Quartz & Light Medicine

Quartz & Light Medicine

Light Medicine, or Lightrition, is the emerging artful science of how LIGHT intelligence is the power source of Human Evolutionary consciousness.   Without LIGHT life does not exist.  Light is the quintessence of consciousness, the intelligence that breaths all living things into beingness.  When we nourish ourselves through expanded spectrums of LIGHT, our bodies heal and our hearts open to a field of awakened possibility.

In my recent Piezoelectricty & Quartz Journal post, I talked about how Quartz amplifies the medicinal qualities of food, activating the ‘light intelligence’ within plants/microbiome such that we absorb the FULL health benefits from food – Body, Mind & Soul.   Now in today’s post, sharing my passionate insights into Quartz & her relationship to LIGHT Medicine for healing.

Quartz insights into LIFE

In Crystal Light Healing® I dive deep into the 4.5+ billion year evolutionary cycle of Earth’s formation, and demonstrate how Earth is one giant mineralised crystal ball of LIGHT intelligence.

Crystals have the capacity to absorb, store, transmit, amplify & transduce energy/light— hence Earth’s crystals store the Akashics of LIFE (living in flowing energy) here on Earth.  This field of intelligent evolutionary consciousness, Earth’s DNA, contains the wisdom of the past, present & emerging.   This morphic field of wisdom or quantum hologram supports life in flourishing, evolving & transforming into awakened potential.

When we consciously entrain our Heart in coherence with Minerals/Quartz/Earth’s Crystalline field, we move beyond the programming of the Human mind into a multi-dimensional state of awareness.  We access the field of infinite solutions, we experience the LIGHT of Soul of our truest natures.  We find ourselves.  With flow & evolve through LIFE itself.   Our life takes on deeper meaning, as we experience ourselves as part of something much greater.  We breath the LIGHT of all things, of LOVE.

This ancient Sanskrit proverb sums up beautifully WHY I am passionate about Mineral Alchemy, Crystals/Quartz, and infusing food through this realm of intelligent LIGHT information:

God sleeps in the minerals,
Awakens in plants,
Walks in animals and,
Thinks in man.


Quartz & seeing Energy Fields

Quartz can be used in many ways to access the field of LIFE intelligence— such as through meditation, heart-resonance entrainment, DNA Activation & Attunement and crystal vibrational essences, to name just a few.  Once again I teach all of this in Crystal Light Healing®.   However there are numerous other applications that are emerging through evolutionary science.

For example, a brilliant visionary named Royal Raymond Rife created an optical microscope from Quartz that essentially enabled him to ‘see’ the auric field (vibrational energy field) of living things, in particular micro-organisms.   Rife had studied at John Hopkins, and the technology he developed is still used today in the fields of optics, electronics, radiochemistry, biochemistry, ballistics, and aviation.

By 1933, Rife’s Universal Optical Microscope powered through Quartz had nearly 6,000 different parts and was capable of magnifying objects 60,000 times their normal size.   To simply the science, Rife slowly rotated block quartz prisms to focus light of a single wavelength on the micro-organism he was examining. This wavelength was selected because it resonated with the spectroscopic signature frequency of the microbe— he found every life-form has its own unique energy signature.  Micro-organisms which are invisible in white light suddenly become visible in a flash of light when they are exposed to the colour frequency that resonates with their own spectroscopic signature. 

Rife was able to see bacteriums morph into viruses and then morph back again into bacteriums.   He was also able to use light/sound frequencies through quartz to disable the deleterious impacts of certain micro-organisms in the body.  He demonstrated that the sound/light frequencies of the environment have a direct impact on form of a micro-organism— essentially disproving Louis Pasteurs Germ Theory & explaining the process of Terrain Theory.

On November 20, 1931, 44 of America’s most respected medical authorities honoured Royal Rife with a banquet billed as “The End To All Diseases” at the Pasadena estate of Dr. Milbank Johnson.  His discoveries would transform the complete paradigm of medicine… however by 1939, almost all of these distinguished doctors and scientists were denying that they had ever met Rife. What happened to make so many brilliant men have complete memory lapses?

It all came down to money, power, and ensuring the proliferation of the pharmaceutical industry.  ‘Energy Medicine aided by Quartz’ just isn’t that profitable!  You can read more about the full story here. 

In the video below, Lee Merritt talks of Royal Rife’s work, as well as the work of Vlail Kaznacheyev (that I talk more about in the section below).   You can watch the full Video of Dr Lee Merritt & Critical Thinking Docs here.

Quartz & transformation of Dis-ease

When LIGHT shines through Quartz, greater frequencies of Photonic LIGHT is accessible, in particular UV light.   Glass does not give this same effect, only Quartz Crystal.   This is why QUARTZ is such a powerful adjunct to hands on healing, or amplifying the energy of the mineralisation of plants/food.

As Dr Lee Merritt talks about in the above video, Russian scientist Vlail Kaznacheyev proved in over 20,000 meticulous experiments how cell cultures influenced each other through biophoton emissions – ie how the energy of the environment transforms organisms.   And he did this with the aid of Quartz & photonic UV light. Essentially, Kaznacheyev [Kaznacheyev experiments] demonstrated that healthy cells (tissues) can become diseased by simply observing the presence of diseased cells (tissues) through a quartz window— the quartz enabled the proliferation of UV photo light between the two tissue samples.    What does this mean?    For disease to proliferate from unhealthy cells to heathy cells, there does not need to be ANY direct transmission of microbes.   It is the energy of the environment at certain frequencies of photon light energy that ‘transfers’ dis-ease.

Whilst this opens up a mine-field of concerns—everything from EMR’s, to 5G, to graphic oxide in our bodies (form environmental sources as well as the jab), there is also an enLIGHTented way of viewing this discovery.

We can work with Quartz &/or the Mineralisation of Crystals within the body to transform cellular health & vitality.   Should a dis-ease state be present in the body, we can shine LIGHT/Energy through Quartz &/or the Minerals in our body— using consciousness, prayer, intentions, lightrition, lightrients, vibrational essences etc— to transform cells into healthy states of bioresonance.  

Our Soul (Soul Star), resonance at UV light frequency, so another way of explaining this is that our Soulful presence / consciousness when amplified through Quartz/Minerals transformed dis-eased states of body back to our Divine Template of Healthy resonance.  Read my Sounds of the Cosmos Journal Post – Part 1 and Part 2.


Light Medicine – Our Future

Whilst the present chaos & uncertainty of our world moment is daunting to say the least, I believe this dark moment is the catalyst that is awakening people to enLIGHented technologies powered through Divinity.   This is the phoenix moment that Humanity evolves into a NEW phase of evolutionary consciousness.

We are beings of LIGHT.   Illness is created when the environment disturbs our unique LIGHT signature, meaning we move out of harmonic resonance with our Divine Soul Signature.   Environmental ‘disturbers’ can be anything from our conscious/unconscious beliefs, mental processes over-riding innate intuition, pharmaceutical drugs, environmental pollutants, and man-made vibratory frequencies such as EMRs, 5G, and dare I say energy ware-fare that proliferates the transferance of disease to healthy people.

However, we have the capacity to move beyond the confines of this box of limitation, and begin changing the energy of our OWN environments to create harmonic frequencies that facilitate health, vitality, energy & regenerative capacities to our Human Bodies.   

We can do that through growing food infused with LIGHTRIENTS.  Or preparing food that maximises its LIGHTRITION.  Remember, planet Earth is one giant Crystal Ball… when we harness photonic energy THROUGH her Crystalline Matrix we have he capacity with an awakened consciousness of our DNA – the 95% of DNA that materialist science says is ‘junk DNA’, and we become power-activators of our own healing.    NO-THING that is thrown at us externally (be it 5G, Graphene oxide etc) can harm us in the longer term.   

Light/LOVE transforms the darkness— this is the Future of Medicine.

Want to learn more?

I regularly post LIGHTRITION Recipes in my Flourish Community— everything from growing, cooking, preparing food & fermenting with Quartz.  I believe Quartz is the gateway that enables us to access & enhance the intelligence of our food— which ultimately enhances & activates our own multi-dimensional intelligence with LIFE.   A glorious foundation for the creation of our New Earth.


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