Remember, it is important to tie up all loose ends in a 9 year, reflect and embrace all you have learnt, practice forgiveness and let go of all that is no longer needed in readiness for your subsequent Personal 1 year.

Whilst many Numerologists prefer to reduce Personal Year Numbers to a single digit, where the Personal Year Numbers reduce to a ‘Master Number’ (such as 11, 22 etc), I prefer to work with both the Master Number AND then reflect on the reduced Number.

The Master Number amplifies the energy of the individual number, creating a ‘Masterful’ exponential potential.  A Master number can be challenging to work with at times as the energy is commanding, however when harnessed, a Master Number can lead to extraordinary experiences and opportunities in your life.

The reduced Master Number is also important to consider, even though the reduced number dimishes the full potency of the Master Number.  I find that the energy of the reduced Master Number may come into force whereby the gifts inherent within Master Number have not been received. This is not necessarily a negative occurrence, just a weakened experience of a greater potential.

The following short overviews of Master Numbers are extracts from my Aetheric Healing™ eCourse:

Keywords: The Mystic
Charismatic, Insightful, idealistic, intuitive, inspirational, illuminating, wise, dreamer, seer, spiritually aware, prefer intuition over logic, empathetic.
SHADOW: Lazy, jealous, self-destructive, possessive, obsessive, jealous, egotistical, nervous, moody
GREATER POTENTIAL/GIFTS: Teacher, writer, healer, medium, psychic, artist, musician, philosopher, business thought-leader, innovator

Keywords: The Master Builder
Visionary, inventive, dedicated, forward-thinking, quantum potential, charismatic, creative, intuitive, practical, spiritual values, self-less service.
SHADOW: Controlling, workaholic, lazy, demanding, self-righteous, arrogant, inflexible, awkward, addictions, allergies, rigid
GREATER POTENTIAL/GIFTS: Teacher, writer, healer, medium, psychic, artist, musician, philosopher, business thought-leader, innovator

Keywords: The Master Teacher/Healer
Creative, joyful, intuitive, compassionate, healing, loving, nurturing, uplifting, raising consciousness, service to the world.
SHADOW: Perfectionistic, bossy, self-critical, interfering, over-achieving, people pleasing
GREATER POTENTIAL/GIFTS: Teacher, writer, healer, medium, psychic, artist, musician, philosopher, business thought-leader, innovator.

The Master Visionary – Alchemist
Creative, intuitive, disciplined, controlled (emotions & nerves), tenacity, lateral-thinkers, problem solvers, healers, stillness, presence.
SHADOW: Destruction, ego-maniacs with success/wealth/material, psychotic, mental disorders, abuse of power
GREATER POTENTIAL/GIFTS: Visionary, Inventor, innovator, doctor/healer, transcendant mystic/psychic.




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