START HERE: Your Health, your Life, your Children & Humanity’s Future

START HERE: Your Health, your Life, your Children & Humanity’s Future

This START HERE page provides a little summary of what is contained within our Global Health Freedom Resources PLUS I have embedded on this page 13 Videos that I recommend you watch FIRST before progressing your way through our Resources.    PLUS… if it has been difficult to talk to family, friends, neighbours or work colleagues about this topic… then maybe sharing a link to this page could be a great icebreaker!

The information contained within Global Health Freedom Resources is mostly resourced from Doctors, Medical Specialists, Lawyers, Scientists, HealthCare providers & Independent Journalists who are being silenced on Socials & in the Media.  When I share, I do my best to reference all resources with credible data/studies or at the very least provide links where readers can further research for themselves.

Whilst I often share my personal opinions, I encourage ALL readers to not follow what I say, but rather do your own research, read widely, and above all dig deep into your heart and follow your Soulful intuition.   Now more than ever, we are called to believe in ourselves, our gut instincts, and surrender to a greater LOVE through us.   We are moving into evolved states of self-ownership, personal responsibility, and vibrant self-care.   No one can make you flourish in health & vitality, at the end of the day body/mind/spirit nourishment is a personal journey.  YOU are THE HIGHEST AUTHORITY of your Health and the best judge of what your body needs.  Trust yourself.

WHY you need to do your Research

Before starting on the 13 Videos below, you may wish to first read & watch my 7 Reasons WHY you need to do the Research regarding your Personal Health Choices & the COVID Vaccine. 

Your HEALTH is your WEALTH, and the choices you make about what penetrates your body is YOUR decision alone, and NO other entity both ethically & morally should coerce your decision. 

In the video below, I walk you through my 7 Reasons Research Page, helping to explain WHY the 7 Reasons/Areas require your critical thinking, research and evaluation.   Please feel free to share this page with family, friends, or anyone who is maybe considering whether the COVID Vaccine is the right choice for them.  Thank you xx



Videos 1 to 13

Whilst our Global Health Freedom Resources are very comprehensive, I feel that the following 13 Videos create a great starting point for where we find ourselves in this moment.  Particularly if this ‘moment’ has you spinning in a state of confusion, or not knowing how to proceed…. such as ‘Will I get the Vaccine?  Is it Safe?  What aren’t I being told about it’s efficacy’?.   Or you have a gut-instinct that something doesn’t feel right about all of this, but not sure what you can do about it or how to proceed.

It maybe hard for you to cognitively ‘get’ how media, governments & pharma wouldn’t necessarily have your best interests at heart.  After-all, when parental figures in our lives essentially abandon their inherent duty of care and sell themselves out for power & money, it hurts to the core when your Soul is sold to the highest bidder.  You want to believe it can’t be true.  Abandonment issues come to the surface, and we can feel fearful, scared, and afraid for our lives, our children our future.  I hear you!,

I will be writing an article on Psychology Coercion, Shaming & Abuse very soon.  Also, do read/watch my article on Mind Games, Main Stream Media, and choosing to follow your Heart.

However, what we are witnessing day-by-day are some of the most enlightened, educated, and visionary people stepping forward,  uncovering the corruption, and sharing ways to both survive and thrive during these times of great change.   As the saying goes ‘necessity is the Mother of Invention’, and the LOVE that is arising out of the ashes of this darkness is the most sublime experience of possibility I have ever witnessed in this lifetime.

As the Vaccine is being rolled out around the World, I hope that the Videos below,  combined with ALL of the resources within our  Global Health Freedom Resources, help you to take stock of your Personal Health needs, Critically Question the narrative, and make choices that serve YOU.   There is only ONE of you in all of time & space, and you chose to be here on Earth NOW!   This is your time to gain clarity of WHY you are here, what do you serve, and how you can walk steps that serve a Grander Possibility for Humanity.

Videos 1 & 2 – Ask the Experts

Earlier this year, an independent non-profit alliance of doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals around the world united in the wake of Covid-19.   Their alliance sort to share experiences with a view to ending all lockdowns and related damaging measures and to re-establish universal health determinance of psychological and physical wellbeing for all humanity.

Their First video Ask the Experts – Questions on Everyone’s Mind was censored on Facebook, Youtube, Insta and each professional had (are still are) being discredited for having the courage to speak TRUTH.

After the BBC (the BBC receives grants from Bill Gates) ran a dis-information ‘journalistic’ segment discrediting these professionals, the alliance came together and filmed a second video Ask the Experts II – We will not be Silenced.   


Videos 3 & 4 – Nazi Germany

Surely not, parellels of this moment with Nazi Germany, how could that be ?

In the 1st Video below, sharing an excerpt from Pam Popper’s “Planet Lockdown” full interview, Pam discusses the parallels she sees between what happened in Nazi Germany, and what’s happening today. Find the full interview and details on the upcoming documentary at:

In the 2nd Video below,  Vera Sharav is a Holocaust survivor and her personal story every individual needs to hear as it is not only relevant for TODAY, but what we collectively must rise up & take a stand for, in the creation of a World more Beautiful. I wrote a full blog post on Vera Sharov which you may wish to read here.

I also highly recommend the COVID Vaccine Coercion category with our Global Health Freedom Resources, for a more comprehensive investigation into the playbook tactics of herding humanity.

Videos 5, 6 & 7 – History & Vaccines

If you have never researched BigPharm and the Vaccine Industry in the past, let alone considered the Historical Role of Vaccines in Eliminating Infectious Disease Mortality, then I highly recommend these videos below that reflect on the Vaccine Industry of the Past, the Present, and as this relates to our the COVID Vaccine.

1st Video – Barbara Loe Fischer (Co-Founder & President National Vaccine Information Center) discusses the Cultural War of Vaccination. 

2nd & 3rd Videos (Episodes 19 & 20) – Led by Robert F. Kennedy Jr, (Founder Children’s Health Defence) discusses some of the History of Vaccination Industry and the relationship to this COVID moment.

I also highly recommend the VACCINE Ethics category with our Global Health Freedom Resources, for a more comprehensive investigation into Vaccines, Adverse Events, & the dark side of the Vaccine Industry.

Watch Episodes 19 & 20 on Children’s Health Defense PeepsTV.

Video 8 – Crimes against Humanity

Dr Reiner Fuellmich, a trial lawyer, is currently collating evidence for a historic global/by-country trial. 

This corona crisis, according to all we know today, must be renamed a “Corona Scandal” and those responsible for it must be criminally prosecuted and sued for civil damages.

On a political level, everything must be done to make sure that no one will ever again be in a position of such power as to be able to defraud humanity or to attempt to manipulate us with their corrupt agendas.

And for this reason I will now explain to you how and where an international network of lawyers will argue this biggest tort case ever, the corona fraud scandal, which has meanwhile unfolded into probably the greatest crime against humanity ever committed. 

I also highly recommend GLOBAL Decalarations category & HEALTH Advocacy category with our Global Health Freedom Resources, for a more comprehensive insight into Groups & Agencies that can support your voice & personal health choices at this time.

Videos 9, 10 & 11 – The Soul of Humanity

I believe the true mask of this COVID moment, is the drive for The Great Reset Global Agenda toward Transhumanism & Health Technocracy. Its more than improving nature, it’s about overcoming nature.  It’s about transcending the Human Race – Posthumanism – and creating an entirely new Human Species.  A species WITHOUT Soul.

1st Video – Discusses Post-Humanism by 2030.   Also read more about Transhumanism here.

2nd Video – Discusses the COVID Vaccine, nanotechnology, transferase, digital currency, biotracking etc toward The Great Reset / Transhumanism.  I also recommend this Video by Dr Carrie Madej.

3rd Video – Discusses HOW The Great Reset is possible within global financial markets, because it seems next to impossible to think HOW the WEF / Agenda 2030 could have us ‘own nothing’ by 2030.

I also highly recommend The GREAT RESET category & TRANSHUMANISM category with our Global Health Freedom Resources, for a more comprehensive investigation into the REAL story behind the dark prevailing narrative.

Videos 12 & 13 – Being the Bridge of a Greater Potential

If after watching all the above you are feeling a sense of bewilderment, sadness, anger, fear, or even at a loss of how to move forward, then I highly recommend that you watch the videos below BEFORE reading any more of the Resources within our Global Health Freedom page.

1st Video – Children’s Health Defense’s (CHD) board chair Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. sends a message of hope to the people around the world

2nd Video – During this warm conversation between Bruce Lipton & Gregg Braden, they discuss how the structured chaos of unsustainable systems breaking down are giving way for coherence and a new higher-order to be built.  

If you enjoyed these Videos you can find more video’s just like it within the World More Beautiful category with our Global Health Freedom Resources.

Censorship & Humanity Rising

Creating our Global Health Freedom Resources over the last 12 months has been a life-changing experience.  On the one hand, openly speaking about COVID has personally come at a great cost – financial, friendship & at times my professional integrity called into question.  I have never in my life encountered such ridicule, rudeness, arrogance, personal attacks, professional slander & the foulest of language (and believe me, I am NOT a prude!).   If I hadn’t had spent the last few decades actively working on myself, knowing who I am, and choosing to live/work a path of authentic truth… I am sure I would have crumbled under the weight of all this long ago. 
But I am strong.  I believe in myself, the depth of my research & my intuition.  Living with courage & approaching life with whole-heart is my life-blood.  I have built our Wisdom School upon a foundation of love, authenticity & honest sharing… and I am not going to stop being myself & surrendering to Divine guidance  in order to make other people like me, to conform to their values, or behave to a conditioning & prevailing narrative that has long been broken.   Period.   One day when I leave this Earth, I will know I will have lived a full life from a place of integrity & in service to a Greater Love.   In fact, that is how I start each and every day, choosing to serve that Love.
On the other hand, over the past 12 months of posting on our Global Health Freedom Resources, I have come to meet some of the most kind, wise, intelligent and loving people.  So many people have shared their stories of hardship, awakening, kindness & hope.  And many have shared wisdoms & support that have helped guide me through.  And through all of you collectively, I have been inspired to riseup, speakup, and be a voice of a grander truth in reverence to both the Human Spirit and the Soul of Humanity.
Because of YOU, I spend on average 4-5 hours of each & every day updating the resources within our Global Health Freedom Resources.  I write articles, watch videos, listen to podcasts and scour the latest research findings & studies to share with you all.  I donate my time to all of this, on top of all my other work (which I must say has fallen behind, for that I do apologise).  I have put my personal life on-hold, because this is a CRITICAL MOMENT for Humanity.  And I do all of this out of a sincere desire to uphold the Divinity of the Human condition, and in service to the Creator, the Divine.
Thank you for walking with me and being collective voices of reason, and engaging hearts towards a World more Beautiful.

FaceMasks & PCR Tests

Regarding discussions on many Masks, Testing etc… I highly recommend you view our articles under our FACE MASKS category & PCR TEST category with our Global Health Freedom Resources, for a more comprehensive investigation of the Science.

And please check out my Comprehensive Post on PCR Tests – The Science & Facts.


In addition to all the information in my Global Health Freedom Resource, you may also like to watch these Full Length Videos at
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