Unlocking the LIGHT of Humanity

Unlocking the LIGHT of Humanity

If you have ever attended one of my Heart Retreats, or studied my online Lightrition Course, or shared in my passion for Alchemical Fermentation with Quartz (checkout my Instagram or Flourish Community), you are aware of my LOVE for Earth’s Microbial Biome. 

I consider Earths Biome in a much more broader context, referring to it as the Anima Realm— encompassing all Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi & Parasites not just of Earth, but also of our Solar System & Milky Way Galaxy.     

In recent posts I have shared how Quartz amplifies the medicinal qualities of food through LIGHT, the capacity of Quartz to activate our LIGHT Signature for Healing, and HOW cells communicate through LIGHT transmission.

Now in this post I share the evolutionary sentience of Earth’s Microbial Biome, and how to unlock LIGHT from within our Cells.

The Anima Realm

The Anima Realm encompasses the entire Biome of Earth, our Solar System and our Milky Way Galaxy.    And Earth is constantly being ‘seeded’ by Biome’s of our Solar System & Galaxy.  Each year 40,000 tonnes of star-dust falls to Earth, so through a process of panspermia, Earth is constantly being seeded by Cosmic Microbes— the Anima Realm!   

The Human body contains up to 100 Trillion Cells, with each cell containing a nucleus that houses the Full Genome— the complete set of Genetic DNA— all 23 Chromosomes.   In addition, the Human Body also plays host to a party of Anima Realm inhabitants, and in fact 99% of the Genetic Material in our body is not ours!


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Whilst the Human Genome encodes for 22,000 genes— genes are protein building blocks of the body— the Anima Realm of the Human Body encodes for anywhere between 3 Million to 8 Million Genes!    Through curiosity & wonderment, it does make you wonder what all that genetic Anima Realm material in the human body is communicating to the Human Genome?

Considering that Human DNA is merely a computer, a response unit the environment, could the Anima Realm be an integral part in Human DNA Activation & Attunement?    Could the Anima Realm be activating the intelligence within the 90-95% of our Junk DNA ?

To understand more, lets look at how our Human Genome & the Mitochondria within our Cells have evolved through the Anima Realm.

How Human Cells Evolved

The Anima Realm is a primary catalyst of Human Evolution.  Did you know that remnants of Viral DNA can be found dispersed through the Human Genome?   It is understood that Viruses are in fact codes of Genetic Updates, intelligent information that enables the Human Genome to upgrade, adapt and evolve in symbiotic relationship with the environment.

This means that Viruses are NOT our enemies, they are essential components of the web of life, that enable ALL of life to adapt & evolve.  As I talk about in my Danger of a Single Story post, we do not ‘catch’ bugs.  Illness occurs when the body is out of balance, either physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.  Dis-ease then becomes the bodies communication tool that ‘tells you’ where the imbalance lies, and hence empowers you to embody changes that will guide you back to health.    Wellness then is not the lack of disease, it is a lifelong process of living in harmonic balance with an ever changing environment… thank you Anima Realm for your guidance in helping us to thrive!

The story deepens however when we look to the Mitochondria within our cells.

Mitochondria are the powerhouses of cells, they produce ATP (energy), and also light!    Each cell contains thousands of Mitochondria within its cytoplasm and interestingly each Mitochondrion has its own DNA— separate to our Human DNA / Full Genome that exists within each cells nucleus.

The structure of Mitochondria having its own DNA, bears a striking resemblance to Bacteria, and it is theorised that Human Mitochondria are in fact evolutionary Bacterium.   That is, through symbiotic communication/force of evolution, Bacteria came to live in Eukaryotic Cells, creating the function of the Human Cell of today.   

YES…. we have evolved through the Anima Realm!    And Humanity is present here on Earth to accelerate the communication between species, to be the internet hub of the Anima Realm (more on this further down the page!)




Plants, Light & Mitochondria

As discussed above, the Human Genome has evolved via a genetic transfer of information from the environment via the Anima Realm.    Interesting, the Chloroplasts within Plant cells have evolved the same way.

Chloroplasts are organelles within plants that carry out photosynthesis— energy production— converting Sunlight into energy/food (carbon chains) for plant growth.  When we eat Plants we are eating Sunlight!   

Our Mitochondria digest the carbon chains by breaking the carbon bonds and releasing LIGHT in the process… we really do glow from this inside out!   This LIGHT of the Sun (via Plants) is then transferred to every cell within the body via the Optic Fibres of Cells Gap Junctions.   

Through nature Humans LIGHT-up.  We Light-up the Planet, we LIGHT-up the Solar System, we LIGHT-up the Galaxy.    As I discussed in my Sacred Ancient Wisdom Future of Humanity online Course, as we align on the Galactic Plane our LIGHTing-up changes the Human Genome, and we are evolve as a species.

1cm3 of Human Mitochondria produces 10,000 times more energy than 1cm3 of the Sun.  Just think about that for a moment!  Which means the brightest thing in our Solar System is not the Sun, the brightest thing are Humans!

Unlocking the LIGHT of Humanity

We are truly LIGHTbeings, capable of producing more energy than the Sun.  So how do we evolve, emit more LIGHT, and transform the capacity of our genetic potential?

We unlock & enhance our capacity to emit LIGHT be communing with nature.  Breathing & touching a rich Anima Realm of experience by spending time in diverse natural environments from digging up soil in your garden, to hiking in a rainforest, swimming in a lake or walking by the Ocean.   

We also unlock our LIGHT by the foods we eat.  Eating SOUL food (Seasonal, Organic, Unprocessed & Living), activated through Quartz, and teaming with Fermented Microbial goodness.   Now you know why I love my fermentation alchemy!

Humanity is evolving.  Through the LIGHT bridge of the 4th Dimension (Nature Spirits/Anima Realm), we are opening to our 5th Dimensional LIGHTed selves.  A LIGHT from our Souls will shine through EVERY cell within our body and we will GLOW through Soulfull ambience.   This won’t be a mere flicker of light, or an experience within a healing session (I teach this in Crystal Light Healing®), this will be a NEW genetic expression of Humanity.   

We will glow & burn brighter.  Our inherent capacities such as intuition & intelligent co-creativity with all living things will be enhanced.  As Human Suns we will (and are) joining in conscious reverence with Mother Earth… and through imagination we create this next leap in Human Potential.  What will YOU dream & co-create through Light & Life?

Make yourself a cup of tea settle in to this 44:44 minute conversation with Dr Zach Bush.  In this video he shares the transfer of LIGHT, Energy, Communication between the Anima Realm & Humans, and how we are evolving to LIGHT beings.

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