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Inviting you to register in Simone M. Matthews’ new course – Aetheric Healing™ Master Practitioner eCourse.  Aetheric Healing™ is a profoundly transformational modality that places you in the vortex of universal wisdom to deeply understand your self, to own your creative genius and to uncover your subconscious beliefs surrounding success, health, relationships and self-worth/love.

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Simone_M_Matthews_purpleLearn the deepest & most sacred truths about your Soul’s Evolutionary journey with Australia’s leading visionary futurist – Simone M. Matthews.  Simone’s events will inspire you to live their life wholeheartedly in order to be an active participant in personal & planetary evolutionary change. From this most sacred state of heart-felt living, you make peace with your past, live with meaning in the present and create a conscious vision for your future.

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Welcome to Universal Life Tools

Universal Life Tools is a community of people inspired to live life ‘outside of the box’ and be active participants in creating conscious evolutionary change.  Simone M. Matthews is the founder of Universal Life Tools and it is her vision to inspire people to live courageously and dream big, so together we can create a kinder, more compassionate and peaceful world.

Our Universal Life Tools website provides a resource of tools, information, and community support that helps people to awaken to their greatest passions, ignite their highest aspirations, and create a life filled with meaning, purpose and infinite LOVE.

Our vision is to empower you to find your own personal freedom through the expansion of your creativity and full self-expression of your individual Soul Potential.

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Crystal Light Healing Metaphysical School of HealingULT Metaphysical School of Healing

Our International Universal Life Tools (ULT) Metaphysical School of Healing was formally established in 2003 out of a desire to help people awaken their greatest passions, transcend perceived limitations and live from their highest aspirations.   Our School weaves together ancient traditional healing with leading-edge quantum physics and conscious evolutionary principles.

We offer weekend workshops, Practitioner courses, Teacher courses, Tele-Seminars and Self-Study programs. Our two fully accredited vibrational healing and crystal healing Practitioner &  Teacher courses are:
Essence of Angels® and  Crystal Light Healing®.

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Crystal Light Healing PractitionersAccredited Practitioners

Would you like to be nurtured with a crystal healing or  a vibrational healing essence to bring health, harmony & healing to your body / mind / spirit ?  Would you like to awaken to your soul purpose, transcend limitations within your life, and bring your gifts/passions into your day-to-day world ?

If yes, then you may like to visit (or experience a distance healing) with one of our accredited Essence of Angels® or Crystal Light Healing® Practitioners.

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Crystal Light Healing TeachersAccredited Teachers

Would you like to become a Crystal Healing Teacher or Essence of Angels Teacher ?  We offer two fully accredited International Teacher courses to students around the globe.

On graduation, our Teachers are accredited to run the full Crystal Light Healing Practitioner course or the Essence of Angels Practitioner Course in your area/country.  Teachers receive a wide range of supportive tools through Universal Life Tools, including access to list your Crystal Light Healing or Essence of Angels events within our Practitioner Events Schedule >

To find out more about our Crystal Light Healing & Essence of Angels Teacher Courses, please visit:

Crystal Light Healing course page

Essence of Angels course page

Slide1Self-Study Courses

Can’t make it to a live workshop ?
Not a problem, as we offer a range of self-study courses that are self-paced and maybe completed in the comfort of your own home.

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Essence of AngelsAncient Lemuria

Lemuria was an ancient civilisation that intimately lived according to the Universal Laws of Creation – the Divine Emanations – the 13 Sacred Keys of the Universe.

In our contemporary setting here on Earth today, we are now birthing ‘The Golden Age’  – an age of awakening the wisdoms of our ancestors within us.  When we draw upon and re-remember the inherent divine wisdoms of ancient Lemuria we have the power to make this evolutionary shift into ‘The Golden Age’ a peaceful and loving transition.

To reconnect with Ancient Lemurian Crystal Healing Wisdom we recommend:

Crystal Light Healing workshops

Essence of Angels workshops

Our new book  ‘Shealla-Dreaming’

On-Line Shop

Our on-line store offers a range of CDs, DVDs, Crystal Essences & Powders, Sacred Geometry Tools,  Self-Study Courses  and other high vibrational healing tools to support your awakening and growth.

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Thank you for visiting our website and opening to the infinite power of your soul. We love hearing from our readers and welcome your comments / feedback:
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Simone M. Matthews
International Speaker, Best Selling Author, Spiritual Teacher
Founder, Universal Life Tools

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