13.13 Hz Schumann Resonance: The Great Shift


13.13 Hz Schumann Resonance: The Great Shift

As I discussed in my last post – Earth’s Pole Reversal – Shift in Consciousness – as our Earth’s Heartbeat (hertz frequency / Schumann Resonance) increases via a synchronised, sustained and harmonic HeartBeat frequency of 13.13 hz, this critical tipping point will lead to a full Earth’s Magnetic Pole reversal.

Now in today’s post, I would like to share with you more about Earths 13.13hz frequency and the impact this has on our physical, emotional/mental and spiritual states of beingness.


13.13hz – Schumann Resonance

For thousands of years, the Schumann resonance biologic heartbeat of Earth has been 7.83 hz, but since the 1960’s, the Schumann Resonance has been steadily on the rise.

When reflecting on the Schumann Resonant frequencies over the last 12 months (2016-2017), there has been an upward trend in the resonances, with many stations around the world recording readings in the 40’s & even 50+ hz frequencies.  Whilst these readings have not been sustained and vary greatly between recording monitors, the readings indicate there is a huge shift happening in the heartbeat of Earth.

Due to Galactic, Solar & Celestial Alignments and world events that are triggering states of Global Heart Coherence – scientists, cosmologists and ancient wisdom keepers alike are aware that a full magnetic pole shift is imminent any time soon.   

As taught within my Crystal Light Healing® eCourse, when Earth’s heartbeat (Schumann Resonance) is sustained at 13.13hz, this critical tipping point will lead to a full Earth’s Magnetic Pole reversal.  The magnetics of the Earth will be diminished / lost and  Humanity’s individual/collective Heart Toric fields will re-establish the new Electro-Magnetic HeartField of Earth – leading to a Quantum Leap in Evolutionary Consciousness.


13.13hz Schumann Resonance & our Primordial Cells

When the Earth’s Heartbeat is sustained at 13.13 hz, the energetic harmonic waves of the Earth’s Heartbeat will ‘resonate’ the divine template of humanities Primordial Cells, ultimately catalysing a Quantum Phenomena event in our DNA.

Hara-line-dan-tienOur Primordial cells are our original 8 cells of life, the first 8 cells that are formed after fusion of the Egg & Sperm and subsequent cellular replication.  These 8 original cells, that are positioned in-between your Base & Sacral Chakras, are maintained throughout your life-time via the holographic field of your Crystalline Matrix (auric field). 

As discussed in my article ‘Primordial Cells – Powerhouse of Qi‘,  Primordial Cells, are an intelligent store house of physical or ‘Manifest Qi’, where the un-manifest potential becomes manifest, where energy emerges as matter.   Where Sound/Light emerges into Form.  When we choose to live a SOUL realised life, we activate our Emotional Qi (Higher Heart) and become a direct conduit of Mental Qi (infinite intelligence via the Pineal Gland) along our Hara Line. We then have the capacity to consciously harness our ‘Manifest Qi’ of our Primordial Cells.

Our Primordial Cells have a resonant divine template frequency of 210hz, which musically corresponds to note G#.   When the Earth’s Heartbeat sustains a global synchronised 13.13hz, due to the movement of energy in harmonic octaves, the 13.13hz frequency triggers the divine template of our Primordial Cells to resonate at 210 hz. 

The flow of energy in harmonic octaves from 13.13 hz to 26:26 hz, to 52:52 hz, to 105 hz and finally then resonating our Primordial Cells at 210 hz – provides an amazing quantum potential for humanity. Refer to the diagram below.  Please also refer to my post ‘The Healing Sounds of Colour‘ to understand more about the flow of energy in harmonic octaves.

Mass DNA Activation & Attunement at 13.13hz

Upon the Earth vibrating at 13.13 hz and the ignition of humanities Primordial Cells at 210hz, the Earth’s resonance will trigger a sacred Hara-Line communication pathway between the Primordial Cells, Heart/Higher Heart & the Pineal Gland – ultimately leading to a mass Quantum Shift in DNA.

The electromagnetic current of energy moving along the Hara-Line as a direct result of Earth’s 13.13hz resonance, awakens our consciousness (Pineal Gland), brings us into harmonic resonance with the Great Cosmic Breath (Heart/Higher Heart) which leads to the awakening of our innate biological language of DNA within our Primordial Cells.

As the Earth’s HeartBeat sustains a 13.13hz resonance, photon energy within our Primordial Cells are released and the DNA within the the Primordial Cells are ACTIVATED (turned on) – ultimately all 64 DNA Light Codes are Activated & Attuned.  

As our DNA Activates & Attunes through Earths sustained 13.13hz resonance, we will experience profound changes in our Physical, Emotional/Mental & Spiritual states of beingness.

Physically – our bodies cellular vitality will be amplified as we shift into ‘digesting’ the quantum photon energy of plants and sunlight itself.  We will re-remember how to harness cosmic/stellar energies to heal from dis-ease and align in harmonic resonance with the Aetheric Field.

Emotionally/Mentally – we will shift our thoughts/beliefs/mental chatter from egoic states into alignment with the divine mind.  Compassion, kindness, gratitude will guide our actions as we surrender to the ‘feeling’ the calling of our Souls highest potential.

Spiritually – we will align our Hearts with a higher wisdom, a universal truth from a place of LOVE.   Each of us will ‘step up’ and be of greatest service to this profound global and cosmic shift in consciousness.

Awakening to Higher Consciousness at 13.13hz

In the diagram below, I have outlined the vibrational divine template hz frequencies of our Energy Centres/Chakras (as per our Essence of Angels® & Crystal Light Healing® modalities). 

As you can see, our Primoridal Cells hold the divine template of 210hz frequency (G#), sitting between the Base Chakra at 194hz (Note G)  and the Sacral Chakra at 220hz (Note A). 

Upon the Earth vibrating at 13.13 hz, not only do our Primordials Cells activate/awaken (due to the movement of energy in octaves through to 210hz), but also one Octave up, the Portal of G# at 420hz (between our Soul Star and the Stellar Gateway of the Pleiades) is also resonated/activated through the movement of energy in octaves.

Our consciousness awakens / opens a dimensional door into higher-realms of awareness as the Earth at 13.13hz unlocks Humanity’s consciousness to the G# Portal at 420hz.   We become conscious channels of 6D wisdoms into our 5D Soul Consciousness.

Our 5D Soul Consciousness is referred to as ‘Wisdom Consciousness’.  It is an awareness that you are a SOUL having a HUMAN experience here on Earth.  An awareness that whilst on a physical level your body ‘appears’ to to be separate (from the Earth, Humanity, Cosmos), you are infact a fractal of the entire field of Creation through you.   You know deep within your heart that you are an essential thread in the web-of-life, YOU are an integral part of the whole.   Thus you choose to live your life in service to something greater than you, this cosmic web of consciousness… for what you do to yourself you gift to the field, and what you gift to the field you receive back inkind.

As we awaken to 6D Consciousness as Earths Heart beat of 13.13hz activates the 420hz Portal (between our Soul Star & the Pleiades), we are being drawn to transcend the old patriarchal man-made structures and systems of our world and step into a innate flow, a sensual dance with Mother Earth.   We ‘see’ the world through our Hearts and intuition is what drives are day-to-day lives.   We are called to action to surrender and allow ourselves to be seduced by the mesmerising LOVE & beauty of our Earth… and to follow her guidance to serve LOVE and sacredly participate in personal and planetary evolutionary healing.

Galactic LOVE Waves – Activating Primordial Cells

There is another beautiful part to this story of global evolutionary awakening.

Whilst the Earth is ‘responding’ to the cosmic environment by beating in harmonic 13.13hz resonance, Humanity & all life forms on Earth are being bathed in ‘Galactic Love Waves’ from the core of the Milky Way Galaxy itself – the Cosmic Gateway.

Since 1987, theses Galactic Waves of Love have been increasing in intensity and will continue to do so as we move toward 2040, the Golden Age.  These Waves of Love are facilitating a shift in consciousness; an evolutionary leap for humanity into a new Earth; an awakening of humanity from their sleep and into the co-creation of beautiful New Earth.

As the Cosmic Gateway unleashes its Galactic Waves of Love at 512-544 hz (C-C#), these energy waves flow down to Earth in Octaves, opening our Heart/HigherHeart at 256-272hz or C-C# (being the first harmonic) and then also our BaseChakra/Primordial Cells at 194-210hz or G-G# (being the second harmonic or perfect fifth in musical theory).  Please note that we learn about the ‘perfect fifth’ Fibonacci ratio / harmonic interval in Crystal Light Healing®.

To summarise the simple yet divine perfection of all that I have written above…

At this time on Earth we are collectively sitting in a ‘time-between-time’.  The old structures of the Earth (corporations, governments, religion) are crumbling and we are being called to hold deep within our Hearts a vision of a beautiful new world that flourishes through LOVE, compassion & kindness.  Earth’s Heartbeat of 13.13hz is supporting our transition AND the Galactic Centre itself is guiding our awakening us through her Waves of LOVE.

All we are being called to do is surrender to a greater vision of our World through your Heart.  Allow this vision to guide you to take the steps to live in harmonic alignment with the calling of the Soul through this Great Shift.  We are being called to unite with ourselves, unite with each other and intuitively hold the grandest vision of Earth as we birth ourselves & our planet into a unified, awakened and profoundly loving state of beingness. 



xx Simone









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