Galactic Heart Meditation – 3 Hearts of Creation

By Simone Matthews

This 13 minute meditation connects your breath through the 3 Hearts of Creation – Earths Heart, your own Heart and the Galaxy’s Heart – to support your awakening, attunement and conscious evolutionary journey into the Golden Age.  OmAhOm. You may listen/watch to the video above, or you may wish to download the mp3 audio such […]

Sacred Ancient Wisdom Meditation

By Simone Matthews

I have created a Sacred Ancient Wisdom Meditation to awaken your Heart with Universal Flow and bring healing, harmony and balance to all areas of your life such as Health & Wellbeing, Relationships, Career, Finances, Spirituality and any other areas of your life that you choose to focus your awareness. I highly recommend that you […]

International Women’s Day – 8 March 2018

By Simone Matthews

Women are deliciously amazing – a force of nature here to heal, nurture & transform the world. Whilst EVERY woman is enchanting in their own right, something mystical emerges when women unite.   Together we uplift each other, help each other to grow, support each other through the challenging times and cheer each other on to […]

The Seasons of Ageing – Life Transitions

By Simone Matthews

I am feeling a little teary today.  In actual fact I have been experiencing waves of teariness for well over a year now.  There isn’t any one thing that I can necessarily pinpoint to feel sad about, these are simply waves of emotion that wash through me and flood my heart & soul. The tears […]

InnSæi : The Power of Intuition

By Simone Matthews

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of watching the movie ‘Innsæi: The Power of Intuition‘. Innsæi (pronouced  Inn-Sigh-Ee) is an Icelandic word that means INTUITION.  The ability to sense/feel from deep within ourselves and perceive the world beyond our logical mind and five senses.  In actual fact, Innsæi has multiple meanings in Icelandic: The […]

Succulent Wildness, Chiron Return & eating Mangoes Naked

By Simone Matthews

Eating Mangoes Naked After my morning beach walk I prepared breakfast and sat on the garden deck to lavish in my Mango feast.  By-the-way, after travelling the world I can say with 100% certainty Australia has THE BEST Mangoes on the entire planet ! With sweet juice running down my arms and a grin on […]

Living in 5d – Sacred Manifestation

By Simone Matthews

Sending you a juicy big Wave of Love today on our waning SUPERMOON. So how did you retreat into the full moon energy over the weekend ? My family & I were great-full to share the Full Moon with friends as it jubilantly arose over the ocean. The photo above was taken just as the […]

The ONE person you really need to marry…

By Simone Matthews

Oh I so LOVE our community. Big thanks to our gorgeous tribe for all of your emails of encouragement & support re my vision I shared in my latest newsletter… I really LOVE your juicy vibes. Encouraged by all your uplifting notes, you had me reflecting this week on how important it is to belong […]

‘3 Minute’ Meditation – Enrich your Life Today

By Simone Matthews

What if I said just ‘3 minutes a day’ is all you need to thrive in every area of your life ? In just 3 minutes a day you can feel at peace in your body, deepen your relationship with yourself, awaken your innate abundance & truly flourish through radiant living ♡   Benefits of […]

The World is at a Crisis Point

By Simone Matthews

I fell down the stairs on the weekend – tumbling down 11 stairs in less than one second was quite a mean feat and one that has left me a little battered & bruised. I am grateful however that all my bones are intact and that my purple lumps & bumps will eventually heal. After […]

The Star Seed Compendium

By Simone Matthews

Article by Rachel Elizabeth Murray We are among changing times right now, even for the ones who don’t consciously know it.   Many of us have been in the process of removing the rose coloured glasses and seeing the world for how it truly is right now, it can seen like a world of slavery, hate, […]

The Wave of Love

By Simone Matthews

At the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy lies the Galactic Centre.  The Galactic Centre is a powerful transmitter of energy waves known as ‘Waves of Love’.  Since 1987, the vibrational frequency of these Waves have been increasing in intensity and will continue to do so as we move toward 2040, the Golden Age. These […]

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