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CLH Logo [Portrait] lrI wanted to thank you for a most profound and healing workshop (Crystal Light Healing®) – it was a pivotal moment for me, and filled in some major missing pieces. Not only about how everything fits together, but also, about why I am, how I am, and why I feel drawn to share particular things.  I so enjoyed how you presented the information – you would share something so amazingly complex in such a simple, truthful way that it just made sense. And yet, when I stopped to think about what you had shared, it was massive. Your sharing style and the innate wisdom of your channelled information just allowed enormous things to slide seamlessely through into understanding.  The meditations were stunning, and I loved all of the products you shared too. I told friends when I booked into the workshop that I was going away for a weekend of magic, and it really was. I felt so nourished, grounded and nurtured on every level after your workshop… Read More >
Felicity Wheeler – NSW, Australia

Essence of Angels® – Your Essences (Essence of Angels®) and courses have literally saved me… this along with the Wave of Love course (now renamed Soul Evolution Self-Study) has changed my life.  You are a true spirital teacher.  I feel truly blessed and honoured to be on this journey with you. I wake up every morning now and meditate, being love, sending love to Gaia… the knowledge I have received from you has overcome my fears.Thank you for your wisdom, thank you for your knowledge, thank you for being alive in the world as this time.
Yvonne Tzakas – VIC, Australia

Essence of Angels® – I sit here thinking about what transpired this past weekend for me and for the rest of us as a whole and I have to share how humbled and honored I AM to have been given this opportunity to the call.  This past weekends experience would have NOT been the same without your ability to bring your wisdom, knowledge, tools & your vulnerability and love to the class.  Most of all you brought YOU, a shining mystical rising Star essence.  Your light is mesmerizing and intoxicating with love, nurturing, grace and humility needed to embrace the rest of the soul family to enable our gifts to flourish.  I THANK YOU for your commitment to the LIGHT and the courage to bring forth this information with full integrity.  Also, your commitment to ALL (ONE) with full reverence and your commitment and Love for your work.  And Thank You for assisting in my REMEMBRance.
Many Magical Blessings,
Irene Calo – Long Island, New York, USA

“Thank you… my heart is big and open because of this weekend’s class – Essence of Angels®.  The class was absolutely life changing.  Simone is extremely knowledgeable and a great facilitator; the experiential exercises caused deep shifts in me which I’m slowly integrating.  Thanks a bunch for bringing your life’s work to me…..”

Eleanor Aya Warner – Virginia, USA


Essence of Angels® – This past weekend was an absolute gift in so many ways and from so many people!  I am incredibly grateful that you met your fears head on and crossed over the pond to come to the US to enlighten us with your wisdom and your knowledge and to share your gifts and love so freely.  From the bottom of my heart – thank you!  It is my hope that you and your family will be blessed abundantly – that your needs will be met with ease and grace and that, in fact,  you will have FAR more than you need as you journey around the world sharing your amazingness with others who are ready to take the next step on their path of consciousness!

Sending a million angels to light your way – big BIG hugs and soooooooooooo much love ~ And again – thank you thank you thank you.
Michelle McCarthy – MA, USA – Heart2HeartHealing.com

Shealla-dreaming is incredibly informative, inspiring, and a must-read for those on a serious spiritual path. Simone Matthews describes the 8-dimensional 12 chakra system within us all and how to work within it with wonderful clarity and deep insight. There seems to be very little I read lately regarding spirituality and metaphysics that I don’t already know, but I learned a great deal from this book. Thanks Simone for sharing your wisdom with the world

Fay Thompson, Owner of Well One Coaching & Consulting and Spiritual Teacher  | www.wellonecoaching.com

Well, what can I say – Well Done!

The format of this most profound information was so cleverly delivered in a story to keep any reader enthralled.  I so enjoyed the ease of the information and the story that was so beautifully able to connect with many people who could relate to the story, whatever their place in the journey of life.  I studied with you in Noosa four years ago….. I am so glad to have it all consolidated now so that I may go to any part of it and re-learn the bits that I need at any time.  Congratulations!   Lots of Love,

Cilla Wilson  | www.universallifetools.com/cwilson/

Simone, thank YOU, “Shealla Dreaming“arrived in tip-top form yesterday morning.

A Wonderful Spiritual Warrior Woman YOU are, your “Waking up the Angels by Blessing the ground YOU walk upon” 100% commitment to Freeing the Spirit of Humanity and the entire planet… in grand order TO LIVE our Promise, our Birth-right is Serving Love!!!!!

“Shealla Dreaming” is pure-liberation, I’m loving it, reading it and vigilantly digesting it with awake-fulness… focusing my INTENTION on expressing my Authentic Self, Serving Humanity With LOVE in
thought, word and action.

Bert Brunet  | Australia

Shealla-Dreaming is surely one of the most amazing books that I have read, and I read a lot!  My journey, like others has been over a long sleepy/awakened time.

Every page….every page….re-affirmed, in the most beautiful way, our journey!

I couldn’t put it down – I read until my eyes couldn’t stay awake any longer – then finished it off as soon as I was able to.  It is a magical, magnificent, wonderful, truly inspiring book, based on what I see in you – is your DIVINE TRUTH! I am blessed once again to have made this awesome connection with your Divine Soul!

Jenny White, Owner | www.vivaciousliving.com.au

The Essence of Angels® Teachers course was an amazing journey of uncovering and discovering deeper aspects of myself, fully preparing me to go out in to the world as an Essence of Angels Teacher.

I realised that not only was I there to learn the information within Essence of Angels but to step into my power and authenticity of being a teacher of the light, and this step was far more important than any ‘information’ I could learn. Simone is truly gifted in that rather than teaching you a formula for being a good teacher, she gently draws from you YOUR truth, YOUR light, YOUR wisdom and YOUR power so that you feel ready to step into YOUR unique path as a teacher. Amazing!! In this deep transformational process, you uncover blocks and challenges that are holding you back and within the support of the group you move through your fears into light & freedom.

One way that Simone does this is through role modeling. She shares everything of herself, holding nothing back, with no ego. I learnt so much from Simone on so many levels. Simone truly teaches from the heart and she is filled with so much wisdom and understands the universe so well, that nothing is left uncovered!

As a qualified teacher, I am very fussy when it comes to being taught myself! I found the course content and teaching methods to be outstanding. The resources that are provided are exceptional and give you everything you need to start running your courses, no details are missed!  I felt truly empowered to be all that I can be and fully prepared to teach the Essence of Angels course in the way that honoured who I am. I have since run Essence of Angels and found it to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

In addition, I would like to add that as a qualified teacher now running Essence of Angels, I fill immensely supported from Simone and Universal Life Tools. ULT offers a level of love, service and professionalism that is unmatched.  I am so pleased I found ULT and to be part of this community.Thank you from the bottom of my heart Simone.

Rebecca Brown, Soul Specialist, Advanced Lightworker & Multi-Dimensional Teacher, SoultoSoul Dimensional Healing & Academy of Light | www.soultosoul.com.au

I simply loved every second that I journeyed with this divine book Shealla-Dreaming and I know that I will continue to refer to it for a long time to come!  Simone has weaved her profound, life enhancing spiritual teachings into a heart warming, magical, breath taking & thoroughly enjoyable adventure of mammoth proportions!!  I am astounded by the brilliance of this work and its potential to positively empower readers to attune to their higher selves and the unified field, in order to co-create much needed change in their lives and our world.   What a gift she has given us at this vital time in the evolution of humanity and our Earth.  This is a must read for both the novice and spiritual adept!

Kyrona Unity Hope, Founder & Facilitator of the Celestial Resonance Academy of Lightwww.kyrona.com

Your Crystal Light Healing® workshops are absolutely fantastic and you are so clear and easy to understand with the way you teach.  It is wonderful to see someone who not only knows their work so well, but also hasthe ability to teach it so clearly – you truly are working in your passion.

Thank you also for the regular newsletters that are full of helpful and interesting information, it is great to be keptinformed of all the new upcoming events as well as lots of helpful hints on how to get us through our Ascensionprocess together.

Thank you again Simone, your love shines through in all that you do, and may you receive all the love and blessings back to you tenfold as you so deserve it.

Much Love, Maureen Perrywww.infinitewisdom.com.au

During 10-16 March 2012 I attended the Essence of Angels® Practitioner Workshop in preparation for the Essence of Angels® Teacher Training and what an amazing experience and journey.  Simone is not only a magnificent gorgeous angel but is such a delight to learn from.  Her lovely presence and ability to see into each situation; and know where each person is experiencing their reality from; and giving us the undivided attention and praise to support us every step of the way. I personally experienced so much growth from Simone’s knowledge, wisdom and insight and feel so very delighted and grateful to have experienced the magical journey of the Essence of Angels®. Simone’s knowledge is so vast there seems to be no question unanswered – truly she is exceptional and what a delight to be taught by gorgeous sparkle of light!

Simone is an outstanding teacher, guide, mentor and educator, simply a divine being of radiance, beauty and happiness; and exemplifies ‘the down to earth’ nature of being human and understanding what we each experience at such a deep level.  Simone keeps it real and joyful yet maintains the mystery and beauty we associate with the Archangels, and takes you gently on a journey of self-discovery to open up new and exciting possibilities which is just magical.  I feel honoured to graduate as a Teacher of the Essence of Angels® workshop and send my heartfelt gratitude to Simone for sharing this divine knowledge with me, so I can in turn share this information with total love and respect from my heart body mind and spirit and deliver the EoA Workshop with the honour and grace it deserves.  I am so very excited to be sharing this divine teaching with those who are called to work with the Archangels to send love light and healing into the world.  Again, my deepest appreciation, love and gratitude always, thank you so much Simone for believing in me and supporting me along this journey…With love and blessings, Vicki Anderson.

Vicki Andersonhttp://www.angelitehealing.com.au

What a wonderful course the “Essence of Angels®” is. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You are a beautiful, inspiring and informative teacher. There was never a dull moment. The information I received, the lovely people I met & interacted with helped to make the experience all it was.

The fact that I was drawn to you by a jamming printer with a mind of its own strongly indicates that the angels were sending me a clear message, what direction to now take in my life.

Also, when I did Crystal Light Healing Level I, I knew in my heart I was in the right place, and doing what I am meant to do. I feel so good after doing a healing and love the crystals; becoming a practitioner wasn’t optional for me. Doing Essence of Angels and Wave of Love courses to further my knowledge felt inevitable. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, running your workshops and introducing the archangels and your essences.

It is truly a blessing to be an Essence of Angels practitioner & to have been a part of such a lovely and fulfilling course. I am looking forward to finishing CLH II & III & to being a part of CLH IV in November.

Love & Blessings, Kerrie Ireland

Simone, thanks SO much for facilitating the Wave of Love teleseminars.  At first I was a little loathe to use the ‘new technology’, but feeling guided I stepped out of my comfort zone, …. and found it so easy, user friendly and above all, practical & very informative.  Each Wave of Love teleseminar offered information we yearn for, yet do not seem to find (or have the time to channel for ourselves).  The immense spiritual growth and consequential grounding left me feeling uplifted and yearning for more!

Love and light, Fiona Falzon xx | zenki.com.au

What I love most about receiving your monthly newsletter is that they always seem to come right when my soul needs a Cosmic hug. Your words of wisdom, reminders of what is good in the world and to never give up looking for it are the light at the end of my dark tunnel. Thank you for your kindness and your open heartedness in sharing your enlightenment.

Denise S. Williams ~*~| Australia

Essence of Angels® and Crystal Light Healing® are some of most profound cutting edge programs on the planet today.  Each time I look back on my extensive and detailed manuals I am reminded how in-depth the work is and how it relates to every part of our being and beyond. Simone was able to directly answer questions I had asked many others who were not only dumbfounded by the question but clearly unable to answer on any level.  Her work is delivered with great wisdom, knowledge and love and any time I use it I am reminded of the beauty and connectedness we share with all that is.  I would recommend this work for anyone seeking deeper healing, heart connectedness and understanding for themselves and their clients.

Margaret Gillabundantprivatepractices.com

Shealla-Dreaming – This is a beautifully constructed and profoundly mystical story of one woman’s adventure to the ultimate destination – her true self.  Simone writes with passion and great depth of feeling – if you are on a quest towards your true self, you will absolutely love this book.

Lyvea Rose| www.LyveaRose.com

Just wanted to say a great big thankyou for all the beautiful work that you are doing and continue to do.

Your Crystal Light Healing® workshops are absolutely fantastic and you are so clear and easy to understand with the way you teach.  It is wonderful to see someone who not only knows their work so well, but also has the ability to teach it so clearly – you truly are working in your passion.

Thank you also for the regular newsletters that are full of helpful and interesting information, it is great to be kept informed of all the new upcoming events as well as lots of helpful hints on how to get us through our Ascensionprocess together.

Thank you again Simone, your love shines through in all that you do, and may you receive all the love and blessings…..back to you tenfold as you so deserve it.

Maureen Perry  | www.infinitewisdom.com.au

Crystal Light Healing® – For years I have worked with crystals and achieved amazing results for myself and clients, but I have always had this nagging feeling that something was missing…the missing part was fully acknowledging who I am and reconnecting to my ancient healer self. I loved being taken back to Lemuria, seeing my homeland and feeling one again with my soul family. I now feel complete.

Justine T.  |Australia

Crystal Light Healing® – I now look at crystals in a completely different light. I was a bit of a novice before I started your courses…I had lots of lovely crystals around my house, but had no idea how I could use them. I now connect with my crystals on a regular basis, and they have brought so much love, healing and harmony into our home that I now cannot imagine living life without them.

Anna H.  | Bali


Crystal Light Healing® – Simone, you have superb teaching/presentation skills – you combine analytical skills & intuition beautifully, an unforgettable teacher and an unforgettable weekend of learning, sharing and experiencing the joy of crystals

Kerry | Australia


Essence of Angels® – I feel I now have the big picture of what healing is all about. You have empowered me to get in contact with my own unique gifts and bring those forward into the now to awaken humanity. Crystals are divine gifts, and I am truly thankful for you helping to re-connect me with my long lost friends.

Claudia Upton | Australia



Crystal Light Healing® – Simone, you have superb teaching/presentation skills – you combine analytical skills & intuition beautifully, an unforgettable teacher and an unforgettable weekend of learning, sharing and experiencing the joy of crystals.

Karen Pickford | Australia


I can’t thank you enough for such a deeply fulfilling experience your Essence of Angels ® course was. I am so honoured that you asked me to be a part of it and experience so much love, beautiful energy and healing. The experience was incomparable to anything and I was on cloud nine for days. Thank you, thank you, thank you, you are amazing !!!!

Naomi Baker | www.naomibaker.com


Dear Simone, this is just a little note to thank you again for last weekend. I so loved connecting with and becoming more acquainted with each of the Archangels through Essence of Angels®. It was a rich experience to feel their presence and how they work with us and support us. I am now enjoying how they enhance my life. Well done Simone for spreading their Message of Love.

Miriam Shaefer | www.miriamschafer.com


Over the weekend you proved to yourself and all other light workers that you are not only a brilliant facilitator and teacher who comes from the heart (which we always knew anyway) but that you are also a highly evolved soul that walks Mother Earth and who eminates pure Light, Love, Compassion and Integrity. I believe that I speak on behalf of all the Angels and participants of your Essence of Angels ® Workshop that you touched our heart & soul….Many heartfelt thanks for an unforgettable workshop.

Fridelle Freyer | Australia


Every now and then beautiful Angels appear cleverly disguised as ordinary human beings…congratulations of the launch of your Essence of Angels ®. Thank you for the wonderful weekend workshop and all of your guidance.

Brenda Cariage | www.brooloopark.com



Crystal Light Healing – Dearest Simone, as I said on Sunday there are no words with enough power to express the depth of my gratitude & appreciation for your amazing course, information, passion, generosity, wisdom, inspiration and your incredible Light.

Raelene Byrne | www.medicineforyourspirit.com



Simone, you are a wonderful teacher. Thank you for living your life purpose. Love & Peace to you always.

Natasha Symons | Crystal Light Healing Teacher






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