Metatrons Cube 13 Spheres

Metatrons Cube & the Number 13

Metatron’s Cube is a sacred Sacred Geometrical symbol that forms a map of Creation and it is this ‘map’ that the mystics, sages and ancient civilizations have revered throughout the ages of time. Over 13 billion years ago, during what is referred to on Earth as the ‘big bang’, Source (God, Infinite Intelligence) gave birth […]

2018: Universal ’11’ Year in Numerology

Numerology is a most ancient and mystical art form for understanding our own personal cycles of growth & evolution AND becoming conscious of ourselves in the greater context of planetary & cosmic evolution. If you have ever attended a course with me you will know how much I LOVE numerology (I am a triple ‘777’ […]

2018: Annual Celestial Overview

Sharing with you my Annual Celestial Overview for 2018. I will be updating this page regularly to help you power through the year !  Please also view the Celestial & Lunar Tab within our Radiance Lightbrary where we regularly post throughout the year about transiting Celestial Energies and give a more comprehensive insight into the […]

Galactic Star Map – Evolutionary Consciousness

Sharing with you a brief insight into our Milky Way Galaxy,  Galactic Center (GC),  Super Galactic Centre (SGC) and The Great Attractor (TGA) – their metaphysical resonances, greater potentialities and fractal relationships to our Human Brains. Refer also to our Aetheric Healing™ Modality, for a more detailed understanding of these energy centres. Top Image Credit:  […]

Living in 5d – Sacred Manifestation

Sending you a juicy big Wave of Love today on our waning SUPERMOON. So how did you retreat into the full moon energy over the weekend ? My family & I were great-full to share the Full Moon with friends as it jubilantly arose over the ocean. The photo above was taken just as the […]

The Lemurian Star

Our Ancient Lemurian ancestors greeted one another with a symbol of LIGHT, an illuminated 8 pointed star that shone from the pineal gland (and later from the palm of the hand) as a gesture of saying ‘I see you, I am you’.  This symbol of LIGHT meant more than any words (such as ‘hi’, ‘good […]

13.13 Hz Schumann Resonance: The Great Shift

As I discussed in my last post – Earth’s Pole Reversal – Shift in Consciousness – as our Earth’s Heartbeat (hertz frequency / Schumann Resonance) increases via a synchronised, sustained and harmonic HeartBeat frequency of 13.13 hz, this critical tipping point will lead to a full Earth’s Magnetic Pole reversal. Now in today’s post, I […]

Part 2: Sounds of the Cosmos— Healing Sounds of Colour

Sound creating Colour Now that I have discussed the basics of sound in Part 1 Sounds of the Cosmos, let’s now look at how sound correlates with colour.   I can sum it up in one phrase:  Sound creates Colour ! Let me use the Heart at 256hz as an example.  If I was to ‘sound’ […]

Part 1: Sounds of the Cosmos— Healing Power of Sound

  Sounds of the Cosmos Our Cosmos is a living breathing symphony of sound (energy).  The origins of life and the density of our Earth came into form through Sacred Sound. In the Old Testament in Genesis ‘And God said, Let there be Light, and there was Light’  it was God’s spoken divine word (sound) […]

Earth’s Pole Reversal – Schumann Resonance – Shift in Consciousness

As I have outlined in depth in both my Crystal Light Healing® Level III Course, and my Sacred Ancient Wisdom Course, a full Magnetic Polar shift is imminent.  It will then be humanities collectively heart consciousness that rebuilds the Electro-Magnetic Toric Field of the Earth over a period of 3 days— creating a Beautiful New […]

Sacred Geometry – Language of Creation

Sacred Geometry is the Language of Creation based upon the principle of ONENESS.  Through sacred universal (fractal / holographic) patterns we see how everything within creation is interwoven from the smallest sub-atomic particles through to Galaxy’s, Universes & multi-Universes. Sacred Geometries & their reciprocal mathematical ratios are evident within music, architecture, art, cosmology, the human body, […]

Essence of Angels® Vibrational Essences

The Crystals (minerals) & Plants of Mother Earth hold an innate intelligence.  This intelligence extends far beyond the logic of the human brain and enters a metaphysical realm of ‘all knowing’ through the Great Cosmic Breath of Life. This intelligence, this life-force has been used since the dawn of time by our ancient ancestors to […]

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