Galactic Plane Alignment – 19 December 2019

Galactic Plane Alignment – 19 December 2019

Each year around the time of our December Winter/Summer Solstice (for this generation on Earth), we experience a GALACTIC ALIGNMENT of the Earth, Sun & Galactic Centre in the Astrological Sign of Sagittarius.

Our 2019 Galactic Alignment takes place during a 4 week energetic window, amping up the energy of our Galactic Plane Alignment.   The following celestial events mark the key transits during this month long energetic window:

Overview – Alignment

Each year around the time of our December Winter/Summer Solstice (for this generation on Earth), we experience a GALACTIC ALIGNMENT of the Earth, Sun & Galactic Centre in the Astrological Sign of Sagittarius.  

During this Alignment, our astrological GALACTIC EVOLUTIONARY TRIANGLE – a tetrahedron of energy formed by the Earth, Sirius, Alcyone & the Galactic Centre is AMPLIFIED into its GREATEST POTENTIAL for the year.

This amplified TETRAHEDRON of energy that surrounds us, seeks to ‘STRUCTURE the WATER’ within our bodies into LIQUID CRYSTALS.  Every cell within our body is thus bathed in this GALACTIC LIQUID CRYSTAL Template resonance (ie Essence of Angels®), which in turn ACTIVATES our DNA and ATTUNES (increases in resonance) our genetic potential (refer Crystal Light Healing®).

At this time each year, this GALACTIC ALIGNMENT COSMIC BLUEPRINT – formed by Earth, Sirius, Alcyone & the Galactic Centre supports us in stepping into (both individually & collectively) our greater Evolutionary Purpose and helps us to step into the grandest version of the greatest vision that we have ever held for ourselves as a Human Liquid Crystal (refer Aetheric Healing™ eCourse).

The energy of the GALACTIC ALIGNMENT is also amplified through our Solar Systems transition through the Photon Band/Belt of Alcyone – essentially weaving/birthing ‘The Divine Feminine’ within our hearts, minds and souls. 

Overview – Energy

This years 2019 GALACTIC ALIGNMENT is all about DREAMING. Following on from the theme of our November New Moon – Dare to dream outside the knowns, outside the matrix of what you may think is possible. Dare to dream through your Heart, through an enlightened window of potential beyond the physical and through the realm of the mystical.

The GALACTIC EVOLUTIONARY TRIANGLE of GC, Sirius & Alcyone is being influenced by the Moon/SGC as well as Mercury+Pallas/TGA during this years Alignment. These astro placements may provide you with VISIONS, INSIGHTS, WISDOMS of the what/how/why of a world more beautiful. A lucid dream of what we are capable of when we connect through our Hearts with fierce Grace.

You may experience vibrant, intense, powerful calaytic dreams during this years Galactic Alignment that will both act as seer & guide into 2020. Don’t try to analyse, or even mentally understand the insights you receive during these last weeks of December 2019… but rather just BE with what you have received. Hold the feeling of what you received in your Heart.

There will be many HUGE shifts in the fundamental structures of our world during 2020. Our 2019 Galactic Alignment is the precursor, the steps toward these recalibrations coming to pass. Its time for us to step up, not stay small. Its time to play our sacred roles in mid-wifing the cosmic orgasm of this great shift in consciousness.

GALACTIC ALIGNMENT – 19 December 2019

EARTH in GEMINI (27.080)
Thursday, December 19, 2019 – 6:35 pm AEST (Australia)
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This years Galactic Alignment on the 19 December 2019, takes place a week after our Gemini Full Moon, a few days before the Summer/Winter Solstice & 7 days before our Annular Solar Eclispe on the 26 December 2019.  It feels like all of these astrological transits and contributing to our experience of the Galactic Alignment… creating a momentum greater than the sum of the individual parts.


To understand more about the energy/meaning of this years Galactic Alignment, firstly here is a summary of some of the key Energy Centres on the above chart, extracted from my Evolutionary Consciousness article:

The GALACTIC CENTRE (GC) is the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy.  Its placement on your natal chart (birth chart) identifies your personal Soul Potential in this lifetime.

The SUPER GALACTIC CENTRE (SGC) is the centre of the Virgo Super Cluster.  Our Milky Way Galaxy (along with thousands of other Galaxies) rotate around the SGC.  The SGC represents the greater potential of our Higher Collective Consciousness – the Collective Evolutionary Purpose of our Galaxy & Local Group Galaxies.

The GREAT ATTRACTOR (TGA) is the centre of the Laniakea Super Cluster.  TGA pulls our Milky Way Galaxy (along with thousands of other Galaxies) toward her centre, whilst also simultaneously pushing thousands of Galaxies away.   I have a vision of a giant donut torus as I write this – envisioning our Milky Way Galaxy heading into/towards the central heart of the Laniakea Torus (TGA), which in turn propels other Galaxies out of the Heart of Laniakea.  Awakening to the intelligence of The Great Attractor allows us to let go of the fear, imprinting, dogma, old-Earth consciousness and truly embrace a higher cosmic relationship with Creation… allowing ourselves to surrender to the eternal Great Cosmic Breath of LOVE. 


So what can we learn/experience from this years Galactic Alignment ?  I feel there are 3 key astro positions that provide a key to understanding the energy of this years Galactic Centre (GC) Alignment.  Note that the SGC & TGA are vast bodies in our cosmos, so anything up to 7 degrees either side of SGC or TGA is considered a conjunction.

  • Moon Conjunct the Super Galactic Centre (SGC)
  • Mercury + Pallas conjunct the The Great Attractor (TGA)
  • Pluto & Saturn Conjunct in Capricorn

With the Moon conjunct SGC, we are called to move into our feelings, our emotions, our dreamstate, our unconscious mind during this years 19 December Galactic Alignment.   Rather than focus on what can we dream for ourselves & our individual lives, our focus will move toward what can we dream for the Earth and Earth’s role as part of an even greater organism that lies beyond our Galaxy, the SGC.    We may find ‘answers’, or higher wisdoms streaming into our consciousness during meditation or dream states… these ‘jigsaw pieces’ of wisdoms may provide integral guides to your service work/life during 2020.

Planet Mercury represents Communication.   Asteroid PALLAS holds the archetype of the warrior women, strong, beautiful, courageous & beholding creative intelligence & ageless wisdom.  The energy of Pallas reminds me of Wonder Woman (who just like Pallas is also the daughter of Zeus)… who is said to be as beautiful as aphrodite, wise as Athena, swifter than Hermes & stronger than Hercules.   So THIS is the energy that is influencing our Gemini Full Moon.   Pallas also represents daughter-father relationships, areas where our greatest challenges with men can ultimately give birth to our greatest grow & warrior-like wisdom.

So I think you can see the bigger picture unravelling here… with Mercury + Pallas both conjunct TGA…  we are being drawn out of our minds and into our Hearts... to be open vessels for the Divine.  To intuitively receive her heartful wisdom & be guided by her innate intelligence.  This theme continues on from where our November New Moon left of, whereby you may be guided to let go of some of the steps of your masculine ‘plan’ (particular if you found this year challenging in getting things done) and surrendering to a more gentler path of least resistance. Self-care is every bit as important in your plan as the physical action steps.  

And finally Pluto & Saturn are conjunct in Capricorn, with Venus (love & beauty) as well as Asteroid Ceres (Earth Mother + Modern Women, redefining our roles of ‘woman’ in a modern day world) playing in the wings of Capricorn, either side of Pluto + Saturn.  I have an article coming out soon all about Saturn & Pluto (& Jupiter) conjunctions over 2020… but this initial dance of Pluto & Saturn is certainly activating the waves of these 2020 conjunctions.  A little bit like dipping your toes in the ocean and getting a feel of what awaits you!  Pluto (transformation), Saturn (justice) make for quite an interesting companionship. 

Saturn is a factual planet that induces us to face our personal reality, and is thorough & unrelenting as it breaks down our control issues… whilst PLUTO is adamant that those insights to be transformed.    There is a NEW STORY being envisioned & written during this years Galactic Alignment 2019… the questions is – WHAT WILL YOU CHOOSE ?


How to Work with the Energy

As we come into our last weeks of 2019, I recommend taking time each day to to go with in and connect with the GALACTIC EVOLUTIONARY TRIANGLE – to support you in stepping into your personal (and our collective) greater Evolutionary Purpose… through the dream of the greater Cosmos.

Here are a few principles from our Aetheric Healing™ eCourse as well as our ELI: Estoteric Liquid-Light Healing eCourse to help you make the most of the energy over the coming weeks.

I recommend beginning & ending each day with a short meditation (anywhere from 1 minute to 13 minutes) following the following principles discussed below.

PLUS… if you would like to deepen your insights as we step into 2020, I would LOVE for you to join me online for my new Lightrition your Life Course – step into your POWER & discover the alchemy of healing through LIGHTRITION.




  • In meditation, place your hands in ‘Prayer Position’ over your HEART  and focus on the rhythm of your breath. 
  • Your left hand represents the DIVINE FEMININE & your RIGHT HAND represents the  DIVINE MASCULINE.  
  • When your hands come together over the Heart, you are activating the reflexology point of your PINEAL GLAND (the seat of your SOUL) & awakening your Heart Intelligence to COSMIC WISDOM through the Galactic Centre. 
  • As your breathe through your hands over your Heart, you have anchored a Tetrahedron of Energy around you body, the GALACTIC EVOLUTIONARY TRIANGLE – Mother, Father Spirit.  
  • The water within your body becomes structured through the Galactic Evolutionary Triangle – essentially you are resonating as a LIQUID CRYSTAL – a divine conduit of Wisdom ‘as above’ (Galactic Centre), ‘so below’ (The Earth), ‘as within’ (your Heart) – through the 3 Hearts of Creation.
  • As all 100 trillion cells of your body are now bathed in Liquid Light, these super-fluid frequencies are supporting your energy field to align with COSMIC Flow through the Galactic Alignement.
  • As you then go about your day (or when you awaken from your sleep each morning), periodically check in with your thoughts, synchronicities, lucid dreams etc… as the COSMIC FIELD through the Galactic Alignment – is gracefully guiding you to a higher wisdom.   Gracefully gifting you the wisdom of how to transmute negative emotions/stuck cellular memories, let go of old/subconscious beliefs and ultimately promote a radiant state of health, vitality & healing… in the vision of a world more beautiful.
  • As you step into 2020, you will have opened your Heart to a HIGHER COSMIC RELATIONSHIP with the HOME that is our EARTH herself and stepped into your a higher awareness of your/our Greater Evolutionary Purpose as Souls having a human experience here on Gaia.   And an even greater understanding through our Hearts of the Sacredness of Earth in her greater relationship with the Cosmos.


20:20 Dare to Dream

Ready to make the most of 2020 ?

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