Corona Investigative Committee – Dr Reiner Fuellmich – Update September 2021

Sharing the latest update from Dr Reiner Fuellmich, as at 15 September 2021. If you are not aware of the work of Dr Fuellmich, I recommend his 2020 Declaration to the World here.  Dr Reiner Fuellmich announced to the world that he, along side a team of Lawyers Globally, were initiating legal action against this […]

The Medicine Keepers

I had planned on writing a post this week on the Vagus Nerve, our nervous system and the importance of activating your relaxation response – turning OFF that Fight or Flight reflex.   But the post kinda morphed into something else, so instead my heart dived deep into ‘The Medicine Keepers’.   The reason WHY I […]

End of the Medical System as we know it!

As shared in my The Medicine Keepers, as the hidden-shadow of our world is ‘seen’ and brought to LIGHT, something powerful shifts within the field.  Individually we grow/evolve through a grace-filled divinity, and collectively we discover ways to create an entirely new vision of our world.   As the old-systems begin to crumble around us, the […]

Is there a Future worth Living ?

Is there a future worth living?  Whilst an uncomfortable question to ponder, I do believe the question is essential if we are to truly engage in navigating this moment on Earth with 100% of our beingness.     When asking that question you cannot hide from yourself.  You cannot hide your fears, your anxieties, your deepest […]

Segregating the Unvaccinated – Questioning Morality

History has never looked kindly on politically motivated segregation or discrimination, even (and especially) under the guise of ‘health emergencies‘.  Within this crucial moment of Human history, our future depends on THE PEOPLE choosing morality over compliance. This is NOT about being anti-or-pro-jab.  And this is NOT about being left-or-right in politics.  This is about […]

AUSTRALIA – Know your Rights, Legal Action & Informed Consent

With Medical Apartheid via Vaccine Passports fast descending on Australia, it is important to know your rights. If you are are being coerced to take the vaccine, or are a Teacher, Police Officer or Health Care worker that will lose your job should you NOT have the jab, sharing below many resources to help you […]

Time for Civil (peaceful) Disobedience!

Rather than give a big long introduction, I feel I will let this video below do all the talking! Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. explains why we all need to stand up now and resist with civil disobedience.   Why?  Because the science shows that the vaccine has no positive impact on overall mortality but puts […]

What does it mean to live FREE ?

Freedom to me represents the experience of expressing divinity without hindrance. Whether that be hindrance made manifest from my own anxieties or fears, or hindrances imposed by forces/injustices outside of myself.  But when you look deeper into that meaning of freedom, you come to realise that we are ALWAYS free.  We are always living in […]

The Bridge between Worlds

Over 10 years ago I fell in LOVE with this orchid (pictured above), and was guided to attach the plant to the fork of my Poinciana Tree.    During the last week of August each and every year my delightful orchid comes into bloom.  What a wonderful view from my kitchen window, in particular the petalled […]

NEW Videos – Prepping the Essentials

A whole lotta LOVE is going into my NEW Prepping the Essentials Series… and I am continually adding NEW Videos & Resources over the coming months. Below are screenshots of some of the Videos that have been uploaded so far, with heaps more to come!.  Each video is accompanied by oodles of resources, such as […]

Australia – Medical Apartheid – Crimes Against Humanity

So much happens in a week here in Australia at this present time, it is hard to wrap my head around giving an update.  Whilst the things I share here tear at my heart, I do know this is all part of the crumbling of world built upon lies, deceit, greed, power & control. That […]

CHD Wins Case Against FCC on Safety Guidelines for 5G and Wireless

Amid the darkness of this moment, these candle flickers of light are igniting bonfires of possibility! Children’s Health Defense (CHD) won its historic case today against the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a case challenging the agency’s decision not to review its 1996 health and safety guidelines regarding wireless-based technologies including 5G.  The U.S. Court of […]

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