Piezoelectricity— Quartz Crystal— Healing


Piezoelectricity— Quartz Crystal— Healing

Quartz Crystals have been used for thousands & thousands years for everything from healing, biodynamic farming practices and technology— YES computer chips and the humble Quartz Watch are powered through Quartz!   One of the miraculous healing/nutritional/energetic properties of Quartz comes from is Piezoelectric effect.

The piezoelectric effect was discovered in 1880 by two French physicists, brothers Pierre and Paul-Jacques Curie (incidently Pierre was the husband of Marie Curie the famous physicist & chemist who discovered the theory of radio activity).  The brothers discovered that when Quartz Crystal is struck (pressured applied), Quartz releases an electric current— electricity!   

Quartz Crystal Points & Healing

As I teach in Crystal Light Healing®, the very art of placing Quartz Crystals on the body, or holding a Quartz Crystal Laser in your hand, activates the piezoelectric effects of the Quartz Crystals, amplifying the energy flow greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Quartz has been shown through science to have the capacity through it’s crystalline matrix to store energy, transmit, amplify & transmute energy.   Quartz Crystals become tranducers of your thoughts, intentions, and the flow of energy through your body from inter-dimensional fields of consciousness.   

Quartz crystals have the capacity to convert sound, colour & light into frequencies of flow that have the capacity to disperse stagnant energy in the body (think congestion, stuck emotions, subconscious imprints, toxicity etc), as well as energise the body with healing frequencies that catalyse self-healing, calm the nervous-system, and awaken consciousness into expanded experiences of enLIGHTenment, Love.

Recently I had the flu, and I gridded my bed with Quartz PLUS I held a very large Quartz Point in my hands all night whilst I slept.  I placed the intention for the Quartz to flow piezoelectrically LIGHT through my body to burn-off the viral inhabitants and activate an elevated immune-response.  My temperature did soar a little during the night, but I woke up the next morning feeling clearer, like I had been through a deep-cleanse.   

I then placed a couple of Quartz Crystal Points in my drinking water the next day to support the conscious restructuring of the water in my body, and to enhance the genomic-upgrade that was taking place post-virus— the opening of my physical body as an expanded vessel of 5th Dimensional LIGHT.   Over the following days I felt a sense of deep peace, like my intuition & connection with the-field  had moved into an heightened state of beingness.  


Quartz & Structured Water

Science shows us that piezoelectricity changes the structure of water molecules.  Simply placing Quartz Crystal Points in water and gently spiralling the Water/Points with your finger or with a spoon,  causes the water to become Structured Water through piezoelectricity.   Structured Water is water that has moved into it’s 4th phase of potential, a liquid-crystalline state.  

Water Molecules are made up of two Hydrogen atoms to one Oxygen atom – that is H2O.  Water that has moved into it’s 4th Phase becomes OH4whereby the OH4 tetragonal molecules gather together in hexagonal rings that create the exact same crystalline structure as Quartz Crystal— just in a liquid state.

Water in its natural environment expresses it’s 4th Phase with ease— such as water in running streams, waterfalls, the ocean etc.   It’s the naturally spiralling movement of water (combined with being energised by the Sun) that transforms water into OH4.   As opposed to water that is held in dams and then pumped into our homes is ‘dead’ water in so many respects.  Not only is this water loaded with toxic contaminants (eg fluoride), but it’s energy potential simply flat-lines when removed from its natural flowing environment.   If you have ever seen Dr Emoto’s work on photographing water crystals from dams, you know what I mean by being life-less water.

Why is Structured Water so beneficial for our health, wellbeing & consciousness ?    Whether we drink structured water, or bathe in structured water, both mechanisms have the capacity to entrain the water in our own bodies to become structured.  Considering the human body is 70% water, structuring has a significant impact on our health, vitality & consciousness.

When we structure the water within our bodies, we become walking Liquid Crystals – with the potential to the amplify the energy of our environment – our thoughts, sound, colour, feelings etc.    As the energy of the watery environment bathing all 100 trillion cells within our body changes, we have the capacity to transmute old cellular memories, shift the expression of our DNA and support the body to naturally heal.

All the modalities through our Wisdom School – Crystal Light Healing®Essence of Angels®Aetheric Healing™ & Lightrition your Life – focus on optimising the harmonics of Structured Water within the body for health, wellbeing, vitality & joyful experience of life.  Here are just a few of the benefits of integrating Structured Water within our lives – both within our environment and also within our body:

  • Energy, Vitality & Longevity
  • Nourishing Sleep (which conversely strengths the Structuring of Water internally)
  • Immunity – preventative of illness, also decreases duration
  • Concentration & Memory
  • Lifts mood & experience of joyful living
  • Improved digestion, metabolism & weight
  • Decreases inflammation & hence progression of auto-immune & degenerative dis-ease conditions such as Asthma, Allergies, ALS, Arthritis, Cardiovascular Disease, Chrohns Disease, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, MS, Psoriasis… to name just a few !
  • On a deeper Soul & Divine Blueprint Level – Structured Water supports & amplifies our inherent gifts of Intuition, precognition & telepathy… again to name just a few !


Food Prep & Quartz Crystal

Preparing our food with the aid of Quartz Crystal— whether thats using Structured Water in our cooking, fermenting with Quartz, or using Quartz Points to keep Herbal Tinctures, Vibrational Essences & Powdered Herbs energetically alive— is one of the most POWERFUL ways to enhance the Lightrition of food.

For-instance, when you use Quartz Points for fermentation (for example Fire-Cider),   Piezolectricity excites the cell membranes of the ingredients, amplifying the medicinal properties of the food to greater than the sum of the individual parts.   Using Quartz during your food preparation, activates the ‘light’ within the food such that we absorb the FULL health benefits from food – Body, Mind & Soul.  

I call this a foods LIGHTrition, the way nature intended nutrition to be.   The handling of food during preparation with your bare-hands imparts your genetic imprint on the food, and then Quartz (or added Quartz structured water) amplifies/activates the LIGHT-rients in food to support & nourish your unique genetic divine blueprint. There is so much more to this, including how Piezolectricity flourishes a healthy Gut Microbiome… but if you would like to learn more then I highly recommend my full course on LIGHTrition.


There is another sacred reason why Quartz is so powerful to use in our food preparation,  Quartz amplifies an ‘unseen’ energetic aspect– the amplification of our thoughts, our intentions, our loving self-care toward health & healing – using ‘Hands & Heart’ to heal thyself.  Just because something can’t be measured, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  

For-instance the LOVE you have for your child, your partner, friends, family – you can’t measure it, but it sure is real.   Quartz ‘amplifies’ the unseen, works with a force of nature that science is yet to quantify… yet you can FEEL the benefits- you don’t need a scientist to confirm your feelings & experiences.   Quartz supports the imprinting & amplification of the bio-energy field of plants with LOVE.

That’s why Quartz crystal has been used for hundreds of years in Biodynamic Farming, for the Quartz amplifies the intelligence of the plant, increasing it’s density of nutrients, creating nutritional profiles that are attuned to our unique blueprint, and supporting strong, healthy & disease resistent plants in harmony with all nature.


Piezoelectric Demonstration

This video is an oldy – filmed many many years ago at one of our Crystal Light Healing® Teacher workshops – but it is a great demonstration of the Piezoelectricity of Quartz (Rose Quartz in the video).   Whilst the banging of the Quartz is extreme to visually demonstrate the LIGHT, the piezoelectric effect is still very powerful through gentle pressure via your hand, or gentle contact of 2 Quartz Pieces together.

By way of note too… all the Crystal shards from this demonstration were added to our Vege Garden for a bit of Biodynamic Lightritional farming !


Want to learn more?

I regularly post LIGHTRITION Recipes in my Flourish Community— everything from growing, cooking, preparing food & fermenting with Quartz.  I believe Quartz is the gateway that enables us to access & enhance the intelligence of our food— which ultimately enhances & activates our own multi-dimensional intelligence with LIFE.   A glorious foundation for the creation of our New Earth.



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