Digital Identity – New World Order

Digital Identity – New World Order

This is one of my most IMPORTANT Blog posts this year.  Whether you live here in Australia, or internationally, this topic is affecting us ALL.

In a way it seems quite surreal.  Digital Identity is being sold to us as a great advancement in modern day living ‘life will become so much easier’ Governments & the Media proclaim!   But what is the real story behind the story that is being sold to us?

Whilst this post is dedicated to the situation here in Australia, I urge ALL of our international readers to take note too (particularly the videos & links below).  This is affecting ALL of us and the more you understand, the more empowered you are to choose a different timeline for your life, and create a parallel reality born of your heart-n-soul.

Australia’s Digital Identity Bill – Phase III

You may not have heard about Phases I & II, yet Phase III of Australia’s Digital Identity Bill is up for discussion.  Submissions close 27 October 2021.  Legislation is anticipated to be enacted by the end of 2021.

For brevity, rather that explain it in words, I highly recommend the video below that gives an EXCELLENT summary of what it is about and WHY you need to have your say.  I don’t know who created this video, but I LOVE you!  Thank you for bringing a little clarity to this topic, something the Australian Govt has failed to do.    I agree wholeheartedly with AdvocateMe failing to the adequately publicise this bill to the Australian People is a gross act of deception.

You can place your Submission here:

Read example Submissions here, but please use your own words:


Phase III – Additional Points

The above video highlighted some great key points, but here are a few more things to consider too, as theses are ALL included within the Australia’s Digital Identity Bill Phase III.

This Phase III Bill includes Biometric Verification (AI Facial Recognition), Biometric Binding, and will link all of your Digital Records – MyGov, Medicare, Banks, payment of Utility Bills, ATO, Business Registration, Vehicle Registration etc..

The concern moving forward… and maybe in the not too distant future… is that the unjabbed will no longer be able to buy food, hold an ABN (Business here in Australia), use Medicare Health Services, drive a car, register a business, or even have electricity or a phone… to name but a few!   You may think this is far-fetched, but already look at the Medical Apartheid that is happening as we speak, here in Australia millions of people are banned from working, restaurants, and health services – all because they are unjabbed!   Australian’s say NO. We all must have the moral right of choice.   

Here are some links that will support your research and understanding.

The Digital Identity Bill seeks to expand the application of Australia’s federal Digital Identity system (which is already in place) to now include the States/Territory Govts plus the private sector.   There is NO indication who in the private sector could be approved, this may threaten the average Australian from basic utilities & services if they choose not to be tracked through a Digital ID. 

MyGov is Getting Biometric Verification Under the 2020 Budget

Australian Government Integrates Facial Recognition Technology

Home quarantine app (Facial Recognition) raises privacy hackles

Human Rights Commission calls for a freeze on ‘high-risk’ facial recognition

Researchers want Australia’s digital ID system thrown out and redesigned from scratch

Woolworths & Coles rolling out eQR – No soup for you!

Details of how to access more resource links at the bottom of this page.

Social Credit System – Is this what we want?

After watching the video above, you may have many more questions about our future.   The video below is an extract from a doco which gives insight into Digital Identity Scoring (Social Credit System) happening now in China.  

Is this what we want here in Australia?
Is this what we want Internationally?

It isn’t hard to see how easy it would be for this to occur, all in the name of ‘keeping us safe’  of course.  It is interesting in this video that the people interviewed were all for the Social Credit system – but of course if they spoke out against them, maybe their score would be reduced!


Smart Cities, IoT, Digital ID & The Great Reset

I shared these video in a blog post a few months back, but now more than ever they contain vital information.  If you are finding it hard to see how Digital ID could possibly lead to a social credit system, then these series of 3 Videos provides so much of the background of what has been happening around the globe over the last decades, what is happening now, and what our future will look like if we do not speak up and create change.




Interested in Learning more & creating change?

If you are interested in learning more about the Digital ID rollout, AND more importantly being a beacon of change, then inviting you to enrol in my Humanity Rising Series – Prepping the Essentials.

I have just uploaded a detailed video where I talk more about Australia’s Digital ID, and provide extensive links for you to understand both the global history, and the bigger picture.   And heartfully, I provide you with support and resources to help you ride out this dark time in global history, whilst creating new communities of possibility.


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