Cellular LIGHT Communication— We really are LIGHT-Beings

Cellular LIGHT Communication— We really are LIGHT-Beings

We really are LIGHT-Beings.  LIGHT is the primary nutritional (lightritional) sustenance of human cells that enables cell-to-cell communication to take place.  Without LIGHT life does not exist.  LIGHT is the information our bodies require to heal, regenerate and genetically evolve within a changing bio-terrain.

In recent posts I have shared how Quartz amplifies the medicinal qualities of food through LIGHT, as well as the capacity of Quartz to activate our LIGHT Signature for Healing.  In this post I share HOW cells communicate through LIGHT transmission, and HOW we can flourish this LIGHT communication.

Cellular LIGHT Communication

The Human Body is made up of up to 100 Trillion Cells.  And these cells can be categorised into 200 different cell types that make up the entire structure of the Human Body.

The Membranes of our cells are tightly joined together through Tight Junctions— which are essentially strands of proteins that bind cells together.  Tight Junctions prevent molecules moving between cells, hence creating an environment where molecules must move through cells.  If you have heard of leaky gut syndrome, then that is a great example of weak tight junctions!    The stronger cells are bound together through Tight Junctions, the greater the function of our Gap Junctions— keep on reading to find out WHY this is so important for LIGHT communication.

Tight Junctions are weakened through lack of Minerals in the body,  exposing the body to EMRs such as 5G, chemical toxicity (Glyphosate is a HUGE cause), as well as inflammation & oxidative damage.



Now to our Gap Junctions.  Gap Junctions are only a few microns in diameter (100 times thinner than a human hair), and they are made up of tight clusters of fibre optic like cables, with up to 10,000 fibres in any single Gap Junction.   These fibre optic threads bundle together to create perfectly formed tubes that connect cells together enabling the transference of LIGHT information from cell-to-cell.

At the end of each tubular Gap Junction is a Connexon, which functions like a Cameras LIGHT Aperture— controling the flow of Light, Photons, Electrons from Cell-to-Cell.   

Notice how the Gap Junctions six petalled Connexon looks akin to the Genesis Pattern, or Seed of Life in Sacred Geometry.  If you have studied Crystal Light Healing® Level III, you may recall this 7 days of Creation Genesis Pattern holds the primal template for the infinite creation of LIGHT intelligence in all directions of time/space.   

Referencing the Genesis story, when God said ‘Let there be Light, and there was light’, it was through the ‘lens’ intersection of two spheres of duality of the 7 sphere Genesis Patten that LIGHT shone— through the Vesica Piscis.    The Vesica Piscis is often referred to as the ‘womb of the universe’ or the ‘eye of God’.  

The fabric of LIFE is woven together through this Genesis Pattern, and our human biology comes into form through this LIGHT intelligence.   Once again I am in absolute awe of the miracle of life, how are bodies are made in the image of the Divine.   There is such poetic beauty that the GAP Junctions, our fibre optic LIGHT communicators of our body are the lens of God.



We are LIGHT-BEings

Our primary means of communication, both within the body and with the environment is through LIGHT.   We really are Beings of LIGHT.  Our body is a living networked community of cells that function through LIGHT – receiving, storing, sending and amplifying LIGHT information via the Gap Junction fibre optic system of every cell.

When we eat plants, we are eating the LIGHT intelligence from the Sun, and the minerals within the plants harness the LIGHT intelligence of Earth.  The LIGHTRITION that is our food becomes an alchemic synergy of ‘As Above, So Below, As Within’.   Our cells absorb that LIGHT intelligence, and ‘share’ that wisdom with all 100 trillion cells of the body.

That is why eating SOUL foods— Seasonal, Organic, Unprocessed & Living Foods are essential for the LIGHT communication pathways of our body.   SOUL foods contain ‘Light’ information relative to the Season & Cosmic Cycle, such that our bodies entrain with changes in the biosphere of planet Earth.  Humans also have circadian rhythms, so eating SOUL foods helps the body flow with the intelligent rhythms of the current cycle, the natural biorhythms of Earth.   

When are cells are in flow through LIGHT, we invite in synchronicity, our creativity is heightened, and we feel more awakened to a field of intelligence, a field of LOVE through us.  And FLOW through natures LIGHT intelligence awakens our consciousness, exponentiating the inherent intelligence of our bodies to heal, plus we also gain conscious clarity of what it is we need to provide our bodies in order to support the healing process.   We become enLIGHTened!

When we consciously LIVE as LIGHT-Beings, dieting becomes a thing of the past.  Our relationship with food changes, as food becomes a sacred sacrament of LIGHT & LOVE information from the field.   That is why I love to work with Quartz Crystal when growing and preparing food.    

As I shared in my Piezoelectricty ‘Light’ Quartz Crystal— Quartz crystal has been used for hundreds of years in Biodynamic Farming, for the Quartz amplifies the intelligence of the plant, increases it’s density of nutrients, helps to create plant nutritional profiles that are attuned to our unique genetic blueprint, as well as  support strong, healthy & disease resistant plants in harmony with nature.

LIGHT information from food, from our environment, the Moon, the Sun, the Stars, from animals, from trees, mountains, lakes, oceans, and even the energy of our thoughts, including the thoughts of others & those we spend our time with, are all absorbed by our cells.  And this information is then communicated inter-cellularly throughout the body via Gap Junctions.   Like the saying ‘we are what we eat’, we can can expand that to say ‘we LIGHT up with what we absorb’.

Our life changes when we expand our vision of who we are in the world beyond the physical realm, and engage with the luminous field of infinite LIGHT intelligence.  We develop a renewed sense of trust with life, access intelligent spontaneity, and flourish through a greater sense of belonging in the world.  We flow along the path of least resistance, the natural order of the universe.   When you discover the art of Flowing with Life/Light, EVERYTHING changes!

enLIGHTenment by Dr Zach Bush

You will love this video!  I have embedded the video to start at 35:52, straight into the discussion of Gap Junctions & LIGHT Communication, but I do highly recommend the entire video.

In this Rich Roll interview with Dr Zach Bush, they talk in depth about how chemicals in our food & environment, in particular GMO’s & Glyphosate destroy not only the Tight Junctions, but also tear apart the Gap Junctions— our LIGHT Communication with the Field.


Want to learn more?

I regularly post about LIGHTRIENTS & LIGHTRITION in my Flourish Community— everything from growing, cooking, preparing food & fermenting with Quartz.  I believe Quartz is the gateway that enables us to access & enhance the intelligence of our food— which ultimately enhances & activates our own multi-dimensional intelligence with LIFE.   A glorious foundation for the creation of our New Earth.


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