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Galactic Alignment – 18 to 22 December 2017

Riding on the energetic waves of our December 3/4, 2017  SUPERMOON…. our December 17/18 New Moon opens a 5 day ENERGETIC WINDOW between our GALACTIC ALIGNMENT (18 December 2017) and our SOLSTICE (22 December 2017).  Plus… MERCURY moving RETROGRADE during this ENERGETIC WINDOW is amplifying an even greater potential.

Please keep reading below to find out more about our:

PLUS how to make the most of this transformative ENERGETIC WINDOW… especially as we countdown to the end of 2017.

UPDATE 13 December 2017:  I have just posted an article entitled ‘Galactic Star Map‘… I hope this sheds some light not only on the significance of our Galactic Cycles but also the relationship of the Aetheric Field to our Brains.

Galactic Alignment – 19 December 2017

Each year during our December Winter/Summer Solstice (for this generation on Earth), we experience a GALACTIC ALIGNMENT of the Earth, Sun & Galactic Centre in the Astrological Sign of Sagittarius.

This years EXACT Galactic alignment will take place on December 19, 2017 (just over 13 hours after our December New Moon) and the energy will be felt for a full 5 days leading up to our Solstice on December 22, 2017.

Our December 2017 Galactic Alignment is being amplified this year by our SuperMoon Triology, the first SuperMoon occurred on November 3/4, 2017, second SuperMoon on December 3/4, 2017 (2 weeks before our Galactic Alignment)  and the third SuperMoon on January 1/2, 2017.

SUPERMOONS are amplifiers of our energy fields and awaken higher potentials of the current planetary alignments that they are associated with.  So this years Galactic Alignment is set to be super-charged that’s for sure !

Click on the diagrams below to enlarge – SuperMoon December 3/4, New Moon December 17/18, Exact Galactic Alignment December 19, Solstice December 22.

What is the Galactic Alignment ?

During a GALACTIC ALIGNMENT, our Earth, Sun & Galactic Centre (in Sagittarius) align on the Galactic Plane – the flat plane of our Milky Way Galaxy.

During this Alignment, our astrological GALACTIC EVOLUTIONARY TRIANGLE – a tetrahedron of energy formed by the Earth, Sirius, Alcyone & the Galactic Centre is amplified into its greatest potential for the year.

As I discuss in our Aetheric Healing™ eCourse, this amplified TETRAHEDRON of energy that surrounds us seeks to ‘STRUCTURE the WATER’ within our bodies such that we literally become walking LIQUID CRYSTALS.

Every cell within our body is thus bathed in this GALACTIC LIQUID CRYSTAL Template resonance (ie Essence of Angels®), which in turn ACTIVATES our DNA and ATTUNES (increase in resonance) our genetic potential.

At this time each year, this GALACTIC ALIGNMENT COSMIC BLUEPRINT – formed by Earth, Sirius, Alcyone & the Galactic Centre supports us in stepping into (both individually & collectively) our greater Evolutionary Purpose and helps us to step into the grandest version of the greatest vision that we have ever held for ourselves as a Human Liquid Crystal (refer Crystal Light Healing®).

The energy of the GALACTIC ALIGNMENT is also amplified through our Solar Systems transition through the Photon Band/Belt of Alcyone – essentially weaving/birthing ‘The Divine Feminine’ within our hearts, minds and souls. 

The Table below lists the Date/Time of the preceding Super Moon, Date/Time of the EXACT Alignment on the Galactic Plane, Date/Time of our Summer/Winter Solstice.

Galactic Evolution – Energetic Window
Super Moon New Moon Exact Alignment Solstice
4 December 2017, 1:46 am AEST 18 December 2017, 4:30 pm AEST 19 December 2017, 5:57 am AEST 22 December 2017, 2:27 am AEST
Your Time Zone > Your Time Zone > Your Time Zone > Your Time Zone >


Mercury Retrograde – December 2017

mercury-retrograde-lr-smMercury only takes 88 days to transit around the Sun, whereas Earth takes approximately 365 days… hence at times during Mercury’s transit, from the position of Earth, Mercury appears to be moving backwards (Retrograde) in our skies.  Please read my article on Retrograde Planets to understand more about this phenomenon.

Mercury rules all communications such as computers, phones, travel, electronics and all business/personal communications & documentations.  When mercury moves retrograde and into the darker recesses of our psyche, this may herald a time of misunderstandings, mis-communications, computers & electronics crashing and plans going haywire !  But rather than perceive Mercury Retrograde as a negative time, I prefer to work with the energy as a wonderful ‘inward’ time to attend to all the ‘RE’s’ – ie re-evaluation, re-check, re-pair, re-store and re-calibrate my visions in order to confidently move forward in conscious action when Mercury moves direct.

On December 3/4, 2017, MERCURY moved RETROGRADE in the Fire Sign of SAGITTARIUS and will move direct again on the December 23/24, 2017, in SAGITTARIUS.

PLUS…. when MERCURY moves Retrograde on the New Moon December 3/4, it will be conjunct SATURN (Mercury 29.180 Sagittarius, Saturn 28.040 Sagittarius) AND also within a couple of degrees of the Galactic Centre (27.060 Sagittarius) – making this a very POWERFUL explorative time for everyone.  PLUS all of this will happen in the 3rd house of Communication !

As we move inward into ourselves during the GALACTIC WINDOW (Galatic Alignment through to the Solstice – 18 to 22 December), the Mercury Retrograde/Saturn/Galactic Centre conjunct energy, is adding an extra ZING… a supersize INTENSITY to the GALACTIC WINDOW.   The Mercury Retrograde/Saturn/Galactic Centre conjunct combo is pushing us to look deeply into the darkest recesses of self – our deep inner secrets, our fears, our hurts, our judgements, our pain and do a sort of self-audit, a psychoanalysis.  We are called to take a deep hard look at ALL of the dynamics at play in your life and discover ways of forgiveness, healing and vulnerablity that supports transcendence into our Divine & Sacred Awakened potential.

During this intense Mercury Retrograde/Saturn/Galactic Centre conjunct in combination with the GALACTIC WINDOW alignment, you may find ALL of your senses are heightened, the veil is thinned, your psychic awareness is enhanced and your dream state to be very intense.

The Ancestors of the Earth, and the collective consciousness fields of the Sirian Beings (7D) and Pleidians (6D) are guiding you during this time… it is a time to listen… use your communicative active LISTENING skills to truly ‘hear’ their whisperings and then be ready and willing to take conscious action as Mercury moves direct on December 23/24, and then with our final SUPERMOON on January 1/2, 2018.

Summer/Winter Solstice – 21/22 December 2017

solstice-december-21-22Our 5 day ENERGETIC WINDOW  ends on the 21/22 December Solstice –  Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) and the Summer Solstice (Southern Hemisphere)

The Northern Hemisphere WINTER SOLSTICE marks the SHORTEST day of the year, whilst the Southern Hemisphere SUMMER SOLSTICE marks the LONGEST Day of the year.

Due to the tilt of the Earth (see the diagram right), at our 21/22 December Solstice, the Arctic Circle (Northern Hemisphere) will experience 24 hours of darkness whereby the Sun does not rise and Antarctica (Southern Hemisphere) will experience 24 hours of light whereby the Sun does not set.

In the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE, the December SOLSTICE it is a time of celebration, a joyous time to open you HEART and shine your LIGHT and share your LOVE through the Great Exhalation of the Cosmic Breath.  It is a time of JOY, CELEBRATION and DANCE with life as we reach the threshold of peak growth for the year.

In the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE, the December SOLSTICE it is a time of inward reflection, a time to move into our HEARTs and connect with our LIGHT within and breath in the LOVE through the Great Inhalation of the Cosmic Breath.  It is a time of inner NURTURING & REGENERATION in preparation for our emergence into the world as the days gradually grow longer.

On the evening of our 21/22 December Solstice, consider lighting a candle and honouring the LIGHT of joy, blissful abundance, compassion, peace & kindness.   Take a moment to BREATHE and unify the Solstice Polarity within your HEART.  As we then move into the threshold of a new cycle, it is a time to come together with all humanity through the LIGHT of our LOVE and send a wave of unifying peace through the Crystalline Wisdom Field of our Earth as we step into 2018.

Energetic Window – How to Work with the Energy

During our 5 day ENERGETIC WINDOW (18 December to 22 December), I recommend taking time each day to to go with in and connect with the GALACTIC EVOLUTIONARY TRIANGLE – to support you in stepping into your greater Evolutionary Purpose.

We study the GALACTIC EVOLUTIONARY TRIANGLE in depth within our Aetheric Healing™ eCourse, but here are a few principles from our eCourse to help you make the most of the energy over the next few days:

  • aetheric-healing-infinite-intelligenceIn meditation, place your hands in ‘Prayer Position’ over your HEART (see diagram right) and focus on the rhythm of your breath.  Through your breath your Nervous System acts like a tuning fork or antennae picking up the signals of creation; signals that lie not only deep within your DNA but also the frequencies of nature, the Earth, the stars, the planets, through to Galaxies and Universes.
  • Once your nervous system is in deep resonance with the field, you then connect with your Higher-Self to become the observer of your human experience within the boundless expression of the Aetheric Field.
  • Allow the ‘answers’ to flood into your awareness.  Don’t push for the answers, simply surrender and ‘allow’ them to become conscious in their own good time.  It maybe a thought, a vision, an image, a sound, a colour, a symbol… and the ‘insight’ may even come to you in the hours/days after this meditation.
  • Once you have ‘received’ this sacred insight/knowledge, once again in Meditation (with your hands in Prayer Position over your Heart), you then re-pattern your Nervous System to entrain with this NEW state of beingness.   Holding the vision of wholeness, abundance, compassion and kindness from a place self-love…. you retrain your Nervous System to entrain with this LOVE based frequencies in order to transcend the pain, struggle, hurts or hardships within your life.
  • Your neural pathways now radiate this new energy field, which in-turn activates your DNA, changes your cellular functioning, brings your emotional/mental mind into alignment with your I AM Presence and you flow with infinite Soul Potential within the Aetheric Field… as together we transverse through this GALACTIC WINDOW.

Simone M. Matthews

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Essence of Angels® Vibrational Essences

Essence of Angels Simone M Matthews

The Crystals (minerals) & Plants of Mother Earth hold an innate intelligence.  This intelligence extends far beyond the logic of the human brain and enters a metaphysical realm of ‘all knowing’ through the Great Cosmic Breath of Life. This intelligence, this life-force has been used since the dawn of time by our ancient ancestors to support their entrainment and harmonic resonance with the symphony of cosmic wisdom.

Our Australian Indigenous Aborigines, Native American Indians & New Zealand Maoris to name just a few, revered the energy of plants & crystals and directly worked with the ‘Spirit’ & ‘Devic’ energies of these realms of consciousness for healing.  Our ancient Egyptians worked with plant essences, crystal harmonics and essential oils for spiritual healing.  And Earth’s earlier civilisations such as the ancient Lemurians & Atlanteans harnessed the spirit medicine of the mineral & plant kingdom to activate & attune DNA, store information, energy generation, telecommunication and flourish in health, vitality and well-being.

Gaia Theory Essence of Angels lrNow our science of today is beginning to understanding the wisdoms of Earth’s Crystals & Plants that our indigenous peoples have known since time immemorial.

In the Plant Kingdom, science is diving deep into ‘Plant Neurobiology’ (refer to the writings of Michael Pollen) – exhibiting that plants can ‘sense’ or feel the environment and respond accordingly… plus they exhibit a profound memory, yet do not have a brain !   Then there are the singing plants of Damanhur,  the communication patterns of trees (see Suzanne Simards Ted Talk), Gaia Theory by James Lovelock and profound insights in quantum biology of plants.  On a more estoric front, I just love Julia Grave’s book on the ‘Language of Plants’.

Conversely, in the Crystal Kingdom, science is also discovering the ability of Crystals to store quantum information, insight into the crystalline core of Earth and that crystals are alive as they display metabolism and can replicate.  Even Nikola Tesla said ‘Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation… In a crystal we have a pure evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and although in spite of everything we cannot understand the life of crystals – it is still a living being.”   And through crystallography we can see that the molecular structure of crystals supports the structure of all life forms… even the helical spiral of the movement of energy through quartz is the same golden spiral of our DNA… which on a macro level represents the greater galactic spiral of our Milky Way Galaxy !

In viewing Earth and ALL of her lifeforms (animal, mineral & plant) as a living, breathing entity that intimately entrains with our Solar System, our Galaxy, in fact the entire holographic cosmos… how can we harness this ancient wisdom of the creation with the science of today to support personal healing & evolutionary awakening ?

This is where the Essence of Angels® come into beingness ♡

What are the Essence of Angels® ?

The Essence of Angels® are vibrationally charged bottles of divine structured water for healing, hence they are ‘liquid crystals’  or as I prefer to call them ‘Sacred Liquid Light Template Essences’.  

The Essences are charged with the sacred geometric template structures of creation (Cosmic Templates or Archangel Frequency Vibrations) and are anchored to Gaia through her Crystals, Minerals & Plant Intelligence (Crystalline Earth Template).

ULT-Shop-EoA-Box-Set4Each individual Essence holds a unique vibratory frequency that supports the body’s innate ability to heal itself, fosters a harmonious balance for the mind/emotions and accelerates the awakening of consciousness and soul potential.

When applied to the body during a healing session, taken before meditation, or administered as a personal remedy for healing, the Essences structure the water with our body and hence alter our DNA expression.  The Essences seek to ‘restructure’ the water within our bodies via the Sacred Templates of Creation through Metatrons Cube and filter these divine frequencies through our subtle bodies, anchoring these templates into our crystalline cells via our DNA.

Today’s science, whether the work of Dr Bruce Lipton (Biology of Belief), Dr Emoto (Water Templates) or the work of Dr Pjotr Garjajev (Russian scientist who uncovered that ‘Junk DNA’ is in actual fact a highly intelligent combination of Codon sequences that speaks a ‘language’ – a biological language that is reprogrammable)… there is sufficient scientific evidence to support the ancient knowledge that we are not the product of our genes… but rather the environment !   When we change the energy of the environment (ie our thoughts, emotions, sounds, colour etc) we change the expression of our DNA and ultimately we heal our physical bodies and awaken to our true nature as a Divine Human.

The Essence of Angels® Essences are activators, they ‘change the ennvironment’ within your body and ultimately change the expression of your DNA.   Where this is fear the Essences awaken an expression of courage & love, where there is pain they awaken healing, where this is suffering they awaken peace and where there is anger/rage they awaken grace.

As the Essence of Angels® structure the water within your body they support the transmutation of negative emotions/stuck cellular memories, help you let go of old/subconscious beliefs and ultimately promote health, healing & vitality through the activation and attunement of your DNA.

In addition, as your DNA awakens to an evolved state of expression, just like indigenous peoples of the past, you easily and coherently access a higher/awakened level of consciousness through the Aetheric Field.    You surrender to your innate medical intuitive ability, heal from dis-ease and become a seer of future potentials through your activated claircognizant and/or clairvoyant gifts.

Essentially, the ancient wisdom that is the Essence of Angels® helps us to flow with the Rhythm of Life.  We transcend the need to control and are brought into harmonic alignment with the great Cosmic Breath of Creation through us.  We once again embrace Human-Being (not Human-doing) and from this place of resonance we invite miracles, spontaneous healing and dwell in the pure ecstasy of ONENESS through DIVINE LOVE.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to use the Essence of Angels®

The are 14 bottles of Essences within the Essence of Angels® range – the boxed set of 12 Essences + Ancient Healers Essence + Golden Quantum Essence.

All 14 of the Essence of Angels® Essences are ‘STOCK’ essences… which means you can use these Stock Essences to make up Remedy’s for healing (see below) or if you prefer you can use the Stock Essence directly from the Stock Essence of Angels® Bottles.

eoa-logo-teachers-portrait-low-resThe 14 Essence of Angels® Essences are studied in-depth during the Essence of Angels® Practitioner & Teacher Course.  During your Essence of Angels® studies, you learn the energetic qualities of each Essence, the Sacred Geometry imprint and how to work with each Archangel Essence to promote healing, optimal health, mental clarity, emotional balance and facilitate spiritual enlightenment.  Students also learn the principles of crystalline energy (crystals & minerals of the Earth) as they help anchor the Angelic Frequencies and facilitate a deep awakening, conscious connection to the Divine Archangel Sacred Templates of Creation from within.

Thus you can use the Essence of Angels® in accordance with your Essence of Angels® studies, or alternatively you can intuitively select and then use the Essence of Angels® Essences as follows:

  • Use a pendulum/dowsing/intuition to select one or more Essence of Angels® Stock bottles that will support you physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.
  • Place a few drops of each Essence of Angels® Stock bottle(s) on the body morning & night (eg on the crown, third eye or feet)
  • Or you could place a few drops of each Essence of Angels® Stock bottle(s) on the body before meditation, or before sleep, or during a healing session.
  • Alternatively you could make up a Remedy Bottle using your Essence of Angels® Stock Bottles (see below).

At the bottom of this page is a summary table of the Essence of Angels® to support your intuitive integration of these healing wisdoms.  Please note that this table is only a glimpse into the Essence of Angels® Modality and your Essence of Angels® Practitioner & Teacher studies takes this modality into greater depths… as well as supporting your integration of Essence of Angels® with Crystal Light Healing® & Aetheric Healing™.

How to make up your own Essence of Angels® Remedy

You can make up an Essence of Angels® Remedy bottle either intuitively or by reference to your Essence of Angels® Practitioner & Teacher studies.

To intuitively create a Remedy (dosage) bottle:

  • Focus on the KEY physical symptom/emotional challenge/spiritual aspect that you would like to address with the Essence of Angels®.  Be clear with your intention and the outcome of what you would like to achieve.
  • Remedy bottle – take a 25ml (1 ounce) amber bottle and fill with 2/3 blessed water and 1/3 brandy (or apple cider vinegar if you wish to avoid alcohol).
  • Select your Essence of Angels® Stock essences.  When selecting your Essences, try to select no more that 5 Essences maximum (usually 3 should suffice).
  • Add each of the Essence of Angels® Stock essences to the Remedy bottle.  Intuitively select the number of drops of each Essence (alternatively just add 7 drops of each Essence of Angels® Stock Essence to the Remedy bottle).
  • Sucuss the Remedy bottle (tap it against your hand many times) in order synergistically ‘blend’ the added Essences and imprint the vibrational template on the Water/Brandy mix to structure the water.
  • Intuitively determine the daily dosing of the Remedy bottle and how to dose.  If unsure, you could select 7 drops morning and night.   The Remedy drops could be administered by dropping drops onto the Crown Chakra, or under the tongue, added to a glass of water, added to bath water / body moisturiser, added to herbal tea, or to a herbal tincture / homeopathic / other essence remedy (eg Bush Flower Essence, Bach Flower Essences, Gem Essences etc).

Essence of Angels Remedy

Please Note:  The Stock Bottles have a small amount of Brandy included in each bottle to act as a preservative agent.  If you prefer not to consume any alcohol, then simply administer Stock/Remedy Bottles externally.

How long should I work with the Essence of Angels® ?

How long you take an Essence of Angels® Stock Essence, or take your Essence of Angels® Remedy bottle will be dependent upon your original intention for taking the Essence.   For some people, a period of 2 to 4 weeks will suffice… but for others a period of 6 months to 12 months maybe indicated.

This is discussed during your Essence of Angels® Practitioner & Teacher studies or alternatively you can work intuitively to determine when to stop using a Stock Essence / Remedy bottle… and maybe consider using a different Stock Essence / Remedy Bottle.

What can I expect after taking the Essence of Angels® ?

Everyone will have different experiences when using the Essence of Angels®.  For some people, within a matter of days or a couple of weeks you may find a shift in your thinking / emotional state / feeling within your body indicating a change in the structuring of body water into a crystalline state and hence the higher expression of your DNA.

You may find your dreams are more pronounced, synchronicity heightened and ‘aha’ moments are coming your way thick and fast.  You also may find that your awareness of the environment and how nature medicine makes its self known to you happening with with ease (eg you are low in iron, and ‘Chickweed’, a plant naturally high in iron starts growing in your herb garden bed, ready for you add to your juices !).

I highly recommend that when taking Stock Essences / Remedy bottles that you spend time each day in silence, to listen to the voice of your higher-self, the wisdom of the field… and be guided by this sacred wisdom.

Essence of Angels® – Summary

The following is a summary table of the Essence of Angels® Stock Bottle Essences, to support your intuitive integration of these healing wisdoms.  Please note that this table is only a glimpse into the Essence of Angels® Modality and your Essence of Angels® Practitioner & Teacher studies takes this modality into greater depths… as well as supporting your integration of Essence of Angels® with Crystal Light Healing® & Aetheric Healing™.

Essence of Angels Summary Table

Please Note:  As per our Websites Terms & Conditions, we do not offer medical, psychological or other professional services, and whenever persons find themselves in need of treatment by a qualified medical practitioner, they are encouraged to do so.  We ask that everyone seeks the advice of a suitably qualified holistic/medical practitioner BEFORE purchasing/using any of our products or following information contained within are articles/blog postings/general information, in order to determine their suitability for your health & well-being, or any potential allergenic, intolerant reactions or potential toxicity.  We also recommend that common sense be displayed when storing/using any of our products – keeping them out of the reach of children, thoroughly removing any products from your body after use (preferrably with warm soapy water), using products in a well ventilated room and once again conferring with a suitably qualified holistic/medical practitioner for the most appropriate usage/application of any products.

© Simone M. Matthews

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Essence of Angels® – Malibu, USA – Event Photos

I must say that the lead up to our weekend workshop in Malibu was filled with much mixed emotion.

Firstly, I was so very excited to finally arrive in Malibu and share with a beautiful community of Soul’s that have been a part of our Universal Life Tools community for many years… plus have the privilege to make many more new friends.

But on the flip side, a part of me was so very very sad that our trip around North America, that started in February 2015, had come to an end.  Malibu was the last of 26  Events that we have facilitated around in the USA/Canada over the last 7 months.

However… my sadness was soon put at ease when the LOVEing, joyous nurturing and kindred Soul’s of Malibu so lovingly welcomed us into their hearts.

Sacred Ancient Wisdom TalkOn Friday the 2 Oct, I facilitated my FREE Talk on Sacred Ancient Wisdom to a very small and intimate group at the Well-Being Centre of Malibu.

Whilst our event was fully booked (actually over booked), many many people couldn’t make it on the night… must have been a hangover from Mercury Retro and the previous weekends Lunar Eclipse!

However, whilst small, the energy of the group surely filled the room.  I LOVED chatting to people that had followed/participated in many of our Universal Life Tools e-Events over the years… so to finally meet in person was both a privilege and very humbling experience.

A special thank you to Gail for the divine crystals that you so lovingly contributed to our Blessed Crystal Grid.. we look forward to sharing the energy with all participants in our upcoming events over 2015/6.

Essence-Angels-graduates-malibu-2015On the weekend of the 3 & 4 Oct, I then facilitated my Essence of Angels® Practitioner Course.  As the saying goes ‘good things come in small packages’ and this was truly evident in our intimate weekend gathering.

I couldn’t think of a more delightful group of courageous woman to spend the last weekend with here in the USA… thank you for your authenticity, your light and your depth of LOVE.   You all touched my Soul and the memory of our time together will stay in my heart forever.

A big thank you and gratitude to Carolyn, our Malibu Event Host.  Without our Event Hosts our workshops around the world would never come to life.  Thanks for your grace, insight and depth of vision.  I hope you birthday the day after our time together was showered with LOVE.

And finally, blessed gratitude to the Event Venue owners – Inely & Mike of the Well-Being centre of Malibu (as well as their beautiful children).  Thank you for warmly inviting us into your home, sharing your LOVE and inspiring us on this next leg of our journey when we head to Europe.

wellbeing malibuIt was lovely to share a dinner with your family on the last night of our Event, including both Carolyn & Lila (workshop participant)… it was a reminder that even in times of stress on this journey around the world, spirit will be there to support us in our hour of need.. all we need do is open our hearts and receive.

I look forward to us all creating that special Crystal Light Healing® Course in Bali… what a delight it will be to share with you all and come together in Grace ♡

Global Awakening Join today singleFor those that were unable to make it to our Free Talk or Weekend Workshop in Malibu and feel disappointed to have missed out… then you may wish to watch the video (DNA Activation & Attunement Healing Video) from our previous weekends event in Sacramento.  Inviting you to Register Today  and receive my 1.5 hour Full DNA Activation & Attunement Healing Video.  PLUS on Registration you also receive a myriad of free energy tools as part of our GLOBAL AWAKENING MOVEMENT.

Photo Album – Malibu, USA

Sharing with you below some heart-felt pics from our time together in Malibu… thank you so much divine Souls for your generosity of heart ♡

Video Testimonials – Malibu, USA

Sharing with you some Heart-n-Soul Testimonials from our recent Essence of Angels® Workshop, in Malibu in the USA. Please visit our Event Schedule to find a Crystal Light Healing® or Essence of Angels® Course with Simone M. Matthews in your City/Country:

Upcoming European Events with Simone

Now that our 2015 North American Events have come to a close for the year, inviting you attend Simone’s European Events over Nov/Dec 2015.

November 2015

6 November 2015 – Fr’ee Talk Sacred Ancient Wisdom
7 & 8 November 2015 – Essence of Angels® Practitioners DNA Activation Course
(earlybird ends 24 October 2015)
7 to 12  November 2015 – Essence of Angels® Teachers DNA Activation Course
(earlybird ends 14 October 2015)
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20 November 2015 – Fr’ee Talk Sacred Ancient Wisdom
21 & 22 November 2015 – Essence of Angels® DNA Activation – Weekend Course
(earlybird ends 7 November 2015)
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December 2015

4 December 2015 – Fr’ee Talk Sacred Ancient Wisdom
5 & 6 December 2015 – Essence of Angels® DNA Activation – Weekend Course
(earlybird ends 21 November 2015)
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11 December 2015 – Fr’ee Talk Sacred Ancient Wisdom
12 & 13 December 2015 – Essence of Angels® DNA Activation – Weekend Course
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DNA Evolution through the Archangels – Wave X / Wave of Love

As I mentioned in my recent articles on WAVE X / The Wave of Love & our DNA Consciousness, the months ahead herald a huge potential shift in consciousness here on Earth.

As Earth aligns on the Galactic Plane, we are receiving energetic ‘Waves of Love’ from the Centre of the Galaxy (The Great Central Sun), through both Sirius (Greater Central Sun), the Pleiades (Central Sun) through our Sun and into Earth.

Archangels-DNA-lrThese direct transmissions of LOVE Waves (WAVE X) are electromagnetically stimulating Earth’s Toric Field (her heart field) and have a profound impact on our DNA.

Sharing with you my latest article discussing how Metatron’s Cube weaves the field through the Archangels of Creation and how we can work with this wisdom to awaken our DNA through the field of WAVE X / The Wave of LOVE.

The Story of Creation

Everything in creation is manifest in form through 13 Sacred Templates of Creation – 12 Sacred Templates representing The Archangels, and the 13th Sacred Template – the template that weaves the 12 Sacred Templates together.

To understand these 13 Sacred Templates and hence understand the frequency of Archangels, lets firstly look at the story of Creation.

Over 13 Billion years ago, in the dark infinite void, a thought form, a conscious spark of infinite intelligence said ‘Let there be Light’. This intelligent vibration of LOVE, referred to as God, dreamed the dream of creating Light and hence through intent rippled out LOVE in all directions of time and space.

The intelligent vibration of LOVE, is the 13th Sacred Template, the oneness field of all of creation. It is the breath of God, the field that births and connects the infinite all.

Metatrons_CubeMetatron’s Cube, a sacred geometrical pattern of 13 spheres, gave birth to the Elements of Creation, the Earth, Fire, Air, Water (the 12 Spheres) held together by the LIGHT of LOVE, Spirit (the 13th Sphere).

The Elements of Creation that are birthed through Metatron’s Cube, are made manifest via templates that hold the highest frequency of their LIGHT of LOVE vibration.

The template for Earth is called the Cube (Hexahedron), Fire the Tetrahedron, Air the Octahedron, Water the Icosahedron, coming together through Spirit the Dodecahedron.

The 13 Sacred Templates – The Archangels

When the LOVE (the 13th Sacred Template) that birthed the LIGHT created the Elements of Creation, this intelligent field of LOVE assigned keepers or divine Messengers of God to each of the Elements of Creation.

These Messengers of God are called the Archangels –the sacred keepers of the 12 Sacred Templates of Creation. The Archangels have dominion over the 12 Sacred templates of the Elements of Creation, and hence their role is to infinitely expand out each of the Elements of Creation, down through the Light Octaves of the Holographic Field of the All – through the 13th Sacred Template.

Everything in creation is manifest in form through the 13 Sacred Templates of Creation.

As the Archangels (Templates 1 to 12) expand out the Elements of Creation throughout the ALL (the 13th Template), their level of resonance gradually becomes lower and lower, until the frequency is so dense that physical matter is created.

Thus, everything in creation is made manifest via one of more of the Elements of Creation. For instance, your physical body is made up of the elements of Earth, Fire, Air & Water coming together as spirit. Thus the Archangels of Creation are made manifest through you, they create you, they are you… they are in your DNA !



Creating your reality through the Archangels

The Archangels hold the templates of the Elements of Creation, hence the holographic field of the All.

Your experiences on Earth are based on how you mold these Elements of Creation, the Archangels, in order to create your reality. You mold the elements via your thoughts, words, actions, feelings etc, both conscious and unconscious. Thus the Elements of Creation respond to your energetic frequencies that you emit through you, and create your reality accordingly.

Nothing exists externally to you, the Archangels create through you, thus you are never a victim of circumstance, but rather a Master Co-Creator through you. To co-create a world filled with Love, Peace, abundance and joy, then you must become conscious of the Elements that create you, and work consciously with the Archangels of Creation through you to be that love, peace, abundance and joy.

This Wisdom of all Creation is within you as well as within every flower, every tree, every seed, every drop of water. The Wisdom of all Creation exists within EVERYTHING, no matter how big or small. The Archangels of Creation, expand out the LIGHT of LOVE from God in order to create the dimensional octaves of Creation, thus this LIGHT of LOVE of God exists within all of Creation.

Nothing in Creation is separate. We are fractals of the whole intimately connected via the LIGHT of LOVE of God. LOVE, or Live One Vibrational Energy is the ultimate Truth. LOVE is the unified field that houses all diversity’s we experience in our return to Oneness. You are a spark of oneness, thus your journey is about returning to the conscious awareness that you are the all, you are LOVE.

People on Earth experience fear, pain and hardship as they have lost their connection with the innate wisdom that exists within them and hence also within all Creation. This disconnection creates a culture of distrust, anger and lack of purpose or meaning in their lives. The time has come on Earth for people to awaken to the Wisdom of Creation, and to acknowledge the LOVE of God through them.

Working with the Archangels & WAVE X / The Wave of Love

In the coming months, the electro-magnetic emissions from the Galactic Centre (WAVE X / The Wave of Love) are increasing in intensity and directly affecting our DNA.

Our DNA is Awakening to higher potentialities beyond just the physical coding of proteins… such that we embrace our 5th Dimensional light.   As our DNA awakens we awaken our metaphysical abilities such as intuition, claircognizance, clairsentience, & clairoyance.  We embrace our abilities to self-heal and become conscious of how to work with the energy of the environment for personal and planetary evolution.

As we work with the upcoming WAVE X / Wave of LOVE, we have the opportunity to work with each individual Archangel of Creation through us to foster the greatest potentiation of our DNA.

Simply invoke an Archangel/s through you (through intent, holding the vision of an Archangel and breathing it through your body) and through the amplification of WAVE X / Wave of LOVE you awaken your DNA into a even higher level of resonance.

Working with the Archangels through you for healing is about embracing the grace of potential within, and choosing to be the change you wish to see within the world.

As you embrace the power of the Archangel elements through you, you are free to move beyond your limited states of awareness.   You are free to shatter your old paradigms and create for yourself heart based global consciousness in unity and enduring peace.

Sharing with you a chart of each Archangel, Energy Centre, Element and DNA Potential to support your connection in the months ahead ♡

Archangel Energy Centre Element DNA Potential
AA Azrael Earth Star Earth Freedom of Spirit,
Expansion of Soul Potential
Anchor your LIGHT & be of service to Humanity
AA Jophiel Base Chakra & Primordials Earth Abundance, Prosperity,
Release of Karmic ‘Vows of Poverty’.
Find JOY in the physical experience.
AA Haniel Sacral Chakra & Naval Earth Amplification of Intuition,
Creative Mastery, Awaken Clairsentience,
‘Feeling’ through the Divine Feminine
AA Michael Solar Plexus Fire Belief in Self, KNOW you are enough,
Own your LIGHT with Grace
‘Knowing’ through the Divine Masculine
AA Chamuel Heart Chakra & Higher Heart Air Self-Love, Forgiveness, Gratitude,
Compassion for lifes ‘mistakes’ and willingness to allow your spirit to Soar ♡
AA Zadkiel Throat Chakra & Alta Major Water Use your words from a place of LOVE, loving self-expression.  Foster ‘channelling’ & ‘mediumship’.  Change the emotional attachment to the past / change your beliefs in order to change your experience of the present.
AA Raphael Third Eye Spirit Awaken Clairvoyance.
To ‘see’ beyond the physical, open your medical intuitive gifts, be guided how to use all that Earth provides to bring HEALING to your body.
You are NOT your DIS-EASE, re-remember how to bring HEALING to yourself & the field.
AA Gabriel Crown & Sky Star Spirit Awaken Clairscognisance, opening to your ‘Soul Story’ and your personal evolutionary potential.
AA Raziel Soul Star & Pleiades Portal Spirit Inter-dimensional Travel, Teleporting, Telekinesis, Levitation, Bi-Location etc..
Unity in our Diversity.
AA Jeremiel Pleiades & Sirius Portal Lunar Be the purity of the Divine Feminine
Live your LIFE in exalted states of BLISS
AA Uriel Sirius Solar Be the purity of Divine Masculine
Live your LIFE from a place of ALL KNOWING
AAS Metatron &
Cosmic & Earth Gateway’s LOVE GOD Realisation, ONENESS
© Simone M. Matthews

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FREE Support Tools & Healing Events

Sharing with you a number of tools to help you in the coming weeks, months and years as we align on the Galactic Plane to embrace the highest potential of the Waves of LOVE (WAVE X) from the Galactic Centre.

GLOBAL DNA & Activation & Attunement Healing

DNA-Activation-Global-Healing-lrWhere ever you are in the world, inviting you to join me on the web for my GLOBAL DNA Activation & Attunement DNA Healing Session.

When enrolling for my GLOBAL DNA Activation & Attunement DNA Healing Session you will receive LIFE-TIME access to my Global DNA Activation & Attunement Resources Private Webpage.

This Global DNA Activation & Attunement Healing Session will help you to embrace the highest potential of The Galactic Wave of LOVE (WAVE X).

To find out more or make a booking:

Sacred Geometry of your DNA

CLH Logo [Portrait] lrInviting you to join me on the 26 & 27 September 2015, for my SPECIAL EVENT in Sacramento, CA, USA:

Crystal Light Healing – The Sacred Geometry of your DNA.

During this 2 day course, I will personally be sharing more about the Galactic Alignment and teaching about the Language within our DNA that is encoded through colour, sound, sacred geometry symbol and sacred tone.

Toward the end of the course I will be facilitating a group DNA Activation & Attunement session offering you the opportunity to bring healing to your physical, emotional & mental states of beingness and quantum leap into a more awakened level of consciousness.

To find out more or make a booking:

Sharing with you also a short video where I discuss a little more about ‘Sacred Geometry of your DNA’ as well as share testimonials from our previous Crystal Light Healing® participants:

Essence of Angels® – DNA Activation

Essence of Angels_Logo [Portrait] lowresInviting you to join me on the 3 & 4 October 2015, for my weekend course in Malibu, CA, USA:

Essence of Angels® – DNA Activation Course

Essence of Angels® is not just another Angels Course !  The study of Essence of Angels® creates a sacred space for you to experientially come to embrace the 13 Archangels of Creation through your 13 Chakras, your 13 Levels of DNA Consciousness and through the 13 Spheres of Metatron’s Cube.

This divine and most sacred Archangel awakening opens up a profoundly enlightening conscious connection with your higher self and assists in the healing past/current life traumas, transmuting limiting beliefs and connecting with / co-creating future potentials.

Above all, this 2 day certification course inspires you to fearlessly move beyond your comfort zone and be courageous enough to walk your truth, own your power and transform your life from the inside-out.… as you awaken your DNA to a profoundly life-changing resonant consciousness.

To find out more or make a booking:

Galactic Heart Meditation

This 13 minute meditation connects your breath through the 3 Hearts of Creation – Earths Heart, your own Heart and the Galaxy’s Heart – to support your awakening, attunement and conscious evolutionary journey into the Golden Age. OmAhOm.

To find out more about this video please visit:

The Wave of Love Movie Meditation

This 4 minute Movie Meditation awakens people to their Divine Beauty, the purpose of their Being and paths the way for all of humanity to resonate and fulfill the highest level of their souls potential.

To find out more about this video please visit:

Crystalline Wisdom – Video

Sharing with you my presentation video on Crystalline Wisdom and how to awaken to this most sacred and divine field of heart based intelligence as we enter the Golden Age.

To find out more about this Video please visit:

Shealla-Dreaming Self-Study Course

The feedback from Simone’s new book ‘Shealla Dreaming’ has been phenomenal !!!!

The big question people are now asking:

“I felt the truth of this ancient wisdom within my heart,
but how can I live these truths as part of my daily life?”

To help people practically live and BE the wisdoms within Shealla-Dreaming, Simone M. Matthews has created her ‘Shealla-Dreaming Self-Study Course’… taking the ancient crystalline wisdoms of her book ‘Shealla-Dreaming’ to a greater depth of experience.

The Shealla-Dreaming Self-Study Course is a guide to understanding the evolution of the Soul and how to navigate this journey through the universal wisdoms found within the sacred symbol that is Metatron’s Cube. This Course will help you to practically live the wisdoms of the 13 Sacred Keys within your life in order to transcend your fear based stories and break the cycle of needless suffering.

If you feel within your heart that it is time for you to live your life from a place of joy beyond anything you may have experienced in this lifetime…. then this is the course for you ! The course is facilitated completely on-line. You can enrol at anytime and then complete the course at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

You may purchase each of the 13 Modules separately as they become available, or alternatively purchase the 13 Module package and SAVE $$$$.

Read More >

Soul Evolution – Self-Study Course

Soul_Evolution_Overview_ImageSoul Evolution is a 12 Module Self-Study course that ‘bridges’ science and spirituality and provides metaphysical tools to quantum leap your DNA.

This 12 Module Self-Study Course takes a detailed look at leading edge quantum mechanics and metaphysics to understand how we can be active participants is using more than 5% of our DNA and hence living our lives from a higher more awakened state of consciousness.

When you awaken your DNA, you tap into an endless sea of intelligence, the genius of creation that exists within all of nature and also exists within every cell within your body. Isn’t it time you woke up to your genius within ?

Soul Evolution Self Study will provide you with the tools to access this infinite intelligence within you, helping you to transcend limiting beliefs and move beyond needless struggle within your life. This Self Study Course will help you tap into the wisdom of the universe, creating a pathway that will lead to health, vitality and infinite abundance.

As Einstein said ‘You can’t solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created’…. thus this course provides you with scientifically validated tools for expanding consciousness beyond the limitations of the ‘box’, such that you can be an active participant in engineering the Evolution of your Soul.

The course is facilitated completely on-line. You can enrol at anytime and then complete the course at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. You may purchase each of the 12 Modules separately, or alternatively purchase the 12 Module package and SAVE $$$$.

Read More >

Toronto, Canada – Essence of Angels® Photos

orgoniteI am sitting here in the energy of 4 beautiful TRANSFORMATIONAL pieces of ORGONITE (see the photo on the right) and reflecting on the last 80 days on the road after last weekends events here in Toronto (Burlington), Canada.

Theses 4 pocket sized transformers were gifted to us by Rob Wisniewski of ‘Orgonic-Transmuter.ca‘.  Each piece is a powerful transmuter of Energy and we look forward to including these 4 pieces in our global Crystal Grids around the world on our Spirited-Travellers World Tour.

If you are interested in finding out more about Orgonite… please see my writeup toward the bottom of this page.

Toronto, Canada – Essence of Angels®

As I noted above, I am spending today reflecting on the past 80 days on the road facilitating events on the East Coast of North America.  I have to say I am feeling quite emotional as I reflect on the amazing people we have met, the experiences, the joy, the love & blissful nurturing shared my many.

The weekend just passed we facilitated our Sacred Ancient Wisdom Free Talk + our Essence of Angels® Workshop here in Toronto (Burlington), Canada.  I feel so very humbled to be of service in helping people reflect on their shaddow side, their deepest fears and their insecurities AND then provide people with real tools and experiential experiences that awaken people to their light and transform their stories of pain.

Photo Album – Toronto, Canada

Below I have posted a short album of photos from our time here in Toronto, to share with you our experiences of love, transformation & divine oneness.

I would like to thank Susan Ramsey & Tahira Badre for kindly putting up your hand and being our Event Hosts & for Grace Benedetti for inviting us into your home.   Thank you also to the beautiful participants that helped in making us feel welcome and supported our tour by gifting our space with flowers, handmade jewellery, dvds & for providing accommodation for our tour in Portugal.  Thank you for being the change ♡

Please also view my VIDEO TESTIMONIALS Page to watch a few of our recent USA workshop participants share their magical experiences (I will be posting testimonials from Canada very soon ♡)

PLUS… please view our EVENTS SCHEDULE to find an Essence of Angels® or Crystal Light Healing® in your city of the world.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

EoA Logo [Teachers-Portrait] lrIt is with so much JOY & LIGHT in my heart, that I blissfully announce that we have today scheduled a SPECIAL Essence of Angels® Teachers Course in Ottawa, ON, Canada – for May 16 to 21, 2015.

This SPECIAL event is being held in the home of Catherine Gee, our Event Host for our Ottawa Events.  During this small & intimate event you will have the opportunity to move deeply into Ancient Wisdom, awaken your DNA and make profound discoveries about our Souls Evolutionary Journey.

If you are interested PLEASE do not delay in booking, as numbers are strictly limited due to venue size.

This is an opportunity NOT TO BE MISSED… to take part in a profoundly transformative workshop and train directly with myself – Simone M. Matthews, founder of the Crystal Light Healing® & Essence of Angels® healing modalities.

Ottawa, ON, Essence of Angels® Teachers Course Event >

Orgonite – Transformer

Rob Wisniewski is the creator of ‘Orgonic-Transmuters‘.  Rob’s Orgonic Transmuters are comprised of a matrix of metal components with the addition of gold-plated Neodymium (rare earth) magnet, Eyptian Royal Cubit length copper coil and various crystals to transform discordant energy.

To understand more about Orgone Energy, here is a brief extract from Rob’s website:

Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who discovered “Orgone” energy, found that this energy is emitted by all living things, and can be found all around us, including in the Earth’s atmosphere, and outer space. Dr. Reich invented a means by which one could attract and accumulate this energy, by the alternate layering of metals and organic materials for the purpose of harnessing the energy. Orgone energy is also known by various metaphysical disiplines as Life Force, Prana, Chi etc.

Using Dr. Reich’s discovery, others have adopted his idea and added a new dimension, by suspending metal particles in an organic medium, creating an Orgonic Matrix Material (Orgonite). This Orgonic Matrix Material was found to not only attract and accumulate energy, but to also clean and transform the energy into a healthy, balanced state. The Orgonic Transmuter, consists of metal particles which are suspended within a polyester resin (organic medium), with the addition of various crystals, to transmute negative non-beneficial energies, into a more positive balanced energy, then emits it out into the surroundings.

I have to say I truly LOVE the energy of Rob’s Organite Transformers and how blessed we feel to be taking these beloved pieces around the world to further activate our Crystal Grids that we intend on building at all of our free talks / workshops / and at power-portals around the world.

Here is a short video where Rob talks about his Organite Transformers and how they can transform the energy of your environment (please fast-forward the video to 2 mins & 40 seconds):

New York, USA – Essence of Angels® Photos

Just LOVED the vibe of our New York events !  The Heart-n-Soul of the spiritual community is well and truly alive here in Long Island New York and what a blessing it was to share with so many wholehearted & awakened souls ♡

Big thank you to Debbie Goldman for hosting our talk & workshops and to Angela Marschall for all of her loving support in bringing our workshop to life.  Both of you are leading examples of what it means to live life from the Heart and awaken & inspire others to do the same.  Thank you for your LOVE ♡  PLUS a giant big hug to all the amazing Souls that opened their hearts and breathed the breath of a New Earth… i LOVE you ♡

Essence of Angels NY workshopsSharing with you below a photo album of pictures from our Free Talk on Sacred Ancient Wisdom, as well as our 2 day Essence of Angels® Workshop & our 6 day Essence of Angels® Teachers Course… our very FIRST Essence of Angels® Teachers course to have ever been held in the USA !!!!!

Please also view my VIDEO TESTIMONIALS Page to watch a few of our participants share their magical experiences ♡

PLUS… please view our EVENTS SCHEDULE to find an Essence of Angels® or Crystal Light Healing® in your city of the world.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

It is with so much JOY & LIGHT in my heart, that I blissfully announce that we have today scheduled a SPECIAL Crystal Light Healing® Sacred Ancient Wisdom weekend workshop in Patchogue, New York, USA – for May 2 & 3, 2015.

CLH_Manual_Certification_lrThis SPECIAL event is being held in the home of Angela Marschall, founder of Cascading Joy.  During this small & intimate event you will have the opportunity to move deeply into Ancient Wisdom, awaken your DNA and make profound discoveries about our Souls Evolutionary Journey.

If you are interested PLEASE do not delay in booking, as numbers are strictly limited due to venue size.

This is an opportunity NOT TO BE MISSED… to take part in a profoundly transformative workshop and train directly with myself – Simone M. Matthews, founder of the Crystal Light Healing® & Essence of Angels® healing modalities.

New York Crystal Light Healing Event – Read More >

Photo Album – New York Events

Upcoming Events

May 2015

Essence of Angels® – Certification Course – Toronto – Canada

Saturday, 09 May 2015 – Sunday, 10 May 2015
Ixchel Holistic Healing Centre – Toronto (Burlington) – Ontario – Canada

Essence of Angels® – Certification Course – Ottawa – Canada

Saturday, 16 May 2015 – Sunday, 17 May 2015
Crystal Beach Maki House – Nepean (Ottawa) – Ontario – Canada

June 2015

Essence of Angels® – Certification Course – Wichita – Kansas – USA

Saturday, 30 May 2015 – Sunday, 31 May 2015
Great Plains Earth Institute – Kansas – USA


Photos from our Massachusetts, USA Event

On the weekend just passed, we had the pleasure of facilitating our Spirited-Travellers free talk on Sacred Ancient Wisdom and our 2 day Essence of Angels® workshop here in New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA.

Our events were held in the historic 1855 Universalist Church in New Bedford, MA… which is now the contemporary community art centre GalleryX.

snowfall-new-bedfordThe history of New Bedford weaved it’s way throughout our events.. including the historic Native American people of the region, the Wampanoags the ‘people of the dawn’.  I so very much felt their ancestoral presence throughout our events… but particularly on Day 2 as the snow fell at sunrise and cleansed the past awakening our light and love to the magnificence of the present.

Big thank you to Aimee Rebeka Shea for hosting our talk & workshop in MA and to Michelle McCarthy for all of her loving support in bringing our workshop to life.  Both of you are leading examples of what it means to live life from the Heart and awaken & inspire others to do the same.  Thank you for your LOVE ♡  PLUS a giant big hug to all the amazing Souls that opened their hearts and breathed the breath of a New Earth… i LOVE you ♡

Photos from our Events

Leading up to our Workshops last weekend (in Virginia, USA) we had the Solar Eclipse… thus our weekend workshop in Massachusetts was held in the Eclipse window (the space between a Solar Eclipse and the a Lunar Eclipse which is happening later this week).

An eclipse window is a time of quantum transformation, both individually and collectively… so what a perfect weekend it was to step into the Light & Love of who we truly are and bring our divine magnificence into the world.

MA-Essence-AngelsOnce again I would truly like to express my deepest gratitude to all of our participants for your generosity of spirit in opening your hearts, sharing from the deepest place of your Soul expression and choosing to be courageous enough to walk your truth.

Sharing with you below a beautiful testimonial from the weekend as well as pictures from our time in MA.

Our next FREE Talk & Essence of Angels® Workshop is scheduled to take place in a few weeks time in Long Island, NY USA (FREE Talk Friday April 17, Essence of Angels® Workshop Sat & Sunday April 18 & 19). We still have a few places left if you feel in your heart you would like to join us ♡

This past weekend was an absolute gift in so many ways and from so many people!  I am incredibly grateful that you met your fears head on and crossed over the pond to come to the US to enlighten us with your wisdom and your knowledge and to share your gifts and love so freely.  From the bottom of my heart – thank you!  It is my hope that you and your family will be blessed abundantly – that your needs will be met with ease and grace and that, in fact,  you will have FAR more than you need as you journey around the world sharing your amazingness with others who are ready to take the next step on their path of consciousness!
Sending a million angels to light your way – big BIG hugs and soooooooooooo much love ~ And again – thank you thank you thank you.   Michelle McCarthy

Photos from our Virginia, USA Event

Feeling so much peace in my heart today and definitely have a case of the warm and fuzzies as we pack up our car and head off to New Bedford, MA for our next FREE Talk & Workshop.

I am typing this blog as we drive along, with a little tear in the corner of my eye as I reflect on our memorable time in Virginia, USA.

VA-farewellsDiane Greene (the event host of our first talk & workshop in Virginia) so lovingly welcomed our family into her home and wrapped us all in her big big arms filled with so much joyous love.  We arrived to a home cooked meal, being serenaded in song by Diane’s daughter, in awe of her son’s sporting prowess and ever grateful for her husband Rich’s guidance on driving around the US.

Have you ever met someone and felt you have known them a lifetime ? This is exactly how my family felt with Diane and her family… like long lost friends reuniting after many years apart…. yet we have never met… well not in this lifetime anyhow J

We visited the Washington monuments together, played in the Museum of Natural History (the butterfly enclosure came a close second to the crystals) and connected deeply with indigenous history at the Museum of American Indian.

We experienced our first snowfall, built a snowman, enjoyed many a home cooked American dinner and even managed a little R&R in the historic Middleburg winery region.

Our first Events in Virginia, USA

Of course the main purpose of our trip to Virginia was to facilitate our inaugural United States events – our Spirited-Travellers Free Talk & Essence of Angels® workshop.

A big thank you to Diane & Dream Yoga Studio and Wellness Centre for supporting our events and providing a warm and nurturing space for us to share, connect, delve deep and embrace the highest vision of our Soul Purpose.

essence-of-angels-grid-vaLeading up to the event was a very powerful energetic week (the Uranus-Pluto square, Eclipse, Equinox) and then my free talk on the Friday night took place on World Happiness Day followed by World Water day on Sunday 22nd. Our final ceremony we dedicated to ‘Water’ here on Earth… the 70% water within our bodies and the 70% water of Earth’s crust.   We chose to move beyond the imprint of the field (based on fear, scarcity and separation) and truly Quantum Leap into our highest potential based on LOVE, kindness and deepest compassion.

I would truly like to express my deepest gratitude to all of our participants for your generosity of spirit in opening your hearts, sharing from the deepest place of your Soul expression and choosing to be courageous enough to walk your truth.

Sharing with you below a beautiful testimonial from the weekend (we will post some videos too of participants giving testimonials in the next couple of weeks) as well as pictures from our time in VA… thank you everyone for the sharing of your hearts.

spirited-travellers-car-vaOur next FREE Talk & Essence of Angels® Workshop is scheduled to take place this weekend (FREE Talk Friday March 27, Essence of Angels® Workshop Sat & Sunday March 28 & 29). We still have a few places left if you feel in your heart you would like to join us ♡

“Thank you…….my heart is big and open because of this weekend’s class.  The class was absolutely life changing.  Simone is extremely knowledgeable and a great facilitator; the experiential exercises caused deep shifts in me which I’m slowly integrating.  Thanks a bunch for bringing your life’s work to me…..”  Eleanor Aya Warner

Understanding Ascension: 5 Tips to Help Your Journey Into the New Earth

The New Earth is a term used to describe the next dimension of life on planet earth. Right now humanity is engaged in the collective process of ascension. Ascension is an energetic journey in which we birth into an awareness of the bliss and Eden that exist on earth. This process has roots anchored deep within the energetic grids that shape Mother Earth. When you raise your body’s vibration, you come into energetic alignment with these higher dimensions. In this way, choosing to raise your vibration is the most effective way of ascending with grace and assisting humanity’s shift into the New Earth.

We are crossing over from the 3rd dimension to the 4th and 5th dimensions of existence together. In the 3rd dimension, we collectively viewed our world from an egoic lens, only seeing from our limited view of self.

The 4th dimension marks a shift where we begin together to see from a place of love. This is a place where we hold divine forgiveness and compassion on our path. Once we fully inhabit this space, our outer world will begin to take shape in a whole new way.

Imagine that instead of creating a life shaped by the expectations of others, or from your own unconscious thoughts, you begin to create from a heart centered place, with thoughts, words and actions that fill you with joy and make your heart sing!

In the 4th dimension we open more than ever before to our intuition and our ability to perceive and interact with other planes of existence. It is where we are more able to connect to our angels, spirit guides, ascended masters and light-beings.

The 5th dimension is our next destination. it is the place of light, the birthplace of heaven. In the 5th dimension we are able to fully let go of any fears that we have been holding and we can soar upon angels wings into the arms of our Creator.

These dimensions do not exist in finite realities, they are not black and white. We can simultaneously participate in all dimensions as we make this shift together. This is why is is so important during this time to connect to our communities of light all over the world to stay connected to high vibrational energies that will allow us to transition through these dimensions with ease and grace.

What Is Ascension?

Ascension is the process that accompanies man’s shift in consciousness from the 3rd dimension of living in union with physical reality to the next dimensions of living in union with love and total surrender to your higher spiritual self. In this place you live in a moment by moment awareness of the bliss and Eden that exist already here on Earth. As we transition into the next dimension of living we are less and less connected to who we were in our old realities, but are not yet fully grounded in the new. Ascension is not something that happens overnight. Although you can have a powerful experience overnight that can catapult you into awareness of the next dimension, ascension occurs over the course of your lifetime and never stops as you pass through this life into your next. We each hold our own ability to ascend into the New Earth at a time that is right for us.

Ascending into the New Earth begins in your heart and in your mind, a place where only love is real and hope and faith guide your every thought and action.

Ascending is a word that describes transformation into a higher place in life. Google describes it in two ways :)

ascension meaning   Google Search

Ascension into the New Earth is both the rising to a higher level of consciousness and a process that involves the death of many different aspects of your life and the resurrection of your highest self. Ascension occurs in an infinite number of layers, you can be ascending into a new relationship, into a new career, into a new perspective or way of seeing your current world, or into new physical surroundings. These times are often disorienting. You can feel out of it and disconnected. You may find yourself disconnecting in your physical life to things that you once took comfort in. You may find yourself angry or very irritated at conditions and behaviors that you previously accepted. These are all symptoms of being in this gap in between dimensions.

This gap is one that takes time and energy to cross, but your journey through it is an experience like no other. If approached with open-hearted curiosity, it can be a time full of excitement and hope, exhilarating as you surrender at each twist and turn, trusting in the magnetic pull of spirit to guide you through to the other side.

Understanding the New Earth

The New Earth is a place that you can imagine as a lighter and better feeling place than where you are right now. This place will feel more like love and less like fear. It is a place to which we are all headed, and what the Mayans and other famous prophets described as the end of the world as they knew it. Nostradamus described an explosion of energy taking place at precisely this moment in time. This energetic explosion is a destructive force in place to tear down the old fear based structures that have been holding our thoughts together and creating our lives since the beginning of time here on earth.

This is a time that we have all been waiting for, and you are sure to feel some excitement for the process, as we have all chosen for one reason or another to incarnate during this very magical time. As the fear is slowly released over time we begin to vibrate into higher and higher dimensions of living, and through a combination of our own focused intention and the natural tendency of our beings, we will naturally move into lives that are more filled with a love for ourselves and all others beings on this planet.

Here are the strategies that my spiritual guides have shared and continue to share with me. I feel that living in full awareness of the bliss of existence on Earth will occur collectively over lifetimes. These are tips I return to over and over again every day of my journey :)

Ascension Tip #1

Surrender the Limiting Beliefs of the Past

The primary shift that needs to occur in order to fully let go of all that is no longer serving you is to release two central beliefs.

The first belief to surrender is that gaining recognition, status and external things will bring happiness.

The second belief to surrender is that you are less than a perfect and innocent creation of God.

These thoughts are part of the old structures that are no longer serving humanity as a whole. When you seek love, status, recognition within a job, or thanks and appreciation in order to feel good, it puts you in a place of seeking your happiness in the outside world. There will never be enough on the outside to totally fulfill you without a deep connection to the depth of your soul that is your highest self that lies deep within you. When you seek for life to provide for you on the outside, you will always be left seeking. Any discomfort or struggle you experience will most likely be tied to holding thoughts connected to the 3rd dimension.

As you release a need to seek anything in life on the outside, you will naturally move inward, where the true love, riches and reputation lie. The key to releasing these beliefs is to develop a relationship with God and your higher self and to practice self-love. A deep relationship to God is cultivated through religion, spiritual practice, and solitude in nature. A deep relationship with God will guide you through every relationship in life, everyone and everything else is secondary.

God has the ability to share a love that is there for you at all times, a love that forgives you for your worst choices and loves you through your darkest moments. This love is so great and is embodied by so many different parts of your life, it can be overwhelming once you first start to really pay attention to it. When your goal is to move into alignment with your highest self and gain a deep sense of self-love, all else in life will come from this place with ease. Living this way is a lighter feeling, a higher feeling, a feeling that we can seek to cultivate in our own hearts. Residing in these high vibrational energies for longer periods of time will allow us to more fully come into connection with the highest parts of ourselves. This process is one that we will be observing over our entire lifetime, patience with ourselves and all others as we move through this process is of the utmost importance.

Ascension Tip #2

Living in the Void and Accepting the Now

Trying to know everything and control your surroundings are strategies that calm the fearful mind. As we move into higher vibrational realities it will become much easier to stay in a state of appreciation for the present moment. As we begin to manifest at faster frequencies in these higher dimensions, the fruits of our labor are coming to us in less time than any that have come before us have experienced.

This is truly a magical time in history, when we can disconnect from the fear that dictates much of societal structures today, we can more easily allow our own actions to be guided by love and not fear. This is a gradual process and not one we should expect to achieve overnight or to judge anyone else for. The greatest challenge and reward of these times is to open ourselves up to the truth of who we are and what we are here to do.

The void is a time to till the soil, fertilize it and to plant the seeds for the first harvest. It is a time that will require patience and grace as the unexpected forces of universal love pulls the rug out from underneath our feet, only to be replaced by something far greater, far richer, a far more beautiful life to live.

Ascension Tip #3

Crises of the Earth

The crises that arise in our life are being reflected in our earth right now. As these little earthquakes of fear occur collectively within our psyches and physically within our earth’s crust, let it be a reminder to us of where we are right now. Each crises brings with it an opportunity to make a new choice, one more grounded in self-love, integrity and a sincere desire to achieve the greatest good for all people that are in our lives.

As we move through this dimensional experience, we will always have security in this world if we can find a deep love for ourselves. Practice seeing deeply into the life of another and choosing to focus only on the love that is present for we are all reflections of one another, and the country and world we live in today are filled with an infinite number of reflexive connections.

As we journey through the void into the next dimension our greatest asset is love. As the world shifts into higher and higher dimensional frequencies it can no longer hold the lower vibrating frequencies of fear as they now exist. The future as it has been predicted is here, we can choose to fight it, or we can choose to surrender and help each other along the way.

Ascension Tip #4

Choosing to Surrender

Ascension comes with many conflicting energies. So many things are up in the air. You can see the glimpse of some great opportunity ahead. You have changed so much, you have had time to find a newer center, one filled with a little more harmony and balance. This is a time of shifting. You have realized new ways of living and interacting with others. You are releasing old thoughts and ways of being, and moving forward fully into living in alignment with your soul’s purpose. However, your physical world is in many ways still reflecting your old energy. Your soul has reached a point of moving forward, but your physical body, environment and relationships have not yet caught up.

You must first accept where you are now in order to move forward with grace and ease. The first step in acceptance is being honest about where you are and what you are doing in your life right now. Look honestly at what you are doing that is serving your highest self and the highest selves of those who surround you.

Ask yourself, “What do I envision my highest self doing or giving in the world?” Then move in that direction with small action steps everyday. When increasing percentages of the population begin to think this way, we will all organically move into a society dominated more by thoughts of self-love and love for others; this is not a shift that will happen in one day, but it is a shift that will take time, and it is the journey that we need to learn to accept and enjoy.

It is a time like no other to surrender. Our greatest opportunities for surrender lie in our uncomfortable feelings. These feelings are only signals that we are leaving the old and moving into new levels of existence. If you have been living out of alignment in any way, now is the time to surrender these habits and ways of being.

Our challenge is to see the lessons and the love and leave everything else behind.

Ascension Tip #5

Downtime and the Final Frontier

This period of downtime we have all been witnessing was and is a necessary tool to ensure that we have time to nurture ourselves throughout these changes.

Right now we need only to bow our heads to God, surrender our imperfections, and know everyday universal energy is flowing through us. We are being led and are only directing the small details of our journey. Once we can relax into the flow we are currently in, whatever that may be, true peace will come. It is the always struggling to be somewhere else that creates the struggle in our lives.

The final frontier in accepting the now is surrendering to the truth that every experience you have in life is a reflection of the energy of your soul. When you choose to live in total love of yourself and in realization that all those you come into contact with are only reflections of a piece of you, understanding blossoms, and from here, peace is inevitable. You bring about every experience in your life through vibrational attraction. Therefore, judging, blaming, or pointing fingers at ourselves or at another’s behaviors are connected to lower dimensions and have no place in our next dimensional reality. When we can truly live from a place of love within our own hearts, and learn to live in appreciation of being able to give that love to others, we open ourselves to the grace and security that will come from living in a very new world.

Love yourself with unconditional compassion, no matter what the outward circumstances may be.

Challenge yourself to love all of humanity, no matter what is happening on the outside.

We are all in this together, one infinite grid of energy, vibrating together. This kindness of the heart towards ourselves and others is what will help us to ascend with grace and find peace in our everyday lives.

From my open heart to yours, sending blessings for transcendent love, harmony and peace in your body, mind, soul and home :)

Article by: Aimee Rebekah Shea

Aimee Rebekah Shea is the beautiful Event Host of  Simone M.Matthews Spirited-Travellers Events being held at Gallery X, in Massachusetts, USA in March 2015.

To find out more about Aimee’s Hosted Events or to make a booking, please visit our Event Pages:

FREE Talk – Sacred Ancient Wisdom – Massachusetts – USA

Facilitator: Simone M Matthews
Friday, 27 March 2015
Gallery X – New Bedford – Massachusetts – USA
New Bedford, MA, United States

Essence of Angels® – Course – Massachusetts – USA

Facilitator: Simone M Matthews
Saturday, 28 March 2015 – Sunday, 29 March 2015
Gallery X – New Bedford – Massachusetts – USA
New Bedford, MA, United States


Spirited-Travellers – Intention Ceremony

Last Friday evening, on the ‘2 sleeps eve’ of our Spirited-Travellers World Tour a group of very special friends came together with my family to connect in ceremony.

Our vision was to set the intention and divine higher purpose of our Spirited-Travellers Tour and to seed this vision into the Crystalline Field of Mother Earth.

Our small gathering came together under the stars, by the light of the moon, barefoot upon the Earth as the heavens opened and gently sprinkled a fine mist of raindrops on our ceremony.

A beautiful Si-Star of mine and Teacher through our school ‘Suzie Joy Coombes‘ led the ceremony with her husband Garry.  Together they played crystal bowls, tibetan bowls and using their voice harmonically connected us all to Crystalline Earth.

Collectively we seeded into Crystalline Earth the highest intention of our tour… to open peoples hearts so they can see/feel/be the LOVE and awaken to the POWER of the DIVINE from within.

To complete our ceremony, we dedicated over 10kg of crystals used in this ceremony as our Spirited-travellers ‘BLESSED EARTH CRYSTALS‘.

Blessed Earth Crystals

We are carrying our ‘BLESSED EARTH CRYSTALS‘ around the world during 2105/16 to work with people in ceremony.

We are releasing ‘Blessed Earth Crystals‘ into Earths Waterways (Oceans, Lakes, Streams & Waterfalls) and we also burying crystals into key ley-line grid points around the world.  

Crystals hold a memory and they amplify our thoughts, intentions, words and sacred actions.  Thus the release of our Crystals that have been blessed through prayers of LOVE, Compassion, Kindness & Sharing, will be gifted from our Hearts in support of the awakening of Humanity’s Heart.

View our Blessed Earth Crystal Photos from around the world.

It is also our intention to facilitate during our tour many GLOBAL EARTH BLESSING CEREMONIES.

Connecting with our Blessed Earth Crystals in ceremony will empower people to:

  • Embrace COURAGE and not let fear hold you back from living your dreams
  • Transform your VULNERABILITY into your greatest STRENGTH
  • HEAL yourself from dis-ease and patterns of limitation & low self-worth
  • Foster unification of the Divine FEMININE & MASCULINE within
  • Connect with ANCIENT WISDOM & the cherished secrets of our Ancestors
  • Bless the WATER and BE the CHANGE.

We sit at a critical time in Earth’s evolutionary history, as our population has increased from 1 billion to 7 billion in the last 150 years, we use resources at a 30% greater rate than is sustainable, 25% of todays animals species will be extinct by 2050 and every 3.6 seconds someone dies from starvation on this planet.

BUT… it doesn’t have to be this way !

We have the power within us to evolve and awaken into a kind, compassionate & mindful humanity of world citizens.  As we practice kindness to self, gratitude to others and reverence for our planet, collectively we will transcend the pain of separation and unite into a global family of conscious Souls, living and breathing a heaven here on Earth.

I invite you to join me in ceremony at my Essence of Angels® or Crystal Light Healing® workshops and have the have the opportunity to connect with our Blessed Earth Crystals and dive deep into yourself, connect with Ancient Crystalline Wisdom and remove the blocks that inhibit your experience of joy, freedom & abundance in order to awaken to your natural state of  health, healing and vibrant vitality.

Thank you for supporting our Spirited-Travellers World Tour and helping us to foster Peace, Happiness, LOVE & Connection with our global brothers & sisters.

Please view my 2015-16 Schedule of Events and find a talk/workshop in your city/country:

A big thank you too to our Crystalline Sponsor Vicki Anderson for helping us make the transport of these crystals around the world possible.

Meditation & Intention Setting Ceremony

Sharing with you photos of our Blessed Earth Crystal Ceremony as well as photos from many of our community members connecting into our ceremony from around the world ♡








What is Your Soul’s Purpose?

If you have found yourself to this page, than like me, you no doubt have been recently trying to get more clear about that elusive question: “What is MY Souls Purpose?”

How can I become and create the next greatest, grandest version of myself ever lived? The short and easy answer is through Love, of course. Such an easy, concise, all-encompassing answer. And I do believe it really is that simple; Be Love. But responding in this way requires that you live as though Love is a verb; every response and re-action coming through you comes from that place of purest intention to use your life to “give Love a Voice.”

The good news is that there’s many ways to awaken this opening within yourself. True, it is a process, of un-guarding our hearts, taking down the walls that the mind has resurrected, allowing our “stories to dissolve,” and one that takes an active commitment to choose to be really “present .”

The power of tuning into the breath and getting out in nature instills a feeling of being connected to the force of Creation that exists within and through us. If we could only stay connected, and “plugged in” to this radiant energy we would find that indeed, we already have what we need within us to fully awaken to our Divine brilliance, and the Love that lives within us. But life is busy & the world we live in is complicated, moving at a dizzying pace of “To Dos” and responsibilities and technologies that seem to constantly pull us in another direction, away from our center.

earth-angel-lrThere are people, whom I like to refer to as “Earth Angels” who are open-hearted-wise-ones who walk among us and have already accessed deeper truths and knowings . They are not better than us…they just have a certain skill we don’t yet possess- a more awakened consciousness, and the experience of course, of already activating this within themselves.

To me, Simone Matthews is one of these Beings. Over the years, I have found her insights amazingly helpful, instructive, grounding and directive. Her writings seem sometimes as if from another planet, vast and beyond my minds ability to comprehend the magnitude of the science and Divinity it explains and yet, my heart feels a deep resonance and profound peace and yes, true excitement in the infinite possibilities that we each hold the power to unlock. What is even more astounding, is her genius in communicating such awesome connections in a way that is as easy to take in as the air you breathe.

What IF awakening to our Soul’s potential was just that easy too? What would our lives look like, our World look like, if we could learn how to use our ability to feel and listen so deeply that we no longer needed to use confusing language to understand ( and misunderstand) each other? How would our perspective expand and create peace amongst us?

What IF catapulting into YOUR potential was presented in a way that was just so much simpler than all the personal development books, workshops made it. What IF you no longer had to go “outside” of yourself for answers, but instead you were able to access the Highest Vibration of Love within you for support and guidance. What IF we ALL have every bit of knowing, every answer to every question already locked within our own DNA; and we could access the imprint of Creation to serve the goodness of all of humanity, life and wellness.

What would it look like IF every human being on the planet believed in themselves so entirely that they lived like Galileo, Albert Einstein, Muhamad Gandhi , Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. with greatness rushing through their veins in pure service to Love?

spirited-travellers-world-tourOn March 20-22nd, Please join us in Washington DC for the most fantastic World Tour Kick off ever! Let’s take the Quantum Leap together & dive into the unknown for the possibility that the “something more” that our Soul knows exists, really IS real!

With a huge open hearted hug to you,

Diane Greene
Event Host – Spirited-Travellers
Greater Washington DC Area


Diane Greene is our beautiful Event Host of our Spirited-Travellers being held at Dream Yoga Studio Diane_Greene& Wellness Centre in the greater Washington DC area in March 2015.

To find out more about Diane’s Hosted Events or to make a booking, please visit our Event Pages:

FREE Talk – Sacred Ancient Wisdom – Greater Washington DC Area – USA
Friday, 20 March 2015
Dream Yoga Studio – Virginia – USA
McLean, Virginia, United States

Essence of Angels® – Certification Course – Greater Washington DC Area – USA
Saturday, 21 March 2015 – Sunday, 22 March 2015
Dream Yoga Studio – Virginia – USA
McLean, Virginia, United States

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