Rhythm of Heart, Sound of Soul

Rhythm of Heart, Sound of Soul

July 25 last week was ‘Day out of Time’, the New Years Eve of the Galactic Calendar – a calendar that calibrates our energy field with the rhythmic cycles of Nature. ⁠

The Galactic Calendar is based on 13 Moons (months) each of 28 days, which create a full year cycle of 364 days. So 25 July, is the 365th Day or a ‘day out of time’, and 26 July is the 1st day of a New Galactic Year. ⁠ ‘Day out of Time’ is a day for stillness, connection with Eternal Time, an honouring ‘Time as Art’. A letting go of a linear passage of HIStory… and be nourished by HERstory, presence, and the eternal NOW.⁠

Sharing with you my magickal ‘Day out of Time’ story… and my connection to ‘Rhythm of Heart, Sound of Soul’ through my Medicine Drum. And thank you to a beautiful friend of mine Kylie Kenny for capturing these images of my Drum taking its first breath on the weekend.

Rhythm of Heart, Sound of Soul


Over a decade ago I set my intentions to create my very own Medicine Drum.   I have lost count of the number of opportunities that have popped up over the years, but nothing seemed to feel right… until this year!   Leading into this years eclipse season,  fortuitously two beautiful Medicine Drum Teachers crossed my path, and so my drum was first conceived. 

Why have I longed to create a Medicine Drum?  The rhythmic beat of a drum is our connection to the Feminine… from our Mothers heartbeat in-utero, to the Heartbeat of Gaia, to the Universal Heartbeat of creation.    Medicine Drum helps us to remember the sacredness of life, the natural rhythms of nature, and how we too are sacred… for each of us are instruments (or drums) that are breathed into life through the Heartbeat of the Great Mother.  The Great Spirit breathes our Hearts into beingness, Spirit into human form.

I love love love my crystal bowls, my flute, my galactic tuning forks & my harmonic chimes- if you have attended any of my Crystal Light Healing® workshops or HeartRetreats, I know you would have fallen in love with these too!  But there is something about the beat of drum that takes the Heart into resonances like no other.


Over 3 glorious days in late May, led by the exuberant Richard Little Feather, & gorgeous Shamanic Goddess Michelle Niethe- through hands & heart I moved through the 3 Trimesters of Gestation… preparing my Drum for its birth & first breath of life.   If you live here in Australia & would like to make your own Medicine Drum, I highly recommend Michelle Niethe of Craft of Heart & Hearth– her wisdom, deep integration of Medicine Wheel teachings & ability to ‘see’ the spirit in all things will make your drum making experience a journey to remember. 

I held no expectations, or even knowledge of how to make a drum (which is a good thing in hindsight… cause it is one hell of an emotional journey creating a Drum)… instead I came to the weekend with open mind, full heart, & a soul that was eager to play!

The first thing that really mesmerised me was the inter-connection of all things.   Ok, I know, I know… and you know this too… but still there are times where these synchronicities take your breath away!   I personally find these experiences keep you humble, and also keep you open to the life-long journey of learning.   As a Teacher myself, personally I have found that ‘the more you know, the more you realise you don’t know’, and for me, that mystery of life is what keeps Spirit alive in all of us.

Forinstance, in creating our Medicine Drum, after cutting out a circular hide, 24 holes are punched in preparation for weaving the hide to your rim.   If you have read my book ‘Shealla-Dreaming‘ or studied any of the modalites through my school, in particular ‘Crystal Light Healing® Sacred Ancient Wisdom‘, you would know that the Great Spirit comes into form through the 12 Sacred Keys (the 13th Key is the Law of Love that sits within the Heart of all things).  Each of the 12 Sacred Keys have a ‘masculine & feminine’ principle… hence there are 24 keys in total!     So there you go… I am creating my very first Drum based on Metatrons Cube, or OmAhOm Symbol of the 13 Sacred Keys… WOW!!!

After punching the 24 holes, I then weaved my hide to my drum rim… working my way around the 13 Sacred Keys of the OmAhOm Wheel of Life (see image above). 

Holding LOVE within my heart (13th Sacred Key, ‘The Law of Love’), for each set of 2 holes I focused on the Masculine & Feminine principle of each Sacred Key.   Forinstance, ‘The Law of Potential’ relates to my drum holes 1 & 2, ‘The Law of Grace’ relates to drum holes 3 & 4 etc.  So as I weaved each set of 2 drum holes, I imbued my drum with the sacred map of creation… the heartbeat & nervous system of an intelligent & infinitely expanding universe.


24 Holes – OmAhOm
Weaving 13 Sacred Keys
My Drum

For me personally, the making of my Drum was a very sacred & deeply moving experience.   Every step of the process, every hole that is cutout & then woven around the rim is a journey through every area of your life – from birth, up to the present moment.   A reflection of where you have been, your experiences, where you are in this moment, and your Soul’s greater vision for you & what you are becoming.

Being a sensitive, as you can image, making my Drum was going to happen without tears!

Forinstance, as I was weaving & pulling the hide tightly over the rim at the 22nd hole, the hole tore open completely tearing through the hide… and I felt as if I myself had been torn wide open too!

Hole 22 represents the ‘Stellar Gateway’, the Pleiades… and in my Sacred Keys of Creation teachings, the ‘The Law of Polarity’.    The law of polarity states that EVERYTHING that exists has an equal & opposite reaction.   So for every heartache, every hurt, every failure, there is an equivalent or even greater polarity of happiness, joy & success.   The messy/complicated experiences of life are in fact ‘gifts’ that play an integral role in our growth, our healing, and journey to recognise our divinity.

I reflected on my thoughts that were running through my mind just prior to hole 22 breaking.  Through the Law of Polarity I was reflecting upon some of my more OCD perfectionistic traits (oh the blessed life of a type A personality), and my intentions on weaving this hole were to ‘let go’ of the need to control certain areas of my life.  And then it happened, hole 22 completely broke open.   I burst into tears, my first reaction was ‘my Drum is broken’, I f’cked it!  

But then I came to realise how perfect the experience in the moment had been.   The hole breaking was in fact a symbol of the barriers within myself ‘breaking through’, a letting go of my attachment to make things ‘perfect or just right’.   The tearing hole released my pain surrounding this issue, and my flowing tears released these hurts from deep within my body. 

Our Drum making facilitators – Michelle & Richard – both guided me to cut out 2 additional holes (either side of the torn hole), and then weave these two holes together… the POLARITY of these two holes bringing healing to the third hole between them.   Recognition that EVERY situation in life can be healed through the LAW of POLARITY.   An acknowledgement that during times in life where we may feel shame, regret, or failure… a reminder that these experiences occur on the ONE pole of W-HOLE-NESS.  And in fact our broken experiences of life allow a deeper LOVE within us to emerge.   Hole 22, was now infact 3 holes merged into one, a deep healing through the Sacred Power of the Number 3.

And as a final reminder of W-holeness, when I came to complete the Heart of my drum (the central core of my Drum that I hold in my left hand when I play her, my receiving hand), I wove into the Heart of my Drum the 2 circular cutout pieces from either side of hole 22… a reminder that we are richer for ALL of life’s experiences… our Heart is more full & overflowing for a life well lived – the good, the bad, the full kaliedoscope of life experiences (polarity) of being human.

Incidently, in Numerology, the Number 22 is the ‘Master Builder Number’.   It takes 11:11 up to a greater resonance of vision, quantum potential & creative manifestation.  And in fact the word ‘ANGELS’ vibrates to the number 22 in numerology.   

Hole 22 – Polarity – W-holeness

Heart of my Drum

Day out of Time – Labour

With my drum complete and left to fully dry out over many days… my next step was to create my Drum Beater.   And you guessed it, a day of no time or ‘Day out of Time‘ was the day my Drum Beater called to come into being in preparation for the Birth of my Drum.

I was guided to use a rabbit pelt for the drum head.  Rabbit Spirit crossed our path numerous times on our journey home from drum making… so I felt she hopped into our path, the path of my drum for a reason.

I was also guided to use feathers to dangle off my drum beater that represented the animal spirit that lived within the drum.   On our way to the drum workshop, an Owl flew across our car… and throughout the entire workshop I felt a strong presence of Owl Spirit Medicine guiding my drum making.   Owl is the medicine of wisdom & intuitive knowing… rather pertinent I felt after a weekend of weaving the 13 Sacred Keys through my drum!

I also chose to weave in 6 crystals of green Aventurine, 3 above (close to the beater head), & 3 below (close to the beater base), creating a six pointed Merkabah.  ‘Mer’ means Light, ‘Ka’ means Spirit and ‘Ba’ means Body… so my beater is infused with intention of bring LIGHT or SPIRIT into form when she beats my drum through the rhythm of the universe.

As I teach in my Crystal Light Healing® Level I eCourse, green Aventurine is a mixture of clear quartz that contains microscopic particles of fuchsite- that alchemically blend together to create Aventurine- a crysal of the Heart.   In Essence of Angels®, Aventurine also embodies Archangel Chamuel & the Heart/Higher Heart- the breath of life through the Air Element of the Octahedron.

The first set of 3 Aventurine Crystals (near the head), also represents the holy trinity of the Sacred Number 3 – Mother, Father, Spirit – through the Galactic Evolutionary Triangle.   And the second set of 3 Aventurine Crystals (near the base, where my hand holds the drumstick) represents my personal Soul Evolutionary Triangle, the holy trinity that creates my Soul Blueprint on my Astrological Birth Chart- as I teach within my Aetheric Healing™ eCourse.

Galactic Evolutionary Triangle

Soul Evolutionary Triangle
My Drum Beater


Birth – She Sings

On Sunday just passed, at 2pm in the afternoon… my beautiful Drum breathed her first breath of life and came into being.  Mum & Bub are doing well !

And I am over the moon & stars to announce that my beautiful girl’s Soul Song plays to note A & A#.   As I teach in Crystal Light Healing® Level III, the universal vibrations of musical Notes A & A# resonate with the Stellar Gateway, the portal of the Pleiades.  

The 7 sisters of the Pleiades have played an important role in culture, art, music, literature & architecture around the world.  Even sailors relied upon the star cluster for navigation, & farmers have used the appearance of the Pleiades for seeding crops.   From Greek mythology, to Native American Indians, Indians, Polynesians & even our Australia Aborigines… the Pleiades form a vital part of the dreamtime of Earth.

In Crystal Light Healing® Level III, I share how sound creates form… and through the musical tones of A & A#, energy moves in harmonic octaves to create LIGHT… our conscious connection with the Pleiades through our Sacral Chakra.   The Pleiades (Stellar Gateway), represents the Womb of the Divine Mother from which life is birthed here on Earth.

So yes, my beautiful Drum holds the heartbeat of the Pleiades… she represents the cycles of birth-death-rebirth… the eternal rhythms, heartbeats of life.

There is a beautiful story too about the hide of my drum.   I was originally set to make my drum from Deer, but a little cosmic intervention meant that I ended up making a Kangaroo hide drum.  During the workshop, all the hides were spread out across the floor… and all participants were asked to walk around the room & connect with the hide that is for them.  Whilst this was happening, I was spending time with another participant who needed some help… so I didn’t get a chance to choose my hide, instead, the last hide that was left after everyone had chosen was the hide left over for m.   And all I can say is, how VERY perfect & blessed I am for this hide.

When I hold my Drum up to the light, the hide has an ingrained marking across it, that to me represents the flat plane of the Milky Way Galaxy.  And on the far right of the plane are spheres that represent the 7 Stars or Sisters of the Pleiades.   When the hides were spread out across the floor, there was no way anyone could ‘see’ the markings within the hides… it was only when my Drum was complete, as the light shone through her… the presence of her imbedded starmap came to life.  

The wisdoms that I share through my Wisdom School are a synthesis of cherished wisdoms primarily from the Pleiades + an eclectic melting pot of ancient wisdoms from our greater Milky Way Galaxy, through the Heart of all Galaxies in all directions of time & space… time eternal.  I LOVE how synchronicity, curcumstance, divine timing & spirit, so tenderly guided the PERFECT hide for me!

There is something very special about Kangaroo hide too.  A Kangaroo is unable to move backwards, hence the hide represents never looking backwards in your life, instead drawing upon the wisdom of the past to propel you forward in the present moment… through your Heartbeat, the Spirit of the Drum.

Galactic Plane & Pleiades
Medicine Drum of the Pleiades

Rhythm of Heart, Sound of Soul

I am quite in awe at the majesty, perfection & divine presence of my Drum, and feel humbled to be her mumma.  I love how her spirit had a grander plan for her Drums form… and all I needed to do was to follow my intuition & allow her spirit to work the magick of her birth.

My drum has connected me with a profoundly deep entrainment with the Rhythm of my Heart, and her reverberations and sacred tones ‘sing’ the Sounds of my Soul.   

My experiences remind me of a quote by Dan Millman, from his book ‘Way of the Peaceful Warrior’, where the character Socrates says:

The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

And that is exactly what my Drum represents to me.   Her beat draws upon the primordial rhythms of life.   Her voice weaves the ancestral wisdom through my blood.  And her resonant frequencies transcend the fear/pain of the past, enabling me to become present to the perfection of moment in co-creation of a blessed future.

Inviting you to join me LIVE on my FACEBOOK Page this coming Thursday 1 August 2019 at 11am AEST (find the time in your location) where I will share with you the rhythmic heartbeat of my Drum.  A perfect way to welcome in this weeks New Moon SuperMoon in Leo.

xx Simone

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