Numerology 2021 – Universal 5 Year


Numerology 2021 – Universal 5 Year

2021 is set to be a year of CHANGE.  Rapid, accelerated and unexpected change.   Whilst uncomfortable, and at times maybe even a little unnerving, there is a grander vision unfolding that will bring to light a greater purpose by the time we reach the end of 2021.  Overall, 2021 is set to be a huge wild ride that’s for sure!   The choice will be yours as to whether you fly through the multitude of tsuanami’s that will come your way, or whether you renounce your free-will and get dragged/drowned through the turbulent under-current of control.

Reflecting back on the Numerology of 2020, a Universal 4 Year,  this was a year of dramatic upheaval & shattering of our foundations.  The number 4 rules structure & stability, and when the bedrock of our lives was found to have been built upon illusionary truths or deceptive beliefs, then our foundations shattered during our 2020 Universal 4 year.  A necessary destruction took place, that now has the capacity to be the catalyst for rebuilding our lives stronger, more resilient & more in-tune with a world more beautiful.

Now in 2021, a Universal 5 Year in Numerology,  all that was shattered in 2020 is calling to be re-assessed, re-envisioned, and re-aligned during the forthcoming 12 months.   This is not a year of putting the shattered pieces of 2020 back together (that starts in 2022), instead this is a year of determining whether ANY of the shattered pieces even need to be kept at all… and having the courage, tenacity & freedom to maybe even envision an entirely NEW set of jigsaw pieces for your life.

By the end of this article, I hope to have imbued within you a sense of hope, possibility, and inspired insight on how to confidently engage with our 2021 Universal 5 Year.  My vision is that our 2021 year of extraordinary change becomes a massive turning point for not only your own life, but also for humanity, our global family.   This is a rather long article, so make yourself a cuppa & cuddle on in for the ride!

2021 – Universal 5 Year in Numerology

The Universal Year number in numerology is calculated by adding all the digits of the year together to create a single digit.   The Universal Year Number gives insight into global energetic landscape that colours the canvas of the world throughout the year.   Ideally I recommend you read about our Universal Year in conjunction with your own Personal Year in Numerology.

The Universal Year number for 2021 is the Number 5    [2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5]

The last time we experienced a Universal 5 Year in Numerology was 9 years ago in 2012… then 9 years before that in 2003, then 9 years before that in 1994, 1985, 1976, 1967 etc…  You may wish to look back on those years in your life, and see if you can see any patterns that relate to a Universal 5 Year vibration for you!   Interestingly, I was born in 1967, a Universal 5 year !   And YES, in many ways, 2021 does feel a tad like a rebirth !

The Number 5 in numerology relates to instability, change, volatility, exploration, freedom & daring adventure.   The Number 5 is the midpoint on the single digit series 1 to 9.   As we pivot on the 5 mid-point this year, we have the vantage of reflecting on where we have come from (1, 2, 3, 4), as well as visioning where we are headed (6, 7, 8, 9).    We have the capacity to not let the past define us, but rather enable us to learn/grow from our mistakes and hence be the author of a more awakened & wisdom filled future. 

The Number 5 enables expansion, the capacity to live life outside of the box, and to push the boundaries of a full 3600 sphere (zero point field) of living, through all directions of time & space.   The number 5 is an automorphic or circular prime number whose square ends in 5.   Number 5 reminds us that there is never a beginning or an end, there is only the NOW, a unicity with all life.  Life is never stagnant, and to embody the flow the life we must surrender ourselves to be open vessels of eLOVEutionary change.

As the number 5 sits on the pivot point within the numbers 1 to 9 series, how you express yourself during 2021, as a Soul having a Human experience will be entirely up to you.   As you sit at this mid-point during 2021, you have the choice of embodying a year of FEAR or a year a LOVE.  What you will you choose ?

FEAR –  You have the choice during a 5 pivot year to be keep yourself looking backward into the past, fearful of living, fearful of nature, fearful of our global Biome/Virome, and choosing to separate yourself from the world through unconscionable masking.  FEAR leads to separation, emotional sterilisation of society and ultimately a disconnection from the inherent intelligence of our Cosmic-Earthly Biome.  Fear keeps you trapped and separate from your Heart & Soul desire to flow in sacred union with natures cycles.

LOVE –  During our 2021 Universal 5 Pivot year, you also have the choice to honour the wisdoms gained from the past (critical thinking), command ownership of the present moment (transmuting cognitive bias & cognitive dissonance) and choose to flow in your Divinity with all of life.  You are a child of the universe, born sovereign, born free.   A 5 Universal Year has the capacity for you to awaken to your inherent embodiment of universal intelligence in this present moment (body, mind & spirit), and infuse your life with a LOVE that seeks to heal, grow and evolve.    Love unites.  Love restores & strengthens our immunity in co-creative relationship with nature.  Love engages us with COM-IMMUNITY… and what it means to truly LIVE in syntropic resonance with life itself. 


The Number 5 – The Divine within

The Number 5 is a very sacred & revered number.  When we tap into the higher octaves of the Number 5, we unlock the bridge between between the Physical & Spiritual Worlds.   We become our own alchemists, our own agents of transformational change.  

This is what the Number 5 Universal Year is set to show us during 2021 – just because the world around you may look bleak, the outside chaos does NOT define you.  YOU are the co-creator of your reality.  The Number 5 both activates & awakens you to your grander Soulful potential.   Infinite expansion.   No limits.  A courageous desire to transform the way you live & love.   A desire to dare greatly & humbly lean into the vision of a more beautiful world.

Before jumping into the nitty gritty depth of working the 5 Number to its highest octave potential, lets first take a glimpse of how the number 5 is present within every day life.   We experience the DIVINITY of the Number 5 as follows:

  • The 5 Elements – Earth, Fire, Air, Water & Spirit
  • The 5 States of Matter – Solid, Plasma, Gas, Liquid & Mathematics/Quantum
  • Chinese 5 Elements – Water, Fire, Earth, Wood, Metal
  • The 5 Chambers of our Heart (5th is Aetheric)
  • Our 5 Fingers, 5 Toes
  • Our 5 Torso Appendages – Head, two Arms, two Legs
  • Our 5 Senses – Smell, Taste, Touch, Hearing, Sight
  • Our 5 Human Body Cavities – Cranial, Spinal, Thoracic, Abdominal, Pelvic
  • Our 5 Human Body Levels – DNA, Cells, Tissues, Organs/Systems, Organism
  • Our 5 Major Body Systems – CNS, Circulatory, Digestion, Musculoskeletal, Respiratory
  • The 5 Food Groups
  • Number 5 is the 5th Fibonacci Number (1, 1, 2, 3, 5)
  • Perfect 5th in Music
  • Planet Venus (Love) – 8 year cycles & 5 (Pentagram) Petals
  • Christianity – 5 Wounds of Christ
  • Jewish – 5 Books Torah, 5 Books Moses
  • Islamic – 5 Pillars of Islam, 5 Prayers to Allah
  • 5 Pointed Star of Pentagram in Wicca, Taoism, Pagan, Alchemy

And within popular culture, memes and society, the Number 5 influences both our language, emotional expression & our creative understanding of the physical world.  Here’s to name but a few…

  • Hi ‘5’
  • Give me ‘5’
  • Take ‘5’
  • The ‘5’ second rule
  • The enduring Chanel No. 5
  • Manual Cars have 5 gears
  • On a keyboard, 5 is the central key
  • Book – The Famous 5
  • Book – The 5 Love Languages
  • JRR Tolkien – 5 Wizards of Middle Earth
  • Film – Indiana Jones & Temple of Doom (5 Sankara Stones)

Whilst the Number 4 relates to the physical / foundational structures within our life, the Number 5 infuses our physical experience with Spirit, glorious Divinity.   When we have the courage to both own & flourish our inherent Divinity through the Number 5,  during a Universal 5 Year we can move mountains – both within our own lives, and the world around us.


The Number 5 – The Heart

Our Crystalline Matrix Octahedron Light Body comprises 9 Energy Centres, starting at our Earth Star (where our Auric Field anchors into Earth’s mycelium of LIGHT Leylines), moving up to our Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye & Crown Chakras.  And finally our 9th Energy Centre is our Soul Star, our I AM presence.

Our Heart is the 5th Chakra, that connects us through the 4th Dimensional Astral Field to the Divinity of our Soul Star, our 5th Dimensional resonance.  Our HEART, the 5th Chakra, is the energy centre that is activated during our 2021 Universal 5 Year.

Our 2020 Universal 4 Year was a parting of the Veil of Maya through the 4th Dimension.  With this parting we experienced much turmoil, destruction of society and life as we knew it.   Whilst 2020 has been a painful year in so many ways, during 2021 we will begin to see the glimmers of potential through the 5th Dimension of our Hearts & Souls.   There is no returning to a ‘New Normal’, or maintaining a ‘COVID Normal’, the Number 5 empowers you to adventurously explore with sacred wonderment a BETTER NORMAL !

Through the Vibration of the Number 5, during 2021 the 5th Chamber of our Hearts is being activated (we felt the first inklings of this 5th Chamber opening in previous Universal 9 Years such as 2012).   As I share in Lightrition your LIfe, whilst our Heart has 4 physical chambers, it also has a 5th Aetheric Heart Chamber.  This 5th Chamber is our direct link to embracing our Meta-Human or Soulful-Human experience.   This opening & activation will awaken Humanities Collective Conscious into a New Age, and transform our lives through 2021 and beyond.

The 5th Aetheric Human Heart Chamber will transform humanity into beings of Sun-LIGHT, and change the way we engage with Cosmos as we stream higher vibrational fields of 5th Dimensional Cosmic Light through our Hearts.    Honey Bee’s have 5 Heart chambers, and are guiding this process of both cellular & aetheric transformation.

During this 2021 Universal 5 Year, our 5th Chamber Heart Opening is guiding us to explore other possibilities within our lives.  Whilst travel is most likely off the cards, we can travel through our Hearts to explore the Intelligence of the Natural World and find solutions to our problems beyond the limits of our Human Minds.    The 5th Heart Chamber will engage us with the natural world in profound metaphysical ways – precognition, intuition, synaesthesia, telepathy, light-nourishment, feeling the language of the nature etc – as we leap into a greater possibility of Human Potential through the 5th Dimension (5D).   The Great Awakening of a New Earth Era.

Remember, a Universal 5 Year reminds us that THERE ARE NO LIMITS or lockdowns of Spirit, what you focus upon and choose to flourish is what you will experience and become!   Watch where you put your energy this year, as your HEART’s 5th Chamber will expand what ever you focus upon… so make your focus & intentions really count!   Place your energy into streams of LOVE.

“In our time there are certain changes taking place in the heart, by which gradually a fifth chamber will develop. In this fifth chamber man will have a new organ which will allow him to control life forces in a different way than is possible at the moment.”   
– Rudolph Steiner



The Number 5 – The Pentagram

Lets go a little deeper now to truly understand the magick present within a 5 Universal Year.  No don’t get too caught up in complex language of maths… let your Heart ‘read’ the following discussion and feel into its greater potential. 

Lets start with understanding the number 5 through the Pentagram & Sacred Geometry.  The Pentagram is a 5 pointed star, made of 5 lines.  Do you remember as a child learning how to draw 5 pointed stars (the Pentagram) without taking your pencil off the paper ? 

The Pentagram (Number 5),  represents the bridge that connects our Physical & Spiritual worlds.  How divinity is infused within our physicality, and how we are not separate from Nature, but rather Nature is within our true natures.   The Number 5 awakens our consciousness to the Microcosm of the Human Being, within the Macrocosm of the Cosmos.

We experience the Pentagram as our 5 senses, 5 fingers, 5 toes, as well as the 5 appendages of our torso – head, two arms & two legs.  

If you take 12 Pentagrams and fold the 5 triangular points of each Pentagram inward into the centre,  you create a Dodecahedron, which has 12 Pentagon (5 sided) faces.   The Dodecahedron represents the 5th Element, the symbol of SPIRIT in Sacred Geometry – Crystal Light Healing® Level III.   The Light & Love of Creation within us.

And if you then take another 12 Pentagrams, but this time fold the 5 triangular points of each Pentagram outward, you create the Stellated Dodecahedron,  our Double Merkabah Body of Light.    This is the ancient Metatron’s Cube symbol of OmAhOm, the infinite field of Creation brought into beingness through the 13 Sacred Keys.

How does this all relate to 2021 ?   Through the Number 5 we have the capacity to move our awareness into greater streams of cosmic consciousness, our inherent divinity.   We are not just physical beings, and we are certainly NOT victims to those in power within our world who believe with their limited minds they can control us & undermine our inherent divinity.

During a Universal 5 Year we engage more deeply with the LIGHT & the LOVE of the Divine within us.  We our drawn to own our sovereignty, and experience the fingerprint of God’s love within our physicality. 

During 2021, as our 5th Heart Chamber opens and we engage with our 5th Dimensional Soul Star selves, through our 24 Pentagram Stellated Dodecahedron Body of Light (the Ancient Lemurian Metatron’s Cube),  we have the capacity to shift the timelines of possibility.  

No longer are we kept small within the program of living a linear life as robotic followers, giving our power & dignity away to others.   Instead we arise during 2021 to to live multi-dimensional lives, and shift into being CREATORS & Architects with & of life itself.


The Number 5 – Phi

To understand more of how we can ‘change timelines’ during 2021, lets take a look at the Golden Mean or Phi.

The Golden mean is a ratio referred to as Phi or Φ or 1.618   As I share in Crystal Light Healing® Level III, we see 1.618 ratio throughout nature – appearing extensively within the Human Body AND in all of nature – Animals, Plants, weather patterns, our Solar System, even the spiral of our Galaxy.  In fact art, and even the movements in our stock markets are influenced by 1.618

Looking at the example below for the Pentagram, when we divide a longer length by the adjacent shorter length then the resultant number is 1.618    As the Pentagram forms the ancient Metatron’s Cube of our Holographic Cosmos, it then makes complete sense that all life is imbued with this sacred divine fingerprint of 1.618

And as we are born out of the Metatron’s Cube Stellated Dodecahedron Holographic Cosmic field, our Human Body also contains the fingerprint of 1.618   If we divide any longer length of the Human Body by an adjacent shorter length, then the result will always be 1.618.    This applies to our Limbs, our Face, even the curvature of our DNA and the spiral flow of Blood within our Hearts !    We really do have the finger-print of the Divine clearly visible within our body and flowing through us!

The Number 5 through our Hearts reminds us that Phi, the eternal weavings & breath of Divinity, is what brings our physical body into form.   AND conversely during our 5 Universal Year, we are called to take CO-MMAND of the LIGHT of this Divinity within us and consciously direct its mirrored flow to change the FORM of the World around us.   

As the 5th Heart Chamber of our Hearts opens, we have the capacity to move into a great Cosmic Flow with Life, through the 1.618 Spiral of our Galaxy and even the greater 1.618 Spiral Flow of the Torroidal field of The Great Attractor (TGA)Laniakea.   

We are no longer limited to the physical construct of our senses, instead we engage with our greater Cosmic Senses as multi-dimensional photonic beings.  We let go of the memory of our old timelines, as we ripple our awareness to the pulse of New TIMELINES of potential into the Cosmic Field.   We expand the Torroidal field of Hearts (which contain spirals of 1.618 flow) from a place of fear, into a field of expansive LOVE through the Torroidal Field of the Greater Cosmos.



The Number 5 – Garden of Eden

Apples are synonymous with good health ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’.  And if you cut an apple in half, you can see a five pointed star – The Pentagram.

In Genesis, in the Garden of Eden, Man is instructed to not eat of the forbidden fruit, the humble apple.  Without moving into a long theological discourse, maybe we could reflect on this interesting story as it relates to this moment on Earth.

The Apple, the Pentagram, holds the key to the Wisdom of the Cosmos.  ‘Eating’ of the LIGHT of this Truth empowers us.  We discover we aren’t a victim to nature (be it virus’s, or the viral stories of mainstream media & megla-maniac philanthropists), but rather we are integral parts of nature  and that we were born to thrive.

In our 2021 Universal 5 Year, as more of us let go of Cognitive Bias & Cognitive Dissonance and choose to eat from the Pentagram Apple of Life, we will discover our true selves.  That there is a sacred intelligence that permeates every morsel of nature, and every strand of the web of life is integral to the expansion of the greater whole. Nothing is superfluous. Nothing is a killer in nature. Everything strives to support one another towards wholeness.

The structures of man-made control that are being created in the shadows, such as The Great Reset, pale in significance when we awaken to and harness the sheer ecstatic states of Mother, the innate Power of the Feminine, and our greater capacity as Photonic Beings within a Quantum Holographic Universe.

2021 is an important PIVOT point within our Collective Consciousness.   Through the number 5 we let go of OBEYING those that are trying to FORBID our awakening, and instead rise up to OWNING ourselves, taking full responsibility for our lives, and cultivating a more beautiful world through our Hearts.   Choosing to engage with the Biome/Virome of Earth as she serves us in our Genetic Upgrades of Grander Possibility for life to evolve.

The Apple of Life has always been within you.   2021 is the year for you to give permission to yourself to eat from the apple.   To cultivate an environment within your psyche that enables her seeds to sprout, her roots to tap into the Herstory of the Earth, and her branches to become tuning forks that receive Cosmic Intelligence.  


The Number 5 – Vibrational Words

Words ripple vibrations within our lives – both through the way we use the word within society, but also in the numerological energy vibration of the word.   Here are a few words & abbreviations that vibrate to the Number 5 in Numerology.

I feel these words help to uplift & awaken us to the Sacred Potential of our 2021 Universal 5 Year.

  • Surrender
  • LIFE (Living in Flowing Energy)
  • Essence of Angels
  • CLH (Crystal Light Healing)
  • Sacred
  • Synergy
  • Cause and Effect
  • Wonderment
  • Epicure
  • Epicurious (55)
  • Mother Mary (55)
  • New Earth Era (55)
  • A New Earth
  • Apple
  • Pentagram
  • Merkabah
  • Stellated Dodecahedron
  • Intuition
  • Celebration


The Number 5 – Harmonics & Perfect 5th

The Number 5 is the number of flow.   Universal Flow through the Fibonacci Spiral of the Golden Mean or Phi 1.618, and transformational flow through the Harmonic Sounds of Nature.   Whilst forces outside of ourselves are trying to curb the inherent intelligence of flow (such as lockdowns, masks that inhibit flow of breath, and social distancing that limits the flow of love through separation), the miracle of nature is that FLOW will always find a way.   Notice that there are NO straight lines in nature, as she is built upon the eternal movement of Cosmic Flow.

Whilst I discuss harmonics in greater depth in Crystal Light Healing® Level III, I will do my best explain Harmonic Flow from a high-level view, and relate this to our Universal 5 Year that is 2021.

Music is built upon the premise of Harmonics, the synergy of flow.   When you play any musical note, this note if referred to as the fundamental note, but there are also resonate sounds within that note that are referred to as the timbre of the note.   These resonant sounds are harmonics and form the basis of chords, music theory… and in fact explain the Music of the Sphere’s of the Cosmos, and how consciousness creates form.

Looking at the Diagram below, I would like to focus on the Harmonics of energy moving in Octaves, as well as via the Perfect Fifth.  

When we connect with the Earth (grounding) and open our awareness to Mother, the Heart of the Earth (Earth Gateway), our awareness ‘plays’ or vibrates Earth’s Heart at C to C#.   The harmonic flow of energy thus ‘plays’, vibrates & opens our Human Heart (the 5th Chamber) at C to C#, and the next Harmonic the Perfect 5th also ‘plays’, which is our Soul Star at G to G#.  Essentially this means when you connect with the Heart of the Earth, the Intelligence of Nature opens the key to our Hearts and activates our Greater Soul 5th Dimensional Potential here on Earth.

The reverse can also be said as a mirror of the above through the Hermetic Axiom ‘as above, so below, as within’.   When you flow with the Divine through the Heart of our Galaxy (Cosmic Gateway) at C to C#,  the harmonic ripples ‘play’, vibrate & open our Human Heart (the 5th Chamber) at C to C#, and help us let go of our OLD Paradigms of Fear through the Base Chakra – the Perfect Fifth at G to G#.

The Number 5, the perfect 5th of Harmonic FLOW fosters the syntropic transformation of sound, thoughts, light & colour into form.   We become aware of FEAR as being a construct of our perceive separation from Nature.   But as the 5th Chamber of our Hearts open during 2021, and we experience ourselves as instruments of the Divine, we can no longer be controlled by FEAR, as fear no longer becomes a construct of limitation or separation within our world view of UNITY.


The Number 5 – Square Pyramidal Number

I mentioned earlier that the Number 5 is a sacred & revered number that forms a bridging link between our Physical & Spiritual Worlds.   A way to understand this is to once again reflect on the Number 5 through a little maths – yep, our universe is really built upon the Sacred Geometrics of Numbers.

The number 5 is a square pyramidal number.   Essentially if you lay down a square grid of 5 x 5 spheres (5 rows of 5 spheres), you form a base of 25 spheres.  And as you build the Pyramid up – 2nd layer is 4×4 = 16 spheres, 3rd layer is 3×3 = 9 spheres, 4th layer is 2×2 = 4 spheres, and finally the 5th layer is 1×1 = 1 sphere.

Hence the NUMBER 5, creates a 5 LEVEL Pyramid, of built of the Master Number of 55 Spheres.  

This 5 Square Pyramidal Template of Cosmic Lore, a 5 sided pyramid (4 outer sides + 1 base), is the LIGHT template of our Octahedron Body of Light.    We are mirror reflected and breathed into life through the template of the Divine, hence the Mirrored reflected image of the ‘top’ pyramid, creates a ‘bottom downward pointing’ pyramid, and the two bridge together through the Number 5 to create our Octahedron Body of Light – the 7 layers of our Auric Field which infuse the 8th layer, our physical body.

The old story or paradigm of our world has had us believe that there is a big bad world ‘out there’, and we must do everything in our power to protect ourselves from it.   That killer germs & viruses are lurking and are ready to attack at any moment.   That we must rise above nature, separate ourselves from her intelligence, and use our man-made egoic mind intelligence to live a ‘civilised life’ that is better than natures inherent intelligence.   This one story has been the rule of thumb in allopathic medicine for well over 200 years.   Not that long really, when you consider our Earth is 4.6Billion years young, and our Universe 13.8 Billions years.

This one story has even spilled over into ‘spiritual circles’ where many ‘bubble themselves up’ to protect themselves from bad energy, darkness, the ‘unknown’ that lurks out there in the world.  And to some extent this works – you can inhibit the penetration of lower vibrations…. BUT in doing so, you also inhibit both the penetration of LOVE to flow on in and the cyclical syntropic flow of LOVE out.    Armouring yourself up energetically creates a false promise of safety, for in the longer term you actually end up living in a lonely, cold & unhealthy prison of your own making.   Quarantine anyone ?

We are creatures of connection.  We are born of nature, it’s in our truest natures.  There is no running or hiding from what we are all inherently a part of, because this FEAR ultimately limits the ecstatic bliss of truly living in harmonic resonance with Divinity.

The Number 5, through a Universal 5 Year, helps us to challenge these old fearful beliefs of protection, smothering ourselves with chemicals to keep ourselves ‘healthy’, and limiting our contact with breathing in life itself – the Sun, pure water, light-rition food, for resilient states of immunity.

The Number 5 demonstrates that we are made of Light, Infinite Cosmic Intelligence.   And when we courageously choose to step into the LIGHT of our truest natures, then there is nothing to fear (be it catching something outside of yourself), as your Chi, Immune System, Emotional/Mental Body & ultimately your Spiritual Vitality radiates the highest frequencies of Health & Wellbeing in sacred reciprotic dance with the natural world.   Just like a pregnant women, you GLOW from the LOVE that flows through you, that keeps you in harmonic vitality with the greater web of life, Mother Nature herself.  You discover that natures yearns for you to Thrive.

In the words of Marian Williamson…

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”


THIS is the Divinity of what the The Number 5 awakens within us, within a Universal 5 Year.     That we are LIGHT.   As photonic beings of the LIGHT we are here to take ownership of our Divinity, and shine our LIGHT out to the world.   Keeping ourselves small dims our LIGHT.   The Number 5 empowers you to SHINE your light at frequencies that you have never dared gone before.   A Number 5 year is THE YEAR for you to Dare Greatly.   




Tarot Card #5 – The Hierophant

Turning to the wisdom of the Tarot, we can embrace an even deeper side of the potential of our Universal 5 Year.   The energetic archetypal symbolism held with the Tarot, awakens our consciousness to both the energy & potential to be birthed during 2021.

Refelecting back, our 2018 Universal 11/2 year was ruled by The High Priestess (2nd Tarot Card) representing the Divine Feminine, Intuition & Sacred Knowledge.   And our 2019 Universal 3 Year was ruled by The Empress (3rd Tarot Card) representing the Divine Mother, the Earth Goddess, the creative power of the Feminine.    Then our 2020 Universal 4 Year was ruled by The Emperor (4th Tarot Card), representing the  Divine Masculine, sitting upon the throne of wisdom & the power of fierce grace.   

And now our 2021 Universal 5 year is ruled by The Hierophant, the 5th Major Arcana Card of the Tarot, the Masculine counterpart to 2018 The High Priestess.  The Hierophant is also called the The High Priest in some decks.

The Hierophant sits upon a high upon a throne, reminding us to own ourselves & to embrace our own authority.   The Hierophant guides us to own the Crowning Wisdom (Corona) of our Souls, our Light and our personal power.  To not be afraid to be seen & heard.  To own our energy with Grace.

The Hierophant is also a Teacher, sharing wisdom from the Holy Trinity (the Papal Cross in the left hand), through sacred reverence of the 3 Hearts of Creation – Cosmic Heart, Human Heart, Earth Heart (the Crosses along the front of The Hierophants robe).   And he shares this wisdom from his Soul, as above, so below (on his Right hand, the two fingers up poin to the heavens, and the last two fingers point to Earth, and thumb represents Soul).

The Hierophant sits between two pillars that represent the duality of life – the number ’11’ – the past-future, night-day, masculine-feminine etc.   His position reminds us that we need not ‘choose a side’, but rather listen and embody the wisdom of both sides…. and then share our Hearts from this place of unified wisdom.

In front of The Hierophant are two keys that are crossed, and two initiates that are seeking advice from a higher power.   This vision can be viewed in two ways.   Firstly, we can hand our authority over to someone else, and have them give us the key to our freedoms at their own will…. and often that key is out of our reach.   It’s certainly an option in a Universal 5 year of change.  But how does this option help us riseup to sit on the throne of Soulful Awakening ?

Alternatively, we can see that this card empowers those that are awake to open their hearts and share a message of love, hope, vision to all & sundry – those that are asleep on oneside, and those that are awake on the other.   This sharing is not a lecturing of Wisdom, but a demonstration of LIVING the truth, such that others discover that the key to their freedoms has hever been outside of themselves, it has always existed within their Hearts.   The key to unlocking the mysteries of life exists with you… YOU are the one that you have been waiting for!


Challenges of a Universal 5 Year

Every number in numerology has both a light & dark vibration.   I don’t necessarily deem dark as being a ‘bad’ vibration, but rather a sacred polarity that offers a contrast to your present moment, and extends a hand of awareness, growth & awakening.   

If anything, a Universal 5 Year, helps you integrate the two halves of the whole and revere the sacred dance of the Masculine & Feminine at play, to ultimately serve your unification with life.

Here are the few of the shadows, or challenges that that a Universal 5 Year may help you to bridge, in your journey to experience wholeness.

Restless, Discipline, Consistency
During a Universal 5 Year, the urge to shift, change, make things happen can be so great, that an egoic desire can arise within you that wants EVERYTHING to happen NOW.   Even yesterday would be better!  This could lead to feelings of being restless, frustrated, peeved off that things are moving too slow for your liking.  At best this could simply be annoying, at worst this could lead down a dark path of resentment, red-hot anger, or even vengeful rage with those trying to take ‘authority’ over your life.   Universal 5 Year reminds us that Nature moves in cycles, and everything has a sacred rhythm & pace in tune with the greater web of life.   Whilst your desire to grow, evolve & action your visions will be great, remember to pace yourselves, & move in the direction of Universal Flow.   Let your ripples of change be consistent 24/7, not just when you feel good or during your daily 30mins of yoga or meditation.   Your ripples of change must become the very template of your life – such you you walk the talk 24/7.  This becomes the disciplined (disciple) of every breath & heartbeat of your life. 

Confinement & Routine
Universal 5 Years are years of daring adventure.  To push the boundaries of your 5 pointed Starry Pentagram selves, and discover greater possibilities within life.  Discover a LIGHT & a LOVE more beautiful.   5 Years guide you to let go of all you thought you know about yourself, life, the world at large, and travel the light highways of the Cosmos.   The thing that will hold you back from soaring during our 2021 5 Year, is your fear of the unknown, and your fear of moving beyond your comfort zone.   Confining yourself to the saftey of you loungeroom, rarely venturing out or socialising, or routinely doing the same thing day-in-day-out may feel comforting, but in actual fact will serve to only strengthen the bars on the prison of your life.   2021 calls to you to take that leap out of your confortzone and discover the TRUTH of who you are.

Addiction, Rigidity, Flow
The desire to change, grow & expand during a Universal 5 Year can be so great, that the ‘high’ of ascension could lure you into an addictive trap of ‘more is better’, or the never ending marginal utility trap of ‘just one more wafer thin cracker’ (for all those Monty Python fans!).   Such that your desire to catapult your life & the world into new spheres of consciousness becomes so great, that your rigid goal oriented actions have forgotten the importance of the ‘journey’.   Ascension is not about treading on the toes of others, or walking over bodies to get to the top.   The Number 5 reminds us of WE, and the journey of community together.  To compassionately listen to the stories of others, and flow in the growth & awareness of your own story as your evolve.   Closing yourself off to those that don’t see the LIGHT of this moment as you do, in order to achieve ane end goal, only serves to limit personal & collective awakening.   Flow engages.   Flow entices others to experience their LIGHT and move in the direction of LOVE too.  

Let it Go
This is a hard one.  You have friends, family, neighbours, co-workers that are trapped in the old story of separation & fear.   And during our 2021 Universal 5 Year, all you want to do is show them the LIGHT.  A greater story & potential.  Help them to wakeup to who they are, and how they are LIGHT filled sparks of the Divine.  You can talk all you want, show as many studies, facts & numbers to support your point of view (and that of hundreds of thousands medical specialists too)… YET your beloveds can’t hear or understand your message.   The best advice is to LET it GO.  A Universal 5 Year is here to show us that change happens from the inside-out, not from the outside-in.   When YOU be THAT beacon of light in HOW you life your life through joy, happiness, purpose & fearlessness, you become a magnet to others.   You ignite a spark from within peoples Hearts where they discover themselves on their OWN accord.   Let go of the need to control the awakening of others (it’s the story of control that has created the problems within the world), and move your Heart into a NEW STORY of compassionate LOVE.   Give people the opportunity to choose their own story… it is the most LOVING thing you can do.


Summary – Universal 5 Year Forecast

You maybe reading this Summary and hoping that I will say something encouraging that lays claim to everything returning to normal during 2021.   Hmmmm…. I could say that, but I do know in my Heart that is not going to happen.   The natural world moves in the direction of cycles and flow, and nothing in the natural world moves backwards.   There are only circular-torroidal cycles of birth, growth, expansion, contraction, senescence, & death, followed once again by a new cycle of rebirth into a higher ‘octave’ of experience. 

Our Number 5 Universal Year in 2021 reminds us of the importance of the present moment, the NOW.   To cherish where we are NOW within our personal cycles of life and to surrender & flow with the greater cycles of nature.   To know deep within ourselves, our hearts, that a longing for the past keeps us trapped in a prison of fear.   And our anxiety/worry about the future serves to keeps us quarantined from the expansive awakening flow of life, the genetic upgrade that LIFE yearns to activate within our quantum genome.    Either way, fear of the past &/or anxiety for the future keeps us trapped in small dark-n-dingy places where we give up on our sovereignty and allow the puppet-masters to tug & manipulate the strings of our lives.

A Universal 5 Year holds the KEY to unlock the door to your self-imposed prison by engaging the 5th Chamber of your Heart with the 5th Dimensional LIGHT of your Pentagram/Dododecahedral Soul.   A weaving of Heaven & Earth in the NOW, the present moment.   A rising above all that you have been TOLD is possible, and engaging with Natures Intelligence during our 5 Year of adventurous change to FEEL a deeper truth that emanates from the Heart of the Divine.

2021 is about owning YOURSELF.  Not giving up your God given right to freely engage with Nature’s Intelligence.   And not dimming the truth of who you are in order to fit in, or make others feel more comfortable within the confines of their own cold prisons.   When YOU choose Freedom, you help others discover the keys to their own FREEDOM is (and always has been) within their Hearts.   It’s the beguiling luminosity of your LIFE – imagine your arms & legs outstretched as a Pentagram Shine your LIGHT – that helps people discover this Truth that resides within them.

As people stand on the pinnacle of the Number 5 during 2021, looking in either direction – the past & the future – there will be those that choose to stay within the confines of their own personal prisons.  This breaks my heart in so many ways, but I get it, vulnerability is scary, and the seducation of handing over your power to another is intoxicatingly easy.    Having someone ‘tell’ you what to do can seem like a weirdly liberating option.  Letting go of self-responsibility and giving your power to another to innoculate you from the scary world may help you to feel safe & surreptitiously in ‘control’.   However, with each passing day, month & year, as the prison becomes darker & more cramped, the ability to find the ‘key’ within dimishes.  Total control of every area of your life will ultimately be accepted for your own wellbeing – it’s the price you are prepared to pay in order keep ‘safe’.  It’s not LIVING that drives you, life is now a process of avoiding death at all costs.

Conversely, in the Universal 5 Year of change, there will be those people that will come alive this year – an aliveness that will have people reflect on whether they have ever truly lived!    People will hear the call of nature, the call to come together in their COM-IMMUNITIES to innoculate each other with joy, friendship & oodles of LOVE.  Why ?    Because through the 5th Dimension of our Souls & the 5th Chamber of our Hearts people will wake up and recognise that we are ALL ONE.   That the Uni-VERSE, the song of life exists within our Hearts… and its time to hear her call, dance to her rhythm and sing her starry notes.   To these people the war is well & truly over.  The war on nature, the war on microbes, the war on each other.   Whilst those that choose prison will continue to stay engaged in war – through shaming, redicule, trolling, public humiliation & dobbing in your neighbour – these vibrations will simply roll like water off a ducks back to those that choose the PATH of LOVE.  

How best to thrive in 2021 ?    My advice is don’t make any hard concrete plans, instead choose to flow in the direction of your Heart wanderings.   Everything is up for change/transformation during a Universal 5 Year, so why lock yourself down or imprison yourself in, making reLOVEutionary change that much more difficult. 

After the shattering turbulance of 2020 our Universal 4 Year, you may still find that there are remaining shards of your life that need to be released, discarded or alchemically shape-shifted into new opportunities.   Once again, don’t anchor yourself down into fixed decisions, or try to dim the LIGHT of your Pentagram self into a square box, or even delude yourself that every area of your life needs to be insync and fully rebuilt in 2021.   This is a year of CHANGE, so instead move in the direction of flow and allow the momentum of rebuilding to build & engage as we flow into 2022.

2021 is a year to wander with curiosity. Discover a higher truth.   To give yourself space to expereince your full luminous pentagram of LIGHT self.   And a year to lucidly dream a New Earth through your 5th Heart Chamber.    To find a FREEDOM that enables you to expand and ultimately serve something much greater than yourself, an enduring LOVE of the Divine.

Here’s to a year of Great Awakening, Shining & Risingup together.
All LOVE, xx Simone


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