Feeling the world into BEing…

Feeling the world into BEing…

I think we are all feeling it. It’s a melting pot of a myriad of emotions that at times may feel all consuming. From deepest Grief. Anger. Sadness. Disbelief. Rage. Heartbreak. Sorrow. All sprinkled in amongst the most glorious of Loves, Visions & Possibilities for Humanity as together we create our New Earth.

Particularly as we come into this weeks Capricorn New Moon, if you too have been feeling a little raw, the Moon is always a wonderful reminder that no matter what phase you are in, you are still whole.

The Moon is a wonderful reminder
that no matter what phase you are in,
you are always whole & complete.

For me, these heavier emotions tend to rear themselves up when I am tired, when I haven’t fully nourished myself, or after I have caught a glimpse of the main stream news. And over the weekend, this heaviness engulfed me after my brother broke my heart – his actions at best ignorant, at worst cold, calculated & malicious.   Another loving reminder that family need not be limited to blood as we awaken to our greater Soul family, those that radiate compassion, kindness & generosity of Spirit.

You cannot save people, you can only love them.
Anaïs Ni 

As I sat with my shattered heart on Saturday afternoon, I simply gave myself permission to feel. This can be such a hard thing to do at times for so many reasons – everything from shame, fear of vulnerability, not wanting to lose control or even telling yourself that ‘dark’ feelings are not spiritual & must be ignored.


However, I beg to differ…

Honouring EVERY experience of your emotional body for what it gifts you in the moment can be one the MOST humbling, radiant & life giving experiences you can ever gift yourself. Swirling waves of emotions do not own you. Feelings do not define you. However what these experiences DO GIFT you is the ability to be humble. To empathetically feel. To tap into the sacred grace of your humanness, and gain clarity from the contrast of what needs to change, and where/how you wish to move forward as the emotion, or energy of the motion of the experience (e-motion) moves through you.

On Saturday just passed, I sat on my couch and dropped my bundle, feeling deeply into everything that was coming up within me. I cried. And cried some more. A rage welled up through my hot angry tears. Followed by an aching disbelief. Settling into a quiet space of nothingness. It was then through this space that I could breath, and breath some more, filling the emptiness with loving nourishment until finally peace found it’s cherished place.  A peace which in fact was within me all along.  And all was well in my world again.

My experience from the weekend reminded me that during times of turbulent change, try not put up a ‘face’ to the world, a barrier that hides your internal experience of the moment. Instead, make the choice to be authentically you. You are not a robot, but rather a sacred Soul having an experience of being Human… and hence EVERY experience of that humanity must also then be sacred is it not ?

During the sacredness of those darker moments of your life, just let yourself be with what IS. Try not to scold yourself for feeling bad. And maybe extend yourself a compassionate & empathetic hand that says ‘Hey, in order to build this NEW WORLD, it is ok to grieve & let the old move through you, in order to make way for the new’.


Feeling the New World into Being…

After my weekend experience, I am being gentle with myself this week. Listening to my body. Hearing the whispers arising from my Heart. Letting go of what my ‘mind’ is playing over & over, and surrendering my entire beingness to what is arising from deep within my Soul.

EVERYTHING is changing around us. And this change can feel scary when your mind doesn’t know the answers. Yet in a place of mindless-ness and opening to more Mindfull-Heartness, we have the capacity to surrender to a greater wisdom, a grander knowingness that  ripples from deep within our Heart-n-Souls.

No matter what chaos, trauma or hurtful deceit is happening ‘out there’ in the world, a more radiant & wisdom filled truth can be found within your Heart.   And it is from this place of Divinity that each of us has the capacity to feel our New World into Being.

Tune into your truth. Cherish the wisdom. And follow the yearnings of your inner-light. This is the LIGHT, the LOVE, the GRACE that will help you to navigate these changing times as we awaken, grow, evolve & thrive together.


Tuning into Heart Wisdom

To help you navigate these changing times, here is a simple yet nourishing ceremony I gift myself regularly (sometimes even a few times each day), that helps me own ALL parts of my beingness, yet at the same time helps me align with a greater love, vision & possibility that is yearning to express it’s way through me.   May you find ripples of peace within this practice too.

One of the most simplest things to do.  Yet in times of turmoil our breath becomes shallow reducing our oxygen intake, hence our immunity… and limiting our ability to breathe in the wisdom of nature, the cosmos, into our bodies.

Start each day feeling into the rhythm of your breath and breathe your breath into the world and the world into your breath.  What does the day ask of you?   What does this moment call of you ?  What am I here to serve in purpose of a world more beautiful ?

The word Spirit comes from the latin word ‘Spiritus’ which means BREATH.  Such that breath & Spirit are ONE.


Throughout the day, should waves of stress/anxiety/fear flood your body, stop whatever you are doing & become conscious of your breath.   Let your breath guide you to discover more about the moment.     Where are you feeling the trauma in your body ?   What is coming up for you ?  Why are these thoughts/emotions all consuming ?

Now with awareness, change up the energy.  Move you body.  Dance, Sing.  Have bath.  Go for a walk.  Scream into your pillow.  Do whatever it takes to move the energy/e-motion/feeling through you until it fully dissipates.    If the waves are slow/hard to move then reach out for help – a lover, friend, or professional… love yourself enough to seek support.


Get back to nature, for it is in nature that we thrive in our true natures.    As I talk about in our Lightrition your Life Course,  the stars above & the Earth below are what power our bodies physically, energetically & spiritually.

From the LIGHT you eat within food, to the wisdom your receive when walking bare foot on the Earth, to the genetic intelligent upgrades that transform your body when you breathe in natures BIOME – her microbial & viral realms.

What you receive from ‘as above, so below’ is what you then radiate back out into the world.    And this co-creative participation with nature is what creates the future of our tomorrows.   You light up the world with your presence when you choose to co-create with nature.


Hand over heart give thanks.   Say out loud ‘I am grateful for…’ and swim in the ripples of your thankfulness.   Breathe this Gratitude to life, to love, to heart, to grace… and invite in Spirit to guide your way.   Become the ripples of change of The Great Awakening.

Follow your Heart.
Be the Grace.


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