Australia – Influenza & COVID Death Statistics – 2009 to 2020

Australia – Influenza & COVID Death Statistics – 2009 to 2020

This page contains referenced data of the TOTAL number of Deaths due to Influenza Viruses and the COVID Virus here in Australia. I have resourced data from 2009 to 2021 for Influenza, and then 2020 to 2021 for COVID.  I have tried to present the information in both Graphs & Tables to support your research.  

Whilst these Stats are based on Australian Numbers, for a very thorough look at the United States Death Number from Virues & COVID, I highly recommend this Video & SlideShow, by Genevieve Briand at John Hopkins.  The results of which clearly display that TOTAL Death numbers have not increased in the United States, rather in 2020 the Death Numbers were reallocated over different categories.

Rather than provide commentary/insight into the stats here, I will instead reference this page’s data in my future posts.  However, there a couple of things I feel guided to say in this moment.   As we now come to terms with the psychological devastation, financial ruin & huge emotional toll on Australian Citizens during 2020/21 (in fact the entire globe), plus extensive evidence that Face Masks are ineffective & PCR testing lacks efficacy, and extensive knowledge that all those anti-gels have damaged our Human Biome & the Biome of the natural world,  has the totalitarian directives of the Australian Government created more harm to its citizens (which will be felt for years, maybe even decades) than the COVID flu itself ?  

With over 99.9 % survival rate, how can all this devastation be justified ?   And in the face of what we now know, still be continuing?   Shouldn’t Governments have poured all of their energy/resources into education and LOVING our Elderly through this virus season… instead or treating people inhumanely?  And now, with such a high survival rate, why would mandating (either directly, or indirectly through coercion) a Experimental Vaccine that is STILL in Trials until 2023 be even necessary ?   Particularly when the Adverse Events from Pfizer Vax, the Moderna Vax, the AstraZeneca Vax & the Johnson & Johnson Vax have been extensive AND caused death ? 

If Health + Saving lives truly was the priority of Governments world wide, then why wasn’t every citizen given open access / education to HealthCare that boosts the immune system?  And when I say access/education, I don’t mean a casual mention on a morning chat show, I mean being the NUMBER ONE priority by Governments to support citizens.  This could include Medical Prophylactic Medicines, dosing with Zinc, Vits C & D made a priority, and Bio-Terrain Health care such as fresh air, sunlight, SOUL food (Seasonal Organic Unprocessed Living food), limiting exposure to EMRs, quality sleep, filtered water, importance of hugs/oodles of love from family & friends a KNOWN facet of boosting immunity, and limiting (even erradicating) junk food, processed foods, GMO foods & alcohol… all to name but a few!

There are more viruses on Earth than stars in the entire Universe.  In fact the Human Genome has evolved from Viruses, AND over 99% of the Genetic material in the Human Body is NOT Human, it comes from Bacteria, Fungi & Viruses.   The Human Body is a complex weaving of the Environment, and our Restorative Health comes from being in harmonic reciprocity with the Environment.  THIS is the Medicine that not only strengthens our Immune System but supports us in evolving the Human Species.  It is called our LIGHTrition, the medicine of life from which we have evolved over the last 5 Billion Earthly years.  When did the Human Mind move so far down the path of reductionistic science that it lost its way, and lost consciousness to the marvel of life, living & the Divine in all things ?

Through blind scientism, Governments tragically incarcerated people in their homes, put our elderly in solitary confinement (this breaks my heart), with limited access to the BIOME of nature & the joy of beloved connection to boost immunity.   All whilst being fed daily doses of fear and not the whole truth on the TV.  Record profits were made by supermarkets (that sell dead food) + Liquor Barns, whilst farmers markets for organic food were shut, and integrative wellness practitioners were unable to see clients.  Humans are Beings that thrive on connection, yet we were unable to attend funerals to grieve those that we lost, celebrate birthdays, or any of life’s milestones.   Instead, we were forced to do EVERYTHING that in fact damages our immune system extensively and makes us more susceptible to illness. 

Was this the plan ? 
Is dying in order to ‘live’ really what life is about ? 
Where is the humanity?  A REAL & AUTHENTIC effort to Love, Nourish & help our Elderly & Vulnerable to thrive ?
Have Governments become unwitting (or maybe complicit) agents in a global drive toward Technocracy & Transhumanism ?

I hope to add this page with more comparative data as these numbers become available here in Australia – such as Suicide Data, Bankruptcy, Helpline calls etc.


Influenza & COVID – 2009 to 2020












COVID Deaths – By States & Territories




COVID Deaths – By Age Group

Total Deaths to date, as at the 22 March 2021 =  909 deaths





Cases of Influenza – 2001 to 2021 – Monthly

Each year here in Australia (and in fact around the world), Influenza takes the life of those more vulnerable – the elderly, those with compromised immune systems & co-morbidities.

Below is a table of laboratory confirmed influenza cases by Month & Year since 2001.    Please then view the next table below that displays the TOTAL Number of Deaths from Influenza in Australia every year since 2009.


Source (Influenza Search):



Influenza & Pneumonia Deaths – 2009 to 2020

Below are year by year links for reported Australian Deaths from Influenza & Pneumonia (pneumonia included, particularly due to viral influenza, though majority of pneumonia deaths are unrecorded as to bacterial/virus cause).

Here is a spreadsheet from the ABS Deaths by Influenza & Pneumonia, showing adjusted Death figures over a decade 2010 – 2019.   Data for years 2009 and 2020 are in the Reference links below.


2009 – 1,796 Influenza & Pneumonia Deaths

2010 – 2,364 Influenza & Pneumonia Deaths

2011 – 2,492 Influenza & Pneumonia Deaths

2012 – 2,719 Influenza & Pneumonia Deaths

2013 – 2,493 Influenza & Pneumonia Deaths

2014 – 2,873 Influenza & Pneumonia Deaths

2015 – 3,042 Influenza & Pneumonia Deaths

2016 – 3,334 Influenza & Pneumonia Deaths’s%20leading%20causes%20of%20death,%202016~3

2017 – 4,269 Influenza & Pneumonia Deaths’s%20leading%20causes%20of%20death,%202017~2

2018 – 3,102 Influenza & Pneumonia Deaths

2019 – 4,124 Influenza & Pneumonia Deaths

2020 – 36  Influenza & Pneumonia Deaths$File/National-Influenza-Season-Summary2020.pdf
(21,266 laboratory confirmed influenza cases x 1 death per 575 notifications = 36 deaths).


History of Global Pandemics




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