The Star Seed Compendium

By Simone Matthews

Article by Rachel Elizabeth Murray We are among changing times right now, even for the ones who don’t consciously know it.   Many of us have been in the process of removing the rose coloured glasses and seeing the world for how it truly is right now, it can seen like a world of slavery, hate, […]

The Wave of Love

By Simone Matthews

At the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy lies the Galactic Centre.  The Galactic Centre is a powerful transmitter of energy waves known as ‘Waves of Love’.  Since 1987, the vibrational frequency of these Waves have been increasing in intensity and will continue to do so as we move toward 2040, the Golden Age. These […]

The seeming randomness of Divine Plan

By Simone Matthews

There is something so divine, heartwarming and generous about a universe that mystically creates a conjunction of seemingly random events ! We just experienced one of these magical convergences over the last few days, let me share with you 🙂 At the end of last week, we packed up our families camper trailer and headed […]

Goodbyes are only for those who love with…

By Simone Matthews

The above photo is of our darling family dog ‘Shikaylah’ taken on the last morning of her Earthly life – 15 May 2017.   Shikky was gifted to us from friends just over 9 years ago and she was more than a pet, she was an integral part of our family. Last Monday, 8 May 2017, […]

Healing a Fractured Soul

By Simone Matthews

My darling partner Shaun captured this photo of me playing my flute at sunrise – to help retrieve, heal, reweave and unite my fractured Soul.  I am only just learning to play (thanks to Troy at Tune2Peace) so my Soul Song hasn’t yet fully been birthed… but I will be sure to share it with […]

EARTHING for happiness, health & vitality

By Simone Matthews

A couple of weeks ago my family & I packed the car with all our camping gear and headed north-west for a weeks camping at the Carnarvon Gorge National Park, in Queensland, Australia. In the lead up to our adventure, work had been very busy… and to be perfectly honest I was on the wrong […]

Sacred Money & The Soul of Wealth

By Simone Matthews

As I discussed in my last post, I am embodying a beautiful new vision of my life and our Universal Life Tools community.   I am stepping with WholeHeart beaming a plethora of LOVE to live-work in alignment with Sacred Wealth. When we look at the etymology of the world ‘wealth’ it comes from Old English […]

Enlightened Vision for Universal Life Tools

By Simone Matthews

Something very deep within me seeks expansion and is calling me to make changes in my life, my work and to our vibrant UniversalLifeTools community. For those that have followed my journey for the last 5, 10 or even 20 or more years, you have been there alongside me and celebrated in the joyful times, […]

Together we UNITE – #istandforLOVE #icantkeepquiet

By Simone Matthews

I have been watching the video’s, drinking in the images (these pics speak volumes) and connected directly to SiStars (& Brothers) who attended many of the Women’s Marches around the world this past weekend.  This Wave of LOVE, a powerful uprising of united voice has brought tears to my eyes and awakened something very deep […]

Indigenous Peoples of the World – Thank you

By Simone Matthews

I am in deep gratitude as I write this… a feeling of immense joy and greatest appreciation for the Indigenous peoples of Earth & EVERYONE who supported the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Thank you. Thank you for showing us the way. Thank you for leading by example. Thank you for being the change. Thank you. […]

We Were Made for these Times

By Simone Matthews

Clarissa Pinkola Estés s an American poet, Jungian psychoanalyst, post-trauma recovery specialist, & author of the New York Times best seller ‘Women Who Run With the Wolves’. I just LOVE her writings, deep reverent wisdom and sacred heart sharings.  I think we can all find a very very deep meaning in the following words by […]

Why your critics aren’t the ones who count

By Simone Matthews

  Yesterday I sent out my weekly email sharing with you my latest post… a post written from the Heart. So as you can imagine, I was caught a little off guard to have received a number of emails directed at me personally that were most defamatory, divisive, angry and downright mean-spirited. Wow, to think […]

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