Earth’s Birth – 21 December 2012 – 11 Numerology

By Simone Matthews

I actually have tears in my eyes as I reach into my heart and try to find the words to express the joy, beauty and immense LOVE that is ripening and oozing from our hearts. Here we find ourselves approaching 21 December 2012, aligning on the Galactic Equator and emerging into a whole new conscious […]

12:12:12 Global Events

By Simone Matthews

12:12:12 Global Events The 12 December 2012 (12-12-12) marks the 9 day count down to the 21 December 2012 – the threshold of a new conscious evolutionary cycle of humanity, the birthday of a new Earth. Today is  a time to surrender and open your heart in service to self and the greater good of […]

10:10 Gateway

By Simone Matthews

On the 10 October 2010 a portal of energy (gateway / doorway) opens up to us here on Earth… awakening humanity to our divine feminine lunar self. It is an opportunity for each and every one of us to embrace the femine lunar energy within us (whether we are male or female), and our role […]

Numerology – The Sacred Number 3

By Simone Matthews

Have you ever wondered why things in life often happen in threes ?   Why when good or even bad luck strikes we anticipate the event to happen three fold ?    Are we creating these situations with our superstitious natures, or is there an explanation behind the power of three ? Number 3 in Everyday life […]

2010: The Energy of a Universal ‘3’ Year

By Simone Matthews

As we welcome in 2010, we also welcome in a new frequency, a universal ‘3’ energy vibration (2+0+1+0). And I am sure you will agree… doesn’t the energy feel different already ! Last years energy facilitated huge growth for many as we embraced the energy of a universal 11 (or 2 year). With Capricorn in […]

2009: The Magic of a Universal ’11’ Year

By Simone Matthews

Welcome to 2009, a Universal year of 11 vibrational energy (2+0+0+9 = 11). There has not been a Universal 11 year since 1910, thus well over 99% of the worlds population have never experienced a Universal 11 year vibration in their lifetime… so this is a biggy for our entire planet ! In numerology the […]

2008 – Our year ahead…

By Simone Matthews

How do you start the New Year ? I know I never sit back and make a whole bunch of resolutions that are bound to be broken before January is out ! I like to steady my way in, feel the energy of the New Year and consciously work toward creating an experience – from […]

Energy Predictions for 2007

By Simone Matthews

As we enter into 2007, we are entering globally into a 9 year. Nine years are all about compassion, humanitarianism, returning to nature and winding down from the frenetic pace of the last 8 years. What this means for our planet, is the opportunity to bring much peace, love and understanding for each other and […]

11:11 Doorway

By Simone Matthews

The phenomenon has been growing for years, and is the wake up call for Lightworkers being called to action. So what is this world wide occurrence you ask, it is 11:11 of course. Have you ever noticed 11:11 all around you. On digital clocks, stereos, microwaves, DVD’s, posters, in nature etc. it is everywhere. If […]

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