Earth’s Pole Reversal – Schumann Resonance – Shift in Consciousness


Earth’s Pole Reversal – Schumann Resonance – Shift in Consciousness

Our Earth is encapsulated by an Electro-Magnetic field, known as a Torroidal (Torus) or Toric Field.   

The centre of Earth’s Torus is anchored deep within the crystalline iron core of Earth (the ‘Heart’ of Earth, or ‘Earth Gateway’ or the Zero Point).   Energy then emanates through Earth’s Torus in Fibonacci spiral formations around/through the Earth, returning once more into the Earth’s Heart.

In a holographic/fractal universe the Toric Field of Earth is akin to the Toric Field of the Atom, the Toric Field that surrounds the Human Heart, the Toric Field around our Sun (Heliosphere) and even on a much larger scale again the Toric Field around our entire Milky Way Galaxy.  


The Magnetic component of Earth’s Torus gives Earth her magnetic north and south poles. 

The Electrical component is measured in hz (hertz) and is referred to as ‘Earths Heartbeat’.  

Collectively, the Electro-Magnetic Field creates the container of Earth’s atmosphere and protects all life on Earth by deflecting solar wind and protecting against harmful solar radiation.  In addition, the Toric Field resonance is the container of the consciousness of the planet.

Background Image Credit: NASA


Earths Heartbeat – Schumann Resonance

The Earths electrical hz frequency heartbeat is referred to as the Earth’s ‘Schumann Resonance’.  

In 1952-54,  German physicist, engineer & mathematician – Winfried Otto Schumann predicted and attempted to measure the hz resonance of Earth – the hz wave resonance within the Earths cavity – from the Earths surface up to the the upper levels of the atmosphere, the ionosphere.  Whilst it wasn’t until the early 1960s that accurate measurements could be calculated (due to the work of Balser and Wagner), none-the-less today the measurements are called ‘Schumann Resonance’ frequencies.

The Schumann Resonance – the electromagnetic wave frequency between Earths surface & the ionosphere – is generated and excited by lightning.  On Earth today the Schumann Resonance is tracked my monitors placed by research stations around the world and the recorded hz frequencies at each station vary day to day (and vary according to their location).

The resting state of Earths Heartbeat is 7.83hz and scientists hypothesize that this resonant frequency has remained this way for thousands of year.   This biologic frequency represents the threshold between our Theta-Alpha brainwaves and supports homeostasis of all life forms within Earths biosphere.   When astronauts are in outer-space, spacecrafts now simulate the 7.83hz frequency, to support the healthy physical, emotional & mental states of space travellers.

Schumann Resonance Ionosphere Earths Schumann Resonance

Schumann Resonance is Increasing

For thousands of years, the Schumann resonance biologic heartbeat of Earth has been 7.83 hz, but since the 1960’s, the Schumann Resonance has been steadily on the rise.

Our Sun’s Heliosphere entered into the Photon Band/Belt of Alcyone, the brightest star in the Pleiades, in the 1960’s (highly charged region of space according to Dr Alexey Dmitriev) affecting the resonant frequency of all celestial bodies with the Suns Heliosphere cavity, including Earth.  What comes to mind for me is the ‘swinging sixties’ – a shift in consciousness as people ‘broke-free’ of dogmas limiting their freedoms and rights

1987 marked the 25 year countdown to the end of the Mayan Calendar (and the year of the Harmonic Convergence) and was the year that Earth first entered the Photon Belt of Alcyone.  It was from this time that the Schumann Resonance rose to 11 or even 12hz.  Whilst these changes seem very very small (after all, the energy of colours are in the trillions of hertz), small changes in Earths Heartbeat create huge shifts in biological life on Earth.  To begin with, Earth’s 12hz Schumann Resonance equates to an effective 16 hour day… so yes, time really is speeding up !

As I mentioned above, there are monitors around the world that record Schumann Resonance frequencies.   One of the research bodies leading the way in understanding more about biological life and Schumann frequencies is the Global Coherenece Initiative (HeartMath) in cooperation with The Global Consciousness Project

When reflecting on the Schumann Resonant frequencies over the last 12 months (2016-2017), there has been an upward trend in the resonances, with many stations around the world recording readings in the 40’s & even 50 hz frequencies.  Whilst these readings have not been sustained and vary greatly between recording monitors, needless to say this continued rise is drawing attention of scientists and avid Earth Healers alike.

Of particular interest are the present ‘reversed poles’ in deep regions of the Earth under Southern Africa – the region is referred to as the ‘African Large Low Shear Velocity Province‘.   The HeartMath readings of Schumann Resonate Frequencies in this region are off the scale… but that I feel is worth of a whole new article !


Earth’s Magnetic Pole Reversal

Earth’s electrical beat has an inverse relationship with Earths magnetic field – thus as the hz frequency of Earth increases, the Earth’s magnetic field is diminished.  As the magnetics reach such a low threshold, Magnetic North & South become so weak and erratic (chaotic) that ultimately this leads to a full magnetic pole shift in Earth.  Earth itself doesn’t flip (Geographic North & South stay the same), however the North & South Magnetics flip – meaning Magnetic North becomes Magnetic South and vice versa.

The diagram below from NASA displays the shift that occurs during a reversal.  As you can see on the left, there is a Magnetic North & South of the Earths Toric Field.  However, as the Earths Heartbeat hz increases, the Magnetics decrease and become ‘chaotic’, ultimately leading to a full shift where the Magnetic South is up and the Magnetic North is down (direction is based upon how ‘Earth’s globe’ is most commonly represented).

Earth polar shift awakening consciousness


For thousands of years, ancient cultures from around the world hold within their story of Earth/humanity an understanding that this generation holds the key for the future.  They talk about the ‘3 days of darkness’ (a full magnetic pole shift) a transition or birthing into a world where the Sun rises in the west as a new day (awakened consciousness) arises.


Has Earth’s Magnetic Poles Flipped before ?

Scientists/geologists look to the iron stores within the Earth to historically trace Earth’s cycles and her magnetic poles.  It is known that Earth’s magnetic poles have flipped many many times before (see diagram below).

Earth Polar Shift Historically

In the last 3.6 Million years there have been 9 full Magnetic Pole reversals, equating to approximately 400,000 years between each reversal.  However, our last full Magnetic Pole reversal was over 780,000 years ago… thus based on the law of probability and looking at the data historically, we are well and truly overdue for a reversal.


What will trigger Magnetic Pole Reversal ?

As I have discussed, as the Earth’s Heartbeat hz increases, the magnetics of the Earth are diminished  – which leads to a pole reversal.  So the question is, what is causing the Earth’s Heartbeat hz to increase ?

There are so many factors involved in this complex question.. that it would be near to impossible to even attempt to try and cover everything in this short article.  Rather, for simplicity, I have chosen to touch on the major catalysts and then more importantly look at the impact this will have upon biologic life.

Earth’s HeartBeat is gradually increasing due to:

The above factors, in combination with many others is increasings Earths HeartBeat hz and gradually decreasing the magnetic field, ultimately leading to a full magnetic polar shift… possibly any time soon !


What will happen during a Magnetic Pole Reversal ?

As the Earth’s Heartbeat hz increases and holds a synchronised, sustained and harmonic HeartBeat frequency around the Earth of 13.13 hz, this will be the critical point hz frequency that will lead to a full Earth’s Magnetic Pole reversal.

As the Earths Magnetics diminish and became erratic, it will then be humanity’s individual/collective Heart Toric fields (in combination with Galactic Toric Field) that will quantum leap ALL life forms into this next phase of evolution.

At the threshold of 13.13 hz, humanities primordial cells are resonated and pineal glands ‘ignite’ creating a cascade of quantum shifts in the body… from the Activation of DNA (all 64 DNA Lightcodes) through to the Attunement of DNA to a resonate frequency that now reflects a awakened level of 5D consciousness within the physical body.

Humanity’s individual/collective Heart Toric fields will then re-establish the new Electro-Magnetic HeartField of Earth, stablise her HeartBeat and support a ‘simulation’ of consciousness from an awakened level of 5D awareness.  Refer to the diagram below:

Regarding the 13.13hz threshold, I will cover the reasons behind this in future articles.  If you would like to receive my future articles, then please sign up to my FREE eNewsletter below.

When will Earth’s Magnetic Poles Reverse ?

When the next Magnetic Pole Reversal will be is anyone’s guess.  Among scientists there is an understanding that a Pole Reversal in imminent, but theory’s cover wide ranges of time/conditions for a reversal.  The reversal could easily happen tomorrow or possibly in hundreds of year time… and then once triggered it could possibly take just a few days to reverse with some schools of thought saying it could take at least a 1,000 years to reverse.

My feeling is, rather than get stuck on a date (a very human ‘mental’ thing to do according to a linear Gregorian Calender) – a better solution would be to hold within your heart a vision of a beautiful new world.   To take responsibility for your life, your heart resonance, what you gift in service to the world and breath by breath live your life in service to this greater vision.

It is our individual & collective heart fields that will create this beautiful new world… and it is up to each and everyone of us what we do NOW that will make the difference in the future and determine the level of awakened consciousness that we leap into.

As world events take place over the days, weeks, months & years to come (coming to mind at this moment is the recent US Presidential election) and as Celestial Alignments are pushing you into new states of expansion, you have a choice in how you resonate and align with the collective heart field. 

Rather than get caught in the divisive concept of ‘us’ & ‘them’… choose to live your life in compassionate understanding, in unified vision and in service of a vision greater than yourself to lift up the human spirit to new heights and awaken a beautiful new world that our hearts know is possible (thank you Charles Eisenstein).

From an esoteric view point, I believe that a full polar shift does not have to be an event of destruction, chaos, earthquakes, tsunami’s and the like (and I have deliberately avoided discussion of these scenarios in this article).  

Take ownership of your Sacred Wealth through your Heart and live/work in harmonic alignment with the HEART of Creation in order to step into the Harmonically Wealthy FREEDOM of your Soul.   From this place of awareness we can catalyse this pole reversal in highest good of the greater all and choose to make it a peaceful transition into a new story of our planet Earth.

xx Simone


PostScript:  Sharing a short video of the Schumann Resonance to support your understanding of this vibrational frequency.



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